5 Kasım 2021

Husband Shares Me For The First Time

Big Tits

Husband Shares Me For The First TimeWe went to meet him at the bar. We were sitting, waiting, with a drink in hand when he showed up. I whispered in your ear how nervous I was and you assured me we would be having a good time. We waived him over and he sat across from us. I’m pleasantly releived, he seems friendly and warm, though a little nervous as well. We ask him if he’d like a drink and order for him – it’s on us. We talk with this new friend for about an hour, just basic get-to-know-ya’s, and a little loosening up as the alcohol hits. I am a little more relaxed now. I start to get turned on realizing what we’re about to do. Subtly, under the table, I rub your cock through your pants. I can feel that you’re already getting a little hard. I feel a pulse or two as my hand seems to excite you more. He seems to notice what I’m doing and I get a little flush and pull my hand away. He says, “No no, don’t be embarassed. I was just thinking that must feel good. That is what we’re here for, right?”. I get a little tremble as I realize how kinky this all is. I feel flush and excuse myself to the bathroom just to take a breath and calm down, the excitement is really hitting me. When I come back I see that you have slid out to the edge of the booth seat and he has slid in, leaving a space for me. You suggest I take a seat by him. I sit down, checking your face for approval. You have that worked-up horny look in your eye. He leans back in the booth a little, exposing a growing bulge in his pants. I look back to you and you nod toward him, inviting me to feel him. I reach over and rub the hot bulge pressing against his pants. He feels so hard already. I guess after meeting us in person he does approve. I tell you I think I’m ready to head back. We get the check and meet at the nearest hotel. We go up to the room and our guest grabs a beer as I whisper again kayseri escort to you how nervous, but how very excited I am. I’m already getting wet. I kiss you on the neck as you slide your hand down and into my pants, to feel just how wet I am. When your finger slides between my lips, you feel my pussy juices starting to flow. You unbutton my pants and push them down as you push your tounge deep in my mouth. You kiss me hard as you fumble with my pants trying to push them down. I’m grabbing your throbbing cock which just makes me more wet. He steps over and asks if you mind if he helps with my pants. You invite him to join in. You watch as he slides down my pants and moves his hand to between my legs. He rubs down my thigh, then slides his hand up and up, slipping a finger into my dripping cunt. I moan in pleasure. You start taking my tits into your mouth, sucking each erect nipple as you lean me back onto the bed. Once I’m lying on my back you unbutton your pants to expose your rock hard dick. I can see it throbbing. You grab my face and shove your dick in my mouth as the new guy keeps fingering me – one finger, two, three….. I’m so wet, and he can tell I’m ready for more. He pulls out his big dick and rubs it over my clit. I reach down and wrap my hand around him. You step back and tell him I’d probably like a taste. He takes my arm and motions me to get on the floor on my knees. I oblige. He gently but firmly holds my jaw as he slides inch after inch deep into my mouth. He slowly slips in and out between my lips as he moistens his dick with my mouth. I lean into each stroke, taking him as deep into my throat as I can. I slide my toungue back and forth, feeling his veins and head of his dick and he thrusts harder and harder in my mouth. He can tell how much I enjoy this. He grabs a handful of my hair and I grab his thighs as he fucks me again and again in the face. I love it. I swirl my tounge and twist my head with every thrust giving him a good dick sucking. I tell him to lie back on the bed and I go to town on him. I grab his dick hard, my wild side coming out. I slam my face down on his cock, moaning and writhing, and drooling all over his huge, bare dick. My butt is popped up in the air as I blow him on the bed. You see the juices dripping from me and start finger fucking me from behind. I feel so swollen and warm, waiting for a cock to slide into me. You slide me backward until my feet are on the floor and I’m bending over the edge of the bed with his dick in my moth. You feel the warm wet softness as you put your dick in me. You watch him slide in and out of my mouth as you slide in and out of me. I moan hard. You feel so amazing, I feel so turned on. You feel me start to tremble as you pound me over and over again. Our guest gets up on his knees on the bed and countinues to fill my mouth. He takes his dick out of my mouth and gives me a playful slap in the face with it. “You are a little cum slut, aren’t you!?” He turns me around on the bed, on my back, my head falling over the edge. You quickly fill my mouth as you watch him throw my leg over his shoulder and spread my pussy wide with his swollen dick. You feel my mouth tense around your cock as you feel the vibrations of the moan in my throat. My heart beats fast as he fills my pussy, pounding harder and harder. Your little cum slut is making you proud. He grabs my hips for extra leverage and fucks me faster and faster, seeming to fill me a little deeper each time. Unable to keep up in breath, I start jacking you off with my hand as I lean up to watch this stranger fill me up. He looks at me as he keeps thrusting and experimentally slides a finger tip into my ass hole. I flash a quircky smile, approving. I can see the excitement in his eyes as he pulls his big cock out of my pussy and presses it against my ass hole. He is careful as I slowly stretch open to let him in. Little movements, in and out, deeper each time as I relax and take his cock in my ass. He pumps me until I really loosen up. He gets down to the edge of the bed on his back, his legs hanging over, dick still in my ass. I lay my back against his chest, my legs spread over his. You watch between my legs as his cock stretches my ass hole and he keeps thrusting in and out. My pussy is dripping down, all over his cock in my ass. Inviting you in. You step forward and start fucking my cunt. You are so worked up you just can’t control yourself. You thrust hard and fast, feeling me stretched from both holes filled. The pleaseure is just too much. I cum hard as you rub my front wall with your cock. My ass stretched, my pussy filled. I cum and drip pussy juice out over your cock and down onto his. You both are ready to burst as I cum with you both inside me. You step back and grab my arm, pulling me hard to the floor. You push me onto my knees, grab my jaw and jam your dick back in my mouth. I can taste my pussy all over you. Our guest does the same and I whimper as I try to fit both thrusting cocks in my mouth at once. He grabs my hair and thrusts again and again into my face. You start rubbing your cock as you blow your load all over my face. I close my eyes as your cum drips over my nose and mouth. He slides his dick out and pulls back on my hair to tilt my head back. He rubs his hand back and forth over his cock as I open my mouth waiting. He bursts, spewing several pulses of cum into my mouth. I roll the cum around with my tougue, waiting for him to finish his load. I swallow it all, every last drop. We all collapse, fulfilled, and totally spent. “That’s a good wife you’ve got there. I’d love to have her again some time.”You say “Sure. And how about next time, you bring a friend?”

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