30 Haziran 2020

I cant believe it!


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I cant believe it!Today I got home earlier from work. Once inside the house, I heard the music a little bit loud, like when my wife is cleaning, but she wasn’t. I went upstairs and heard my wife. I cant believe what I saw. She was fv3king another guy in my bed. I got Fvk1ng angry but decide not to get in the room. The door of MY room was completely open. She was telling him, take me home hard babe take me home. He responded, you like this big cock? OOO yes fuck me, I love your big cock, stretch my pussy, I like to feel full inside my pussy. I never heard her saying those words. He pulled his cock out of my wife pussy, he was HUGE and THICK. Honestly was a monster cock. Nothing compare to the ones you see in the showers at college or at the gym. canlı bahis I was angry, but I was getting hard seeing how he fv3k my wife and how she can take all that inside her. I never imagine her like that. She was asking him to fvck her harder, faster and deeper. She never told me that. I began to stroke, I was really horny, hard and wet. I watched them for about 20 minutes. I came so hard that I cant stop thinking about it, all that cum on my hand, shirt, pant and floor. I wipe the cum that was on the floor with my other hand. He was fvck her like theirs no tomorrow. Who knows how long they been lovers. Now, I know why she goes the “gym” 5 or 6 times a week. For the last ten months she is been training almost everyday and she goes also perabet giriş on Saturdays. She move her hips out and start sucking and hitting her face with that huge thing. Its like horse. He cover the whole face of my wife with it. Most be like a foot long and very thick because she cant close her hand around it. She told him, I will visit you on Saturday. He turn her body and have her in all four. I can see how that long, thick, dense and very ripped cock get inside her. Inch by inch, all that cock disappear inside her. Her noises of pleasure, desire, and raw sex, wanting more and more cock from that man was making hard again.She looks so “normal” at church, at the family reunions and at the social events, that I cant perabet güvenilir mi believe what I was seeing and hearing. I cant take no more, I just left the house and came back two hours later from “work” as usual. I ask her, how was your day and she responded, great, I went to the gym and to the supermarket. Let me tell you, I don’t see her in the same way. She is a fvking Whoorre. I’m going to follow her on Saturday and see where this guy live. I’m angry but the more I think about it, the more I get hard. I had stroke two more times since this afternoon. She went to bed earlier, she said she was tired from training. But she don’t know that I really know why. Right now is almost 3am and I’m sharing this with you. Not sure if I should sleep next to her, but I would like to know how open her pussy is and if she still have cum from him inside her pussy. Just writing this make feel horny. I will install mini cams in the house to record them. I will let you know more, once I follow them on Saturday.

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