12 Ağustos 2020

I didn’t Miss Dick at All Lesbian


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I didn’t Miss Dick at All LesbianI met this lady, Alice, in the apartment complex I lived in when I got married. She lived on the same floor as we did but on the opposite corner. Her unit was the very last one at the end of the hall. She was the unofficial “handyman” for the floor as she really was very good with minor repairs & such. Even management recommended her for minor repairs. I think she also received a break in her rent because of it. We would usually bump to each other either in the laundry room or the pool. She was in her late thirties about 5-0 tall very short black hair with streaks of gray. She had a very endearing smile, a really big ass & small breasts. I always saw her wearing these denim overalls & boots unless she was at the pool where she would usually wear a one piece swimsuit. Her demeanor was very friendly. Her roommate, Tina, who happened to be her domestic partner was the opposite. She was younger than her but really thin small ass and small tits. Her face was very beautiful however her mood & manners were awful. Tina traveled a lot for work so I rarely ran into her. Tina was very feminine but Alice was not. Her physique was nice but her mannerisms were on the masculine side. After awhile Alice & I would hang out on weekends by the pool & have some drinks & listen to music.I had tripped recently & twisted my ankle pretty bad. Even went to the hospital & had X-rays taken. I didn’t break it but it was swollen pretty bad & it hurt quite a bit. So I took off a week from work to allow the swelling & pain to subside. I was so bored by myself so I decided to do some laundry. It was a Monday around 10:00 AM so I was wearing an oversized T-shirt & nothing underneath. There was nobody outside & I figured most people are at work. I grab my crutches & a small bag of my dirty clothes. I would make a bursa escort few trips since I couldn’t really grab the entire load while on the crutches. As I go to the laundry room I realize this is a Pain in the Ass idea! I was getting frustrated with the crutches. By the 2nd trip I run into Alice. She immediately asks me what happened & how. Then she insists that she will help me out. She walks me to my apartment & grabs the remaining clothes. I had forgotten that I left a bag of weed & a pouch of Backwoods tobacco that I was mixing & rolling with to smoke later on. I detested the pain pills so I decided to go the “Organic” rout, LOL. She notices the setup & exclaims “I see your getting ready to pay me, huh? & smiles. “You smoke?” I asked & she simply said “Hell yeah!”So she goes off to the laundry & I roll a couple more cigars. When she returns she brings a bottle of wine & we sit on my balcony to drink & smoke while the clothes get washed. It was a bit early in the day but I figured what else do I have to do! She was wearing a denim skirt with paint stains all over & a white T-shirt & a baseball cap on backwards. I found her attire so odd that after smoking my first cigar I asked her what the hell was she thinking this morning when she got dressed? She chuckled & we had a good laugh. She gets up to go check on the clothes & I am getting these sharp pulses of pain at my ankle. I guess that having my foot down was not helping the swelling & my pain started to increase. Alice comes back in & I tell her about the pain. She moves over to me & raises my leg & places it on her thigh. It did the trick & it eased my discomfort. We kept the small talk, smoked some more & I began noticing that she kept looking at my crotch & she was now gently caressing my leg & thigh. I then realize what she is looking at.When I escort bursa sat down I raised my T-shirt. When both my legs were on the floor it wasn’t a big deal. When she raised my leg she also opened them a bit to set it on her lap. She now had a pretty nice view of my exposed pussy. She wasn’t really staring overtly but I could tell she was getting excited. I tried covering up a bit without letting her know that I was on to her as I felt that would be kind of rude & presumptive but it didn’t work anyway. I decided to let it be. Her caressing was actually relaxing & soothing. I closed my eyes for a few seconds as she was now applying this pressure with her thumb as she would stroke my thigh upwards. She seems to notice something & begins telling me that she had gone to Massage school but never finished. That explains why it felt so good I thought. She lights up another cigar & we smoke that one & have another glass of wine as well. The conversation gradually began shifting as did her demeanor. She became very inquisitive into what I enjoyed. Then it was more of what I enjoyed physically. By this time she had removed her baseball cap & she was now leaning closer to me. This allowed her to use both hands to massage me & the movement was definitely more sensual & her hands were on my upper thigh. She started to massage my inner thigh & I felt her fingers gently brush up against my pussy.I am getting aroused. I was uncomfortable at 1st with her touch but either she is very good or I’m really buzzed or both, LOL! She continues with these gentle but firm upstrokes on my thigh. Then she leaves her hand on my pussy & very softly begins to stroke my labia. I notice that my breathing is heavy & I can feel my pussy getting wet. I look at her & was going to tell her to stop but at that very instant her finger penetrates bursa escort bayan me & I am now officially enjoying this & decided to let it happen. She continues massaging me & easing her finger in and out of me. I begin to moan. Alice then gently places my leg down & asks me come inside. She hands me my crutches & walks me to the sofa. I sit down. She removes my T-shirt & sits me on the very edge of the sofa. I allow her to raise both my legs & she guides them around her shoulders. Then I feel her. Her mouth was so warm. She begins using her tongue softly around my pussy. At first it is very gentle. She begins increasing the pressure & I can feel her tongue literally fucking me. The feeling is indescribable. She is licking the entire surface of my pussy. I cannot hold off any longer. My body tenses up & I grab her head & orgasm on her face. OMG! What just happened? I was in a state of sexual shock. She then gets up & tells me to wait. She goes off to the laundry room & returns with the clothes.As she begins to fold them she asks me how that was. I stick my tongue out & tell her “I could get used to this.” I say jokingly and spread my legs. Well she took it seriously & before I know it she is back on her knees in front of me. “I haven’t even tasted your clit yet” & her tongue is lapping my pussy again. This time she nibbles on my clit & brings me to an even greater orgasm than the one before. For that entire week Alice would come over after my husband & Tina would leave & suck me, finger me & even use my toys to bring me to orgasms. By the 3rd day she brought over a strap on. She took me to my bed put me on fours & fucked me till I screamed in ecstasy. Alice & I had unwritten rules. No kissing & I don’t suck her. She did however suck on my breasts. She fucked me in every position but I really enjoyed doing me doggy best. In between these sessions she would clean up the house & even cook us lunch. What a mind blowing week. Smoking, drinking & cumming all day long while being pampered by a woman. Who would have thought? I didn’t miss dick at all.

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