3 Nisan 2021

I Finally Get My Wish


Before I start this story, I’ll tell you about me and my girlfriend. I am five foot seven, medium build, not a body to die for so I guess this is why this happened while on holiday. My girlfriend Nikki, however, is gorgeous. She’s five foot six, hot slim body, a really nice ass, 36C boobs that I could play with all day.

We left, excited, for our holiday, our first one alone as we normally go with friends. We flew from London, England to a resort in Spain.

When we arrived, it was very hot and the bus journey to the hotel was torture. We were both sweating by the time we got there. As soon as we got into our room, even before unpacking, Nikki strips off and heads straight for the shower. That’s a sight I love seeing everyday.

It’s about mid-evening so we decide that, after I shower, we’d go down to the restaurant and have our dinner. Nikki decides to wear a very revealing black dress with see through parts that show her cleavage and other body areas. I could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear. And later I found out that she hadn’t packed any underwear!

After dinner, we checked out the pool bars and bar inside. The nightly entertainment started and we spoke to other couples who, we found out, lived only a few miles from where we lived female agent porno back home. We got chatting to them throughout the holiday and also some British guys who were on holiday in a group.

As it was our first night we decided to go to bed early. The next few days were much the same: heat, drinks and holiday banter. After a couple of nights, one of the guys we got talking to got real chatty with Nikki. When she went to the bar, he said how beautiful she was and, if she’d been single, he would have fucked her by now.

I told Nikki what he’d said when she got back, and she asked if it bothered me as he was actually good looking and had a nice body. I let them chat and his hands were all over her. He asked if she would like to dance and she looked at me but I saw in her eyes that she wanted it.

I was enjoying watching them dance slow when he turned her around and Nikki started grinding her ass against his crotch. He spun her around again and slid his hands up the back of her dress, exposing her ass. He kept whispering into her ear throughout their dancing and the look on Nikki’s suggested that she was getting horny.

They moved across the dance floor and I lost sight of them for about five minutes. Suddenly, gizli cekim porno Nikki came back to the table. The guy she was dancing with was Scott and she whispered to me that he’d fingered her on the dance floor when he realised she wasn’t wearing panties under her skimpy dress.

Nikki said that she’d felt his cock through his trousers and it was really big and she would love to play with it. I told her if that’s what she wanted, then go ahead. I’ll let them start then come up to our room later.

Nikki fetched Scott from the bar and took him up to our room. I waited fifteen minutes but couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to see Nikki being fucked by another man. As I approached the room, I heard lots of giggling and moaning. I opened the door and Nikki was on all fours, naked, with Scott behind her, fucking bareback and squeezing her amazing tits while they bounced in rhythm to his fucking.

I kept spying for a further ten minutes but I was enjoying the view a little too much not to join in. I closed the door and started striping of my clothes. Scott saw me and was about to stop until Nikki screamed out, “Harder, faster Scott.”

So he continued for a few minutes more before he pulled out and moved to the glory hole secrets porno front of Nikki. I slid my cock into the wet pussy Scott had left. Nikiki’s pussy was opened up wider than I’d seen it before, no doubt because Scott’s cock was far bigger than mine. I don’t know if Nikki felt my cock inside her as her screams and moans slowly died down. I kept fucking her as hard as I could but Scott was about to come and he wanted to come into her pussy.

I climbed off her and Nikki lay on the bed. Scott climbed on top and slid his hard cock back inside. Immediately, Nikki resumed moaning while I lay beside her, licking her nipples and playing with her clit as she masturbated me.

I knew Nikki was coming when her back arched and her moans became even louder. Scott too was coming and he slowed his rhythm, pumping her steadily. He must have come a lot more than I’ve ever done because he fucked her slowly for some time.

When he pulled his cock out, I just had to climb back on top as it was too sexy. Nikki started sucking his wet cock, tasting both his and her juices, and that just topped me off. I came in her too. With both our juices mixing inside her, she must have felt like a slut.

After sex, her boobs go all soft and I love playing with them when they’re like that. We all fell asleep not long after leaving Nikki’s pussy in puddles of come.

I woke up a few hours later to feel Nikki sucking my cock and Scott nowhere to be seen.

She told me that, while I slept, they’d had sex in the shower and he wants to introduce us to his wife.

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