6 Kasım 2021

I only wanted to see you…


I only wanted to see you…It must have been 80 degrees that hot July Saturday afternoon. The sky was cloudless and the trees didn’t move in the breezeless air. Parked facing a gate at the end of the lane and shaded by the large trees he looked expectantly in the rear view mirror of his Cabriolet car – looking back down the lane where a row of cottage style houses flanked one side, facing fields on the opposite side. She’d be here in a minute.With the roof down, the soft cream leather of the Cabriolet’s seats became sticky against his bare back; just bathing shorts and flip flops were his only protection from the sun, but he’d got a good tan already this year and was quite pleased with his tanned 47 year old 6’ 3” frame. In fact he’d never felt better. Another look in the mirror and he caught a reflection of the sun bouncing off a car windscreen heading toward him along the lane. This must be her. He climbed out of the Cabriolet and walked towards her approaching car.She climbed out, her brown bob styled hair held back by her sunglasses, wearing just a zebra pattern bikini top and cut off shorts – she looked fab having recently turned 40. She ran towards him and threw herself onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he took her full weight. Wow! he said, what’s all this about? I needed to see you, she whispered in his ear. He swung her around and sat her on the bootlid of the Cabriolet, her feet resting on the bumper, and their heads were exactly the same height, not that she was short at 5’ 8”. They kissed passionately for a few minutes. Shit, this felt good, he thought, her soft skin against him. What’s Michael up to, he asked. Oh, he’s messing around in the garden, like he does. So you texted me cos you were bored? No, I just had to see you she said. Well I’m happy to oblige, he said. You’re lucky Sally is at work, fethiye escort but even if she wasn’t I’d find an excuse. Anything to see you, you know that. I know she said, I know. I just needed some chill out time with you.Shall we get in the car? Sure she replied. She climbed into the passenger seat, him in the driver’s seat. He leaned over and kissed her once more, tongues entwined in passion. She put her hand behind his head and pulled him towards her, closer, tighter. He put his hand onto her soft tummy and stroked it gently, then pushed his hand up under her bikini top, gently squeezing her ample breast and rubbing her now hard nipple. She let out a gentle sigh. He stroked her tummy again, each up and down stroke moving nearer to her shorts. He gently unbuttoned them and slid his hand down inside, sliding under her bikini bottoms to feel her snatch, rubbing her clit with his finger. Wow, you’re wet, he said. I was wet as soon as I saw you she replied. And I can see you were glad to see me. Really, he said as he pulled away from her. He sat back in his seat and pulled his shorts down to reveal his rock hard cock. This must have given it away, he sniggered. Is that for me she asked. Well if only if you want it. She reached her hand over and began to stroke his hard shaft gently. I only wanted to meet for a cuddle, she said. But I like what I see. I’m not complaining.Are you going to get on it, he asked? Not here she replied, we’re too near to those houses. Oh bugger them, the trees are hiding us, he said, it’ll give them something to look at if they can see, but anyway there’s no one around. Without a word she pulled down her shorts and bikini bottoms in one and threw them on the floor and climbed across the centre console of the Cabriolet and hovered astride his hard cock with her bum resting on her heels. So you’re not going escort fethiye to suck it first, then? No. I need that in me, she said. He slapped his hard cock against her wet clit as she moaned with pleasure, rubbing it around her wet, expectant snatch, whilst kissing and licking between her large soft breasts, still wearing her bikini top. She’d never felt so horny, and if she had, this was even better.She could wait no more and slid down onto his thick, throbbing shaft, right the way down, then forced herself further, slowly grinding herself into him, kissing his forehead. He let out a groan as she began to move backwards and forwards, she wanted to feel every inch of him in her. He began kissing her neck, licking the droplets of sweat that were now forming, making his way down between her breasts and squeezing them together with his hands, pressing his face deep into her hot, sweaty cleavage. He pushed his groin further into her, forcing her grinding motion into his, breathing heavily. Their stomachs were both now sweaty and the sweat acted as a lubricant as the heat of the sun showered their bodies. I’ve wanted you so much he said, so glad you’re here. I wanted to be here she said, I just had to see you, but I wasn’t expecting this. Well in those shorts and that bikini top, what did you expect? You look hotter than that sun! If anyone was watching them they were oblivious; there were in a place of their own.Oh fuck, she cried as the gently started to ride him, slowly sliding up and down the still hard, throbbing, thick shaft of his. Oh yes, he said as he looked down at his cock glistening with the wetness of her snatch as he took her ass in his hands, he could feel her juices flowing down and around his balls. He wanted to see and feel it forever. I want to be with you, he whispered to her. Me too, more than anything, she fethiye escort bayan replied. Her emotions running high she yearned for him. Fuck me, fuck me hard she cried. She rammed herself down onto him as he obliged with an upward thrust, pounding into her so hard, she knew he was in as much as she could take. Fuck I love this, she cried, fuck me! Their bodies slammed into each other, sweat pouring from them as they entered the wave of ecstasy. I’m going to come, he cried! Oh yes please, she wailed, fucking do it, fucking do it! He squeezed her hips and slammed her hard down onto him as he shot his cum deep into her, letting out a grunt with each thrust. Oh fuck, yeah, he yelped as she grappled all over his body, kissing and squeezing him, give me your cum, give it to me, she whispered loudly in short breaths as her whole body erupted with orgasmic pleasure. Out of breath, they held each other so tightly. He started giggling. I love it when you giggle, she said, you always do it after sex. I can’t help it, he said, I’m just with you, it makes me happy. I love what we do, even if what we are doing is wrong. But this is the best, she said. You make me happy.She climbed off of him, and pulled her shorts back on as he pulled his shorts back on. Christ, that was good, she said. Shall we go for a drink, he asked? No. I’d better get back, Michael will be wondering where I am, I said I was only popping to the shops. Sure he said, I know. We can chat on Facebook later. Sure, I will be in tonight, she said. They climbed out of the car and once again kissed and held each other for as long as they could. I gotta go, she said. Love you. I don’t want to go. Me neither. Love you too, he said. She headed back to the car and got in, checking her mobile phone as she did so. It’s not fair, she thought as she lit a cigarette and started the car. She turned the car around and drove away, chuckling as she felt his cum trickle into her bikini bottoms. He climbed back into the Cabriolet and drove away, as his cock started to harden again at the thought of what had just happened.

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