3 Nisan 2021

Ice Guide Ch. 02


Daylight comes late up this far north, and it actually felt good to lie in bed a bit longer than usual. I finally got up and pulled on my long underwear and dressed in jeans and a long sleeved pullover. I pulled on my heavy wool socks and then padded out into the great room to add some more logs to the coals that were hidden under the layer of ash. Before long the fire was crackling merrily away and the smell of cooking sausage was wafting in from the kitchen. I headed down the length of the room toward the kitchen, rapping my knuckles on the door frame of the two rooms that housed the guests as I went, and then turning into the last door that led to the kitchen. I found Suzanne busy cooking; wearing the same baggy sweat shirt from the day before, but her pants were tight fitting yoga pants that I was sure accentuated her ass, if it hadn’t been covered by the sweat shirt.

“Good morning!” She said brightly when she realized I was there. “Sausage and scrambled eggs will be ready in a couple minutes. Feel free to pour a cup of coffee if you want.” She said as she turned back to her cooking as if the previous evening hadn’t happened.

“Thanks. Smells good!” I replied as I drew a hot cup of coffee from the urn and scooped some sugar in it.

“All that in your coffee?” She asked teasingly as I poured some milk in it.

“Yeah. I like mine sweet and white.” I joked back as I headed out to the dining room.

It was only a few more minutes until she brought out dishes of fried sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese in them, hash brown and slices of toast. The group of sleepy fishermen and women that had clustered around the fire as they came out of their bunk rooms quickly made their way to the table to partake of the feast that Suzanne had laid out.

“Well, time to gear up.” I said when it looked like everyone was done eating. “Get your heavy clothes on and meet me in the gear shed, right down the hallway at the end of the great room.”

We all got up and headed to our rooms to gather our heavy clothes. I put a pair of toasty-toes foot warmers on my socks before pulling my heavily insulated pack boots on. Then I stepped into my heavy bib overalls and slipped on my jacket, stuffing gloves, balaclava and stocking hat into my pockets before heading out to the shed. I flicked on the lights and started loading gear, the last being the live bait we would use. By the time I was done Dave, Marlene, Mark and Randal were gathered around the three snow mobiles that I had lined up by the garage door.

“So the bad part is that it’s about a six mile ride to where we’re going to fish, and at only seven degrees it’s a chilly ride. The good part is that Jack splurged and got heated helmets. So each of you put on your balaclava if you have one, and pick a helmet. Once you’re fitted, you can get a seat on one of the snow mobiles. I’ll drive the one with the big sled; the others of you can take the other two.” I said as they were fitting helmets.

“You don’t mind if I ride with you, do you?” Marlene asked.

“I don’t mind, but don’t you think your husband would want you to ride with him?” I responded.

“You’re kidding right?” She asked with a smile. “I mean he might just drive us straight through the ice into the lake!”

“Now Marlene, that’s not nice. You know I haven’t done that in years.” Dave retorted. “But if you really want to ride with him, just say so. I don’t care one way or the other.”

“There, see?” She said, standing there expectantly.

“Fine with me.” I said with a shrug as I pulled on my helmet. I sat down and plugged my helmet into the panel on the snow machine and then hit the starter button. The engine roared to life and then settled to a comfortable idle.

“So everyone hear me ok?” I asked into the small microphone in the helmet, my voice transmitted to all the other helmets through a short range radio link. I quickly heard four more answers that they were ready. I hit the remote mounted on my snow mobile and the door motored up quietly. I gunned the engine and zipped out into the cold bright snow, stopping to make sure the other two cleared the door before hitting the button again to close it. Marlene grabbed me tightly around my waist as I hit the throttle and accelerated my machine down the path to the lake. Once on the ice I let it run up to forty miles an hour, checking behind me occasionally to make sure that the other two sleds were keeping up.

As advertised the ride was cold, but the front of the snow mobile and its windshield helped keep the chill down some. It was only about fifteen minutes of riding before I slowed my machine and eased into a wide cove, shutting down my sled.

I pulled my helmet off and put my stocking cap on before climbing off the rig. “So here’s the deal. I’m going to drill a series of holes and we want to rig each one with a tip-up. Have all of you used one before?” I asked.

All their heads nodded they had, so I continued my instructions. “Back hook the minnows backroom casting porno and set them about a foot off the bottom. Once they’re all set we can set up the shanties and settle in.”

I got affirmative replies before I headed to my equipment sled and pulled the power ice auger out. It started on the second pull and I let it idle for a moment before I gunned it a few times to make sure it was going to work. I walked over to where I thought the first hole should be and ran the auger down, spraying chips of ice around myself as the sharp blade on the end of the screw like device cut into the hard ice. I ran the auger deeper and deeper until it finally broke into the water nearly eighteen inches down, the resulting hole quickly filling with water and turning the ice chips into slush. I pulled the auger out and walked about twenty feet before repeating the process. In no time I had fifteen holes drilled in a variety of depths running across the small point that I knew had to be jutting out into the bay. I went back and stowed the auger and then helped them set the remainder of the tip-ups, small frames that had a spool of line that sat under the water to keep it from freezing, and a shaft sticking up above the water that when turned, would release a red flag to pop up and indicate that the line was being pulled out. As soon as they were all set we erected the two portable shanties, oversized sleds with seats and a tent like top, to shelter us from the cold and wind. Each shanty was outfitted with a heater and would seat three people.

“You don’t mind if I sit with you, do you?” Marlene asked as she watched Dave, Mark and Randal climb into the other shelter and zip it closed.

“Not at all.” I said as I held the door open. I followed her in and zipped it closed, leaving the large clear windows the only way to see the flags for the tip ups. It didn’t take long for the first flag to pop up and everyone bailed out of the warmth to see the first fish pulled in. After that it became a relative routine for a flag to be popped up every few minutes. Each fisherman, including Marlene was assigned three tip-ups and some seemed to do better than others. It didn’t take long before we were putting more fish back than keeping, looking for the larger Walleye now that we knew we had a spot that would produce a significant number.

The action kept up straight through lunch, each of us having sandwiches and either coffee or cocoa that Suzanne had packed for us.

“I so have to pee now.” Marlene said quietly as we sat in the shanty. “Where can I go?”

“Well… The woods are right over there.” I said pointing to the shoreline only a hundred feet or so from us.

“Out there? I’ll freeze my ass off!” She said in shock.

“I don’t have a lot of options here.” I said. “I usually just step behind the shanty and take a leak.”

“Yeah, but I have to take a lot more off to do that than you do.” She said defensively.

“Ok. Let me see what I can find.” I said as I zipped my coat back up and unzipped the front of the shanty. I trudged to the sled and dug around, finding a coffee can with a bunch of tools stuffed into it. I dumped them out and walked back to the shanty, stepping in and handing the can to Marlene. “One porta-potty.” I said as I sat down.


“It’s the best I have,” I replied. “I’ll go outside so you can do what you need to. But if you miss you get to clean the bottom of the shanty.” I said with a chuckle before I stepped out and zipped the door closed behind me. I could hear the whole shanty rustling and shaking for nearly a minute before it got quiet inside.

“Ok Mike.” I heard her say. I turned and unzipped the front and stuck my head in, expecting her to be dressed again, but instead found her standing over the can wearing nothing below her waist but a pair of wool socks.

“Oh damn!” I said backing out. “Sorry. I thought you were done.”

“I am. I thought you might want to take the can.” She said, handing the can out through the door.

“Sure.” I replied, taking the can and dumping it a few feet away, her pee quickly freezing into yellow slush as it mixed with the snow on the ice. I walked back and set the can down. “Ok to come back in?”

“Yeah. Come ahead.” She replied. I ducked in and was surprised to see sitting with only her panties on, pulling her long underwear up her legs.

“Maybe I should go back out.” I said as I started back out.

“No don’t. I can’t make you stand in the cold because I don’t want to be cold. No…Have a seat; I’ll be dressed in a minute. Besides, my bikini shows more than this and I wear it in public.” She said with a soft laugh at my discomfort.

I did my best not to stare at her ass as she stood up and bent over to pull her long johns up, the tiny underwear she had on pulling partly into her pussy and exposing part of her meaty outer lips as she stood straight legged, working the rest of the legs of her long johns up her bangbros porno legs. It seemed like forever before she finally stood up as far as she could and pulled it up over her ass. I was glad that I had on heavy clothes so she couldn’t see the hard onthat her little display had created.

“Almost done,” she said as she pulled her jeans on and then finally stepped into the one piece snow suit she had been wearing. “Ohhhhh warm again!”

“Yeah that could be a bit chilly,” I agreed, not knowing what else to say.

We all continued to fish and I finally called it quits about three o’clock, the sun already starting to slide behind the trees. It took us nearly half an hour to collect all our gear and get it into the sleds; the shanties stowed and hooked up to the snow mobiles. “We’re going to have to go a bit slower back.” I told them. “It’s dark and while I know the lake, I’m not used to the dark. So just follow me and we’ll get there fine.” I told them before walking to my sled. I fired up the portable GPS unit I had in my coat and fired up the snow machine to let the engine warm up while the GPS got its fix.

“My hands are cold!” Marlene said over the sound of the engine, not using the microphone that would transmit her voice to everyone. “Can I stick them under your coat?”

“Why not yours?” I said absentmindedly as I futzed with the screen of the GPS to get it located where I wanted.

“One piece, remember?” She said as she slid her hands up under my coat nearly to her elbow. I shook my head to myself as I hit the throttle and started out, keeping the speed down to about twenty-five miles an hour. The six miles as the crow flies was going to be closer to twelve by the time we wound around the islands and points. We were only about five minutes into the almost half hour trip when I felt the zipper of my bib coveralls being pulled down underneath my coat.

Marlene quickly snaked her cold hands into my coveralls seeking the warmth of my body for her cold hands. Fortunately the wind chill was a bit lower and the temp a bit higher because we were going slower, and the front of the machine blocked a lot of the wind, otherwise I would have frozen my privates off as far down as she was pushing the zipper.

“Hey now.” I called to her, not using the radio, as she tugged the zipper down almost to my crotch.

“What? Just trying to warm my hands.” She said with a laugh.

“Yeah right!” I retorted as her hands tugged at my belt and then unsnapped my pants, pushing the zipper down as we drove across the ice. Even as cold as her hands were I couldn’t help but get a hardon from her teasing my cock through my long johns and underwear, and as it grew she under more layers, finally getting down to my bare skin. I felt her cold hands wrap around my hard shaft and give it a playful squeeze.

“Now there’s a hand warmer,” she said over the sound of the engine as we drove along.

“Just don’t let your husband catch you doing that.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t care,” she replied with a laugh. “But I sure will. Damn that’s a big one!”

“Oh crap.” I muttered as she slowly stroked her hand up and down as much as my clothing would allow, her hand rolling over the head of my cock and driving me crazy. “You know, this isn’t any fair. I can’t touch back!” I shouted back at her.

“I know. I can tease you all I want. I’m sure you’ll find a way to return the favor later.”

“Maybe!” I replied as I rolled the machine around another long turn, her hand thankfully easing up before she made me blow my wad into my own pants. For the next twenty minutes she kept her hands busy, stroking and holding, just keeping me on the verge of shooting. If there was an award for teasing she would be winning it hands down. Thankfully she pulled her hands out and zipped my bibs back up, even if she did leave my pants open, as we drove up the snow bank and headed up to the lodge.

I hit the control and raised the door so we could drive right in, shutting down my machine and pulling my gloves and helmet off.

“Ok. That’s it for today! I’ll clean up the catch and get gear ready for tomorrow unless anyone wants to help?” I said hopefully as I climbed off the machine.

“I can stay and keep you company. Not sure I can be much help cleaning fish though.” Marlene said with a smile as she sat on the back of the snowmobile.

“I think I want a beer and to put my feet up.” Dave said, walking stiffly. “That was some drive.”

“I’ll clean if you want. I don’t mind.” Randal said as he got up and pulled his coat off in the warm garage space.

“Sounds good to me.” I answered, pulling the tub of fish out of the sled and taking it over to the cleaning table against the far wall. I let him start cleaning fish while I checked the gear on the sleds and turned the three snowmobiles around. Marlene took her one piece suit off and was walking around in just her sweater and jeans, both of which fit her quite snuggly.

With beurette tour porno the gear set for the next day I helped Randal finish cleaning the last two fish before taking the filets in for Suzanne to rinse and cook.

“Looks like you had a good day, huh?” Suzanne asked as I walked into her kitchen in my pack boots and bibs.

“Not bad.” I answered as she took the fish from me.

“Now get your wet boots and pants off and out of my kitchen before I make you mop the whole floor.” She said with a cross look.

I looked down and saw that ice was still melting from the cuffs of my pants and boots, leaving little puddles on the floor.

“Yeah, I better just…” I started to say as I turned to walk back the way I came.

“Stop right there. Don’t you dare track that all over my floors again. Just take them off right there!”

I turned and looked at her pleadingly.

“Right now buster. I don’t want to have to clean up after you too. Damn, you’re as bad as Jack.” She demanded.

I looked back at her and sighed, bending over to untie my boots and kick them off. I turned away and started taking off my insulated bib overalls, hoping to not let her see that my pants were still open and had now worked their way down inside my bib coveralls almost halfway down my ass.

“Well….that’s interesting.” She said as she walked past me and could see me trying to hitch my pants and snap them before I dropped my bibs down. “Been having fun have we?”

“It’s not what you think.” I said defensively.

“OH? And just what do I think?” She asked with a crooked little grin.

“That I was…you know…”

“No, I don’t. Explain it to me.” She said, leaning back against the counter and smiling at my discomfort.

“Damn.” I swore under my breath as I finally let my overalls drop so I could get my hands on my pants and get them back in place. I buttoned and snapped them, not bothering with the belt as I picked up my boots and stalked off toward my room, her laugh following me out of the kitchen.

The dinner, fried fish and fresh fried potatoes, was excellent. Following dinner and after dishes were done everyone, including Suzanne, sat around a table in front of the fire and played cards. I had long since changed out of my cold weather clothes and was sitting around in a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt, the fire crackling behind me making me hot. I so wanted to peal my sweat pants off, but then that would have been a bit embarrassing.

The card game finally broke up when Mark and Dave decided to hit the sack, the few beers they had consumed making them sleepy after the long day outside. I sat back to read a book I had brought while the girls gathered on the sofa to chat and Randal headed off to the shower.

There was no doubt that I was being talked about. The frequent glances and whispers that were just quiet enough that I couldn’t hear were a dead giveaway that I was the topic. Women want to say men are crude, but when you get a bunch of women together it seems like their minds head straight to the gutter just as fast as a guys. I had absolutely no doubt that was where their minds were at the moment. I could see that Patricia was hot, little beads of sweat popping out on her forehead that was only partly due to the proximity of the fire and the weight of the sweat shirt and pants she was wearing.

You could have pushed me over with a feather though when Patricia stood up, biting her lip nervously and reached down to grab the bottom of the thigh long sweat shirt. She quickly whipped the sweatshirt up, skimming it over her head and her reddish curls before tossing it back on the sofa. She sat back down facing me, her exposed chest, which was…well….massive, drawing every bit of my attention. She clearly carried a bit more weight than average, but was far from fat. She had on a sports bra that squashed her massive tits as flat as it could but even then each one was big enough that two hands would never be able to encompass one.

Looking at those huge tits, her nipples poking the front of the bra out into little bumps had my cock instantly growing inside my sweatpants. I normally wear pretty skimpy underwear, just because the women seem to think it’s sexy. The down side is that when I get a hardon there is little hope that it will stay contained, and this was no exception. Within a minute or two of pretending to read while really looking over my book at her tits had my cock peaking out the top of my briefs and starting to push a bulge in my sweat pants.

“Damn.” I muttered as Suzanne stood up next, whisking her sweater off, exposing her creamy round tits and lacy little bra, that didn’t seem up to the task of holding them in.

I let my book drop to my chest, no longer even trying to ignore what was going on right across the little table from me as Marlene stood up and pulled her turtleneck off. My jaw dropped as she exposed her naked tits, each topped with a large puffy nipple nearly two inches across.

“You know…you owe me a look.” Marlene said as she stepped around the table and over to where I was laying back overstuffed recliner. She bent over straddling the foot rest of the chair, her bare tits swinging toward me as she reached for my sweat pants. “After this afternoon and all.”

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