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I’ll Be Your Wife for the Night #01


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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18-years-old.


Elizabeth’s fiancée, Lieutenant Adams is killed in a duel to the death.

Set in the late 19th century England during the Victorian Era, Lord Robert Dudley falls in love with his Head Cook, Susan, and they have forbidden, intimate, sexual relations behind his closed, bedroom door. As lonely, sexually frustrated, and needing loving comfort as much as Lord Dudley was lonely, sexually frustrated, and sexually horny, Susan agreed to be Lord Dudley’s wife for the night.

### SusanJillParker 01 – The Duel ###

Lieutenant Adams challenges Brian Coyle to a duel to the death.

* * * * *

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride,” declared the priest.

It was twenty-one-years ago when Lord Robert Dudley married Lady Elizabeth. She was a 22-year-old maiden, a virgin from a rich family, who was pledged to marry a man who had prematurely and unexpectedly died. It was said that her intended, Lieutenant Adams, had died in a tragic hunting accident when in fact he had died in an alleged, illegal duel. Outlawed in England in the 1840’s, dueling still continued for decades after in secret.

The perceived indiscretion was more of a sexual assault, and rumored to be a rape, than it was a slight. The duel was never made public and the circumstances before and after their deaths died with them. Yet, those who were close to the young officer said that a man of low character had insulted him and sexually abused his fiancé, maiden Elizabeth, when he accused her of being a man.

Elizabeth, a small breasted woman, barely an A cup, was accosted in public. Under the threat of death, no commoner dared physically, emotionally, and/or sexually assault a Lady. As Elizabeth walked by the tavern there to meet her fiancée, daring to put his hands on her, a drunken brute pulled open her dress to expose her naked breasts to a crowd of drunken men outside the tavern. He grabbed her by her arms, pinned them behind her back, and turned her for all the drunken men in attendance to see that she was as flat as a board and had no tits, just nipples.

“Look at her,” said Brian Coyle. “She’s taller than most men and has no tits,” he said laughing loudly while grabbing two handfuls of her naked breasts before completely ripping open her bodice. “See? She has a chest like a man,” he said sliding his hand all over her flat breasts while pulling, turning, pinching, twisting, and squeezing her nipples. “Quack like a duck and walk like a duck, if she’s as tall as a man and has a chest like a man, she’s a man,” he said laughing and only stopping himself from laughing to drink more ale.

When Mr. Coyle pulled up her dress and tried to pull down her pantaloons to prove she had a cock instead of a pussy, Lieutenant Adams rushed to the aid of his fiancé. He pushed the man away before striking him. Only, two late, the damage had already been done. The man had sexually violated his virginal bride-to-be by not only exposing her naked breasts to the horde of drunken men but also by touching and feeling her tiny tits while fingering her erect nipples. There was only one way to settle this foul act, to receive satisfaction, and to compensate him for what was done to his fiancé, and that way was by a duel to the death.

“Unhand her,” said the young lieutenant hitting Coyle him with his fist and knocking him down.

Brian stood and brushed the dirt from his trousers.

“You like men, do you?” Brian Coyle roared laughing.

Adams ignored Coyle to address his fiancé.

“Are you all right, Elizabeth?”

Even though he was engaged to marry her, his first time seeing her naked breasts, he stared at her exposed tits before covering them. Obviously, he was as embarrassed as he was sexually excited to see his fiancé’s tiny tits.

“Yes,” said Elizabeth lying to her fiancée.

Obviously more concerned for her reputation than for revenge, she just wanted him to take her away from here. She just wanted to leave. She didn’t tell him what more this horrible man did to her in the alley. Had she told her what more he did to him, he would have run him through with his sword.

Lieutenant Adams, a virgin himself, had never seen a woman’s naked breasts before. With Elizabeth still in shock, he stared her naked breasts. Then, he helped cover her naked breasts with her torn bodice. Once he moved his fiancé safely away from the man, he approached him again to slap him hard across his face with his leather glove.

“I challenge you to a duel, a duel to the death for the insult you’ve done to my lady.”

No doubt, had he known what more Brian Coyle had done to his woman, in defense of her honor, as Elizabeth suspected, he would have run his sword through him right there in the street. Obviously now, the only way that he could defend his honor and save his fiancé’s morals and modesty was to kill the man xvideos porno who manhandled her. He had no choice in the matter. It was something that he was expected to do for him to not live with the shame that another man had touched and seen his soon-to-be wife.

Lieutenant Adams had no idea that Brian had already raped Elizabeth anally. Coming to her aid at the end of her violent, horrific assault, he only saw Brian manhandle and expose his still in shock bride-to-be. He wasn’t witness to Brian forcing Elizabeth to her knees, forcing open her mouth, sticking his cock in Elizabeth’s mouth, and forcing her to suck him by putting a heavy hand to the back of her beautiful head. Not satisfied with her blowjob, he fucked her in her ass in the back alley before physically abusing her publicly.

“Obviously, our young officer more prefers men to women, otherwise he’d marry a woman with tits,” said Brian with a loud, drunken laugh. “I accept your challenge to a duel, Sir. Name the place, the time, the weapons, and chose your second.”

Like everyone else, Lord Dudley heard bits and pieces of the story when he heard of the death of Elizabeth’s fiancée. Unlike everyone else, he wasn’t privy or party to the gossip of what really happened that day in regards to the sexual abuse of his future wife. Just as he had no idea that a drunken lout had forced her to suck him, he had no idea that he had fucked her anally.

Something that Lord Dudley didn’t know, the truth of the matter was that Brian Coyle had forced Elizabeth to give him oral sex before forcing her to give him anal sex. Lifting her long, heavy skirt, pulling down her pantaloons, and bending her forward and mounting her as if she was a farm animal, he anally fucked Elizabeth’s virginal ass. Important to women and to men in that day and age, even though she was violently physically, emotionally, and sexually brutalized, at least she was still a virgin.

### SusanJillParker 02 – The rape of maiden Elizabeth ###

A drunken stranger physically, emotionally, and sexually brutalized Lady Elizabeth.

* * * * *

Unable to fight him off, she was so womanly thin and he was so manly strong. He grabbed her, pushed her down a darkened, back alley, pulled her into a doorway, pushed her to her knees, forced open her mouth by pulling her hair hard, and stuck his prick in her mouth. With a heavy hand to the back of her pretty head, humping her mouth and fucking her face, he forced her to suck him.

With maiden Elizabeth having never given a man oral sex before, when Brian was dissatisfied with his blowjob, he pulled her to a standing position, turned her and bent her forward. He raised her long dress to her back, pulled down her pantaloons, spit in his hand and wetted her ass. Then, he stuck his erect prick in her virginal ass. Fucking her hard and fucking her fast, he anally fucked maiden Elizabeth. A sad consolation, at least she still had her virginity intact.

Just baseless rumors and senseless gossip, with there no witnesses to the actual, violent assault coming forward, and with both the young lieutenant and Brian killed in the duel, it was as if it never happened. No matter, there was nothing that anyone could say to tarnish Elizabeth’s good family name and her innocent reputation. There was nothing that anyone would dare say to belittle Elizabeth’s memory, especially within earshot of Lord Dudley and especially after his young, bride of eighteen years had recently died of consumption.

A one of a kind woman, with her so very beautiful, not paying any attention to the gossip, he was just happy that she was now free to marry him. Three years older than her, he thought she’d give him at least one son, an heir to his estate. He’d love to have three sons and a daughter for her to spoil but she bore him no children. Too sick and too frail to conceive, she was never well.

England’s cold and rainy weather along with the dampness of his manor was too much for her fragile frame. Nonetheless, as long as he had her in his life, he didn’t care that his name would die with him. Unlike other men, especially Lords of the day, who treated their women like chattel, he more cared about the love that he held for his beloved Elizabeth. Even on her sickest day, never had he seen a woman as beautiful as his wife. Yet, as if he was meant to be alone and cursed to be lonely, horny, and sexually unsatisfied, she was taken from him by her terminal illness.

Whether she was walking outside, riding her horse, sitting in a carriage, or reading by candlelight, she was so very beautiful. Captivated by her even years later after he married her, he was still so in love with her. Every time he looked at her, his pulse raced, his cock throbbed, and his heart thumped faster. With her Irish, Catholic and with him English, Protestant, they had to hide their forbidden affair. Yet, for him to marry her in a church, willing to do anything for her and happy to do so, he renounced his faith for her faith.

He knew her father, yerli porno mother, and even her intended but he never knew her other than to say hello to, until after her fiancée died. She had grown into such a tall and beautiful, albeit small breasted woman. He saw her from afar walking the garden whenever he had business with her father. Compared to other women, with most Irish maidens shorter, plumper, rounder, and not nearly as pretty, in a field of weeds, she was a long, stemmed, English rose. Then, when he knew her father wouldn’t be home, he made uninvited visits with the hopes of seeing her walking or reading in her garden again.

‘Look at her. Just look at her. She’s so tall. She’s so beautiful. She’s so sexy. I’m in love,’ he thought when seeing her from afar.

Love at first sight, even though she was still grieving over the loss of her fiancée, he knew that she didn’t love him and had never loved him in the way that he loved her and hoped she’d fall in love with him. Her union to the young lieutenant would have been a marriage of convenience to bring two, wealthy families together by marriage. A loveless marriage, no doubt, her fiancée would have cheated on her with loose women and would have had a mistress while keeping her home fat with child. Lord Dudley wanted more from her than that. He wanted her. He wanted her body and soul in the way that he gave her his.

Different than the men of his time, a sensitive and thoughtful man, Lord Dudley was a romantic. He enjoyed reading his wife’s discarded romance novels. When he wasn’t working his estate, his nose was buried in a book reading romantic stories of the great writers and poems of the great poets of the time. He not only wanted his wife to be his lover but also, unheard of in his day of men the masters of their castles, he wanted his wife to be his equal and his best friend. He wanted a strong woman instead of a weak one. He wanted a woman who had an opinion. He wanted her to be his partner as well as his wife.

* * * * *

The first time he saw her, she looked at him in the way that he looked at her. Her long, blue-black hair, pale complexion, and big, blue, excited eyes made her the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. If he was to change two things about her, he wished she had big, Irish, milkmaid breasts with wild red hair. Instead, she was as tall and as she was thin as beautiful as she was flat chested but, her saving grace and most redeeming quality, she was so very beautiful.

Had she been born one-hundred-fifty years in the future, with her rare beauty, she’d be deemed a supermodel and her face would have been pasted on every fashion magazine. Had she been born one-hundred-fifty years in the future, she probably would have married a famous football quarterback instead of the Lord of the Manor. Had she been born one-hundred-fifty years in the future, she probably never would have looked twice at him, never mind marrying him.

Perhaps because she was so sickly as a young girl, her breasts hadn’t normally developed. Still, her beauty and her kind and loving spirit made up for her not having tits. She was his Cleopatra and he was her Mark Antony. She was his Juliette and he was her Romeo. She was the love of his life and, as fate always has its way, he was eternally happy that she had married him instead of Lieutenant Adams.

Still happily married to her after 18 years, sadly and tragically, her last illness was her fatal illness. Sick for two years of coughing, no one could help her. No doctor could save her. Before she fell ill, they made love nearly every night. Never too tired for him, even though she opened her arms and her legs for him, she refused to open her mouth for him. She refused to give him oral sex. Obviously, she was scarred from a drunken ruffian forcing her to suck him. Obviously, with her not a lady of the night, she was a Lady and Ladies back then didn’t give men, even their husbands, blowjobs.

‘Suck my cock,’ he wanted to command. ‘Blow me. I need to cum in your mouth,’ he thought while imagining grabbing her by her long, black hair and pushing her to her knees.

Yet, no matter her social standing, just once, he wished she’d suck him. Just once, he wished she’d blow him. Fixated on her full red lips and her warm, soft tongue, just once he wanted to know what it would feel like to ejaculate the lust that he had for his beloved wife in her mouth. Just once he wished she’d make love to him orally.

Only, she thought that sexual act was dirty and disgusting and thought him perversely perverted for even asking her to take him in her mouth, a place that he kissed. To her, women of the night sucked their customers and other nefarious men did that to gay men. She wanted no part of sucking her husband’s prick. Instead, especially since she couldn’t give him a child and his rightful heir, she gave him sexual intercourse whenever he wanted, morning and/or night. They were always making love.

Even then, instead of making love, he wished she’d fuck him. Instead youjizz porno of making sweet, soft, romantic love, just once, he wished her could fuck her long and hard. He wished he could fuck her harder and faster. He wished her could pound her pussy until she screamed his name. Only, she was so delicately thin. Afraid that he’d break her bones, he took care not to hurt her.

### SusanJillParker 03 – The death of Elizabeth ###

Lord Dudley fell in a deep depression and became a recluse after the death of his wife.

* * * * *

It was a cold, rainy, and sad day when the wagon drove Lady Elizabeth to her final resting place. Buried on a hill beneath an old, oak tree on his property, he’d be buried with her too when it was his time to die. Despite the wet, chilly weather, it was a large gathering. Beloved to her family, friends, and household staff, even though the weather was disagreeable that day, everyone wanted to be there to say their final goodbyes. Everyone wanted to be there for Lady Elizabeth as much as they wanted to be there for their grieving Lord of the Manor, Lord Dudley.

Now three years later and twenty-one years after the day he married his beloved Elizabeth, he was as horny now as he was the day after she died. Tossing and turning, sexually aroused as much as he was sexually frustrated, Lord Dudley was too horny to sleep. Missing his wife more at night than at any other time of the day, a time when they usually had sex, he hated being in bed alone. Never getting used to it, missing the conversation before saying goodnight and turning out the light, he hated sleeping alone without his wife keeping him warm and keeping him company.

With her no longer there in his bed for him to hold her, cuddle her, and spoon her, he found it increasingly difficult to sleep since Elizabeth died. He used to enjoy sleeping in his big, manly, four-poster bed, but now he dreaded going to bed alone. Feeling her presence and sometimes even imagining that he heard her voice calling him from the other side, his life changed forever when she died. He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since she passed from this life to the next.

He wondered if she was at peace. He wondered if she was happy. He wondered if she was healthy, never to cough again. He wondered if she’d be there waiting for him. Lost without her, even in death, he’d love nothing better than for her to greet him with a kiss and a hug. If he knew for sure that she’d be there waiting for him, he’d take his own life. Yet, he had responsibilities as Lord of his Manor and his household staff depended on him being there for them as they always are for him.

‘Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…’ he prayed. Whenever he thought of her, figuring that she needed his prayers to make it from purgatory to Heaven, he said ten Hail Mary’s.

A terrible pulmonary disease, with her having a cough for years, she suffered with consumption for months, the poor woman. Even though he had the best doctors giving her the best medical care, with nothing else they could do, she died three years ago. With his heart broken and unable to get the sleep he needed to make it through his day, his sadness and loneliness, as well as his eternal horniness and sexual frustration interfered with his responsibilities as Lord of Blue Byrne Manor.

Surrounded by the women that he employed in his household, he’d never violate their trust by soliciting any of them for sex. He couldn’t besmirch the memory of his beloved Elizabeth by having sex with any of them. Besides, with them from different social standings, unless he took one of his household staff as his mistress in private, it was expressly forbidden for a Lord to sexually fraternize in public with women who weren’t Ladies.

Unless he was very discreet, if he had sex with women who weren’t ladies, he’d be disgraced. He’d be an outcast. He’d be shunned from society. Just as no one would accept his invitation to his home, he’d never receive another invitation again. Because of his good reputation, he enjoyed the respect of his family, his friends, and his staff.

Having grieved long enough over the loss of his wife, he wished he had a woman in his life and in his bed. Only, with him obviously still grieving over his wife, other than to ride and walk around his land, he didn’t go anywhere to find a woman to replace his beloved Elizabeth. With all women paling in comparison to her, he wasn’t interested in any other woman. Besides, not matches made in Heaven, with women not wanting to marry him for love, most women wanted to marry him for his money, his title, his social standing, his house, and his land.

A good-looking man but with hard times everywhere and befalling nearly everyone, the necessities of living oftentimes came before love and romance. It was hard to love when the countryside was filled with poverty, despair, and hopelessness. Unlike other Lords, he felt a responsibility for his staff that superseded his personal wants, needs, and desires. Sadly and unfortunately, it was difficult enough to stay focused on the business of his estate when he was still torn and twisted with grief for his beloved Elizabeth. With his deceased wife’s memory always on his mind, he couldn’t even imagine falling in love with another woman.

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