10 Ekim 2021

I’m a user and abuser (part 1)


I’m a user and abuser (part 1)I’ve been married to the same woman for 25 years and its been fucktastic. A quick note here, we were both in the Navy together and she could out cuss others. One thing that got me started using and abusing (not physical abuse) my wife, was how she always said some hot shit while we were having sex (her word was sex, mine was fucking). And afterwards she would say she was just talking and not to take any action on it. Well I got tired of the talk and decided to take matters into my own hands.Whenever we went out clubbing I always got us a very nice HOtel room. The wife would take a hot bubble bath and drink a bottle or two of champagne. Later we would watch amateur adult videos on the tv and she would be so sexily fired up afterwards that we had some great nasty ass sex. She’s a top rider and loves her 42ds sucked btw, she would even lift them up to my mouth for me to suck them. She’d be shaking her whole body when she came that way. Nice. And the nasty words and sentences would flow out of her mouth of what she wants done to her. Again just talk on her part. I wanted that action she kept spouting about.So one day while I was home on a Friday it hit me. I quickly called and reserved a rather nice expensive large suite for the weekend (this always impressed her). I drove quickly to the store and picked up two bottles of champagne plus some patron tequila. Back at home I put the champagne and tequila in the freezer to get it cold faster since I didn’t have much time before she got home, three hours at least (best move canlı bahis I ever did). And then I went upstairs to our bedroom. I opened up her closet and selected a short sexy black dress (I loved that dress) and took it out and laid it on the bed. She’s a seamstress not by trade but she knew how to sew. I grabbed her seam ripper and immediately went to work removing her back seam making sure I removed all loose threads. Perfect, I told myself. Now when she would wear this sexy short dress its was total exposure of her lovely sexy ass. Her dress was short enough that when she sat down it rose far enough up her lovely legs so you saw lots of thighs and perhaps some pussy. So I didn’t mess with that. It was just the right shortness that if you saw her sexy legs and thighs your mind would be racing. Spread those legs apart so we can see the rest, was always my thought when she wore this dress. Next I selected a nice pair of black stockings. That was all she would be wearing besides heals. No panties, no slip and definitely no BRA. This might be hard to do since she was very conscious of her 42ds. To bad I thought to myself. Just get her drunk and do what I got to do. I was committed. And I was going to go through with what I planned regardless.My wife would be home in 30 minutes or less so I loaded everything into the car and waited for her patiently. As she parked and then walked over to me, all I did was give her a hug and a kiss and guided her into the car. She sat down and just looked surprised. Getting in the car and driving away I told her we were bahis siteleri checking into a HOtel, checking in and dinner and clubbing later. Of course under my breath I was saying no food. I wanted her drunk and fucked up. Then came the questions. Did you pack my clothes, make up, tooth brush and so on (including her toys)and the hot oil. Yes was the only answer. And it was the correct answer. She settled back and talked about her day at work. We pull into the HOtel and I let them carry our items up to our room while I checked us in. In our room she was amazed at the size of it. Nice king size bed, large open patio, another room for a business setting so to speak and one big ass tub with a large bathroom which faced or was visible from our patio area. When I say an open patio there were no walls, the patio was well open and you could walk around the entire floor, it offered no privacy. In no time at all she was undressed and in the tub taking her hot bubble bath. Little candles were lit to set the mood. Back then we could smoke in our rooms. I opened up the sliding patio doors and poured her a large cold glass of champagne with two shots of tequila in it. Patron tequila is great stuff, no bad taste and it went down smoothly, a bit expensive but well worth it. Best part was it didn’t have that tequila smell. Three glasses later in less than an hour and she started talking about dinner. Yes, we would go eat. But not really. She loved the champagne btw. So she got more and more. She had finished off the first bottle and we were working on the second güvenilir bahis one. I didn’t notice any change in her, she cant handle her alcohol btw. You know what I mean? Once she hits the zone she is all fast talking and laughing at everything. Not there yet though or so it seemed until I refilled her glass again and she stood up. Oh she was definitely in the zone. Drinking from her glass and wanting more as she dried off. Oh she got it for sure. She walks clumsily out of the bathroom holding her glass and talking, bumping into things. No towel on and no clothes on either. She was fucked up. I was standing out on the patio smoking and she joined me in all of her nudity. Damn was my thought. She didn’t care at all. I even poured her another drink while she stood naked at the railing. This time I cut down the amount of patron in her drink. She drank it in one quick move and wanted another. She was laughing and talking a thousand miles an hour. I knew she was fucked up and had to plan accordingly for how she would be dressed. Into the room we went. Time for some fun with her as she stood naked putting on her make up as she bent over the bathroom counter. I simply just walked up behind her and did what I call the reach around and started playing with her pussy. She bent over even further telling me to fuck her which I did. She had thing of looking at me when she was being fucked. It was like she was measuring how good she was. Oh I worked that pussy of hers. I enjoyed how her lovely 42ds would just bounce so crazily. Needless to say I did dump my seed into her making sure she got it all, slamming into her over and over to make sure she felt every shot. I would slam it into her just to hear her moans and to enjoy my balls slamming against her. LOVELY.

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