6 Kasım 2021

Impossible Virgins Chapter 6 Through The Wringer –


Impossible Virgins Chapter 6 Through The Wringer -Chapter 6: Through The Wringer – Toppsy Sucks Jordan Jordan stood with her hands on her hips, and smiled lewdly at Toppsy. Everyone in the auditorium knew what was expected of her. After watching Tiffany pummel Lulu twice with her oversized cock, Jordan was nearly completely erect, and ready to go into action, in almost no time at all. Toppsy gazed hotly at Jordan’s giant cock, and the sight made her swoon. “I don’t know if I can put that thing in my mouth. It’s too fucking big!” Even before she finished the sentence, Lulu gazed at her, as she recovered. “You can do it, s*s. I know you can.” “I think that you’d better take your sister’s advice, Toppsy,” said Tiffany. “Trust me, even though it looks like it’ll never fit, your body you can do things here that it couldn’t do before you arrived.” “Not to mention that we’re gonna make you suck and fuck me anyway,” said Jordan. “You’ll enjoy things a lot more, if you cooperate.” Jordan was gently stroking the shaft of her cock, bringing it to its full erect length of two feet. As Toppsy continued to stare at her incredible display of meat, her mouth was drooling for the rigid prick thrusting from between Jordan’s legs. Tiffany could sense the sexual tension and excitement in the auditorium, as raw lust slowly overcame Toppsy’s apprehensions. “Go ahead, Toppsy. Give it a kiss.” drunk with lust, Toppsy crawled close to Jordan. Toppsy’s eager lips touched the tip of Jordan’s prick. Spasms shot through her cunt as contact was made. Toppsy moaned as a glob of pre-cum stuck to her lips. She pulled her mouth away, savoring the tangy taste of Jordan’s juices. “Delicious, isn’t it?” Tiffany stroked Jordan’s cock shaft and massaged her balls. “She’s got tons of cum in here.” Tiffany fondled her balls as Jordan shuffled her feet on the floor. “Yes,” Toppsy admitted. “It is delicious.” Toppsy found that she was rabidly eager for more. “Let me eat her. I wanna eat her cock.” “Go ahead,” Tiffany urged. “She’s all yours.” Tiffany pulled away, as Toppsy stood up next to Jordan. She pressed her body, and her huge heavy tits into Jordan’s flesh. Standing close together like this, Jordan’s prick was pushed so that it pointed straight up at the ceiling between them. Toppsy reached down and kept her hands on Jordan’s heavy balls. Jordan gasped as she felt Toppsy’s monster melons smother and overwhelm her own breasts. Their incredible size also temporarily hid her cockhead from view. Toppsy continued to massage Jordan’s balls as she brought her quivering lips next to Jordan’s. The two girls kissed deeply, enjoying the sensuality and taste of each other’s tongues as they probed their mouths. Jordan looked deep into Toppsy’s eyes as they kissed. Without having to speak, Toppsy could sense no malice from Jordan. Only the promise of incredible sex that had to be experienced, by putting aside her fears of the amazon’s fantastic size. Jordan moaned as Toppsy’s mauling hands made her balls ache. She tossed her head back, and reveled in the sensations. “That’s it honey,” purred Jordan. “Squeeze those nuts of mine as long as you like. You’re not gonna hurt ’em. That just makes them bigger and fatter and stronger.” Toppsy’s eyes widened as she could actually feel Jordan’s balls growing bigger in her hands. “I’ve got one of the best sets of nuts on the Island,” whispered Jordan. “And if you thought that Tiffany drenched Lulu when she came, just wait until I open up these beauties on you.” Toppsy kissed Jordan longer, deeper and harder in response. She forced herself to finally pull away. “Okay, Jordan. No more fooling around now. Your prick feels like a red-hot baseball bat against me. I want to see if you can do to me, what Tiffany did to Lulu…” “Ooh, you’re showing some backbone after all,” teased Jordan. “Well, first you’ve gotta earn me putting my cock inside you. Show me that you know how to suck me off, Toppsy.” Jordan gently whined as Toppsy’s wet lips touched the tip of her throbbing prick. Tremb-ling, Toppsy pulled back slightly so that she pendik escort had more room, and brought her mouth along Jordan’s cock shaft. Toppsy fused her lips to her cock meat and glided her lips up and down the entire length of Jordan’s prick. Spasms racked Toppsy’s body as her lips reached Jordan’s cockhead. Another glob of juice seeped out and Toppsy scooped it up with her tongue, and then gulped it down greedily as Jordan thrust her hips at her face. The head of her cock nudged against Toppsy’s teeth. Jordan’s hips heaved, as Toppsy’s hot mouth and slapping tongue along her cock turned her on even more. “Put her cock in your mouth,” Lulu urged. “Suck her, s*s.” Crazed with lust from watching her sister earlier, Toppsy eagerly opened her mouth. She sucked the fat bloated head of Jordan’s cock between her lips then swirled her tongue frantically around it, and then into the opening at its tip. Toppsy was rewarded with more sticky juices from Jordan as it washed over her tongue and trickled down her throat. “You’re gettin’ it,” Lulu squealed with delight. “Take her in your mouth now.” Toppsy reached out and squeezed Jordan’s balls, making Jordan suck in her breath. “Suck her good, Toppsy,” coaxed Lulu. “Take her to her balls.” “Geez, one thing at a time here,” thought Toppsy. Squirming in front of Jordan, Toppsy eased her prick over her flashing tongue. The head of Jordan’s cock filled her mouth and reached back towards her gullet. Passion overwhelmed Toppsy, and her fear was quickly evaporating. All Toppsy wanted was the cum rumbling in Jordan’s huge balls. She swallowed hard then fought to control her gag reflex as Jordan pushed forward and fucked down into her throat. Toppsy thought she might choke, but once she realized that she was still all right, her lust kept her from pulling her mouth off Jordan’s cock. Toppsy didn’t care if she choked. She didn’t care if Jordan ripped out her throat. Toppsy pushed her head forward at the same time Jordan began her thrust into her, taking five inches of her cock into her throat as her prick shaft throbbed against her lips. “That’s my girl,” cooed Jordan from above. “You’re doing great. Keep your head still and just relax your body completely. I’ll do the rest.” Toppsy’s throat felt like a velvet vise wrapped around her cock. Toppsy complied with Jordan’s instructions, and forced herself to remain as still as possible. Jordan pushed forward gently but firmly, and another seven inches of her steel-hard prick buried itself in Toppsy’s throat. “Geez,” Lulu gasped as she watched her sister devour Jordan’s cock. “Suck her good, s*s! You’ve got half of her prick down your throat now.” “That’s right. You’re halfway home, honey,” said Jordan. “Only now, I’m gonna fuck your throat, and you’re gonna show me that you can take the rest of me. Do you think you’re ready for that?” Toppsy opened her eyes and gave a minute nod of her head to Jordan. Toppsy felt that if she hadn’t choked or been torn apart by now, she thought that she could go the distance and take all of Jordan in her, in a little while. Now Jordan began thrusting into Toppsy with deeper, more powerful strokes. After every few inward thrusts, Jordan could feel her cock plunge ever deeper into Toppsy’s maw. It took almost five minutes, but at the end of that time, Jordan had succeeded in burying the full length of her cock in Toppsy’s mouth and throat. Jordan’s massive balls finally came to rest against Toppsy’s chin and throat on Jordan’s last plunge into her. Toppsy’s eyes opened in surprise as she finally registered what the warm, heavy weight next to her throat was. “That’s totally fucking awesome, Toppsy,” panted Lulu as she watched from the side. “You took her whole frigging cock inside you!” Toppsy knew she had accomplished a great deal. Jordan’s cock was buried in her throat. Toppsy shoved her head forward, nudging her face against Jordan’s crotch. Her balls were against her chin and Jordan’s prick was buried to the root. “Way to go, girl,” Jordan panted, as she playfully grabbed kağıthane escort Toppsy’s head with her hands. “I wasn’t sure if you had it in you to take all of me. But you’ve got spirit, and I like that.” Jordan paused a moment, letting Toppsy get used to the full size and weight of her prick in her throat. “But now, Toppsy, I’m gonna really fuck your throat.” Jordan pulled her cock out about eight inches, and then pushed it all back into Toppsy’s throat in one plunge. To Toppsy, Jordan’s cock felt like a runaway truck coming down a mountain that couldn’t be stopped. Jordan’s balls slammed into Toppsy’s chin, stopping the assault of her cock on her throat. “It’s one thing to take all my size inside of you,” said Jordan. “It’s a whole different ball game to have me actually fuck your throat, isn’t it?” To her credit, Toppsy remained relatively calm, as Jordan began her pumping thrusts into her throat. She gave Jordan a look of passion and defiance that told her she was ready for whatever Jordan could dish out at her. “That’s it girl,” Jordan panted as she increased the depth and tempo of her thrusting. “Your body can do incredible things with our cocks, as long as you don’t panic on me.” Again, Toppsy managed a fractional nod of her head to Jordan. She placed her arms to her sides and slightly behind her, as she braced herself to accept more of Jordan’s throat-fuck. “Holy shit,” Lulu gasped, marveling at the sight of her sister. “She’s taking it all!” Lulu squirmed on the mattress and jammed her hand against her clit. Toppsy felt her cunt spasm, as Jordan’s thrusts became faster and deeper. With her mouth stuffed with Jordan’s cock and her throat stretched, she felt Jordan’s prick throbbing in her gullet. Her cunt contracted and she began bobbing her head, frantically fucking her face with Jordan’s rigid prick. Jordan lunged forward, fucking her cock into Toppsy’s mouth. Her muscles tensed and her balls swelled. Jordan moaned with passion, her head swinging back and forth as her blonde hair swished across her neck. “Suck her deep, Toppsy!” Lulu squealed. “Bite her cock!” Lulu mashed her fist against her blood-swollen clit and twisted it. “Suck her off!” Toppsy shoved her head forward. Toppsy met the lunging fuck-thrusts of Jordan’s giant cock, her head shaking as her balls whacked against her chin. Jordan groaned, and her eyes closed as the cum in her balls ached to be released. Jordan drilled hard, fucking her cock deep into Toppsy’s throat as the blonde dancer began gnawing on her hard, throbbing cock shaft. “C’mon, Toppsy,” Lulu urged. “Suck out her balls.” She rocked on her knees, her huge tits jiggling. “Make her balls bust. Make her cum!” Toppsy wanted Jordan’s balls to burst, too. She used her tongue and teeth on Jordan’s jabbing prick. Toppsy’s neck twisted as Jordan brutally rammed her gullet. She gagged as Jordan fucked into her throat, and then she chewed on her cockshaft as she jerked back. Jordan raced toward an explosive orgasm. Her cock swelled inside Toppsy’s tight throat. Her balls rumbled and the muscles in her rump twitched. “She’s gettin’ ready!” Lulu squealed. “She’s gonna cum!” Lulu continued to gouge her clit with her fingers, keeping herself in a state of constant fuck-lust. Toppsy felt Jordan’s cock swell in her throat. She felt the throbbing of her prick. Knowing Jordan was going to cum soon drove her insane. Toppsy doubled her efforts to bring Jordan off. Jordan suddenly felt herself rush past the point of no return because of Toppsy’s efforts. Jordan’s balls rumbled then exploded. Hot churning cum rushed from her balls and shot through her fat cock. Thick globs of jism spewed from her cockhead and splattered into Toppsy’s guts. Jordan jabbed hard, fucking her cum-squirting cock deep into Toppsy’s gullet. “She’s cumming!” Lulu squealed as she watched Jordan fuck her sister’s mouth. “Drain her balls, s*s!” “Cream her, Jordan!” exclaimed Tiffany, as she became caught up in the spectacle. “Cream her!” Toppsy knew maltepe escort Jordan was cumming. It was like trying to keep her mouth on a spurting garden hose, and still contain all of the liquid from it. Toppsy’s mouth was flooded with her thick gooey jism. Toppsy gulped frantically, her head bobbing as thick squirting wads of Jordan’s cum filled her mouth and flowed down her cock-stuffed throat. Jordan cried out in ecstasy, her muscles tensing. She jerked forward, her cock fucking into Toppsy’s mouth and throat as her balls erupted again. Toppsy nearly gagged. Cum filled her cheeks. Toppsy swallowed greedily as more of Jordan’s spewing jism filled her mouth and squirted down her throat. She shoved forward and Jordan’s balls slapped against her chin and she gulped. “Keep suckin’ her!” Lulu shrieked as she furiously mashed her fingers against her clit. “Drain her fuckin’ balls!” Toppsy squirmed her hips. She ground her clit into the mattress and creamed as Jordan’s cum poured down her throat and oozed from her clinging lips. Toppsy gulped as ravenously as she could, but it was still coming too fast. Jism spewed from her clinging lips and trickled from her nose. Toppsy almost choked, but didn’t stop. She wanted to drain Jordan’s enormous balls. Jordan stepped forward as her cock speared Toppsy’s throat and her balls whacked against her cum-drenched chin. Jordan’s head bobbed and her lips trembled. More and more jism splurted and oozed from Toppsy’s mouth. As great as Toppsy’s effort was, it simply wasn’t enough to contain Jordan’s mammoth load of cum. “Suck her, Toppsy!” Lulu squealed. “Suck her!” She dropped her glance to Toppsy’s pussy. Jism had now trickled onto Toppsy’s humongous tits and was finding its way onto her tummy and between her legs. Lulu could see the cunt cream flowing from her sister’s fuck hole as it mixed with Jordan’s from above. “Suck her good.” Toppsy sucked for all she was worth. She felt as if she were going to drown on Jordan’s squirting cum. She didn’t care. Toppsy shoved her head forward as Jordan jerked. Jordan’s cock fucked into her throat and another thick river of jism spewed deep into her gullet. Toppsy choked, her mouth flooded with cum as it squished from her clinging lips and spattered onto Jordan’s swinging balls. Jordan jerked her rump. Her balls were just about drained. Jordan lunged hard, fucking her prick to the root in Toppsy’s throat as the last of her cum sprayed from her pisser. Toppsy gulped hard, then reached out and grabbed Jordan’s balls. She wanted more cum. Deep feverish sucks drew one last thick lumpy wad of Jordan’s cum into her mouth. Toppsy milked her balls and sucked, hoping there was more cum for her to drink. Jordan moaned and slowly pulled back. Her spent prick popped from Toppsy’s mouth. Jism seeped from Jordan’s prick as she quivered and grunted with satisfaction. “You did pretty damn good for your first time with someone as big as I am,” Jordan admitted. Lulu saw the cum oozing from her sister’s lips. She forgot about fingering her clit and threw herself at Toppsy. It was a sight few on the Island had ever seen. The size of the two blonde dancers’ enormous bustlines almost prevented them from embracing. Lulu fused her lips to Toppsy’s cum-filled mouth, and the two sisters tasted Jordan’s cum together as they shared it. As Jordan stroked her cock and fondled her balls, Lulu sucked the cum from Toppsy’s mouth. She savored it then pushed the clumpy jism back into Toppsy’s mouth. Toppsy whimpered and swallowed then pulled her mouth away. “I don’t think that I have words to describe how I feel just now.” “Well like Jordan just mentioned,” said Tiffany. “You did really well for your first time in giving one of us a blow job. Heck, even most of us can’t completely suck someone our size off, without spilling some jism somewhere along the line.” “And a lot of first-timers can’t take our entire pricks all at once,” added Jordan. “But thanks to Dee Dee’s help, you and Lulu did really well today.” “How does all of that cum taste, s*s?” asked Lulu. “Sinfully delicious, Lulu,” replied Toppsy. “Absolutely fucking wonderful. In fact, it’s only made me even hornier than before.” Toppsy stood up and looked Jordan in the eye. One of her hands reached down and found the shaft of her cock, still hard and pulsing slightly. “I wanna get fucked, Jordan,” she gasped. “I want to get fucked now!”

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