30 Haziran 2020

Intruder – Laura Vandervoort (2/8)


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Intruder – Laura Vandervoort (2/8)Chapter 2Laura blinked as if she hadn’t heard him right. “Excuse me?!?” Jan smiled. “You don’t know this, Laura, but you’re my ultimate fantasy,” he said. “Oh, I am so flattered. Not,” she said scornfully. “I’ve written over a hundred erotic stories about you,” he went on. “I’ve always wanted to see what you look like naked, and you just promised to do anything I asked. Well, I want you to strip.” “You must be joking,” she spat. “Either that, or you’re crazy.” He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” He picked up the telephone and began to dial. “Wait!” she yelled. He stopped dialling and turned to face her. “Well?” She scowled. “Okay, I’ll do it.” She yanked down the zipper of her jacket and began to shrug it off. “Slowly,” Jan clarified, walking over to stand by his writing desk where he discreetly pushed a concealed button. “Nice and slow. I want to remember the moment when you first took off your clothes for me.”Laura glared at him as she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. Next she unzipped her jeans and rolled them down her hips, so that she stood before him in her high heels and matching black bra and panties. Jan licked his lips and grinned. “Now, the bra.” She cursed and unhooked her brassiere and threw it aside. “Happy now?” she growled. Jan couldn’t answer. Laura Vandervoort was standing in his bedroom half-naked, her bare breasts rising and falling as she fumed angrily. I was everything he could have ever wished for. Although, not quite everything…“Not quite.” He walked forward slowly and stood in front of her. “Kiss me.” The manisa escort only answer she gave him was to spit in his face. Jan wiped the moisture from his eye and glared at her. “Big mistake.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHe grabbed her hand and dragged her to the side of his bed. “What do you think you’re doing?” she screamed, as he held her wrist with one hand and rummaged in his drawer with the other. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, Laura Vandervoort,” he growled as he lifted out a pair of handcuffs. Her eyes widened in horror as she realised what he wanted to do. “No!” she screamed, desperately trying to yank her hand out of his. He held her wrist tight and locked the cuff around it, then locked the other side around the bed post. “You’re going to learn that you can’t break into people’s houses, and then be rude to them,” Jan said as he crossed to the other side and got out a second pair of handcuffs. “No, no, no!!!” she yelled, trying her hardest to get away from him. It was futile. Jan grabbed her around the waist and tossed her onto the bed, then grabbed her other hand and cuffed it to the opposite bed post. He stepped back and looked at her. Laura was chained to his bed in a sitting-up position, her arms spread wide open, her heaving breasts on show. The only items of clothing she was wearing were her black thong panties and high-heeled shoes. Laura struggled against her bonds, but it was no use. “This is insane!” she screamed, outraged. “How dare you do this to me!” “You broke into my house, Laura,” he said. “I can escort manisa do anything I want to you.” “You’re a sick, fucking bastard!” she screeched. “Now let me go immediately!” Jan didn’t answer. Instead, he went over to his writing desk and picked up a large camera. “Oh, no! Please, Jan, no! Don’t do this!” she screeched. “I told you, Laura – I want to remember this day,” he said. And proceeded to take close-up pictures of her topless form. “I hate you!” she screamed. “I hate your sick, fucking guts!” After he’d taken several photos, Jan put the camera down and smiled at her. “Now, you won’t tell anyone about this little encounter, will you?” he said. “Because if you do, these pictures will end up all over the internet.” “Fuck you!” she growled. Jan walked over to the side of the bed and bent low to her ear. “Actually, I’m going to fuck you, Laura. I’m going to fuck you in every way imaginable,” he hissed in her ear, making her shiver with anticipation, or fear, or maybe a bit of both. “Oh, shit,” she whispered. “Oh, shit!”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJan stood at the foot of the bed and slowly removed his sweater. Laura initially averted her eyes, but her curiosity got the better of her and she stared at him as he continued to strip off in front of her. By now, Jan was stripped bare to the waist. He could see that Laura liked what she saw, despite her attempts to stay haughty and detached. He had a slight frame that was layered with compact, wiry muscle, and his fair skin contrasted nicely with his dirty blonde hair and intense blue eyes. He hooked manisa escort bayan his fingers into his sweatpants and briefs and pushed them down to his ankles, then straightened to his full six foot height and stood erect in front of her. Really erect, in more ways that one; his cock was rock-hard and flushed a deep, dark pink, and pointed stiffly to the ceiling.Laura’s gaze went directly to his pulsing length, and her mouth fell open. Jan saw her look of surprise and laughed. He took his heavy cock in his hand and spoke. “Yes, Laura…it is true what they say about slimmer guys,” he laughed. “Our dicks are bigger. This is where we carry our extra weight.” Laura’s skin reddened and she glared at him. “If you think you’re sticking that thing in me, then you must be crazy,” she spat. “Now uncuff me, and let me go!”Jan shook his head. “You really are in no position to make any demands here, Laura,” he said smoothly. “This isn’t Tinseltown. You’re in the Netherlands, and you’re an intruder. And do you know what happens to intruders here?” he asked as he approached her, his thick cock humming in his hand. Fearfully she shook her head. Jan smiled and knelt on the bed right in front of her so that his cock was mere inches from her face. “They get intruded,” he rasped. Then he settled his knees on either side of her thighs and slid his hand slowly down his engorged shaft.“Oh, fuck!” she whimpered as a large drop of precum welled up at the tip of his penis and landed on her nipple. Jan grinned and licked his lips, his teeth glinting in the brightly lit room. “That’s the general idea,” he snickered. He leaned closer to her, placing one hand on her shoulder so that his cock rubbed against her lips. “Time to play,” he said, and tapped her mouth with the head of his cock. “Open wide, baby.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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