14 Kasım 2021

Iron’s And Lace


Iron’s And LaceCynthia Donahue watched snow flakes flit like jewels against the street’s brilliance. Low hanging clouds cupped the light like a hand, pressing it firmly down against the flawless snow winking iridescently across the sidewalk and lawn. The low irregular masses of azaleas bulked against the whiteness, crowned with grotesque wigs of fresh snow, their shadows ink dark and dense. Cynthia could feel the bitter cold radiating from the window to her skin but the warmth of the bedroom enfolded her comfortingly. Indeed, that warmth seemed even more sensually caressing in contrast to the still, icy coldness beyond the glass. She sighed in deep contentment. Liam was a little late, but not surprisingly so with the snow falling so heavily all day. The plows overworked trying to cope with it, but no one seemed to mind. The breathless calm of the snowfall, without the s**thing winds which might have made it unpleasant, was almost like a pause to draw breath before the real bad weather enveloped them. The piling snow might slow traffic and inhibit pedestrians, but it soothed the spirit rather than abusing it.Cynthia giggled girlishly at the thought of soothing influences, for her evening would be anything but soothing — she hoped! Liam had promised something special for tonight, but, as usual, had refused to tell her what, which was part of the rules, of course. Sometimes it was her turn to choose the game, other times it was his; whichever of them claimed the right to decide the evening’s course, the other was always eager for the surprise as for the pleasure with which the game would end. She rose to check the bottle of wine in its bucket on the bedside table. That was their one constant factor. Sometimes they shared the wine, sometimes only one was in a position to drink for both at the critical moment. It didn’t matter– Whoever drank, it set a sort of convivial, somehow wickedly sexy seal to the entire experience.She smoothed her black and lacy teddy over her flaring hips and then sat beside the window once more, twisting a lock of chestnut hair as she watched the snow. It was odd how pleasant it was to wait, to anticipate the heat and energy which soon would fill this quiet room. Her soft breasts moved gently in their lacy nests she breathed, and anticipation bubbled in her blood, simmering softly and singing in her bones. Waiting for Liam was no burden; it was part of their loving pleasure.Her grey eyes strayed to the closet door. Within that closet were white ropes, the smooth leather straps, the gags and blindfolds and spandex hoods…all the toys of the loving games they so enjoyed, waiting to be applied to her eager body with the gentle inescapability. The toys waited to lock her into helplessness — into the helplessness she cherished and which cherished her, which paced and constrained her passion and rendered her somehow wicked and erotic, even more lovely and desirable in their grasp. The sight of her in bondage roused Liam to a pinnacle of lust…and performance, she thought, an impish smile curving her lips once more. And for her…for her they added a special garnish, a sense of the ultimate form of giving to her husband, of wearing a special costume which turned her into the most glamorous and sensual creature in the world. The sound of the engine cut into her thoughts and she looked down again as Liam’s car moved smoothly up the snowy street, tire chains rattling softly, and eased in to the drifted curb. The lights switched off, and Liam emerged with a fat briefcase. He slogged through the snow towards the front door, and Cynthia let the curtain drop with a happy little chuckle.The waiting and anticipation had been good, but the loving reality which would seal their love once more would be even better…Liam Donahue paused only to shed his boots and coat before he hurried up the stairs. He knew where Cynthia was – she always waited in the bedroom when a game was planned. Mundane things like supper could wait on nights like this; it was more important to feed the inner being than the outer.He hefted the heavy briefcase, smiling as he tried to picture her reaction. The delivery service had been delayed by the snow, which was the real reason for his tardiness, but he rather thought the minor inconvenience would be well worth it.He opened the bedroom door quietly and stepped inside, his cheeks still flushed from the cold outside. Cynthia gazed at him languidly, gracefully posed on the satin spread in a black silk teddy, garter belt and white nylons. Her bird-wing brows quirked quizzically, and – with her long hair spilling down her shoulders to a pool behind her – she presented a picture of sensuality incarnate, he thought: a sensuality made all the sweeter and more alluring by the innocent maiden-like expression she had assumed. “Home so early?” she purred laughingly. “I’m flattered!” “Tease!” he snorted, dropping the briefcase into a chair with a surprisingly solid thump. “You know why I’m late.” He came over and enfolded her in his arms, pressing his night-chilled cheek to her for a moment, then kissed her with a long, slow, lingering sweetness. “And you also know I got home as soon as humanly possible, wretch!” he chuckled. “You don’t think I’d want to waste any of this, do you?””I’d like to think not,” she sighed, snuggling more deeply into his arms and kissing his throat softly. “But a girl never knows for sure.””This is one girl who ought to,” he growled playfully, caressing her with cold fingers and laughing at her soft squeal of mock protest at their chill. “Besides, I promised you something extra special, didn’t I?””Listen, buster,” she said severely, unknotting his tie, “I’ve been around, I have. I know you guys. All blow and no show, most of you.” “Most of us?!” He pretended outraged surprise. “Just who else have you been entertaining up here wench?””Only the milkman, the postman, the gasman, the delivery boy, and two salesmen,” she said softly, unbuttoning his shirt and punctuating each phrase with a kiss on his chest, then shoved the shirt off his shoulders.”That’s a relief!” he heaved a tremendous sigh to emphasize the extent of his relief. “I was afraid it was something serious! Here give me that.” He threw the shirt in the general direction of a chair, then poured wine into their glasses. He handed her one, opened his briefcase and took out a large and obviously heavy package. He set it carefully on a floor vent just as the furnace kicked in and began breathing warm air.”I’m still half frozen, honey,” he said, sliding back onto the bed and picking up his own glass. “Let’s thaw out a little first, okay?””Sure,” she said, eyeing him speculatively. “And will you explain just why you had to put that on the heat while we do that?””Because,” he sipped wine and his eyes laughed, “it’s just as cold as I am and it needs to be warmer.””Of course,” she purred wickedly, slithering over to slide her free arm around his neck, nestling firmly in his lap as she sipped from the glass in her other hand. “And just how did you have it in mind to thaw yourself out, istanbul escort oh spouse of my heart?””Oh, I’m sure something will come to us. Aren’t you?” And he bent his lips to hers once more, tasting their honied fire and the wine.Cynthia moaned softly when Liam finally removed his thoroughly warmed hands from her body. She wiggled still closer to him, clinging monkey-like as he chuckled gently and pushed her laughingly away.”Now, now!” he teased her. “I think my surprise isn’t the only thing that’s gotten thawed out.””Damn bet’cha,” Cynthia grumbled, making another grab at him. He danced away and put his hands on his hips, laughing down at her.She had more than a suspicion that his caresses and kisses had been intended to produce exactly the effect that they had – especially as he evaded her every grab at him. Liam was far too considerate to rouse her so and leave her unsatisfied… unless it was part of his plans for the evening.She gave up finally and lay panting, pouting, and caressing her throbbing breasts gently, both because it felt so good and because she knew Liam found the sight exciting. She reclined on the bed like a barbarian queen, her eyes smoldering. She still wore the silk teddy, but so much of it was lace that she might as well have been naked. She knew how sexy she looked in the garment.It was designed to tease with what it pretended to hide. “All right, you cad,” she said stroking her hard nipples softly, “just what’s in your stupid package?””Something very special for you my love,” Liam said, his voice teasing yet serious. “Something we’ve talked about from time to time.””Really?” Cynthia quirked an eyebrow, intrigued by his oblique answers. They’d been loving one another in bondage for years, and she couldn’t think of anything they hadn’t tried yet. Not right offhand, anyway.”Yes, indeed,” he chuckled opening the package but keeping his back to her so she couldn’t see it’s contents before he was ready. Then he turned back, tossing the contents onto the spread by her feet with a musical jingle.Cynthia bounced upright on the bed as the glitter of steel winked back at her from the mass of small, fine-linked chains. Her breathing edged up another notch as her toe prodded the heavy little links. Liam was right – they hadn’t tried this before. Ropes, straps, lingerie and scarves, all of those they had used, but never chains. They had talked about it often, but she had never desired to wear anything that did not enhance her own beauty… but, then, she had never seen such finely wrought chains, either. There was nothing utilitarian about them. They were designed for only one purpose: to garnish the flesh of a captive with their hard, bright beauty.”They’re lovely, Liam!” she exclaimed, bending to run her hands through the top layer of musically chiming links. “I thought so,” he said, just a trifle smugly. “We’ve talked about it often enough, and when I saw these advertised I knew I’d found what we needed to make you even more beautiful, Cindy.” “I should think so!” Cynthia lifted a fine chain wonderingly, watching it hang from her hand and flash in the light. She could still feel the chill of the snowfall in its heart, but its surfaces were warm to the touch.”In fact, I thought they looked so good that we wouldn’t use anything else tonight,” Liam said, eyes kindling with a fresh light of anticipation.”Are they adjustable enough for that?” Cynthia asked, half- doubtful and half-challenging. “You know how…elusive…I can be.” “Sure I know. But I’ll make a bet with you, Cindy. I won’t use anything else – other than a suitable gag, of course – and if you can wiggle out of them you get to script all our bondage games for the next four months.””And if I can’t wiggle out?” Cynthia asked challengingly. “Then I get to run them for the next four months, fair?” “Fair,” Cynthia agreed after a moments thought. “But you only get to use the chains, right?””I only get to use the contents of this package,” Liam agreed. “All right, it’s a bet then!” Cynthia announced. “fine, But in that case, I think you should put on some gloves, dear,” Liam said, opening the drawer and removing a pair of elbow-length white silk gloves. He tossed them to her and she slid them on, smoothing the cloth over her arms with a slow, teasing finickiest as she grinned up at him.”Like this?” she asked coyly.”Exactly like that,” Liam agreed. “And now I think we’ll just start with the gag. I’m sure I’ll think of something suitable.” He turned away, rummaging through her drawers once more, and let her wonder just what he had in mind. Liam had a way with gags – gags that were never uncomfortable but always effective…and fetching, she reminded herself. Always fetching.When he tuned back to her, his hands overflowed with parti-colored silk scarves, and Cynthia’s eyes glowed. Of all the gags she had sampled (and they were many), scarves were her favorite. There was something especially sensual about the feel of silk between her teeth and filling her mouth at the same moment. And a scarf gag could be shucked in a hurry if she were to experience any trouble breathing – not that she ever had – which made them both feel better about them.”Open wide wench!” Liam commanded laughingly, and she obeyed eagerly, opening her lips as he packed her mouth with lightly wadded silk. She bent her neck obediently to help him tie a scarf behind her head as a strap under the waterfall of her long chestnut hair, then held quite still as he tied a second scarf over her mouth and hair, covering the strip of silk between her teeth with a wide band of pure white. When he stood aside and let her look at herself in the mirror, she raised her fingers to stroke the gag admiringly. It was beautiful. The white band across her lower face seemed to light up the golden skin of her face and emphasize her huge eyes’ brilliance”Pleased?” Liam whispered, circling her in his arms to nibble one ear teasingly, and she nodded enthusiastically.”All right then,” he said, “we can move on to more pressing matters. If you’d be so kind as to put your hand s behind you, m’dear?” And he managed a ferocious leer.Cynthia cowered in mock terror and then reached her hand shrinkingly behind her. She craned her neck to see and started in surprise as Liam lifted most of the pile of chain and laid it aside to reveal the two pairs of handcuffs which he had hidden beneath the rest. She heard his mirthful chuckle at the slight outrage in her eyes and looked quickly up at him.”I did say I’d only use the contents of the package, Cindy,” he teased her. “You were the one who assumed that meant nothing but the chains.”Cynthia eyed him smolderingly for a moment longer, then nodded, a slow tinkle of amusement glowing in her eyes. She had allowed him to fool her quite neatly, she thought. Slipping wrists and ankles out of circlets of chain was one thing; working them out of tight-fitting cuffs would be something else again. Still if she could get her hands as low as her ankles and work them around in front of avcılar escort her, she ought to be able to get the keys (under house rules he had to leave them in plain sight somewhere), and she’d become almost gymnast-agile over the years of their games… She shivered sensually as the cuffs clicked shut around her wrists. Liam adjusted them carefully, making sure they were too tight for her hands to slip out of but loose enough not to bind. Cynthia found she could slide the steel up and down her gloves for perhaps two inches, but there was no way she was going to slither out of them. Liam had never used metal cuffs before, though they owned a beautiful set of leather cuffs which he had used often enough. There was something different about steel, she found. Leather was sensual and soothing with its wide, somehow flexible grip. The metal was also sensual, but in a totally different way. It was sensual because it wasn’t flexible. It was hard and strong and unyielding – the perfect contrast to her own softness and warmth. When she looked up at Liam again, there was an ungrudging warmth of approval in her eyes.”And for my next trick, milady’s ankles…” Liam murmured, fitting the second pair of cuffs firmly into place. Cynthia shivered more strongly as her feet were pinned together. She could feel the steel more thoroughly on her ankles, for her nylons were thinner than her gloves. She moved he feet experimentally, rattling the cuffs with a faint, musical chime, and the sound and the feel of them fanned the liquid fire bubbling within her. “My, aren’t you fetching,” Liam said admiringly, and Cynthia rolled onto her back, the hardness of the cuffs nibbling not unpleasantly against her spine, and stared up at him with wide, glowing eyes. Her mind was beginning to buzz with the familiar tensions of bondage. The sense of being deprived of freedom, of being pinned helplessly under her husband’s loving eyes, unable to speak or move, reached deep into her libido. The things she felt were too complex to unscramble easily. There was a sense of becoming a living expression of utter trust as she resigned herself into his hands. There was a feeling of almost unendurable excitement as she waited to discover what titillation and tantalization Liam was about to visit upon her captive flesh – particularly since there was no longer anything she could do (beyond a certain degree of frenetic body language) to influence or guide him. And there was an awareness that she had been locked into his cuffs not to subjugate her (though she knew there was some of that involved) but rather as something bordering on worship. She had been placed under lock and key of her own volition because they both knew how utterly precious she was to him, that she was his greatest treasure and that her bondage gilded her beauty with an extra loveliness Liam found irresistible.All those thoughts and more flashed through her mind and brought a rosy flush to her cheeks and an added hardness and urgency to her nipples. She felt the liquid heat within her lapping still higher, and she began to pant in soft urgent gusts. And all he had applied so far was a gag and some handcuffs! By the time he finished, she knew, she would be reduced to limp, gasping, sweat-soaked, whimpering frustration and urgency. She would be rendered down to elemental sensuality by her very incapacity to satisfy her longings, and Liam would keep her that way until she felt certain she would go utterly mad. Not that she would go mad, for Liam had some sort of sixth sense where she was concerned. He had learned to judge her capacity for arousal more acutely than she could judge it for herself, and he would not allow her to be satisfied until her own urgency guaranteed her a final pleasure beyond all her pre-Liam. pre-bondage imagination.She raised her head and watched down the length of her body as Liam sorted through the gleaming lengths. There were more of them then she had thought, coming in all sorts of lengths. All of them ended in larger, round links – suitable for padlocks or snaphooks, she thought with a delighted little shiver of excitement – and some had the same larger links studded along their length. She had no idea how Liam had decided what to order, but it looked as if he had decided to play safe by ordering enough for a regiment! He finished sorting them, eventually, laying them out in an orderly fashion before he turned his attention back to her. Cynthia was limp in his hands as he rolled her onto her breasts and belly, trailing his fingertips lightly down the shivering length of her delicate spine. she shuddered in bliss as he stroked her and kissed the back of her neck, then closed her eyes and buried her gagged face in the pillows as he picked up the first length of chain and bent over her again.She quivered as he looped chain around her elbows three times and slipped one round link through the larger link at the other end. He drew the chain gently tight, pulling until the hard-edged links pressed firmly into her flesh through the gloves. She sighed in pleasure as he cinched her elbows tightly, for she was rather proud of her ability to touch her elbows together and well aware of how the tension rounded and lifted her already proud breasts into pouting prominence. She felt him threading the free end of the chain between her arms, wrapping it around the cinch on her elbows until he had used up all the slack, and then heard the soft click of a snap hook as he latched the end tightly into the binding. He let her savor the added increment of helplessness for just a moment and then slid his hands underneath her, working a second chain around her waist. She arched her back obediently, lifting herself to help him as he looped the chain into place and threaded its ends, then groaned involuntarily as he slid the free end under her pelvis and up between her thighs. Her head rolled as she moaned in bliss as he adjusted the crotch chain carefully before sliding its end under the back of her belt of steel. Then she gasped in astonishment as she realized just how long the chain was, for it reached all the way from her waist to her ankles, as Liam proved by snaphooking its end firmly to her ankle cuffs. She wiggled her feet in surprise and hissed through her nose at the sudden surge of pleasure the slight movement brought as it shifted the crotch chain tantalizingly.Her attention shifted instantly to the chain between her thighs as it caressed her insistently. She was no stranger to crotch ropes, for Lam had long since learned how vulnerable she was to their stimulation. It was less usual for him to bind her in a way which let her determine just how much stimulation she was to receive – he preferred to retain that bone jellying power in his own masterful hands – but what really amazed her was the difference between chain and soft cords. The hard-edged, unyielding links pressed against her molten core with a sort of harshness foreign to her experience, yet they seemed somehow gentle. She wiggled her feet again and moaned as the şirinevler escort chain pressed obediently tighter, fanning the fires another notch. Even the tiny pinches as it nipped her through silk and lace only added an unexpected garnish to her pleasure.Liam was humming now as he looped another chain around her soft thighs, binding them as firmly together as her elbows and turning her into a trapped column of vibrating pleasure and expectation. every movement of her legs in his hands moved the crotch against her, quickening her lust further, wringing little sighs and gasps of continually surprised pleasure from her. She felt her sweat and the hot liquid of her pleasure anointing the chains, leaving them hard and adamant, glistening with steely light and the dampness of her flesh but somehow rising even more dominant over her as they did.He rolled her onto her back once more, bending to kiss the tip of her nose and forehead and lick her fluttering eyelids gently. She stared up at him, her eyes molten with passion and love, and humped her hips gently, delighting in the caress of the crotch chain and simultaneously begging for still greater pleasure, but Liam only chuckled. He shook his head in sweet refusal, grinning as her muffled sounds mingled need and acceptance in a soft croon. Then he looped another chain through her shaven armpits, and she rolled her head in delight as the cool metal pressed against her hot, sweat-soaked flesh. Liam smiled at her as he threaded the free end through the large ring at the other end and settled the ring against her cleavage. Then he pushed the end down again, sliding it under the tight chain band beneath her breasts and pulled it back up through the round link. When he drew it gently tight the two chains pressed into her smoldering breasts from above and below, compressing her softness gently between them.Cynthia crooned in delight as her very breathing caused the chains to tauten and slacken slightly with each breath, massaging her breasts with their harshness and delighting her with their gentleness. It reminded her of the spandex leotard she often wore for Liam. Not because it had anything in common with the soft stretchiness of that garment, but because the taut confinement shifted and changed with the movements of her own body, providing an infinitely varying caress that soothed and roused her simultaneously.Liam laughed at her softly as she wiggled and squirmed in a slow, languorous dance of sweet captivity, sighing blissfully at each subtle kiss and caress the chains lavished upon her. Then he kissed her nose a final time and rolled her back onto her belly with gentle hands, letting her weight press her chained breasts firmly into the softness of the mattress and add yet another dimension to her involuntary auto caresses.But he wasn’t done. She craned her neck, watching avidly as he threaded the free end of her breast chains through the headboard, anchoring her to the bed. She sighed in pleasure and let her head fall back, then twitched in surprise as he latched yet another chain to the topmost chain just where it crossed her spine. He led the free end down her arms, threading it through her wrist cuffs, looping it between her thighs (not without difficulty, so firmly were they sealed together), and then back up between her calves until he reached her ankle cuffs and passed it through them. She raised her head, staring down at her pinioned body as he finally passed the end of the chain through the footboard and drew it taut against its anchorage.Cynthia rolled onto her side and moaned into her gag as he grabbed her firmly, stretching her lengthwise down the exact center of the satin spread, before he locked the chain. Her cheek pressed the hard links stretching from her breasts to the headboard – links drawn tight by the gently insistent downward pressure of the lower anchor. The pressure tensioned her body firmly, yet she could still move her feet up and down the wrist-to-ankle chain. She tried it, gasping as the slight motion increased the tension of all of her chains simultaneously. The crotch chain pressed against her like a harsh lover’s hand, and the added pressure tightened her chain bodice against her breasts, squeezing and caressing. She was free to wiggle and squirm to her heart’s content, and each movement of her captive body tightened a different pattern of steel about her in a unique and tantalizing caress.She rolled her head, looking at Liam with melting eyes as he seated himself in a chair beside the bed, a long feather in his hand. He brushed it gently over the swell of her chained breasts, and she groaned as its feathery kiss stabbed her with fire. “There you are, Cindy.” he whispered. “Something special, just like I promised. now, we do have that little bet about your escaping, and I want to be completely fair about this, so I’ll give you an hour or so. Maybe a little longer.” His feather danced over the fronts of her thighs, then swept up to tickle her cheek lovingly above the gag. “We do want to be fair, of course,” he went on seriously, “but I’m sure just watching and listening to you enjoy yourself will undermine my own self control to the point that I’ll be forced to release you to tend to both our needs.” He grinned wickedly as she chuckled in understanding through the gag. “So do be enthusiastic in your escape efforts dear, for both our sakes,” and the feather fluttered down the column of her throat, darting to tickle her rich, chain compressed breasts once more. Cindy rolled her face into the pillow with a sigh, wiggling more energetically in her chains, fully aware that she could never escape them but gasping as each tiny motion produced a fresh spasm of pleasure. The chains shifted with her movement, each shift producing a tiny, musical whisper from her iron web. The music of her chains melded in her head with the whirling passion of her bondage and the loving bite of the steel and the flickering, teasing kisses of the feather, and she quivered, closing her eyes as she yielded herself to the magic of her bondage and the rapidly approaching orgasm it promised.She stiffened, whimpering in bliss, then wailed through her gag, her head lashing up to lock her flaming eyes with his as the lightning of the orgasm flared in her belly and her entire body shuddered in reaction, chains rattling. She heard Liam’s delighted, loving laugh, felt his lips as they pressed the column of her throat. She gasped through her nose, soaked in sweat and passion as she went limp once more, gathering her reserves for fresh wiggling and squirming and the renewed whiplash of pleasure. Liam had outdone himself. Instead of teasing her with a laughing lack of mercy, he had allowed her free access to an unending succession of pleasure – a succession of orgasms made all the hotter and more satisfying because every time she looked up, he would be laughing down at her and savoring her pleasure. Yes, he had outdone himself, indeed, and only two questions remained in her mind. The first was how many explosions her wiggles would touch off in her loins before Liam finally freed her of the chains to match his passion to hers? And the second was even more important. Since she was going to lose her bet, how was she going to inveigle Liam into plying her with irons and lace for the next four months? There just had to be a way!THE END.Geriwww.bdsmfinder.com

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