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IrresistibleIrresistibleMy wedding day… I suppose all brides cry on the day of their wedding. But maybe not for the same reason my bride was crying…———————————————————Becca and I had been engaged for nearly a year. Being that we both came from prominent families we had a huge wedding planned. All of New York society would be in attendance. Her father tried not to show it but he was incredibly perturbed at how much he had to shell out for this huge wedding.”I don’t know where this stupid tradition of the father paying for the wedding came from, but it’s a terrible burden on me in this economy,” He grumbled once at dinner.He never liked me. He even pulled me aside one evening and said so.”John, you’re not worthy of my daughter. You’re a spoiled brat with no backbone. I want someone who I’m confident can protect my little girl. I’m not sure you could protect a puppy.”You see I wasn’t the most masculine or muscular man on earth. I was only 5’10” and very slight. I got my looks from my mother, high cheekbones, soft features, and silky smooth dark hair which I wore at one length all the way around, but mostly kept it in a pony tail. Becca loved my long hair. She loved running her fingers through it, said it reminded her of the Princes in the Hollywood versions of a more romantic time period.My family was rich and powerful and influential. So regardless of my slight stature I was considered a most eligible bachelor. I had been dating Becca since our days in private school in England and at 21, with our graduation from Oxford a year away, I popped the question. She said yes, and insisted we get married back in New York so our families could attend.My parents were going to be last minute attendees due to my father’s political fundraising campaign. So Becca’s father insisted we stay at his house in the Hamptons prior to the wedding. Becca insisted I help with the planning, which mostly bored me.She agonized over the dress for weeks, we spent hours pouring through catalogs on the web, and finally found one she thought was original and perfect. She loved it, and I did too. It was a very simple white satin dress with puffy sleeves, and some ornate organza adornments.”Isn’t it amazing John? It reminds me of the dresses my mom used to make me wear on Sundays to go to church. With the right tailoring it’ll be perfect!””It’s lovely Becca. I’m sure you’ll look amazing in it.” I smiled.As she left to go share her choice with her friends, my smile faded. I loved the dress. I loved it a little too much. I had not told Becca of my secret fantasies. No one knew. Not even my family or my closest friends. I loved crossdressing. I loved the way women’s clothing made me feel. I had a stash of panties and bras slips, camisoles, and stockings that I kept well hidden. I loved the feel of silk and satin on my skin. I would get dressed up and masturbate to the incredible sensation of the fabric on my body. I wasn’t gay. And I didn’t want to be a girl or anything, and had no interest in men. But the feeling of those clothes was heavenly. But, as with all things after a while it became harder to climax wearing them, so I tried fingering my ass, and loved it. That eventually evolved into a small 5 inch baby blue jelly dildo that felt so good sliding in and out of me. I would fantasize about wearing girly clothes while Becca fucked me with a small strap on. I hesitated to tell Becca my fantasy. She never seemed the type to be into girls, or anything kinky. And I really had reservations about our marriage. But I loved her, and wanted to be with her no matter what.But that dress…. It thrilled me. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to wear it. Wanted to feel it on my skin, maybe imagine what it would be like to be a bride. I sat and fantasized about Becca and I standing before everyone as we spoke our vows in matching bridal dresses. A ridiculous notion. But one I relished.Six weeks before the wedding, when Becca brought the dress home from the shop and showed it to me, I felt the fabric between my fingers, and nearly jizzed in my pants. It was exquisite. She hung the dress on a mannequin she had set to match her body type so she could pin it, and get it altered to fit her perfectly. She was so happy, and I was miserable. For a brief second I hated her. I envied that she would know what it was like to wear this dress to the altar, but I never would.That envy plagued me for over a day. But when Becca announced that her friends Daniella, Sloane, and Lorelei who were coming in from Europe had scheduled a spa day in Manhattan, I saw an opportunity. I feigned being ill that morning. I knew her family and guests would be gone for the day, as would Becca. I would have the house to myself.After everyone was gone, I got so excited I nearly started hyperventilating. I opened my suitcase and searched for the hidden compartment. It popped open. In it was my cache of girls clothes. I picked out a pair of white satin panties with little pink bows on the sides. A pair of lace trimmed silky bobby socks, and a white satin demi bra. I thumbed the satin and smiled. I stuffed everything else back into the compartment. I needed to shower first. I didn’t want to take a chance of leaving my scent on Becca’s dress. I showered and used her razor to shave my entire body. I shampooed my hair using her shampoo.After I dried myself, I put on the panties, the bra and the bobby socks. I admired myself in the mirror. I looked down at Becca’s makeup and thought, why not. I applied some purple eyeshadow, and blue mascara that always made Becca’s brown eyes look so amazing. It did the same for mine. I touched up my cheeks with blush and finished with a lovely shade of pearlescent red lipstick. I was a bit surprised at how girly I looked. I added some of her perfume to be sure I didn’t smell like me.I peered out to make sure I was still alone. The coast was clear. I walked into the sewing room where Becca’s dress rested on the mannequin. I took a picture with my phone from every angle so I’d know how to re-pin it and return it to it’s original state if anything were to change. I unzipped the back and removed it from the mannequin. I tried it on but I couldn’t get the bodice to zip up. my chest was too wide. I spied Becca’s bridal corset on the dresser.I put the corset on and cinched up the back and tried to tie it off as best I could. I could barely breath. But the dress finally zipped up. I slipped on a pair of black sandal type heels that were there on the floor. I admired myself in the mirror. I swooned at the notion of my fantasy about Becca and I being married like this. I started to get really turned on. I rubbed my cock through casino siteleri the panties, and then pulled it out and began stroking it, but I couldn’t reach climax. So I walked down the hall back to our room, and fished my dildo out of the suitcase’s secret compartment. I lubed up the dildo and slid it into my ass. It felt so good. I stood there before the full length mirror so i could see myself in full, and fucked my ass with the dildo. I reached up my skirt and rubbed myself through the panties as well. I came like a rocket inside the panties.After I came down form the orgasm high, I reached back to unzip the dress. But I didn’t really want to take it off. I never wanted to take off the clothes I wore when I jerked off. But I never wanted to get caught. I checked the time. it was only 11:34. Nobody would be arriving home for at least another 5 hours. I had time. So I stayed dressed. I pranced around in Becca’s heels practicing being graceful in them. I spoke into the mirror and tried to be as girly as I could. Part of me knew this might be the last opportunity I’d ever get like this, so I didn’t want to waste it. I tweaked my make-up a bit. Tried on some of Becca’s jewelry. her pearl necklace, and the flower ringed wedding veil. I fucked myself a few more times with the dildo.The third time I laid down on the bed, on my side and fucked myself while picturing Becca fucking me with a strap-on. I was in ecstasy. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure. Then I heard the familiar snap of a cell phone shutter. Terrified, my eyes snapped open to see Becca’s father standing in the door way smiling. He kept snapping pictures with his cell phone.”Oh, don’t stop on my account, sweetie. Clearly you need to finish what you’re doing there.”I was mortified. I couldn’t continue. I was like a deer in headlights.”Franklin… sir, I….””…Don’t know what to say? I would assume that, definitely.”Franklin approached the bed and sat next to me. he snapped more pics. I shied away embarrassed. He chuckled.”I always thought you were a bit of a sissy, Johnny, but figuratively… not literally. Not like this.”He gently stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.”So very pretty. Just like your mother. I always envied your father for landing her. So, here I find you in my daughter’s wedding dress, fucking yourself with a little blue cock and moaning like a little bitch. What do you think we should do about this?””Sir… I… I have no idea.””I wonder what Becca will say when she sees the pictures.””No, Sir… please. You can’t–“”Do not tell me what I can and can’t do in my own house, you little faggot!””Please, sir, I meant no offense. And…. I’m not gay.””Not gay? You’re dressed like this with a fake cock pummeling your ass, and you’re not gay?””It’s hard to explain…””How many men have you been with, John?””None, sir. Honest.””You expect me to believe that?”He grabbed my hand and put it in his crotch.”Go ahead give it a squeeze. Tell me that doesn’t turn you on, you little sissy.”I tried to pull away, but he held my hand in place. He placed it on his swollen cock. I looked up at him in shock. He was getting hard.”Surprised? I told you how much you look like your mother. Only younger, and I have to admit prettier. Such a sexy mouth.”His cock was rock hard, and massive. I tried to pull away again. He held me in place. his cock growing in my hands.”You know ever since Becca’s mom left with half my money, I’ve been a bit…. lonely. I’ll make you a deal. You suck my cock, and I’ll forget this ever happened. I’ll delete these pictures, and we’ll forget they even existed…. or I could send them to your homophobic Republican father.””No. please. I’ll do anything…. Just…. not this. I’m NOT gay.””I’m not either. This will be our little secret.,” He coaxed as he stroked my hair.A sudden rush went through my body when he touched me. He cupped his hand behind my head, and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t do it. I pulled away.He grunted in disappointment, and then started copying the photos into an email on his phone.”No, please, Franklin. Please…””The price is the price, sissy boy. Pay up, or face the consequences.”If my father found out it would be a disaster. How could I be so stupid? I was so careful for so many years. I tried to think of another option but my head was spinning. I looked up at him, and then begrudgingly, half heartedly, I stroked his cock through his pants. He smiled, and put his phone away.”Smart choice. Now take it out and put it in your mouth, bitch.”I unzipped his pants, reached into his boxers and pulled out his thick 9 inch monster. Oh my god it was huge. I didn’t know if I’d even be able to fit it in my mouth. I stroked it as I tried to build up the courage to put my mouth on it. I looked up at him pleading with my eyes for this to end. He just smiled back.”I know you’ve had your dick in my daughter’s mouth, so you know how this works. Make love to it gently, and look up at me and let me know how much you love it.”I cringed at his instructions but I complied. I imitated what I’d seen Becca do to me. I licked the side of it, licked the head and shuffled it in my hand as I looked up at him for approval. He just grinned.”Suck it, sweetheart. Put it in your mouth.”I died a little inside, but I wrapped my lips around his shaft and slid it in and out of my mouth. He grabbed me by my hair and moved my mouth up and down his shaft. I was surprised that the salty taste of his cock was actually pleasant. like licking the salt off a giant soft pretzel. It wasn’t the most unpleasant sensation I’d ever had, but the humiliation of having my future father-in-law’s cock in my mouth was the worst.”Beg me to fuck your mouth, slut.”I hesitated. So he pressed.”I know you want your mouth fucked, so beg me to fuck your mouth.””Fuck my mouth,” I said meekly.”BEG.””Please fuck my mouth, sir.””You want it?”I nodded meekly.”Make me believe it,” he growled.”Please, Franklin, I need you to fuck my mouth.””You need me to fuck your mouth, and cum down your throat?””Yes sir.””Take your dildo and fuck your ass while I fuck your face, slut.”I complied, I worked my dildo in and out of my ass, while he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth. He did it slowly, at first. Then alternated between quickly forcing his cock in and out of me, and slowly savoring my lips passing over his cock. He fondled one of my nipples through the dress, and I got rock hard. My nipples were always very sensitive, as he played with my nipples I got super turned on. I fucked myself harder with the dildo, and Franklin fucked my face harder. I came first and moaned sweetly as my lips were still wrapped around his thick cock. Then he pulled out and canlı casino came on my face. I kept my eyes closed as his jizz ran down my face. He rubbed the cum all over my face with his rod. I was still reeling from my own orgasm as he snapped another picture of my face covered in his man gravy, my eyes closed mouth open in pure ecstasy and his massive cock resting on my open lips.I snapped my eyes open in shock.”THAT picture is not part of the deal. That one’s just for me, to remember this beautiful moment. Now take off that dress of before my daughter sees you in it.””Too late, Dad.”In horror we turned to see Becca standing in the doorway in tears. I tried to explain. “Becca… I…””No, shut up! I’ve always known my dad was into some freaky shit, but…. you… in my clothes, sucking his dick??? What kind of life would we have with this shit going on?””Becca let me explain,” I pleaded.”Oh please… please explain what I just saw to me, John” Becca demanded.”I’m not gay, he forced me to do it.””He forced you to put on my clothes and suck him off while fucking yourself into oblivion with a dildo? How’d he do that, John?”I opened my mouth to speak, and I realized my explanation wasn’t going to be any better than the way it looked. I hung my head in defeat and shame.”Fucking unbelievable! Ya know… you two are perfect for each other. Maybe you assholes should get married, because I’m done!”She took her engagement ring off, and threw it at me. She burst into tears as she stormed off.I sat there stunned. Not knowing what to say. Franklin put his junk away and zipped up. He grabbed me forcibly by the arm, and tugged me to my feet.”We’d better move you to the far wing of the house, before anyone else sees you like this.”I was too stunned to argue. I just stumbled along beside him starring mutely at the ring I had bought my love sitting in my hands. Franklin dragged me into his bedroom at the end of the hall. He unzipped the dress from the back. I numbly shrugged the bodice off and let it fall to the floor around my ankles. That was when the hand cuffs slapped onto my wrist. Franklin had cuffed me. He quickly pulled my arm around behind me, grabbed my other wrist and cuffed it as well. The ring dropped out of my hand and onto the floor. I turned around to argue, and he forced a shiny black ball gag into my mouth. He tossed me onto the bed, reached under the bed and produced thigh cuffs. He frog tied me, and left me face down on the bed. He picked up the ring off the floor as he walked out.”I can calm Becca down and keep her quiet. But I can’t risk you doing anything stupid before then. So this is for your own protection.”He left me there. I tried for a few minutes to get free to no avail. I laid there for what must have been hours. The sun went down and I was still there alone. I finally heard the door open. Becca came and stood beside the bed. I looked up her. She seemed calm now. She removed my gag and and uncuffed me. I sat up as she played with my hair.She caressed my face and chuckled. “You look very pretty in my clothes, John.” “Thanks,” I blushed.”I’m so sorry for rushing to judgement the way I did. My dad explained everything, and it was rude of me not to try and at least understand your situation. I’m so sorry. I want to understand you. To know how you feel about all of this. Can you explain it to me?”I sighed with relief. I explained my fetish, how I wasn’t gay, how the events of the day went down, and how her father blackmailed me. She frowned at that last part.”What’s wrong, honey?””Nothing. I think I get it now,” she smiledShe reach down and gently grabbed my left hand. She kissed the back of it lovingly and then put my ring finger in her mouth. She sucked my finger as she had done teasingly on our very first date. I closed my eyes and remembered that magical evening. She then pushed her engagement ring forcibly all the way onto my finger. I tried to pull it off, but it was stuck. She stood over me, fuming. I looked up at her, completely confused.”You’re a lying little cunt, John! I will never marry you because you’re a fucking perverted freak, and I can’t trust you!””I swear I’m telling you everything.””My father would never lie to me about something like this.””I’m sorry sweetheart. I really thought he’d tell you the truth in light of everything that happened,” Franklin said from the doorway.Becca walked over to him.”It’s okay, Daddy. I just want you to be happy. You’ve done so much for me. You deserve to have this.”Becca nuzzled up to him, kissed him on the cheek and left. Franklin closed the door after her. I sat there perplexed.”I thought you said you’d straighten all of this out.””I did,” he laughed. “I explained to her that you and I are in love, and have been doing this behind her back for 3 years, now. That she was just your beard. And that I had agreed to let you marry her so we’d have a good cover for our affair. But that I didn’t want her to go through with it unless she felt comfortable with the arrangement.””What the fuck? Why would you do that?”I tried to pull Becca’s ring off my finger but it was way too small to get over my knuckle. Franklin sat on the bed next to me.”Because I realized that I somehow stumbled onto something that could solve ALL my problems in one fell swoop.”He opened up his phone to the pics he snapped of me. I sat there in shock as one by one he deleted them. Except the last one. That one he transferred to a digital picture frame on his nightstand.”See. I am a man of my word. I won’t be sending those pictures to your father. I won’t be needing them”He held the picture frame between us so I could see it clearly. “What do you think of her?””Seriously?” I groaned; embarrassed to see myself that way.He sighed, and grabbed my left hand entwining his fingers with mine. He held it up to his mouth and kissed the engagement ring.”I wanted to frame it, cuz it’s a memento of the first loving moment I spent with my new fiancé. Her sweet face rapt with joy; covered in my seed.””Your fiancé? What the hell are you talking about? I’m not–“”–No? Well, let me break this down for you my dear sweet boy. My daughter whom feels violated by your actions has called off a wedding that was set to cost me over a million dollars, $900,000 of which is non-refundable. Not to mention the investment bank your irresponsible father runs nearly ruined this family when their stock bottomed out. I owe way more than I can afford pay, and if I don’t get a massive cash infusion, my whole estate goes under. The only thing that is gonna save my ass is for someone in this family to marry into yours. And since Becca is now disgusted by you, then it’s gonna have to be me. Normally I’d be grossed kaçak casino out by a sissy boy like you, but you look… so much like your mother. And losing her to your father was my biggest regret. So, if I can’t have her, I can at least turn her son into my sissy bride. I get a fortune and a hot new wife. So it’s a win-win for me. And it’s not like you have a choice.””That’s ridiculous. That picture is all you have left on me. It could be anybody. It doesn’t even look like me.”He hit the remote at the side of the bed, and the flat screen at the foot of the bed rose out of it’s cabinet and turned on. He grabbed the remote and switched the input to the security cameras.”Did you know we have nanny cams in all the rooms? It’s so hard to trust the help these days. So I had my security team put them in back when Becca was still a toddler. They’re all wired to the DVR.”He cycled through footage of me doing my makeup, dressing myself up and masturbating to my own image. Then he skipped to me sucking his cock, begging him to fuck my mouth while fucking myself with the dildo. It was awful. I was so completely compromised. He paused it right where my face matched his nightstand photo.”What do you think TMZ would say about this footage? Or your father? Do you think his bid for governor would survive. I could sell it to any number of parties that would want to use it turn your proud papa into their puppet.””No you can’t. We’ll both be ruined… humiliated. My father will disown me. Revoke my trust fund. I’ll lose everything.””I really hope it doesn’t come to that. But I’ll make you a new deal. You agree to marry me, let me have your sweet virgin ass on our wedding night, go with me on our honeymoon and treat me like an obedient and loving wife, and I’ll give you half of what your father gives me.””What???””I’m going to blackmail your father into restoring me to my former glory. Once he has handed over a sizable chunk of his estate, then the marriage will be dissolved, you’ll of course be disowned by your family, but I’ll give you more than enough to make losing your trust fund worthwhile. And the best part is that this footage won’t go public, so you can carry on with this lie of a life your living for as long as you like.””But my dad will know about me… You don’t understand. I can’t even imagine the shame. I…””You can either profit from this little mishap… or not. I’m either going to save my family or destroy yours. Either way your father is gonna see this video. He can see it privately, or he can see it on the internet when TMZ shows the whole world what a little sissy pervert you are. Wearing your fiancé’s wedding clothes, and having sex with her father… that’s pretty fucked up.”I was horrified. I did NOT want to even be with a man, much less MARRY one. I hated my options. Franklin gently stroked my cheek with his finger, and lifted my chin to look him in the eye.”So, do we have a deal?”What choice did I have? If he showed this to the world, I’d be homeless, destitute, and publicly humiliated. But if I played along at least I’d have money, and only my father, Franklin, and Becca would know the truth. I had to go along with it.”Yes.””Yes, what?””Yes, I’ll… marry you. As long as you destroy this footage and all copies once my father has seen it.””Agreed. You’ve made me very happy.”He leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. I put my hand up to push him back, but he was too strong. He forced his tongue into my mouth. He made out with me, and placed my hand on his cock.”You know the drill, baby doll. I wanna celebrate our engagement.”I looked down at the diamond ring on my finger. I didn’t have much of a choice. He was, after all, my fiancé. I swallowed hard, and reluctantly pulled his cock out of his pants, and sucked it. He pulled a thick 7 inch black dildo out of the nightstand drawer, and fucked me with it. It was much bigger than I was used to.”We’ll need to widen your love hole, babe. So you can take my cock on our wedding night.”I moaned with pleasure as he fucked my ass with the big black dildo. Without realizing it, my joy translated into sucking him off with more passion. I voraciously devoured his cock while the dildo brought me to climax. Franklin grabbed my hair, thrusted into my mouth, and came – spurting jizz into the back of my throat. He held my head in place. I couldn’t pull free. I hesitated – surprised that the salty liquid tasted so good in my mouth. What were girls always complaining about? But then the bitterness hit as I swallowed his load. He released my hair as he heard the gulp. I cringed at the taste.He leaned in and kissed me again. “Your first load, princess? Don’t worry you’ll get used to the taste. Soon you’ll crave it.”I actually enjoyed his salty, creamy load in my mouth, but didn’t see how anyone could get used to that aftertaste. I decided not to argue, though.”Yes, sir.”He laughed at this.”I love that you call me, “sir”. But any girl who cums that hard with my cock in her mouth and then swallows my seed should probably call me Frank. She’s earned it.””I’m not a girl, Frank,” I said a little annoyed.”Have you looked in a mirror, lately? You’re way too pretty to be calling yourself John. You really need a girl name. Hmm, let me see. What suits you? How about something hip, like Laila? No… Katie. I like Katie.”I hated to admit it, but I liked it. That name fit me better than I cared to admit. I even looked like a Katie.”I guess.”He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him.”Come here and snuggle with your fiancé while I explain how this whole scenario will go down, Katie.”I grumpily scooted over as he wrapped his arm around me, and pulled me in close.”For the next 6 weeks leading up to the wedding, you’ll be a girl full time. Don’t worry about how you’ll pull that off. I will handle the details of making you look and sound passable. You’ll be required to go to all the pre-marital functions as Kate. The rehearsal dinner, the bachelorette party, and of course the wedding and the honeymoon. If you play your part to perfection, you walk away with a fortune, and a valuable education you’ll not soon forget. “I looked at the ring on my finger, and then down at the corset I was wearing, and then to the man next to me that I was now forced to appease to keep my secret and my inheritance.I began to cry. Franklin rubbed my shoulder.”Don’t be like that, Katie, dear. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy our time together. You just need to swallow your pride… like you did my load. You’ve cum very passionately every time you’ve had my cock in you. So it can’t be all that bad. I bet you never came like that with my daughter. I’ll even bet that this is the best sex you’ve ever had”I cried harder because it was true. I kept glancing at his crotch, and thinking about his cock. What the hell was wrong with me? I rolled away from him, and curled up. He reached around and spooned me, as I cried myself to sleep in his arms.

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