30 Haziran 2020

Italian Lessons


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Italian LessonsIt was my daughters birthday and I had met my ex wife and the two girls in a lovely Italian restaurant that someone suggested to her. Neutral ground I had thought, but things hadn’t been too difficult between us and the girls had both enjoyed it. It was late on and the three of them had gone home across town to where then three of them lived. I was sitting in the subdued light of the booth, in the now empty restaurant nursing the end of a cappuccino and brandy, awaiting the arrival of the bill. The two waitresses had disappeared from sight and fearing that I had been forgotten I slid to the far end of the booth which gave me a view of the kitchen door.As I watched, the chef came out of the kitchen with the beautiful older waitress, and kissed her on both cheeks. family? I thought. There was an outburst of colourful Italian and he banged his way out of the restaurant, with Margeurite the waitress following on to lock the door behind him.She looked out of the window following his course up the road before pulling the blind down and kicking her shoes off, the long day finally over and the need to uphold standards over.Margeurite was so classically Italian that she could have been made from the sienna earth itself. Her beautiful Mediterranean skin darkened by the hot sun and a voluptuous curvy body that came from good Italian food. Dressed in classic waitress black pencil skirt with white blouse she was a picture of beauty, and more than a little mystique I may say. I placed her around 40 years old, and in very good shape, her legs slim through being on her feet, but her full breasts heavy with age and c***dren?She returned to the kitchen door and standing in the alcove of the doorway she called for Christy, the young waitress, who quickly appeared from the back of the restaurant. Christy was similarly attired in the classic black and white with shiny black stilettos still on her feet. Unlike Margeurite, Christy wasnyoung and petite with a short cropped blonde bob, a little out of place for an Italian restaurant but so pretty you would just forgive her the difference. “Yes auntie” she said as she approached. Her face falling as there was a funny silence between them. I looked around to make sure I had everything before leaving, but I was stunned in to stillness as I looked back. Leaning back against the wall Margeurite undid the bottom buttons of her blouse, the top 3 already being undone for the punters, and pulled the left hand side open for, her neice? My eyes grew in size, I’m sure, and I looked hungrily at the large dark nipple that was on view. I was shocked at what was happening but Christy didn’t bat an eyelid, she simply moved to Margeurite, slid her hand into the blouse to raise the nipple and lowering her head suckled gently upon it. Margeurite put her head back against the wall and moaned gently as Christy caressed her breast, pushing what little weight she had against her. Margeurite also then cradled the back of Christies head and looked me directly in the eye, a slight wink of mischief followed and I sat mesmerised. I was Embarrassed and aroused, my cock bursting to attention, whilst I realised that I hadn’t been forgotten and this had been planned for my? My what? Entertainment? Embarrassment? I didn’t know.Margeurite took Christies head away from her breast, whispered something and sent her into the kitchen. I güvenilir bahis siteleri had another glimpse of her nipple before she buttoned up her blouse and came across to my booth, sitting down next to me she smiled and looked me in the eye. Margeurite was stunning up close and I sat like a naughty boy who had been caught doing something wrong. In her heavily accented dusky voice she asked me “Do you like our little show?” I think I nodded but I may as well have been watching a cobra, I had been trapped, and could only dance along. “She is my neice and it is the custom where my family come from that the c***dren gain instruction by a close friend or distant family. She is my brothers daughter and I am the only family here so I am instructing her! We are needy of a man though and I am thinking that you may help? My brother would be wrong so I must choose carefully. You are understanding?”I choked as I answered and it must have sounded like I was an imbecile “Me?” with a cough to clear my throat, “whatever made you think that?” I reached for the remains of my brandy.“That is your family? Tonight No?” she said her head moving gently from side to side and my head following hers, “They are all very pretty, and happy. You are very nice with them, gentle and loving. I watch you, you are a very gentle man, but you are not a handsome man.”“Well Gee thanks.” I said. “No. is not what I mean.” she corrected, “You are looking nice but you are not what they say ego? Macho man.” I understood what she said but even in these couple of minutes I was now intoxicated by her beauty and her perfume. “Are you with anyone?” she asked, “Do you see anyone at present? I would not like to make trouble for you.” I simply shook my head and she smiled a big smile, “We shall have fun then, do you like?” I nodded and sat numbly as she went off to the kitchen. A quick check of the Restaurant showed it to be empty and quiet, whilst the soft music and lighting coupled with my final brandies and hormones were adding up to a massive boner trying to escape my pants. The ladies appeared again with Christy bringing me a steaming bowl and laying it on the table with a cloth. Margeurite moved Christy across to stand in front of me. She was young and very pretty and I struggled to place an age against her. I satisfied myself that she was working, and that her Aunt was sanctioning whatever was going on here and the rest was filed in the ‘oh well, Fuck It’ drawer. Margeurite stood close behind Christy with her arms wrapped around Christies waist. One dropped down to press against her crotch, the other rubbed gently around her tummy and worked up to brush across her pert little breasts.“ This is Christy, she says that she doesn’t like you. But that is good for her training.” Said Margeurite, and I simply nodded. Christy leaned across to the booth and took one of the cushions off the bench seat next to me, she dropped it on the floor between my legs, put her hands on my knees and pushed them apart as she lowered herself onto her knees between my legs. “Good, good” said Margeurite as she stepped across to sit next to me. She sat to my left and her left hand reached up to my face and pulled me around to look deeply into her eyes. Her soft lips moved to mine and I tasted her tongue as it slipped between my lips in a longing kiss. I have to admit that after my wife left me perabet I had lost the urge to get involved with another woman so this was the first kiss that I had savoured for a long while so the alien in my pants jumped up with a vengeance. As it happens this was of great benefit because as Margeurite was distracting me Christy was unfastening my trousers and taking my cock out. The sensation of her young hot mouth enveloping my cock was incredible and I very nearly lost my whole load into her mouth there and then. Margeurite sensed my shock and grinned as she asked me if there was a problem? “Oh no, Absolutely not” I gasped and she pressed her lips to mine once again. Her perfume was intoxicating and linked with her closeness and the hot mouth on my cock I was having difficulty breathing, I pulled back from the kiss and gasped for air and as I did I looked down at the blonde bob rising and falling on my cock. “Good Girl, nice and steady rhythm” guided Margeurite. “Is that ok for now or does she need further instruction?” asked Margeurite. “Oh no that’s just fine.” I said as Christy started to pull at my trousers. She never missed a beat with her head as she pulled with both hands. I raised my ass off the bench seat and she pulled my trousers and boxers right off leaving me naked from the waist down. Margeurite moved away from me now and stepped over behind Christy. As Christy was still standing on 4 inch heels Margeurite could easily reach under her bottom and she rubbed her fingers on the little teen panties. Looking directly at me she raised her fingers to her mouth and tasted the glistening juices on her fingers and smiled, all for my enticement. Reaching across us she took another cushion from the couch and dropped it behind Christies legs and knelt down herself. Running her thumbs up the outside of Christies legs she raised her black pencil skirt over her hips and it now hung around Christies waist like a bandana. Margeurite hooked her thumbs into Christies little black knickers and sliding them down her legs Christy stepped out of them left then right as directed. The reason I knew what happened next was because the sucking on my cock changed as Margeurite started to tongue on Christies pussy, and a long low moan escaped Christies throat. Margeurites eyes looked at me from just above the crease of Christys ass, a mischief and a smile in her eyes. I could hear Margeurite working away on Christys pussy and the slurping sounds became quite loud between them. Christys rhythm became erratic at times and her legs started to tremble. More than once marguerite stopped and gave her a resounding slap across the cheek of her ass.I didn’t know how much longer I could continue like this, my balls were bursting through lack of use and the scene was so erotic that I believed that I must be dreaming. Relief came as Margeurite stopped her tonguing and moved around to me. She kissed me deeply and I could taste the fresh juices from Christys pussy and it reminded me of the first times I went down on teenage girls at school. She was sweet like honey and I longed to taste more of her. “I think she is now ready for fuck” said Margeurite and Christy released my cock from her mouth, gently kissing the head as she lifted her head. I stood in a daze, my legs quaking under me and I shuffled like an old man around behind Christy to address the perabet giriş promised land. Christy hardly moved and not a word was spoken as Margeurite slid into my spot and ran her fingers through Christys hair. Margeurite lifted her right leg and placed it on the table and smiled as Christy buried her head to her new task and slurped away at her aunties clit. “You must be gentle to start with, it is first cock for her” she said, “she is not virgin but she has not had fat cock like yours, only fingers.” Then she was lost in her own ecstasy as Christy worked her tongue. I moved up close to Christy, her stance and stilettos’ putting her at the right height, and with her head down buried in Margeurites pussy she was open to me. Holding my cock I rubbed the end up and down Christys virgin slit to wet it, and then pushed the head down to ease it into her. She was tight and so hot, the little ring offering up slight resistance to my swollen cock. A little more pressure pushed the head in and accidentally I jolted forward. Christy tensed and choked into Margeurites pussy which met with approval from auntie. Two or three short pushes put me fully into Christy and my balls made contact with the front of her pussy. I moved into a steady slow rhythm as I tried to resist the overpowering desire to bang away like the fucking idiot I obviously was but I failed and I held on tightly to Christies tiny waist as I ploughed my cock in and out of her tight hole. I didn’t last long and neither did Christy. My balls slapping against her and her ass making slapping noises too. She pissed her orgasm all down my legs as I erupted inside her, my come spurting three and then four times. I had never come as hard or as long. Christy went limp and I had to hold on tight to her in fear she had fainted.Margeurite stood now and lifted her into a standing position I swung around to be sitting on the edge of the table and my arms wound around Christy, my right hand falling naturally onto her left breast as Margeurite had done earlier and my left just covering her pussy, we sat for a short while whilst she came down from her orgasm and I realised that she was still impaled on my cock. Margeurite took control and from the bowl on the table she now produced a flannel and towel from the hot water that Christy had originally brought across. She towelled Christy down and they kissed softly, savouring their feelings. After a while everything became ok between them, Margeurite talked quietly and lovingly to Christy in Italian and she moved away from me gently, allowing my now softening cock to plop out of her. Christy simply walked off and into the kitchen, pulling her skirt down as she went and without a look back she was gone. Margeurite now took the time to gently wash my cock and balls with the warm soapy water. She looked at me and smiled, “You are not so meek and mild as you seemed” she said. “You certainly gave our little student the ride I had hoped for her, for her first time. I thank you, but you were also gentle, No?” and with that she kissed me, a deep long different kind of kiss. A family kind of kiss, “Thank you” she whispered and with that Margeurite left me to dress myself again. Respectability returned and I sensed it was time to leave. At the till I rang the bell and paid for my meal. “You come back in two weeks please” said Margeurite as she opened the door to let me out. “You come for nine oclock and plan to stay late. On your own. But only if you are able to do, only what I tell you to do.” I smiled and kissed her on the cheek before leaving into the night. The night which had just changed my life forever.

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