7 Temmuz 2021

It’s All Relative


It’s All RelativeJoseph was still horny after earlier and was hoping to go to his room, strip and jack off to some porn without being interrupted by Kelsey. As he opened the front door he noticed she wasn’t in the living room watching TV like she usually was. He began to think she may have gone out with Tyler; her boyfriend and he had the place to himself. As he walked to his room he noticed the door was open and the light was on. This raised some concern because he believed Kelsey went into his room again to steal some condoms again. He was tired of her doing that and if she did he would deal with her later. Upon entering his room he saw his sister bent over looking through his porn collection. She had a nice ass and seeing it nearly exposed made him harden. Finding what she wanted she turned around and yelped upon seeing him. Quickly she hid the DVD behind her back.“What do you have behind your back Kelsey?”“Nothing,” she started to leave but he blocked her path. “Let me through.”“If its nothing, why not show me?”“No! Let me go!”Joseph smiled and said, “How many times have I told you not to come in my room. She didn’t answer him. “A lot Kelsey. First you steal condoms now a porno” he shakes his head and continues, “I told you last time if you came in here I was going to make you pay.”Kelsey fidgeted and said, “What do I have to do? Want me to clean the house or something?”He thought on that for a while and almost decided on that until his cock stirred and he saw an opportunity.“Get on your knees.”“What for?”“You need to do what I say Kels or worse things could happen.”Kelsey tossed the DVD on the bed, got on her knees and looked up at him. She looked so fucking good down on her knees. So fucking sexy. He’d fuck her if he could. However, he knew she’d never do that so he’d settle for the next best thing.“You’re gonna suck my cock.”Kelsey looked at him disgustedly and said, “No way, that’s disgusting.”“You’ve sucked Tyler’s I’m sure. Now do it!”She sighed and undid his pants, pulled them down and pulled his cock out of his boxers and started stroking his cock with one hand while the other juggled his balls. Once he was fully erect she started to kiss the sides and then started to suck on the head. As he watched his cock slip in his sister’s mouth he began to fantasize about them fucking. He would do it too if she ever showed interest.Her canlı bahis tongue swirled around his shaft and ran up and down it. She seemed to be enjoying it. However, he wanted to cum. Placing his hands on both sides of her head he held it in place then began to thrust his cock into her throat. She gagged a few times, spit ran down her chin. Soon he found himself unable to contain himself and exploded down her throat. She swallowed vigorously every drop of him down her throat. Feeling himself soften he pulled out. Putting his pants back on he helped her up. Pulling her into him he held her close. Her nipples were hard he noticed.“I warned you Kelsey and you did it anyways. I had to punish you.” Instinctively he slid a hand down her back to her ass then under her panties and squeezed her ass. Pulling away from him she slapped his face. “Do that again and I’ll do much worse.” She went to slap him but he grabbed her arm mid swing. “You stupid bitch.”Twisting her arm behind her back he caused her to turn around. He pushed her down over his bed. With his free hand he pulled his pants off as well as his boxers. His cock was between hard and soft. It’d do. Leaning over her he pressed his cock against her panties.“You should have not slapped me. Now I’m gonna see how nice an ass you really have. Then I’m gonna tear your ass open as I slam cock into it.”“Please no. I’ll suck you again.”“Too late for that Kelsey. You’re gonna get your ass spread wide.”He reached down and pulled her panties off. Lining his cock up he pressed the tip of his cock against her pink puckered ass then pressed and fast sending his cock, balls deep, into her virgin ass. She creamed in pain but berried her face into his bed. He started thrusting hard and fast into her ass feeling it widen for his cock. At first it was really tight but soon it loosened so much he could pull completely then go back in with no trouble. Releasing her arm he grabbed her shoulders for support and started furiously to pound her ass. She was crying and begging him to stop. However, when he reached under to rub her clit he found her hand there and that she was super soaked.“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”Kelsey looked up into his headboard mirror and said, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I was thirteen. Just not in my ass.”Joseph pulled out, turned her onto her back then slipped his cock into her bahis siteleri ass again. He watched as her tits bounced back and forth and watched as she rubbed her clit. He was about to cum so he pulled out and shot it over her stomach.“you’re not done are you?” She asked as she kept rubbing herself.“Fuck no, just need a condom.” Grabbing a condom he slipped it on then climbed onto the bed, she had already moved so she was lying at the head of the bed. Spreading her legs apart he slid between them then slipped his cock into her tight shaved pussy. She gasped and bit her lower lip. He was much thicker than her boyfriend or any other cock; real or rubber, she had ever had. He began to thrust deep into her, hard and deep. She matched his motions with hers. Wrapping her legs around his waist he held him against her. Both of them moaned and groaned and were glistening with sweat. Leaning down he kissed her and her lips parted for him and she moaned down his throat. As he felt himself nearing another orgasm he began to pound harder and faster until finally he exploded into the condom,. He kept thrusting until he stopped cumming, then pulled out and collapsed beside her.Kelsey pulled the condom off and tipped the open end to her mouth and drank his cum. Tossing the now empty condom aside she straddled his waist,. Her pussy was still wet and as she ground it against his stomach she left her juices on him.She leaned down and kiss him,. Lying flat on him they kissed for what seemed forever then she looked at him.“That was amazingly intense. Beyond anything I would imagine.”He brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and said, “You were amazing. If you wanted to fuck all you had to do was ask. I’ve wanted to fuck you since you were sixteen when I caught you masturbating.”She smiled and said, “Well, now I know.”Starting to get off the bed Joseph grabbed her arm, pulled her onto the bed. “I’m not sure you’ve cum yet.”She smiled and spread her legs. “Round Three?”Chuckling he said, “Final round.”Moving between her legs he started kissing her inner thigh as he used a finger on her swollen clit. Her pussy lips were flared open and dripping with juices. He wanted to taste he sweet nectar. Feel it going down his throat. Smell it on him. Placing his hands along her waist he began to rapidly flick his tongue across her click. She was sweeter then he thought bahis şirketleri possible, like strawberries and cream. Removing a hand from her waist he slipped his middle two fingers into her and bent them at the farthest knuckle then began to finger her as he ate her bald sweet pussy. She ground her pussy into his face and kept twisting her waist. Her moans were loud and her pussy was beyond soaked it was drenched. Then just as he was about tongue fuck her hole she arched her back, eyes rolled back, toes curled, a spasm rocked through her body and she let forth the loudest guttural moan ever coupled with a massive explosion of pussy juices. It covered his face and kept coming. He kept fingering her wet pussy as it kept gushing delicious juices. He was able to get three fingers in and then she stopped. Her body shook a few times and her body was covered in sweat. She looked down at him with glossy eyes and ran a hand through his hair.She kissed him when he moved up on top of her. After the kiss they lay on his bed for a few before she fell asleep. Getting off the bed Joseph returned the DVD then looked at his sister. His cock stirred again. He wanted to fuck her again. To feel his cock buried deep in her. But she was sleeping and exhausted. Climbing onto the bed he lowered himself over her. She looked like an angel. He couldn’t believe this actually happened. Looking at the sheets he saw the massive stain from her explosion. This caused stiffening. He tapped her a few times and she didn’t respond. Shaking her and she still slept. Shrugging, he spread her legs, bent them at the knees then slid his cock into her still wet pussy. As he was fucking his sleeping sister he remembers he hadn’t out a condom on. However, it felt so good and he could stop now. He kept going. As he was about to cum he was about to pull out but didn’t know where to cum at so he kept it in her. He fucked her until he exploded into her, then he slid up beside he, pulled the covers up and fell asleep next to her.Moments after he was asleep Kelsey opened her eyes and smiled as she slipped two fingers into her pussy and pulled out some cum. Slipping them into her mouth she swirled her tongue around her fingers taking in the mixture of her juices and his cum. If only he knew she was on the pull he could done that earlier. Hell, she would have let him even if she wasn’t on the pill. Looking at her brother she smiled then lay her head on hi chest and fell asleep again. They both dreamed of more sex and with each other. His dreams made him hard, hers wet. Both had a few wet dreams that night.

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