30 Haziran 2021


Alli Rae

JACK HIM OFFBack in the 1980s working security in central London I’d finally landed a decent job in a comfortable modern office block and when the original supervisor left for a job with more pay I was promoted and a new guard brought in to replace me as there were always two on duty day or night, my shift permanent nights. The new mans, name was Jack, not his real name, but I don,t use real names. The client paid for us to have a two hour break from 1am to 3am, alsoon day shift, but other guards worked then including the site inspector Tim. Not long after I was promoted Jack and I caught an office thief that had been pilfering money from employees desks for some while. We,d been tipped off by the Office Manager to keep watch and caught a young female doing it. Why no one knew as for a twenty year old secretary she made a good wage, but nevertheless she was the culprit and was dismissed. As a reward the Manager called Jack and I in his office. “Gentlemen Congratulations on a job well done!” “ Sad for the young lady involved, but I don,t tolerate thieves whoever they are! As reward I,m allowing you to view your video tapes on my player/recorder when on your break. I don,t care what kind of videos you watch, but ensure you do Not leave the tape in the machine and tidy up any messes you make! Thank You and by the Way do not abuse this privilege. So on our next shift Jack and I had our lunch. We couldn,t afford the expensive sandwiches in the canteen konak escort vending machines so took our own lunches in, Myself usually the new pot noodles that only needed a kettle to prepare. The only hot drink that was worth bothering with provided free in the machines was beef soup. Tea and Coffee were horrible! One of my previous jobs was security at a distribution centre that sold hardcore pornographic videos, sex toys, etc. The industry had only recently had strict laws changed to allow people to view Real porn and not the disappointing soft stuff previously. It was expensive, but the company gave out free 20 or 30 minute sample tapes to prospective buyers which were simply edited versions of the 90 or 120 minute tapes they sold. I,d become quite friendly with the General Manager and as a thank you for thwarting a robbery at the warehouse he did given me twenty of the sample tapes as they weren,t allowed to give me cash as a reward. I was very pleased as they were the latest porn stars mostly from the USA. My wife at first Wasn,t that impressed, but eventually told me to put one in our vcr at home and we had our best fuck in months that night! I,d taken the best three I thought any way and as I Wasn,t sure whatJack liked one covered heterosexual couples sucking, fucking and doing what heterosexual people do, the second covered lesbians and the third homosexuals. “What,ll it be then Jack, straight, lesbian or homo sex?” konak escort bayan I asked. “Let,s have a look at the Bum Boys then!” he suggested so I inserted the tape in. Both fellows weren,t all that handsome, but their bodies were muscular with no excess flesh, but their cocks were larger than average cocks. These actors may have been simply porn stars, but they certainly gave the impression that they enjoyed sucking each other,s cocks and taking it in the ass! I glanced over to see Jack had all ready taken his slightly larger than mine circumcised cock and was beating off over a bit of towel roll. Seeing him “Jacking” himself off turned me on more than the action on tape and even though he had a head start on me I Wasn t that far behind, fascinated as I watched his heavy bouts of semen blast from the end of his tip. As you probably know in my teenage years I experimented with my best male friend Burt so knew all about sucking cock and getting sucked by amorher male and rather Liked the fresh taste of cum, but I also knew there was no way I could ever be a homosexual as I preferred pussy, but Wasn,t getting much at the time with me tired from the long hours and commuting involved. We cleaned ourselves up, then I removed the tape, ensured the office was tidy and we went to the messenger,s office to rest and finish our break. Jack had told me he was very frustrated sexually because his wife Tracey was pregnant and when escort konak she was in the club she would not let him near her pussy. She,d been pregnant five months now and as this was their third c***d he was really feeling the tension. The third night we watched porn Jack suggested” For a change why don,t we sit next to each other and I,ll wank you off while you want me?” I thought about it. “Okay you,re on!” It felt good to have his cock on my business and may have made me come sooner than usual. I had a rare night off and then Jack did so we couldn,t watch videos again for three nights. I,d actually managed to fuck my wife on my night off and Inthink she was surprised how much better this session was than the previous occasion. When Jack and I were preparing to view another porn tape I surprised myself. “ Jack I,ll suck your cock if you,ll suck mine as well!” “Okay,”his response surprised me. So for the first time in nearly thirty years I found myself licking his testicles and bulbous tip before taking him in my mouth and proceeding to show him my skills. Deep thoating Jack was no problem and I found my own cock dribbling pre cum as I anticipated his climax, then he was groaning and my mouth was flooded though I managed to swallow it all down till most was drained. “Thanks Joe! You should teach my wife as she,s useless at it!” “ Now it,s your turn!” Don,t know if Jack had sucked cocks before, but he sure sucked mine nicely and like me gulped all my sperm down quite happily. “Our little secret then!” he winked and Inwinked back. We carried on for some months enjoying intense sixty nines, but never did either of us try to fuck the other guys, butt! I was sad when Jack moved with his new baby and family to Leeds.

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