3 Nisan 2021

Jenny’s DVD Player


I met Jenny at the fitness club, we attended the same workout session. She was a stunning blond with a great figure, which she obviously looked after. I could not help but steal a surepticeous glance whenever I could at her perfect legs. Sometimes during floor exercises I could sneak a look and see the camel toe perfectly outlined under her workout gear. I had to figure a way of getting to know this woman. I wanted to fuck her badly. Let me rephrase that, I wanted to fuck her in the worst possible way. No wait, I just wanted to fuck her. Oh well you get the picture I hope.

My lucky break came when we were paired together for a workout session of boxing using the hand pads. She mentioned that she was having trouble with a new DVD player, so I offered to have a look at it for her. We arranged for me to go to her place the next Saturday afternoon.

Saturday finally arrived and I headed to Jenny’s place with some basic tools. Jenny opened the door dressed in a pair of skin-tight jeans, high heel sandals and a white silk blouse with the top buttons undone revealing the top of her lace bra. Her beautiful hair fell around her shoulders framing her lovely face. She had a small amount of makeup on, highlighting her striking blue eyes.

Giving me a peck on the cheek she invited me in.

“Thanks so much for coming round to do this,” she said.

I followed her into the town house.

“I’ve just got back from shopping so your timing is great! I’m ready for a cuppa’, can I get you one too?”

“OK thanks, tea would be great.” I followed her to the kitchen, feasting my eyes on her cute bottom.

We chatted as she made tea, I struggled to keep my eyes on her face and not let them wander to her breasts, it wasn’t too much of a struggle though, she was easy to look at!

“So you went shopping, what did you buy?” I asked.

“I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes for ages and I finally found the ones I wanted, perfect fit, perfect height, perfect colour… tell you what, I’ll model them for you later if you like.”

“OK, great, can’t wait for that.”

We took out teas to the lounge room where she showed me the DVD player still in the box.

“My ex was going to come and do this but he’s been such an arsehole lately I didn’t want him near the place.”

“I latin sex tapes porno understand” I said “this shouldn’t take too long.” I opened the box and went through the list of equipment inside.

“All right, you get started and I’ll go and change into my new shoes.”

“This aught to be sweet,” I thought as I watched her walk from the room.

I got busy setting up the player and I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV when Jenny walked back into the room. She had changed into a short blue skirt, stockings and a pair of royal blue high heel pumps. Now, I’m leg man from way back and this lady had the best set of legs I’d seen in a long while. I gave a short intake of breath as she walked to the centre of the room and turned around. She looked stunning, my cock twitched in my pants as I watched her move.

“What do you think?” she asked.

It was like getting permission to take as long a look as I liked instead of the surepticious glances. I let my eyes wander from her feet to her face, then back to her great legs.

“Fantastic, the shoes really show off your great legs,!”

“Thanks, do you like the colour?” she replied.

“I love the colour, love the outfit!”

“In that case I’ll leave them on for a while, I have to break the shoes in anyway, do you think you can concentrate on the job?” she asked.

“It will be difficult,” I laughed, “but I’ll try.”

I watched as Jenny picked up the tea cups, she had her back to me as she bent from the waist with her legs slightly spread giving me a great view up her skirt. The stockings were thigh highs, and she had on a pair of white silky looking panties. I kept watching as she strode to the kitchen, I was starting to get a bit of a boner, and I was sure she knew I would be watching when she bent over.

When she came back I was sitting on the couch with the remote for the DVD player in my hand.

“All done.” I said.

“If you’ve got a DVD I’ll show you how it works.”

She went to the wall unit and got a DVD movie which I inserted into the machine. She sat next to me on the couch, close enough so that her leg brushed against me. I quickly explained the operation of the remote control and handed her the unit. She placed a hand on my thigh, “thanks so much for setting lezbiyen porno this up, I don’t know how I’m going to repay you.”

I decided it was now or never and said, “how about repaying me with a kiss?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said and leaned closer to me. Our lips met in a gentle soft kiss, her arm going around my neck as I rested my hand on her stockinged thigh. Jenny broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“More?” she said.

“More, much more” I replied and kissed her again, her mouth opened and her tongue snaked into my mouth, we kissed passionately for a few minutes as she held me tighter, her breasts pressed against my chest.

When our lips finally parted she said, “How’s that for a first instalment?”

“That was fantastic,” I replied. “When do I get the next instalment?”

Jenny looked at me for a few seconds and then said “OK here’s the deal. If we are going to take this any further you have to agree on some rules” she kissed my lips again and continued “no falling in love with me, and I won’t fall in love with you, I’m just going to use you for sex… as for the rest we’ll make it up as we go along.” I could not believe my ears, this gorgeous woman wanted to use me for sex, it’s like every mans dream come true. All I could do was nod my head, I’m sure my shit eating grin was all Jenny needed for confirmation of my acceptance.

Jenny stood and held out her hand and led me to the bedroom where she stood close to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, I held her close to me and we kissed once again. Our lips stayed locked together as she fumbled with my belt and I undid the buttons on her blouse, and found the zip on the skirt. We continued undressing each other then fell onto the bed, laying side by side her hands fondling my cock and balls while I gently pushed my finger between her pussy lips to find her clit.

“So, where would you like to start Derek?” she said.

“I’m rather fond of the sixty nine position actually,” I replied.

“Hmmm sounds like a plan!” she said “it’s one of my favourites too.” Then after giving me a deep passionate kiss she started to work her way down my body kissing me as she went till her mouth came to my cock. Jenny lifted her leg over me lowering her cunt towards my waiting mouth liseli porno while she slowly sucked my cock into her mouth.

I went to work on her pussy savouring the sweet aroma and pushing my tongue as far as possible into her then licking down to her clit and sucking it into my mouth. Meanwhile her lovely mouth was teasing and sucking on my cock and occasionally engulfing me completely. After ten or so minutes of this Jennie said

“Oh Derek, I’m so close to coming I want your cock inside me now!” She rolled off and straddled me guiding my cock into her waiting cunt, she slowly lowered herself down while I reached up and held her breasts and played with her nipples. She started to buck on top of me and I met her with thrusts of my own getting my cock as far into her as possible, she started to shudder as her orgasm built so I let myself go and we came together, me thrusting into her while her cunt clamped on my cock. We rolled over and kissed once more before Jenny got up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

I lay back on the bed with my head over the edge and when Jenny came back she spread her legs either side of my head and lowered her pussy once more to my waiting tongue. We moved back onto the bed and once more she started licking and sucking on my cock till it was hard once more.

I rolled her over and lifted her legs onto my shoulders then I placed a pillow under her bum to give my cock better access to her cunt. I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her, pulling back till the head of my cock was just at the entrance to her tunnel, then slowly entering her once more till I was fully engulfed. Jenny reached between us and held on to my balls, effectively pulling me in deeper and pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts. I was close to coming again and told her so.

She moved her legs and wrapped them around my waist as our rhythm increased its pace. “Yes, yes, yes,” she cried as I slammed my prick deep into her pussy as I came, shooting several thick jets of jism deep into her dripping snatch.

We both got cleaned up once more sharing a shower together. Back in the lounge room, and dressed once more, Jenny kissed me goodbye, giving my cock a gentle squeeze through my jeans. “I’ll call you next time I have a technical problem,” she said.

As I drove home the phone rang, I saw on the display that it was Jenny calling, “missing me already?” I asked.

“Hello darling” she replied. “Yes I am! How are you with spas? I think the filter might need fixing soon….”


Thanks N for your help in ironing out the story.

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