6 Kasım 2021



JerkathonDoes anyone else like to enjoy prolonged periods of masturbation? I like to call it a Jerkathon.I have three types:The first, and by far the most common, is the 1-3 hour slow jerk. I will pull and stroke my penis while surfing Xhamster. This can occur while I am alone in the house or after the family has gone to bed. I just unzip, jerk slowly while fueling my cucky fantasies with clip after clip of naughty wives. I have paper towel nearby so When I reach my limit I quietly release my load, wipe up and go on about my business.The second type is by far my most favorite, but it is a rarity compared to the first. This Jerkathon is the most exxxciting because I do it while my wife is out getting her pussy filled with another man’s hard cock. After I help her pick her clothes and inspect her freshly shaven pussy, she leaves for her adventure. Once she is gone, I take a shower and then sit down at my computer stark naked. I don’t prepare any tissue or paper towel for this session because I can’t allow myself to cum. Ever try and pull your penis for hours at a time and not cum? It’s like walking a tightrope, one slip and you’re done. It’s well worth it because I know how horny I will be when she gets home. She always has a slightly guilty feeling as if she is cheating but when I practically rip her clothes off, push her onto the bed and suck on her slippery, gaping pussy, it puts her mind at ease.Where was I? OK, this time when I surf I not only like to look at pics on Xhamster but I read a few stories and maybe chat with a Xhamster friend. It’s a turn on to tell others that my wife is out sucking and fucking while I am playing with myself. Some guys are turned on and tell me how lucky I am, and some are disgusted and tell me that I am a crazy fool. S’all good.I stroke and istanbul escort play with my 4-3/4″ penis until it becomes rock hard. I jerk it slowly as I look at the images on my computer. I stroke faster as I think about my wife on her knees sucking my friend’s large man-cock. I close my eyes for a second and fantasize. Mmm, it feels so good. WHOA! Too close, I snap back to reality and let go of my almost spasming penis. I think about other things while the passion fades. Whew, that was close. I pull back my foreskin and spend time rubbing my shaven balls. Instead of a full fisted stroke, I change to just rubbing and playing. My wife likes to watch me cum all over her as she tells me about her adventure so I can’t waste my semen in the computer room. Time to chat online for a bit. That way both hands are busy on the keyboard and I can only get the odd quick stroke in before I send a reply. Some guys are wannabes and ask a lot of questions, some are fellow cucks, sometimes the odd bull will chat, lots of times some guy wants to tell me that I have a tiny penis and I don’t deserve to have a fine piece like my wife all to myself. They tell me all about their large cock and what they want to do with it. By this time I am very hot and bothered. My penis begins to drip precum so I take my finger and ever so carefully wipe the clear drop onto my fingertip and then lick it clean. It tastes great so I squeeze the shaft from bottom to top and I manage to force out a big drop that starts to run over my penis head. I quickly smear this onto my finger and suck it up. I have to be careful because I am close but my mind turns to cleaning the cum from my wife’s pussy. I take my hand away from my boy penis and start dreaming of avcılar escort the man cum leaking from her slit. When she gets home, my friend’s cum won’t be creamy, white and dripping like when it is first injected into her. It will be slick, clear and very, very wet. I will tentatively lick her clit and then, the smell of pussy, man-cum and musky ball sweat will drive me mad. I will lick and suck her pussy until she is screaming in orgasm. She always ends with, “I think you got it all, dear.”At this point I shut down the computer, grab a drink and then crawl into bed naked. She should be home soon.The third type is a more hard-core jerk fest. I do this when no one is home and I know that no one is coming home. Wifey is away, etc. I spread a towel on the sofa and stack all of my favorite porn DVD’s on the end table. I also put out a roll of papertowel and some hand lotion. I then put in a DVD. I like gangbang, fuck-my-wife, and creampie vids the best. I also like to watch big, white cocks in action. Sometimes a black one is nice, too.I try not to cum too quick so I can enjoy as many DVDs or VHS tapes as I can. When I do cum I have three pieces of papertowel at the ready. I might be a small dicked cuck but I have big balls and I cum like Peter North (we’re from the same area so maybe it’s the water). Two pieces of papertowel will get soaked and I will have a mess but three will contain it. I can’t let it just spray or I’ll have to wash the walls. As with most guys, I don’t like to taste semen after I have an orgasm. So, sometimes with my first cum I’ll get into the bathtub on my back, raise my hips as much as possible and aim at my mouth. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I have to wipe down the tub walls. With 7 to 11 streamers of cum, I usually şirinevler escort get a shot or two in my mouth.After my first orgasm, I clean myself up and get a drink. Then, I go back to my DVDs or maybe go on the computer and look at some saved cuck caption pics. As I start to feel the little guy move again, I take him in hand and start to stroke gently. My penis head will be tender so I have to proceed slowly. After a while it starts to get hard so I can now safely jerk with my full fisted stroke. Having cum once I can beat off steadily without shooting off too quickly. This time I only have two sheets of papertowel at the ready. I stand up, tighten my leg muscles, clench my butt cheeks, thrust my hips forward and shoot cum into the pt. Having cum twice, it is now a challenge. In my early forties, going for third is sometimes a bit of work. In my thirties, if wifey was here and I was watching her have sex with two guys, cumming three times was easy. I take a shower, grab a drink and maybe a bite and then sit at the computer. I bring up as many Xhamster captioned cuck pics as I can and I also bring up Literotica. I need the nastiest gangbang-my-blindfolded-wife-and-cum-in-her stories that I can get. I coat my penis in lotion or baby oil and start wanking as hard as I can. I beat and beat and beat until I finally bring my not-quite-hard penis to orgasm. This time I watch as a large white bubble of semen oozes forth from my slit. A tissue or two will handle this big drop. I am carefull or it will drip on the computer chair. I clean up and go to bed. In a few hours I will wake up with an erection. I pull myself and watch the cum stream from the end of my penis. Not recovered from the 11-spurt orgasm like I had first the night before but a nice relaxing release just the same.Disclaimer – The account above is all 100% true. However, if one jacks off three times and then one’s wife comes home unexpectedly and surprises one with a cummy pussy, one must be a good cucky husband and do one’s duty. (Yep, happened once; I ate her to two orgasms and then cuddled. My semi-hard noodle wouldn’t stay in.)

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