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Jessica 4


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Jessica 4Jessica woke dazed and sore, and sticky from the layers of dried cumthat had coated her body. She shivered in pain. Nightmares had tormented hersleep. She dreamt that she was drowning, but the blue-green sea was replacedby oceans of white sperm. Every time she raised her head, a wave of milkysemen would crash over it. She kicked her legs and flailed her arms, but tono avail. Over and over the white storm buffeted her about. Her every muscleached and cried out in agony. Choking and coughing, she was tossed and turnedin the relentless tide.Gradually her senses returned. She raised her head and looked around.She was alone in the lounge room, the scene of her gang attack last night.She had been shackled to large rings anchored in the floor, with a ten footlength of chain looped through it, passing through ankle cuffs fastenedsecurely around her bare legs. Every stitch of clothing had been removed fromher. Angry red welts and bruises criss-crossed her back and thighs, and herbreasts felt like thousands of bees had stung her tender nipples. Smalltrickles of sperm continued to leak from her abused pussy lips, pooling in acold wet puddle on the floor beneath her. Her asshole throbbed, still reelingfrom the shock of the multiple massive penises that had invaded herheretofore private rectum. She cleared her throat, still coated with thespendings of the men who had ejaculated jet after jet of hot cum into hermouth. Her tongue and lips felt swollen and sore. Dried cum coated hereyelids and cheeks, and her hair felt sticky and horrid.”Oh God..” she groaned aloud. She couldn’t believe this was happening toher. It had barely been 24 hours since she’d been k**napped from her safe andsecure home. She hadn’t the faintest idea where she was, or what furtherpunishments and pain were in store for her. She tried to brush the drying cumfrom her arms and chest, but her hands had been cuffed together again, andthe six or eight inch chain did not give her much slack to do this well.Groaning and panting, Jessica tried to get to her feet. Her poor abused bodyprotested, cracking and stretching as she wobbily got up. “Oh lord, what is happening to me here!!” she wailed, collapsing in sobsas she came fully awake. She put her head down between her knees, fallingback on to her sore ass, and cried. After a few minutes, Eva came stalkingin. She word thigh-high shiny black boots, crotchless panties, and a leatherbra outlining her breasts. As usual, she had the ubiquitous dog collarfastened around her neck.”OK, sperm-face, time to wake up. You smell like shit and dried cum. Youneed a bath. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you today, and times-a-wasting.”Eva strode over to where Jessica lay huddled over and, grasping thecollar around Jessica’s neck, pulled her roughly to her feet. Jessica criedout at the sudden pain.”Oh shut up, you fucking slut, you haven’t even been worked over yet.You’ll have plenty of fucking time to scream your ass off later on, bitch!” Eva half-pushed, half-dragged the whimpering wife into a long hallway anddown a short flight of stairs. She switched on a series of overhead and wallmounted lights. The room brightened. It was dominated by a large paddedtable, similar to a doctor’s examining table, but at least 3 times wider.Stirrups for legs were at one end. The other end had a lump about 4 incheshigh running lengthwise across the table. Rings for chain attachments weremidway down the table and also at the foot end. The stirrups could be foldedout of the way if the patient’s legs were desired to be flat on the surfaceof the table. There were also numerous straps and bonds attached firmly tothe contraption. A large zippered opening dominated the lower half of thetable. It was about 12 inches long.Eva pushed Jessica towards a small sunken depression in the floor nearone wall. She locked Jessica’s hand cuffs into rings placed high in the wall,stretching her body up until it was nearly off the floor. Jessica’s sore barefeet were painfully stretched. She shivered as her naked back and buttockswere pressed against the cold tile. Eva walked back up to her. A long rubber hose was in her hands. “Ok,bitch, hold on.” Suddenly a freezing cold stream of water gushed out of thenozzle, spraying Jessica. She screamed with the shock, her body twisting andwrithing with the pain. The cold jets of water felt like millions of tinyneedles pricking her body. Eva ran the water up and down over Jessica’stortured body over and over, ignoring the cries and screams of the capturedwife. Jessica sobbed in pain and anger at the rough treatment. She wasn’tprepared for what Eva did next.Eva lowered the water pressure just a bit, then walked up to Jessica andinsinuated the cold brass nozzle of the hose into Jessica’s cunt lips. Thenshe opened up the pressure again. Jessica felt the shock of the icy waterspurting up into her cervix and nearly passed out from the pain. Waves ofcold nausea rode over her. Her pelvis slammed back against the tile, tryingin vain to dislodge the icy invader.”OH FUCK OH JEEZUS THAT’S COLD PLEASE STOP STOP STOP” Jessica yelled,bucking and banging against the tile. She succeeded only in allowing Eva tofurther insinuate the nozzle into her. The water running down from her pussywas tinged a light pink with blood and creamy sperm. Eva kept up the devilishdouche for several minutes, flushing all the previous nights emissions fromwithin Jessica’s vagina. “Next!” she then gruffly said, pulling the nozzle from the front holeand pushing the tip of it into the rear, pulling Jessica’s waist out from thewall. Jessica clamped down, tightening her buttocks, trying to keep thefreezing cold nozzle from entering her rectum. SLAP SLAP! Eva backhanded heracross the face twice in rapid succession, bringing fresh tears to her face.”Open up, bitch, or I’ll cram this so far up your ass the water’ll come outyour nose!” Jessica relented a bit, and the hose end pushed past her tiredsphincter. The cold shock in her rectum caused Jessica to shiver darıca escort all over,her body and nerves reaching the breaking point once again. Jessica felt thefreezing water pulse up into her abdomen. Eva kept the nozzle up in her a fewseconds, then withdrew it.”Push it out!” she said, and Jessica complied, expelling dirty brownwater. Again the nozzle went in, and again Jessica was instructed to push theslowly cleansing fluid out. After half a dozen frigid enemas, Eva felt thepassage was as clean as it was going to get. She withdrew the hose and walkedto put it down. Jessica shivered uncontrollably, her body dripping with coldwater, her vagina and rectum violated with the nozzle. Eva returned to unsnapher shackles from the wall and led the quaking housewife to the padded tablein the center of the room.As the two women neared the table, two burly men came into the room.Wearing white smocks and slacks, they hoisted Jessica up to the table. Roughwhite towels dried her body off. The two men massaged some sort of lotioninto Jessica’s body, and for once the feeling of the hands on her felt almostpleasureable. Strong hands kneaded her flesh, massaging her aching musclesand helping to absorb the warm lotion. Then her arms and legs were strappedonto the table. A leg spreader kept her ankles over four feet apart. One manmassaged her pubic mound with what turned out to be a shaving lotion, theother spread it over her legs. She was shaved clean from armpits to the solesof her feet. The men took liberties with her exposed tits, pausing now andthen to tweak her nipples and roughly cup her breasts. But they didn’t speaka word through the entire time.Finally they finished, cleaning up the wet towels and drying Jessicacompletely. Jessica felt a breath of warm air wash over her as the heat inthe room came on with a vengence.”Can’t have you catching cold, now, can we?” said Eva as she walked backinto the room. “Time for some stretching exercises and conditioning.” Shepulled Jessica’s legs up into the stirrups, fastening them tightly to thecool metal braces. Jessica crotch was completely exposed. Eva reached underthe table and produced what appeared to be a large, flesh colored dildo.However, it had a thin tube attached to the base which snaked back down underthe table. “This is our first inflatable device today. We’ll start you offwith five inches, and see how far you last from there.” Eva cackled evilly.She bent over Jessica’s form, using the fingers of one hand to spreadher labia. She began pushing the monstrous dildo into Jessica’s batteredvagina. The lubrication helped. Jessica felt as though someone was pushing afence post into her. She grunted and yelped with pain, but Eva ignored herand continued her efforts until the dildo was completely immersed. It was atleast 10 inches long, and Jessica felt the tip of it press against herbruised cervix. Before Eva even began inflating it, Jessica felt that shewould soon split in half from the huge prick. Eva picked up a dial and slowlytwisted it. Jessica felt the dildo balloon inside of her, stretching thewalls of her cunt even more. The dildo filled with air, even though Jessicapushed back down at it as hard as she could. AFter several minutes, Jessica’seyes began to tear with the pain. Finally Eva shut the hissing valve off.”Ok, six inches. I decided to go an even half-foot, just to see if youcould take it. I figured that you got quite a bit of exercise out of thatlittle pussy last night, and six inches wasn’t too hard now was it?” shesaid, patting Jessica on the head.”Now, what we are going to do is start the conditioning. This is thefirst step in the training.” She turned around and snapped her fingers.Instantly, a very young girl, completely naked, walked into the room. Shecouldn’t have been more than fifteen or sixteen years old. She walked up tothe table, and Jessica craned her head to get a good look at her. She wasblonde, with breasts just starting to blossom, and slim hips. Her legs werelong and polished like marble with muscles.”Katy, begin the treatment. Concentrate on clitoral stimulation, but usethe dildo if you need to. Take 30 minutes to bring her up, then call us backin. I’ll start to prepare the guys.””Yes, Mistress” whispered the girl, bowing her head. She proceeded toduck under the table, and Jessica heard Eva pull the zipper back. Then thegirl pushed her head up from under the table. Eva closed the zipper back untithe young girl’s neck and head protruded from the table, then locked thezipper closed so it couldn’t be opened back any further. Katy’s head was justinches form Jessica’s throbbing cunt. The young girl leaned forward and beganlightly tongueing the top of Jessica’s labia, coaxing her clitoris up.Jessica thought that nothing could turn her on after the horror of the lasttwelve hours, but despite that, felt her self begin to responde. Katy suckedthe clit up into her mouth and began milking it back and forth, teasing withher tongue and lips. She was an expert at cunnilingus. Jessica heated up andstarted to respond, moaning and groaning. Everytime she approached a peak,Katy would stop or slow down. This went on for several minutes, each timeJessica neared orgasm, Katy would recognize this and slow down or stop. About15 minutes into the exquisite torture, Katy pressed a button under the tablethe the dildo in Jessica’s vagina began to pulsate. This new feeling feltmarvelous to the abused and tired woman on the table. Katy’s expert tongueand lips, and the grotesque yet infuriatingly pleasureable dildo began totake Jessica to the climax. As she began to shudder, Katy stopped everything. Jess exhorted her to go on, but Katy simply waited a few mintes for Jess tosimmer down, and then began all over again. After several repeats of thistorture, Jessica thought she would burst if she wasn’t allowed to orgasmsoon. She moaned and whimpered in pleasure, the first real enjoyment she’d hadsince the awful experience began the day before. She was only dimly escort darıca aware ofthe re-entry of Eva and the two towel-clad men. Eva walked up to the tableand went to Jessica’s head. She quickly strapped on a hood-like device thatfastened around the back of her neck and attached to the table, then fittedthe tighly bound chin strap and neck brace. When she was done, Jessica’smouth was bound open and exposed, and she couldn’t close it, no matter howhard she tried. Her jaws were not forced wide apart, just a matter of a fewinches separated her lips. Jessica even found she could swallow if she tried.But her lips were indeed separated. The two men came up to stand on eitherside of her head. Eva removed their towels, and Jessica saw the reason fortheir employment. Each man had a penis that was at least 10 inches long, andwas swollen with desire. Hairless crotches allowed her to view large ballshanging low in their scrotums. Obviously Eva had been working on them for thepast half hour, as their cocks trembled with desire. Each man slowly fistedhis cock. They stepped up, their cock head pointing at each other, directlyover Jessica’s now forced-open lips. She trembled with the thought of whatshe was afraid would happen.”Now, Jessie baby, what we’re going to do is let you cum a couple oftimes. But each time you do, one of your boyfriends here is going to shoot aload of sperm into your mouth which you will swallow like a good little slut,ok? I don’t want to have to clean any of it off your face or the floor, so besure that they jerk off into your mouth, is that clear?” Eva said.Jessica nodded her head. Gagging at the thought of even more spermfilling her stomach, she glumly accepted the defeat. Of course, it didn’toccur to her that the ejaculations she’d swallowed since yesterday morninghad been the only thing in her stomach since then. Katy bent down to her taskagain. Jessica closed her eyes and resisted the feelings, but Katy was toomuch of an expert – gradually her heat built up. Jessica felt the tremblingsbegin way down at the tips of her toes, and opened one eye. The men on herside were shifting back and forth. Then it hit, almost taking her by suprise. Jessica’s pussy convulsedaround the dildo in it, Katy swiped and bit at her clitoris, and a hugeorgasm wracked Jessica’s body. At the instant the climax hit, one of the mengrunted and Jessica tasted a hot stream of cum, striking her tongue andinside cheek. She gulped and swallowed open-mouthed.”Pretty impressive, eh?” cackled Eva. “They can shoot on command. Alittle bit of hypnotism, a little bit of training, and a lot of practice. Oldfuckers in China have been doing it for years, they say…”A few seconds passed, and Katy continued to work on her. Jessica feltthe sensation building up again, and this time could almost feel the climaxbuild and crash. Her clit vibrated against the young girl’s lips, and sheclenched her fists as the shudders started again. Once more she flushed andgrunted as the marvelous feeling hit. This time, the man on the other side ofher head moved his cock to just over the opening of Jessica’s lips anddirected a strong stream of semen into her mouth at the exact instanceJessica’s climax hit her. She bucked in the straps. He shot again, the whitehot liquid splattering against her tongue and coating the teeth on her lowerright jaw. A third climax hit her, and the same man directed, with a grunt,the longest stream yet, onto the back of her tongue. Jessica swallowed themass of semen down once more, feeling it cool as it slid down her throat.Now Katy really took off. She captured Jessica’s trembling clitorisbetween her lips and waggled her pointed tongue across it, sucking and bitingat the same time. She cranked up the buzzing of the artifical phallus inJessica’s cunt. Jess felt another orgasm build. She’d never been multi-orgasmic before, usually two or three was her limit. But this would be thefourth, and she knew somehow they would continue this treatment until shevirtually passed out. Again she jumped against the strong bonds holding herdown as the powerful orgasm flew from her clit outward. The first man toshoot again plastered her mouth with sticky white sperm, which she dutifullyswallowed. She was beginning to get used to it. The cycle continued for several minutes. Katy would bring her to anmind-shattering orgasm, and at the exact moment that it struck one of the twomen at her head would innundate her mouth with cum, which she swallowed. 10,12, fifteen times she came strongly; 10, 12, fifteen squirts of sperm landedin her pretty mouth. One part of her mind detached itself as she wondered howthese men managed such total self-control. Yet here was the proof, slidingacross her tongue and down into her tummy. Finally she could take no more.Her over-sensitized clit throbbed with delicious pain. She passed out.————————————————————————–When she woke late in the afternoon she was back, shackled to her bed inthe small room she had first been brought to the day before. A young girlcame in to bring some food, which Jessica wolfed down hungrily. Steak,potatoes, coffee, apple pie and some cool refreshing water was all theyallowed her, but to Jessica it was a feast. She really hadn’t had anything inher mouth except cum and piss for over 24 hours. She felt sore and tiredstill, but better than she had in the morning, thanks to the massage andinjections she had been given. The organization that had brought her heremade sure that their women had the physical endurance to bear the trials andtribulations they were subject to.Some time after dark, Eva and another girl came in. The new girl wasdark haired, looking very Polynesian or Eurasian. She was tall, about 5’10”,and very well built. She had enormous breasts that seemed to ride her ribcagelike cement. Long trim legs and shapely hips surrounded a shaven cleft,shaven like Jessica’s and, she realized, Eva’s. “Jessica, this is Leilani, we call her Lei. darıca escort bayan She will be your companionfor the next few days. She is free to answer any question you may have, butbe warned, she really doesn’t know that much, do you dear? Most of her brainshave been watered down with sperm.” Eva snarled, turning to Lei. The new girlnodded. “Lei is currently our cum swallowing queen. Perhaps that’s a positionyou might aspire to in the near future. Do you want to tell our little guesthow you got that title?”Lei reddened and didn’t immediately speak. Eva snapped “Tell her!”.The girl swallowed hard. “I was taken to the Army base near here. I was tied to a mattress,naked. Vibrating dildos were placed in my vagina and in my rectal passage. Ihad been fasting for three days. I had had two enemas and a direutic. Therewas virtually nothing in my entire digestive system from lips to anus.” Theclinical terms seemed somehow out of place to Jessica, but she nodded and Leicontinued.”Two video cameras were stationed, focusing on my face and mouth.Starting at 7:00 am, I allowed the soldiers at the base to masturbate andejaculate into my mouth, after which I swallowed their emissions. There wasan climax directed into my open mouth approximately once every two and a halfminutes. By noon I had ingested the semen from 150 men. I had orgasmed fromthe vibrators over 50 times. I was allowed a brief break to swallow sometoast and crackers and to void my bladder. During the afternoon, thevibrators were removed, and men were permitted to have intercourse with me,either vaginally or anally. They were required to wear condoms. Theejacualate was removed from the condoms into a 12 ounce wine glass. When theglass was full, I drank it. I swallowed three full glasses. My vagina andrectum were sore and dry by then, and not pleasant for the men, so forseveral hours I again welcomed the soldiers to ejaculate into my mouth. By7:00 pm, I had ingested somewhat over 300 emissions of semen. The only timeswe stopped were when we had to load more tape into the cameras or when I hadto urinate.”Lei stopped for a breath. Jessica’s heart was beating rapidly, and shegasped involuntarily.”The bitch was just getting started. Tell her how many men are on thatbase, cum-face.” Eva rasped at Lei.”There are approximately eight hundred and fifty members of the Armystationed at that base during peacetime. Each man that visited me wasmedically evaluated for any communicable disease. Not all of them wereavailable, nor were they all interested. At 7:00 pm, after twelve hours ofnearly continuous sperm ingestion. I was again given a small amount of solidfood and allowed to wash my face off. Despite my best efforts, many of themen were unable to direct each ejaculatory stream into my mouth, and as aresult several emissions remained on my facial skin. At 7:15 I again wasplaced on the mattress and the men arriving back at the base from their dailymaneuvers and training were led in. This time each man was to have vaginal oranal intercourse with me, but was under orders to withdraw and ejaculate intomy mouth. I moved from on my back to on my stomach whenever requested.Emissions were recorded at the average rate of one every 3.5 minutes. Men notperforming intercourse were allowed to masturbate and direct their emissionsinto my mouth by hand. By midnight, I had swallowed the ejaculated semen froman additional 175 men, and had been performing this task for approximately 16and a half hours. I had had, myself, over 100 complete and fulfillingorgasms.”Again she stopped to let this tale sink in. She looked directly intoJessica’s eyes. “Between the time of midnight and 7:00 the next day, Icontinued to encourage the gentlemen to use my body for their physicalpleasure. Every ejaculation took place by me placing the head of the penisbetween my lips and allowing the discharge to take place into my mouth.Between the hours of 2:00 am and 3:00 am I was permitted to nap lightly.During that time, several men performed cunnilinguis on me, and also had sexwith me vaginally. They too were required to wear condoms. The combinedejaculate was placed in the wine glass and I ingested that when I woke. Therewere 43 emissions in it. The rest of the night was composed of the men,singly or in pairs, being masturbated by me and directing their seminaldischarge into my mouth in the above mentioned manner. At precisely 7:00 amthe next day, they were halted.””Go on, tell her, tell the fuck slut how much cum you drank.” sneeredEva. “Exactly 622 emissions were counted. Based on an average emission sizeof three quarters of an ounce, it is believed I swallowed between fourhundred and fify and five hundred ounces of semen. We believe it is a worldrecord. I urinated 17 times during that day, and the next. I gainedapproximately seven pounds due to the salts and other ingredients present,which I lost within the next week as the fluids were eliminated or absorbedinto my body. My breasts, however, went from a size 34 B-cup to a size 38-Dcup, at which size they have remained since. I am not sure what caused this.No other after effects were ever found.”She finished and continued looking at Jessica. “How’s that for somefucking cum swallowing slut, eh?” cackled Eva. “I would go back tomorrow.” said Lei gently. “I am completely andtotally addicted to drinking semen. I have been conditioned to orgasm when Ifeel semen anywhere on my lips, face, or mouth. I no longer can have anorgasm through clitoral or vaginal stimulation. I receive approximately 15discharges a day orally. I have not allowed a man to ejaculate in my vaginaor my rectum for over a year unless they absolutely insist. Most do not. Ihave no menstrual cramps at all. My period lasts only two days. I do notsuffer from pre-menstrual tension or any other common female complaint.” Shepaused and looked at Eva, then at Jessica. “Soon you may be as happy as I.”Jessica looked at her. Her skin was a rich creamy light brown, her haira lustrous black. There appeared to be not an ounce of fat on her. She couldhave been a model, except for the over-large breasts. Only her eyes betrayedher. They were slightly out of focus, almost dull. Jessica shivered.”Never.” she said.”Wanna bet?” cackled Eva.

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