30 Kasım 2021

Jessica’s Story


Jessica’s StoryWe were late in getting back from the concert. Cindy was tired but I had taken some speed so I was wired. We decided to stay at her place for the night since her parents were away. We were supposed to have the house to ourselves but as we pulled in I saw that her older brother’s light was on. He must be home from school. We go in and head straight for her room. Cindy just gets into bed, clothes and all. I take my time and undress down to a tank and panties. I crawl into bed with her. I can’t sleep. I am way too wired. My thoughts are racing. I get up and pace around. Maybe her parents have some sleeping pills. I sneak into her parents room and look into their medicine cabinet. I grab some Advil that has a sleeping additive. As I walk through her parents room I notice some lingerie hanging out of a drawer. I stop and open it up. Inside is a collection of silk night gowns, sexy bras and panties. I rifle through and see a black silk nightgown. I love it. I pull it out and put it over my body in the mirror. It is so beautiful. I have to try it on.I take my tank and panties off. I look over my figure in the mirror. I like my waist size and ass but my tits are too small. The boys say they like them but I think they are just being nice. They are perky, though. I rub my nipple a bit to get it hard. I am surprised how tender they are. It feels very good.I pull the gown over my body and look myself over. halkalı escort Darn, I should have brought my phone. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I twirl around. The gown flies in the air exposing my vigina. I imagine that I am getting ready for my husband. I think of a man and Chuck’s face comes to mind. My pussy starts to get wet. I look in the mirror and touch it. I imagine being in his arms, naked with him touching me. Just the thought that he is here and his sister is asleep gets my imagination racing. But I shouldn’t. I don’t want to get this gown dirty. I take the gown off and put my clothes back on. As I do so I hear some faint noise. I hurry and put it away and turn the lights off.As I walk back to Cindy’s room I notice that here brother, Chuck, still has his light on. The door is cracked open. I couldn’t resist. I tiptoe over to spy on him.I peak inside and see him stroking his cock. He is completely nude. He has broad shoulders and a fit physique. He is a swimmer so his body is free of hair. I almost laugh out loud. Oh wait till I tease him in the morning about this. Then I see his cock. I freeze as a surge of hormones fill my body. He has a massive 8 in cock.My pussy begins to get wet and my nipples get hard. The speed is amplifying my sexuality. Without any though my hand moves down into my panties to rub my pussy. The taksim escort pre-cum is hot and gives a slight caustic feel on my dry hands. The exhilaration fills my body. It is all I can do to keep standing.As my body weakens my focus is lost. I am consumed in the moment. Before I know it I see him standing at the door with it wide open.“It’s Jessica, right?”I am stunned, frightened, exhilarated and shocked all at once. “Hi Chuck, I was looking for the bathroom.”“I can see that.” He looks down at my hand in my panties. I am filled with horror as I realize he knows exactly what I was doing. “Why don’t you come in Jessica.” He grabs my hand and leads me in. I don’t know what else to do but follow.I am shocked at how natural and confident he is. I did, after all, catch him masturbating in the nude. Maybe this is normal to him. I look into his eyes. They are strong but warm. He grabs the base of my tank and pulls it up over my head. I don’t resist. I think I want it more than he does. Every nerve in my body is screaming to fuck him.I feel the tank rub against my hard nipples. The sensation is overwhelming. My body is craving and responding to any touch. I fell his hands move up my side and touch the curve of my tit. As the tank comes off my tits flop down onto my chest. He looks down and takes a long look. His strong hands grab each tit and massage them. He strokes them and şişli escort lightly pinches the nipples. It is too much. My body begins to slouch as he catches me in his arms. I whisper, please don’t stop.He lifts me in his arms. It is as if I am weightless to him. He gently lays me down on the bed. His smile and eyes suck me in. My hands go to my panties and pull them down. I don’t want him to have any doubt in what I wanted. I need that cock inside me. NOW.He kneels down and licks my wet pussy. By now it is dripping. He spreads my legs apart so he can get closer. He pushes his tongue into my clit. My body heats up. I begin to sweat and to breathe hard. I grab my tits and rub the hard. There isn’t a part of my body that isn’t sexually charged. It is like it was my first time and then some.I am beginning to have multiple orgasms. They keep coming. Each stronger than the one before. My muscles tighten and contort my body. I scream out. Fuck me. Oh, please fuck me. He lifts his head up and smiles. He then pushes his hard cock into my pussy. It is too tight for his cock and I feel it stretch. It isn’t painful. All I feel is sex surging through my body. He pushes in hard and fast. And he keeps a hard rapid pace.My heart is racing now. It feels like it is going to burst out of my chest. All I can do is plead for more. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh fuck me baby. Each orgasm is a surge of pleasure. It hurts so, so good. I feel his cock swell and I feel the biggest orgasm yet. I feel his cum fill my clit.I try to calm down, but I keep having orgasms. They are getting softer now. My body starts to relax. I pull him into my arms. He is breathing hard too. I can feel his sweat drip down from his face.I mention, in jest, but not really. “want to try again in an hour?”

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