29 Haziran 2020

JoAnn Part 1


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JoAnn Part 1It starts with the collar around your neck. Plain black leather, two inches wide, with a shiny chrome buckle in the back and a single D ring in the front. It fits tight enough that you can feel the rough side of the leather against your neck, but with plenty of give to be able to take full breaths.You stand in front of me. Your hands clasped behind your neck. Your elbows straight out so that your upper arms are nearly parallel to the floor. Your head looks up but your eyes are averted, looking at the floor. You stand with your feet together, fully clothed waiting for my next command.I tell you to turn around slowly for me. Keeping your hands clapsed behind your neck, you take small steps and slowly turn your body around. You keep your eyes focused on the floor, staring at the tops of your boots while turning until you are back to the same position as when you started.I command you to remove your top but leave the bra. You do as told and bring your hands back to behind your neck when you are finished removing your top. A moment passes. Then another, and another. I sit there admiring your body. Looking you up and down. I stand up and actually grab your bra cladded breasts and feel them by squeezing and cupping them. I push them back and forth and lift them up and bounce them around with my hands. I sit back down and command you to remove the bra. You remove your bra and then stand in front of me topless with your hands behind your neck. Your eyes remained fixed on the floor. I stand up again and play with your breasts again. This time I squeeze them a bit harder with my hands, feeling their firmness. I brush my fingers back and forth across your nipples and feel how hard they are. I grab your nipples with my thumb and forefinger. I roll the nipple between the thumb and finger and sharply tug on it without letting go. I finally release after a long pull and then playfully slap them around with each hand.I sit back down and look at your reddened breasts with their erect nipples. I command you to remove your skirt and then tell you to stand with your legs spread apart. You do as told and then stand topless, legs spread, in only your panties, stocking, and boots. I tell you to turn around and keep turning until I tell you to stop. You keep your eyes down and begin to slowly turn your body. You make one revolution and continue to turn, eyes focused on the floor while your head is upright. Then when your back is facing me I instruct you to stop. You stop and move your legs apart again. With the turning and and other movements, your panties have bunched between your legs and have left your ass exposed to me.I command you to spread your legs further apart, grab the back of your knees with your hands, and then bend over at the waist as far as you can. Your ass is now fully exposed to me except for the width of fabric fit snug between your cheecks. You stand in this position for an unknown length of time. I sit admiring this view. I fixate on your bottom and then stand up and examine your body from the behind, but a side view so I can see your breasts hanging free underneath illegal bahis your chest.I stand at the side of you. Reach underneath to grab a firm hold of one of your breasts, while using my other hand to give you a firm, sharp smack on your bottom. I then sit down again and command you to remove your panties and then return to this position.You quickly slide your panties to your ankles, step out of them, leave them on the floor and return to your position. You are bent over, grabbing the back of your knees. Your eyes continue to face down at the floor. I stand up and grab the panties from the floor and you feel me insert them into your pussy. After they are fulling inserted into your pussy, I remove them in one quick tug and then stuff them into your mouth. I command you that they are to stay in your mouth until I tell you to remove them. When I ask if you understand me, you respond with a muffled “Yes Sir.”I then remove my belt. I stand behind you and at the side. Right alongside your hip. I grab a handful of hair, near the roots, firmly with my left hand. I double up the belt with my right hand and then raise it above my hand and land it across your bottom. I take a deep breath and then repeat the same thing. The belt hisses through the air until it SMACKS across your ass. I shift the position of my arm so that I can focus the bight of the belt (the part that is bent) on the left side of your ass. I smack the belt against it with sharp quick hits. I then repeat the same on the right side of your ass. Sharp quick hits. By this point, your ass is reddened. You can start to see what will eventually become welts forming across your ass.In this position your pussy is also now exposed. I take the belt and playfully smack it against your exposed sex. Even though the hits are light and playful, I repeat them over and over and over again, alternating between your sex and each side of your inner thighs.Then I pull the belt back along my side. And using a sidearm motion, I pull the belt back and it lands hard against the back of your thighs. I then pull it back so it lands on just your left thigh. Then I bring it down hard on your right thigh. I continue to alternate, smacking the left, then the right, then the left. Over and over until the back of your thighs are glowing red.I put the belt back on, looping it through my pants and then buckling it. I sit back down and admire my handiwork. I can almost see each stroke of the belt as it landed across your ass and thighs. The welts starting to form. The redness spreading across your skin. I stand up and start to run my hands over the redness. At first I am gently stroking your redness with my fingertips but then I start to rub harder with the entire palm of my hand. Then I start to grab and squeeze your bottom and thighs.I sit back down and command you to kneel on the floor, facing me. Your ankles should be crossed and you are not allowed to sit on your ankles. You must have a straight back and good posture as you are kneeling on the floor. Your hands should continue to be clapsed behind your neck.You kneel on the floor as instructed. bedava bonus veren siteler You resume you rposition with your hands. Your head stays upright but your eyes are averted downward towards the floor. But now the angle is such that you find yourself staring at my shoes.I stand up and pull a riding crop out of my case. It is short but effective. I stand before you and caress your breasts and nipples with the leather tip of the crop. I draw it from your cleavage down your front and between your legs where I caress your sex with it.I bring it back up to your breasts and draw it in circles around your nipples and then up towards the nape of your neck, and then your cheeks. I playfully trace circles around your face, cheeks, and across your lips. I then pull it away and quickly whip it against your right breast. Then I quickly whip it against your left breast. I then land it against your nipples. I keep whipping your nipples and breasts with the crop quickly. Then I lower it and pop it against your sex. I do it again and again and again. I take the rod part of the crop and rub it carefully against your clit. Then I land another series of blows with the crop against your sex.I finish and sit back down in the chair to admire my work. Your breasts are red. Your nipples are red, tight and hard. Your bare sex is reddened and glistening from your wetness.I stand up and reach into my case. You see the tail end of a red piece of rope dangling from my hand as I move behind you. I command that you place your arms behind your back and attempt to grab your forearms with your opposite hand. When your forearms come together behind your back and your hands are clasping your arms, I measure out a length of rope and then w**** it around your forearms in the area between your two wrists. The rope is wrapped tight enough to hold your arms in place, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. The rope has a certain roughness to it, but it still feels smooth against your skin. I finish wrapping the length of rope around your arms and tie it in a knot. I then slightly pull up on the remaining length. This forces your body to lean forward slightly and you can feel your arms ever so slightly supported by the rope. I lower the rope so your body goes back to its proper position. I take the remaining length of rope and wrap it around the front of your body. I guide the rope from the back of your body, around the upper part of your left arm. I lay it across your chest, just above your breasts. I then lead it around your right upper arm to behind your back. You can feel me pull up on the rope again like I did earlier. I slip the end of the rope around the portion that leads out of your arm cuff. I pull on the remaining end and you feel it snuggly cinch your arms into place. There is no discomfort, but it isn’t a comfortable position. You struggle to maintain your composure. The rope tightens across your chest as well. You can feel the rope pressing tight against your skin. You can no longer move your arms.I take the rope retrace its path from behind your yatırımsız deneme bonusu back, but this time around the right side of your body. I lay the rope under your breasts this time. I slide it up underneath your breasts to the point were you can feel the rope tighten against the crease where the underneath of your breasts meet your chest. I guide it around the left side of your body and loop it around the same piece of rope that leads out of your arm cuffs. I pull the rope to tighten it and you can feel the rope taunt against your chest. Your arms are tight against the sides of your body. You can feel even small movements of your body are now constricted. Everytime you breath in, you feel the rope press firm against your skin leaving its imprint. I take the remaining length and wrap it around your body one last time, This time it is from around the left side of your body, across the top of your chest, laying right above the first rope I wrapped around you. I then lead it around the right side of your body and back behind your back. One quick tug tightens the rope even further and you are beginning to feel immobilized.I tie off the length of rope. There is still quite a bit of length remaining. This is threaded through the space in your left underarm between the underarm itself and the two lengths of rope that cross the upper portion of your body. After threading the end through the tight opening, I wrap it downward so the rope presses against the length of rope that is wrapped around the lower portion of your chest. As I pull the rope tight, you feel everything begin to tighten even further. Your breathing becomes even more restricted. The rope on your left side now has no give whatsoever. I tie off the length behind your back and repeat the same action on the right side of the rope, threading it through your right underarm, wrapping it downward, and then tying it off. You are now immobilized completely. Unable to move your arms. You feel as if your entire upper body is one solid entity. Your balance is more difficult to maintain and you struggle to remain upright in your kneeling position.I stand in front of you. Directly in front of you. So that my zipper is right in front of your face. I command you to unzip my pants. You try to lean forward without losing balance. You manage to bite down on my zipper. It takes a couple of times and what seems like to be an eternity before the zipper is fully unzipped. I reach into my pants and pull out my cock. I reach into your mouth and pull out your panties. I ask you if you enjoyed tasting your pussy the entire time. You reply very plainly with “Yes Sir.” I then slide my cock into your mouth. Grabbing both sides of your face I fuck your mouth with my cock. Steady and rhythmically. I occassionally plunge it deep forcing you to deepthroat my cock. You start to gag and sputter and I then release you and continue my rhytmic thrusting. Then I pull out and rub my wet cock all over your face. Smearing all my semen and your saliva across your cheeks and lips. I continue to fuck your mouth until I finish. My cum is released into your mouth and you quickly swallow it all afraid of any consequences that might occurr if you allow any to spill. Once I am finished, I place my cock back in my pants, zip up my pants, and command you to stay exactly how you are. I then leave the room, turning out the lights as I exit.

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