29 Haziran 2020

Joyce Dickinson part 6.


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Joyce Dickinson part 6.Robbie left the house at midday. He had a regular slot on a Sunday from 1230 till 1330 on some specialist machinery at his local gym. Joyce went back to bed and tried to sleep a little, before everybody returned. She nearly succeeded. After Robbie had made love to her in the shower they had had an uneasy breakfast in the kitchen. She had made a pot of tea for herself and Robbie wanted orange juice. They were both still naked, at Robbies insistence, and she felt very uncomfortable walking round with him staring at her the whole time. Robbie was sitting at the table, and his cock was thickening once again. Joyce put some toast in and walked over to the fridge to get some butter, never thinking, that when she bent to get the butter from the bottom shelf, she was exposing herself to Robbies watching eyes. She realised as soon as she put her hand on the plastic tub what she was showing him and felt his eyes burning a hole in her rear. She tried to make it look innocent but realised he must have thought she was putting on a show. Robbie looked at the clock and cursed the time. He’d loved to have had the time to get his cock into her throat, but because of his booking at the gym he couldn’t. “Some arse you have Joyce. Better than mums I’d say. What do you think.?” Taunting her was so easy and…so much fun. He loved embarrassing her. “I I I’m er…no Im sure your mums got a nice bum” her eyes dropped and noticed her own breasts were covered in goosebumps. Her nipples were hard but she couldn’t blame the temperature because it was very warm that sunny Sunday. “Gotta go soon…shame….look what I could have given you” he stood up, pushed the chair back, and walking from behind the table, she saw his penis, standing at such an angle that it was pointing straight up towards the ceiling. She had never seen a penis in such a state of arousal. Gary, when erect, pointed straight forward. No comparison, really. This was just so……beautiful…sculpted…she couldn’t take her eyes off it. “I know…Joyce…you want me….it’s understandable. Your lonely and horny, and frustrated. Don’t worry though. I’m gonna see you get plenty of what you need… Here come and touch it. Say goodbye till I get back.”Joyce found herself putting one step in front of the other until the still hard as iron cock, was just a foot in front of her. She saw her hand stretch out and touch this flesh…the flesh that had pleased her so easily twice within the past hour. She felt it pulse in her hand and wanted it in her body, so so much. “That’s enough..gotta go aunty Joyce. Don’t worry I’ll fuck you as much as you want later. Haha. Bye bye…oh you’d better put some clothes on…Steves due back soon….wouldn’t want him getting my new bird…haha. Don’t want you trading up…cock size like…haha. ” and then he ran upstairs laughing, his cock slapping him in his stomach. Joyce stood in the kitchen and listened to various doors opening and closing and then it went silent. She took her tea but forgot about the toast and went upstairs. And lay down. It was hot in the bed so she lay, naked on top of the duvet. She was drifting off to sleep and was unaware of the front door opening and closing. She didn’t hear the footsteps on the stairs or the creak of the floorboards on the landing. She didn’t hear the door opening slightly or feel the presence of someone watching her. She was so tired all her aching body wanted to do was sleep. She dropped off for a few minutes, then turned over in her sleep, lying on her back for comfort. Steve thought he was alone in the house as it seemed to be deserted. He wasn’t intending spying on anybody…least of all Sylvia’s best friend Joyce. He looked at her, lying there, naked, sleeping, and with a happy smile on her face. He wondered what she was doing still in bed at noon on a Sunday. He knew she was normally an early riser and found it strange she was still in bed. She also didn’t give him the impression she was a sleep in the buff sort of girl….more a thick cotton nightie or similar material pjs Steve was a good guy and wasn’t a Peeping Tom, so he was shocked when he found himself unable to walk away and let her sleep. Joyce had a dream about Robbie…he was in her bedroom at home, and was going through her clothes….throwing every garment out that he said wasn’t sexy. He was doing this task naked and was very hard. Joyce saw herself in the dream spread eagled on the bed pushing a dildo into her pussy while Robbie trashed her dated wardrobe. He didn’t touch at all…..wading through the thinning rails of clothes, getting frustrated at her lack of clothes taste and horrible choice of underwear. Joyce was plunging the rubber cock so fast into illegal bahis siteleri her soaking pussy, that she didn’t notice..in her dream…Sylvia was now bent over a table and Robbie was now fucking her doggy style, slapping his mothers arse every time she pushed her bottom back to meet her sons forewars thrusts. Joyce looked on at the fucking couple and wanted so much to join them and share some of there fun. Steve was just about to leave, when she saw Joyce move slightly, on the bed. Her legs parted and her hand crept between her thighs, parting the folds of her fleshy labia. He felt ashamed of himself but was rooted to the spot. He felt his cock stretching his golf shorts and he adjusted the growing object so it was more comfortable. His eyes were glued to the hand working the flesh between Joyce’s parted thighs. His phone rang, making him nearly jump out of his skin. He tried to turn if off but dropped it on the ground and it bounced a few feet inside Joyce’s now open bedroom door. In Joyce’s dream Sylvia had now joined her on the bed, and was now on her front and was working the toy that was sliding so easily in and out of her pussy. The rubber cock was now double the size, and Joyce was taking it faster and harder with her friend working her hand faster and faster. Robbie was behind his mother and was fucking her bum hole, when a phone started ringing and she couldn’t understand why nobody was answering it. Her eyes opened and she felt a hand on her soaking wet pussy, playing with her clit. She looked down and saw it was her own hand playing with her pussy and then saw a figure scrambling round on the floor and that damned phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Steve got to the phone and cancelled it. To late. Joyce was sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes and looking down at him still sitting on her bedroom floor. She looked confused. He went red in the face and couldn’t think of anything to say. Joyce didn’t know if she was still dreaming….was Sylvia still on her bed getting ready to use that oversized rubber cock, where was Robbie…he had fucked two of his mothers fuck holes and he’d just….disappeared. Why was Steve on the floor…is he going to join us in our little orgy….he looked rather pink in the face and sorry for himself. She rubbed her eyes again and prayed that when she opened her eyes it would all be oh so clearer. Steve stood up and tried to make himself invisible…he didn’t know how that was possible but he was fucked if he didn’t manage it. He was nearly out of the door when he heard the voice behind him…”Steve….what’s going on….why are you ringing people in my bedroom.””Oh high Joyce…I’m just back from golf and I thought….erm…I thought I heard someone…er in the room and I was just checking. Are you ok. It’s a it late to be in bed…are you Ill?” “No no Im just tired”Steve was standing at the door looking out into the hallway, Joyce was confused why, until she realised he was doing this, because she was naked, and sitting, legs parted, her pussy glistening with her own juices. She tried to pull the duvet round her but it was trapped under her bottom. She remembered her gown was where she fucked Robbie earlier, and her clothes were in her case. She got off the bed, pulled the duvet back and climbed underneath. She felt dressed again. Steve continued to just stand there…like a naughty schoolboy….saying nothing. He hated himself for being so weak and not walking away when she was masturbating in front of him. Then he thought…what hot blooded male would miss a treat like that…..the wife’s best mate, playing with her slit, in front of him, and she wouldn’t know…..just his fucking luck with the phone….. He heard her say something, but he was miles away and nothing made sense. “Steve…are you ok…I’m in bed now, you can turn around. I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you, I should have shut the door when I went back to bed. I was just so tired…I’ve not been sleeping lately”Steve turned around slowly and looked rather sheepishly at her, sitting up in bed with the clothes wrapped round her, concealing her whole body except for her head.Joyce was now fully awake and wishing this little fiasco could come to an end. Her eyes dropped to Steves shorts…something wasn’t right. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her and she was back in her dream. Steves long thick cock, was erect, and had somehow, wormed its way out of the bottom of his golf shorts and she could see a drop of fluid forming like a big tear drop just waiting to fall. She couldn’t break her gaze, and when he followed her line of sight and saw what she was looking at, he flipped, totally, and turned and ran from Joyce’s bedroom, his cock being youwin güvenilir mi a total hindrance to his cowardly escape. Joyce was left there, stunned and unable to fathom out what the hell had just happened. She heard Steves car start up and then drive away. She was alone, again. She jumped in the shower and let the hot water explain to her fuddled mind what had just occurred. She was having a fun dream…she could remember that…it was sex…and somebody was doing something they shouldn’t, and somebody was stuffing a hard rubber cock into somewhere else. Like most dreams they get confusing as soon as your fully awake, and they fog over after a few minutes. She didn’t dream Steve up…or his cock sticking out of his shorts…she also vaguely remembered seeing her hand on her pussy when she woke up…um…it was still all foggy…. Could Steve have walked by her room and seen her playing with herself…then got arroused by that sight. She couldn’t be angry…how could she…Robbie and her had both watched Steve and Sylvia fucking…which was bad….very bad…but then he’d let Robbie play with her breasts, and worse…allowed him to touch her pussy, which, to her shame…was soaking wet. God what a mess…and now Steves left and she’s all alone..nobody to help her sort her confusion. She washed herself down and decided to try texting Sylvia to see if their was anything she could do to start the barbecue. Keeping busy was her best plan and she hoped the rest would just iron itself out sensibly. She wasn’t confident. She got a text back almost immediately saying she was on her way home and would be back in ten minutes she also added that Steve had an emergency at work and wouldn’t be back till later. She was relieved in a way because at least his actions told her that he was guilty and she wasn’t to blame. She had suspected he might blame her for something she hadn’t done….that’s what paranoia does for you when you are emotionally distraught. Sylvia arrived home at about the same time as Robbie. It was a strange atmosphere in the kitchen, but it was only Joyce and Robbie who noticed it. Sylvia was oblivious to the furtive glances and Robbie trying to attract Joyce’s attention so he could embarrass the poor girl more than she was anyway. After their catch up, Sylvia announces that she was going to change, and Robbie should get the barbecue started….after he’d showered, she said he stank of sweat. Robbie replied, saying that he’d had a very very sweaty morning and needed someone to come and scrub his back. Joyce got the innuendo immediately, Sylvia not knowing their recent history, said, she wouldn’t….but Aunty Joyce might…. Joyce went beetroot red and started stuttering and rambling, saying she couldn’t possibly do such a thing. “It’s a joke Joyce….let the dirty little toe rag wash his own back you silly mare….come with me and we can have a girl chat….Robbie…..shower…barbecue….that’s your orders…and tidy your room…it stinks of something in there…I dread to think what!” Sylvia walked out to go upstairs, expecting Joyce to be right on her heels. She didn’t notice Robbie grab her, and whisper in her ear…”you owe me a blowjob….Aunty Joyce. I’ll collect soon..and if your very lucky I might give you a knock a bit later and see if your coming out to play….haha”. He kissed her hard in the mouth and grabbed hold of her and pulled her tight against his hard cock. He couldn’t feel any underwear on her bottom and wondered if she was keeping herself ready for a quick fuck..and soon. He wasn’t bothered either way because he knew she would be gagging for his cock before the day was out. Little did he know, that maybe…just maybe she had her sights set on bigger fish…namely…the coward with the big dick. Time would tell. He released her and she pushed him off..worried that Sylvia would walk back in and see her friend in a compromising position with her own son. This was the son who just a short while ago, was very prominent in her dream, and very prominently buried right to the hilt, in his mothers anal passage. Her confusion was overwhelming and she ran past Robbie and up the stairs, intending going straight to her room and packing, and then leaving this den of iniquity…immediately. She got as far as the top of the stairs when Sylvia appeared, and seeing her friend in tears, dragged her into the room and closed the door. “What’s the matter girl…your distraught.! What’s Robbie said…or was it me. If I’ve said something I apologise. What’s up….tell me…it can’t be that bad.””Oh I don’t know,….it’s just me..I think. I’m so fed up. It’s been great seeing you all again but maybe I need to be on my own again. perabet I’m not over Gary. I’m…..just….oh I don’t know”. She sobbed uncontrollably. Sylvia was upset her friend was so obviously emotionally worn out. She gave her a hug and tried to console her. Letting the tears drain into her thin cotton vest top she was wearing. Eventually they subsided and Joyce regained her composure a little. She felt awkward, still in her friends embrace and pulled herself away from her as gently as possible. Joyce apologised and pointed out that Sylvia’s top was soaking with tears and they both had a little giggle at that. She pulled it over her head and stood there in a totally see through, off white bra, he’d breasts pushed up to make them look even bigger than they already were. Sylvia pulled her joggers down, taking her matching knickers with them. She unclipped her bra and then stood naked in front of her still sniffing best friend. She put her used clothes into the wash basket and said…”two minutes… I’ll have a shower….go get a bottle of plonk and some glasses and we’ll have a chin wag over a drink….problems always disappear after some drinkies…”Joyce looked at Sylvia’s bottom as she walked into her shower room and closed the door. That bottom had been raised in the air and her son Robbie had piledriven his cock into her as she had used a dildo on her, on her bed….she shook her head and tried to get these thoughts out of her head. She couldn’t. All she saw was…Steves cock…sticking out of his shorts…the fuck fest, happening on her bed, involving mother, son and ‘Aunty’. Two days ago she was a grieving widow…now she had visions of having sex with all the family….then she realised she only had two to fuck and the job was complete. One was already in the bag….and he wanted more! Escape was impossible, so she went to find the bottle and glasses. Robbie was still in the kitchen when she arrived”Oh good….where mum?” “She’s in the shower””Perfect….time for my treat…Aunty Joyce….get sucking this…you’ve five minutes…”He dropped his sports shorts and his penis was in the same position it was two hours ago. Someone made Joyce walk over to him and force her down on her knees. The same person bent her head forward and opened her mouth. A hand on the back of her head, pushed down, and somehow willed her to open her throat and accept the seven inch sculpted cock straight into her mouth. She had no qualms to let the same youth, reach under her and play with her bra less breasts…her ears welcomed his words of encouragement, telling her what a good cock sucker she was, and how he was going to repay her later, when she would welcome him into her bedroom and into her bed. She thought it was very decent of her young godson too tell her that he thought she was the sexiest bitch he’d ever met. She even nodded her head in agreement when he said it would be a good idea if she suggested to her mother that he go and live with her for a while…at least until she felt better. He promised to look after her in every way possible….even keep her warm at night if she was cold and lonely. He told her that he was going to cum soon, and she was best to try and swallow it all….he didn’t want to stain her top…his mother would notice and she’d know exactly what it was. He told her drinking cum was good for her. And here it was cumming…… Joyce was in a state of depression and nothing she heard was making sense. She drank his sperm down and cleaned his cook when finished. She stood up and walked up the stairs, back to Sylvia’s room. She had had a good idea while down stairs, and was going to ask her friend if Robbie. her son, could come and sleep in her spare room and be there for support, for a week or two. To her deluded, mixed up, totally confused brain it all seemed like good idea. She couldn’t work out why she had a taste of salt in her mouth and her nipples were tingling…she’d also forgot the reason she’d went down stairs in the first place. She was telling Sylvia of her idea when a knock at the door had Robbie standing outside with a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting professionally on a tray, with some crisps and olives in a bowl for a snack. Sylvia looked at her muddled friend and her thoughtful son and said to her. “I’ll ask him later….I’m sure he’ll be very happy to home and look after his Aunty Joyce for a while…..thank you sweetie…put the tray down there.”Robbie sneaked a look down his mothers gown and spied two lovely erect naked nipples. He looked forward to fucking his new sexy landlady later that evening and maybe if he was really lucky…even seeing mum and stepdad performing a nice 69 later. Life was good in the happy house for Robbie…he smiled at mum, and then smiled at Joyce, who smiled back at him as if she hadn’t a clue what was going on. She didn’t…really. She was ill and not herself. Robbie would take care of her. He was sure of that….his cock twitched as he left the room.

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