11 Temmuz 2021

Judy and Sylvia’s afternoon from “No Ane


Judy and Sylvia’s afternoon from “No Ane. I needed some more, like right away. Miguel put his hand in the waistband of my panties, and slid them down so they were halfway down my thighs. I didn’t ask him to do that, he just did. He was running his soft hands over the skin of my butt, and it was giving me the shivers…it was driving me crazy. I kept on doing the same dance, except now, my little puss was out there wavin’ in the breeze. Nobody shaved their pussy in those days, and I had a nice red bushy little bush. I liked it. I thought it was cute, didn’t mind showing it off at all. Especially now. I had never done this thing with my pants halfway down like that. It was hotter than being naked. I had to get his attention somehow, ’cause he couldn’t keep his unbelieving eyes off Judy and Pedro. Finally Miguel got the idea bursa escort that he was dancing with a woman with no pants on. I wanted to see him, see what was bumpin’ up against me. I unzipped his fly. He had those white underpants on that look so dumb on most guys, but looked really sexy on him. I rubbed him through his undies and at the same time I unbuttoned his shirt and found his lovely brown nipple. I was rubbing him in both places. Then I thought he would like it if I kissed him there. I know how my boobs and nips get about this point when I am with a boy, and one of the things I learned from Judy was that boys are the same way. It just that they can only think about their dumb dicks. Rubbing him, sucking his boy tits, my little ass with his hand on it, watching Judy blow Pedro right in front of us. I’ve had some bursa escort bayan really sexy moments in my life that I like to think about because they were just so sweet, and this was one of them. Finally, I got a little greedy. I reached through the opening and tried to pull it out. He smiled that lovely smile, pushed my hands away a little, and moved them around to the waistband in back. He leaned back a little, I pulled down, stroked his ass like he was doing to mine. I put a little more pressure on the nipple with my mouth and lips. His cock was out now, bumping into me. It didn’t feel big, it felt HUGE. I wanted to see it but I didn’t want him to think, you know, that I was so dumb I had never seen one before. So I peeked down. It was the fattest, longest uncircumsized dick I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe escort bursa that it was attached to his small body. That thing sat right against my bush, right on the cleft. He pushed it against me, into me a little, as we danced.”” Well, you can probably guess the rest, I had never done that dance before, I’m so hot. Judy took her mouth off Pedro to tell me that I’m getting her horny for me now, then she was back on him. I’m dancing, grinding my puss against Miguel, kissing him…” Sylvia interruppted her story:”I see some of you rubbing your boobs and dicks, the ones that are still in your pants. Anything you want to do like whipping your Willlie or Wilhelmina, that’s fine with me. I’ve learned that a few wankers is just what we need to get our little party off the ground around. If I look around and I see you choking your chicken, it makes me want to chole my fucking chicken, too, but I call it petting my monkey! Any way, let the good times roll, and everybody who has a cock? I would really love it if some stiff dicks began to appear around here today”.

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