30 Haziran 2020

Judy from Golds Gym


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Judy from Golds GymJudy from Gold’s Gym (Part 1) Hi all, My name is Jake. I am 25 years old, and have never had any interest in women that are “Grannies”. They just never turned me on. I actually engrossed myself in my work in materials management for a manufacturing company, and never really had time for a long term relationship. However, I met Judy while working out at my local Gold’sGym, and she changed my thoughts on older women. This story is about the relationship I had with her while I worked that job. I worked down the street from this Gold’s Gym that was pretty plain. It seemed pretty dirty, in fact. It was a big 40 foot by 50 foot room.It did not have anything that the newer cooler workout centers have. It was essentially a big room with a lot of free weights, stationary bikes, cross-trainers, some universal equipment (Lat Pulls, etc), and mats for whatever you use mats for. Other than that, they hada mens and womens shower area, and that was it. I joined because the owner of it, Marcus, had a sign up that if you join and commit for 2 years, it was only $20.00 per month. I wanted to tone up, so I joined.I let my manager know that I was going to work-out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at lunchtime, and would probably take over an hour to an hour and a half those days, and would work through lunch the other days. He didn’t care. I also learned our company reimbursed us up to $20 per month to join a workout center, so I actually worked out for free! I was QUITE surprised my first day I went to workout. I saw Marcusbehind the counter, and 3 elderly ladies there. Two of them were on the stationary bikes, and one was on a cross-trainer. I wanted to try to burn calories as fast as possible, then lift weights, so I hopped ona cross-trainer, next to the older lady that was already on one. (They only had 4 of them, and she was in one of the middle ones.) I put in my 20 minutes at level 6, burning about 200 calories, then tookoff to lift weights. The lady who was next to me soon finished, and shecame over to the free weight area as well. I wasn’t too much in the mood to chat, as I was trying to figure out what kind of a plan to do, being my first day and all. The lady walked up to me. “You really went fast on that machine over there.” She said to me afterI had set down some weights I lifting. I wasn’t expecting to talk to anyone there, so I was almost a little put off by being bothered. “Oh, thanks for noticing. I only get about an hour for lunch, so I haveto work as hard as I can as fast as I can. How are you today?” I said to her. “Doing well. We don’t have new people come in here too often. Do you come here much?” She asked. “Nope…This is my first day. I will be here at lunchtime 3 times per week. I need to get rid of these 10 extra pounds” I told her. “Oh, you look fine. My name is Judy.” She said. Judy had white, curly hair, which was fairly short. She stood about 6 inches shorter than me. She had a very wrinkly face, which made me think she was probably in her 60’s. She was thin, not really curvy at all, though she did have about average sized ass and boobs.She smiled some, though. She had on a cotton sweatsuit. She also had plain white tennis shoes on. They looked like walking shoes like themall walkers have. “Hi. I’m Jake.” I replied, looked down back to the weights I wanted to do another set with. I reached down and grabbed them, and did another set of 12 curls with them, then dropped them down again. I knew I was running out of time, as I wanted to take a quick shower and get back to work without smelling up the place. “I will see you soon, Jake.” She said, smiling to me. “Same with you, Miss Judy.” I replied, and headed to canlı kaçak iddaa the shower. When I got out to leave, and I noticed she was gone. For a couple of weeks, I would say a few sentences to her, but otherwise our conversations weren’t too much to think about. It was early November, and the temperature was starting to drop quite a bit. (We are in the midwest, in Illinois, about an hour south of Chicago). I went into work a week or so later on a Monday that was the coldestmorning of the fall. The temperature was in the single digits. (About -10degrees Celsius if you aren’t in the US). I was born and raised in Florida, and was not used to this kind of cold or wind! I headed into the Gold’s Gym at lunchtime to work out, and it was the usual ladies there. I still was amazed that a “Gold’s Gym” could be so old and run-down looking. I remember seeing Arnold Schwartzenegger working out at one back in the 1970’s on videos in a HUGE building. This place was only about 2000 square feet, dark, and drab. The music Marcus played wascrappy. A bunch of Nickleback, and music like that. I keep my headphones on most of the time. I finished up, and noticed Judy was outside of her car as I walked out. “Have a nice day.” I said to her. “Oh, you too. I have to get a jump. It didn’t start easily this morning, and now it won’t start.” She said. “Dead battery?” I asked her. “I don’t know, I turn my key, and it just clicks.” She replied. That tells me this cold morning turned her weak battery into junk, and she wouldneed a new one. I wanted to get back to work, but she was a nice lady, so I decided to help her out. “Let me jump it with my cables, and see if it will start.” I told her. “Oh, that is okay. I can get a wrecker and get it to the dealership.” What? That would cost her a ton of money! No way would I let them screw her. I actually decided to really help her out when she said that. I hooked up my cables from my car to hers, and after a few minutes ofrevving my car up, she could start her car. Once I disconnected my cables, I told her to shut hers off. After a minute, she tried to start it,and it would not turn over. That proved to me her battery was dead.”Miss Judy, this test proved you do have a dead battery. How old is it?”I asked her.”Oh, this car is 8 years old. It is the original.” She said. No wonder it was bad. I have never gone that long on a car battery.”There is an auto parts store up the road. If you would like, we can go get you a replacement. I have some basic tools in my trunk, and we can get you back on the road in 20 minutes.” I told her.”No, that is okay, you need to go back to work.” She replied.”No sweat. Would you like to ride with me? I see this is a Honda CRV. Itis 8 years old, right?””Yes, it is. I will go with you. Do you know how much it will be?” Sheasked.”I cannot imagine it being more than a hundred dollars, maybe less.” I said to her. “Is that price okay?” “Yea, I am on a fixed income, but I can pay for that.” After going to get the battery and putting it in her car, I had her back onroad, and on her way. She thanked me a bunch. Even Marcus cameout to ask if he could help. It made me feel pretty good that I could helpher. I told my boss about it, and he saw my filthy fingernails, and he just laughed about it.A couple of days later, I walked into Gold’s Gym, and Judy immediately jumped off the cross-trainer to thank me again. I told her it was my pleasure, and I was happy to do it. I worked out some, and she kept looking at me and smiling. I wondered if anyone had done anything nicefor her in a long time.”Are you seeing family on Thanksgiving?” She asked me.”No, my family is mostly in Florida, except for a sister güvenilir casino of mine in Texas.I will be probably sleeping in, and just watching television.” I told her.”Oh, that’s a shame.” She said.”What about you, Judy, are you cooking a big spread?” I asked.”No, as you know I have a roommate, Thelma. She is going to go seefamily tomorrow, and I am having it alone. I plan on cooking, but have no one to share the food with. Would like to be my guest tomorrow?” This was kind of sad to hear. I could not imagine being her age, and having no one to have Thanksgiving with. I supposed I could spend an hour with her, and then head back to my place to watch some football.“I would be happy to join you. What would you like me to bring?” I asked her.“Oh, nothing, nothing at all. It is just a traditional Thanksgiving. Do you like that?”“Of course. Are you sure you don’t want me to bring anything?” “Oh, no, just be at my place at 2pm. Let me tell you how to get there.” And she told me how to get to her apartment. She was pretty trusting, I thought. She only knew me from the Gym. I showed up at her apartment about 10 minutes early. I stopped the night before to get a nice bouquet of flowers and nice box of chocolates for her, for inviting me to eat with her. I went into her apartment, and it was pretty much what I expected for two older ladies living together… Doilies and ceramic crafts everywhere. There was also a bunch of pictures on the walls. I also noticed the great smell of food.“Hi Judy, this is for you.” I handed her the flowers and the chocolates. “Thank you for inviting me today.” I said to her.“Oh, don’t you look all cleaned up?” She said. I had on a nice pair of slacks and a shirt and tie, to show respect to her on Thanksgiving. I never really dressed up on Thanksgiving with my family, but I figured I would do it since she was probably kind of old fashioned. She was also dressed nicer than she typically was at the gym. She had typical older women clothes on.We ate and talked, and I had to admit, she was a great cook! I decided not to rush out of there, and ended up spending nearly 2 hours with her. I even offered to help with the dishes, which she would not allow, she said it was not a man’s spot to do the dishes. After awhile, I told her I was going to leave soon, and she thanked me again for eating with her, and she said it made her day.“Thank you so much, Judy. You are a great cook. Can you tell me about some of the pictures on your wall?” I figured I would ask about her friends and family, since she was such a nice hostess. She told me she had been married, but divorced in her 40’s, and never remarried. They had 1 son, who she was not in contact with. We walked to her door for me to say our goodbyes, and I kind of reached out to give her a hug, and she reached to me to give me a full hug. She really squeezed me tight. In fact, we held each other tight for about 15 seconds. It was long enough for my cock to start rising in my slacks. I wasn’t thinking dirty thoughts or anything, it just was a natural reaction. With me being taller than her, it pushed against her pubic hair area, around her belly button. She looked up at me.“I am sorry about that, Judy, I hope you aren’t offended by that reaction.” I said to her. She started to laugh a little.“Oh, my. I am not offended. I am sorry I am laughing, but I am wondering why such a nice young man would get a stiffy hugging an old lady like me?” She asked.“Oh, I am not sure. You are a very nice lady, and a wonderful hostess. I had a great time with you today. Maybe it was a natural reaction to having good food and having a good time with you today.” I had no clue, other than maybe a güvenilir casino part of me was attracted to her. As I was talking, I noticed she looked down at the bulge in my pants. It kind of surprised me.“Well, I am not offended at all. I am quite surprised, though. Don’t you have a girlfriend?”“No, just too busy for one. That’s all.” I told her. “Thanks again for a great day.” I told her, and I was on my way. I was actually a bit embarrassed!!!I had the next day off of work, but I went ahead to work out anyway. Judy was there, as she seems to always be. I stopped to say hello to her. She was all smiles.“Oh, Jake, hello!” She said, happily. “I was wondering, you know so much about cars. I was told to rotate my tires. Is that something you are able to do?” “That is quite easy to do. I have a jack in my trunk. You just loosen one side of tires and put the front on the back and vice-versa, and repeat it on the other side. I could do it in 30 minutes.”“How much would it be? I was charged 30 dollars the last time I had it done, and they tried to sell me new tires. I don’t think I need them. Can you come over in the morning and do it?” Now I was somewhat annoyed, and I was thinking she was going to be the annoying old lady that never leaves me alone. I guess I had nothing to lose, so I agreed to go over there the next day.“Thelma will still be gone with family. Maybe we could go to have breakfast. Would you do that? I can buy your breakfast for your trouble.” She said.“Oh, you don’t have to do that. I could come over when it gets light out, around 8am.” I told her.“Swell. See you then.” I finished my work-out, and went back to work. The next morning, I headed to her place and met her at her door, and went out to her car. It was a pretty easy job and she invited me in to wash my hands and warm up. She made me a cup of tea, and we chatted a few minutes. I told her I would pass on her buying breakfast. I warmed up to the tea, and got up to leave. She asked for a goodbye hug again. I hugged her, and got the same reaction. This time I had jeans on, so it wasn’t as easy for her feel it, but I could feel her putting her body close to me. I saw she had her eyes looking down at my pants area.“Judy, I hope you don’t think I am some sort of creep because I react the way I do when I hug you.” I said to her.“Oh, my, I am quite enjoying it. I actually was hoping you would react that way again. I like the feeling of it against me.” She said. That was totally not what I thought she would say. I thought I would play along.“Why?” I asked her.“It feels like a nice stiffy. It feels like you could really make a woman feel good with it.” She said.“I believe I can.” That was the first thing I thought of to say. “I am pretty confident it would make any woman feel nice.” This was a really weird conversation with a lady about 50 years older than me.“Prove it.” She said. “I see you work out at the gym, and I daydream about a nice young man like you.” She was asking me for sex! It was more like she was telling me to do fuck her.“I would be happy to.” I said to her.She led me to her bedroom. I could not believe what I was about to be a part of. This older lady wanted to fuck me! I had never been with a much older lady and I was about to see what it was like. We hugged again, and she looked up at me and reached up at me, and we started kissing. Her lips were pretty soft. Immediately, she reached for my belt. As we kissed, she worked to loosen my belt on my pants, and reached for my cock inside of my jeans. She rubbed it on the outside of my jeans first, then reached in. I was pretty nervous. I had not had attention like this in a long time. She was full of lust right now, even at her advanced age. I reached down to grab her butt while we hugged, and I gave it a squeeze and pulled her close to me. She looked up at me and started kissing me, and I passionately kissed back.How do you like it so far? Part 2 coming soon.

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