7 Eylül 2021

kate monday continued


kate monday continuedKate put the phone down Was she OK I asked Yes it was fine, she seemed a little flustered,come and sit here, I was looking at the screen of the computor as she clicked on the 1st icon,It was a picture of my bum with the stripes of the cane , she opened a knew file, named it Christine2 then slid the icon into the filePicture after picture appeared and moved into the file Why do you want these pictures I asked Because I do Kate snappedSally put her arms over my shouldersas Kate clicked the next I con a video started playing showing sally with the big carrot, trying to push it inside me Kate had moved the camara in all directions , it ended with sally grinning when she had pushed it in as far as it would goI could see baby oil dripping off my balls and my anus stretched,You enjoyed that didn’t you sally quippedThe next video came on the screen it was mevwalking a head of the girls , I could see my skirt swing and my wig blowingin the breeze , from the back I really looked like a girl, then I stopped the camara had dropped to my legs even thoughthe picture was dark I could see the cascadeof my pee dropping to the floor and Sally lifting my skirt , the picture changed to me bent across the table and Kate trying to get the carrot out of me, she turned to the camara with a concernd look on her face when it hadn’t come out on her first attempt,Then she held the carrot and twisted, I saw the carrot slip from my bum, Kate had looked at the camara mouthing pweew pretending to mop her brow, the camara moved closer to the gaping hole slowly contracting,Sally laughed we will have to stretch you some more I will photo shop them later she created a password and closed the file then deleted the phoneRight Christine its ten to ten what shall we do to you todaySally said let’s put the carrot inside him again and make him wet himself , he looked so pathetic,Kate said no we will use the carrot later let’s get him dressed up she thought for a momentand whispered in sallts earSally laughed yes yes let’s do thatKate went to her draws and rummaged about , a bright pair of pink knickers was thrown on the bed, she opened the next draw down a matching bra was thrown on top of the knickers, she then went to the wardrobe,flicked through the hangers and pulled out her old school uniform , the blazer and navy blue pleated skirt, the school jumper and the school tie wound around the to of the hangerTo be honest it turned me on knowing I would be wearing it!Stand up she pulled the pink knickers up my legs , I could feel the material carress my balls and my bum, she opened anotherdraw and tookout a pair of white socks slipped them over my feet and pulled them up to my calf and folded the tops downShe stood back , his legs are to hairy sally laughedYea your right Kate sakarya escort agreedShe pulled everything off meGo to the shower when there she took the nozzle and showered my legs and soaped them up to a lather,She got my dads spare razor and clicked a new head on itI wasn’t the hairest boy in our class , I hadn’t started shaving , but my body had hair in all the right places My arms under my arms legs balls and bum my pubic hair was dark and bushy compared with other boys my age,Kate what are you doing,Girls shouldn’t have hairy legs, you want to be a girlPlease don’t all the other boys will see when I get changedI felt the razor touch my leg the scape down to my kneeOops Kate laughed , a strip of smooth flesh was highlighted by the rest of my hair , I watched as the razorcut through the soap lather a second timeStop I cried,We have to carry on, how silly would you look with one bit shaved the other hairy , it would show up more I stood still as the front of both legs was shaved, Turn round Kate giggled,The razor touched my buttock then scaped down , she did both legs,Bend over and touch the wall I lent forward so my forehead rested against the tiles of the showerShe slapped my ankles open, She parted my cheeks her soapy hand ran up and down my crack and under to my balls , then the scr****g of the razor running the insides of both cheeks then under till the razor touched the back of my balls, the shower head then played up and down washing the soap away,Good job Kate sally laughedTurn round I obeyed She did the hand cuffs and clicked them back in front of me she soaped my my chest and arms The razor sc****d down my arms leaving nothing but smooth skinKate then held the chain of the cuffs lifting them above my head, despite my objections I watched as the razor strippedaway the arm pit hair both sides, Stop I yelled a little stream of blood flowedKeep still I have nicked you nowKate picked up the shower and rinsed me down there you go just like a real girlI looked at my body and arms both girls laughingSally said his balls still look hairy , Kate laughed yes they are I tried to step out of the shower but was pushed backChristine you are enjoying this let me do this properlyI couldn’t deny this my erection was a bit of a give awayI stopped strugglingKate slowly latherd. My ballsGive him a Brazilian sally giggledWhat’s a Braziliani asked I will show you Kate laughedshe rubbed the soap over my pubic areaThe razor following after I looked down horrified watching my masculinity being stripped awayKeep still or I will cut you Kate said I stood petrified as I felt the razor running over the areaShe then pulled the skin tight on my balls, keep very still she said I felt the razor gently run round my ballsI looked down at Kate’s head Please KateNearly finished, adapazarı escort a couple of seconds she stood up and rinsed me down Aww you look really girly now sally giggledI stepped out , and looked in the mirror, I rubbed the steam off it at my bald pubic area except for a small strip of hairI burst into tears what have you doneWell you wanted to be a girl we are trying to help you, she passed me a towel to dry my self ,I walked into mums room and looked in the clear mirror, I felt humiliated by what I could see and sally bitchy remarksKate said Christine sit on the bedI did as I was told Kate pushed me back my feet still touching the floor , she was shaking a bottle the sprinkled it over my crotchI felt the drops hit my balls and the smooth skin where my pubic hair was she then rubbed it into my skin, and rubbingit into my ballsEverything started stinging,then I could feel a burning sensation building upWhat’s that I criedAfter shave Christine they was in fits of laughter I reached down to rub my self with the towel, but sally grabbed my hands Roll him overI felt my bum cheeks being pulled a part , then I felt the drops hit my anus , the lotion burnt into my little puckered hole Kate’s hand run up and down spreading the fluid,i heard her shake the bottle again , them my cheeks spread again, her finger penetrated me she pushed all the way in then out , I heard the bottle shake again then her finger push in again twisting as it continued deeper inside meHer knuckle hit my hole her finger wigggled inside me, she then pulled outIs you boy pussy burning yet sally laughed?I could feel my skin burning, the walls of my anus felt like they was on fire , I was kicking and fighting to get up but I was held firmAfter a few minutes the stinging and burning eased leaving a warmth I was eventually let up, I looked at the clock it was 10.45Right let’s make you a pretty girl Kate saidWe went back to Kate’s room the knickers slipped up my legs the material stretched gently round my buttock and felt reallynice around my shaved ballsKate pulled the white socks up my legs then eased the school skirt over my bum and zipped and button it Wow that looks great She turned me round to look in the mirror it was about three inches above my kneesAre you going to be a good girl Kate askedYes I will I promiseShe released my wrists and slipped the pink bra up my arms and fastened it filling the cup with tights like beforeShe passed me the blouse I put it on she then tied the tie , then I pulled on the jumper with the white piping running round the cuffs and the v neck, then I pulled on the blazor, Except for my face all I could see in the mirror was a girl my cock had started leaking! All the discomfort earlier vanished from my mind it was ecstasy all but Sally’s sakarya escort bayan bitchy remarksKate sat me down let’s do your eyes, she applied blue eye shadow, eye liner and mascara,she picked up the dark haired wig and positioned it on my head then applied a bright pink lipstick , OK look at your selfI turned looked for my reflection in the mirrorI wasn’t there all I saw was a girl, a pretty school girl standing next to Kate, she was smiling,what do you thinkThank you I said, Do you like it thenYes I do thank you KateYour welcome see what happens when your a good girl , I’m going to shower and get dressed make a cup of teaI made the tea and took it up sally had a white cotton dress on and a black cardigan,she was making her self upYou will defiantly pick up boys dressed like thatI laughed I don’t want boysWhat she laughed what do you want girlsYes I repliedSo you want to be a lesbianshe laughed and if you got a lesbian and she felt you crotch she would know you was a guyWell yes but I would like a girl to like me as I amJust as Kate came in sally gave me abuseNo girl would want a sissy like you nothing more then a pathetic whimpKate asked what’s going onSally explained our argumentKate said it doesn’t make him pathetic I will show you patheticShe clicked the mouse the screen lit upShe went through some files clicked on one and entered a passwordWatch this ChrisSally said no Kate don’t show him that Kate grabbeda handful of Sally’s hair and slapped her face You slut you leave Chris alone , stop being such a bitch what’s wrong with youSally replied we was suppose to have the day together,your paying him all the attentionThe video started it showed a pair of buttock glowing red , and a vibrator stuck inside her anus the room had red walls and link on the floor the girl stood up and turned round to face the camaraIt was sally mascara and tears running down her cheeks her face was flushed, she had a black leather collararound her neck , her nipples had clothes pegs on each one , some one had written on her body slut, cunt, whore and cum eater She had leather wrist restraints on with a bar holding them apart She was tremblinga voice said do it nowShe moved over to a metal dog bowl and squatted down , as she did the vibrator slippedout of her bum and rolled out of shot still vibratingshe moved the bowl and began to pee Look at me the voice boomedShe looked up at the camara,It zoomed in on her face then dropped down to Sally’s fanny peeing into the bowl , a piece of string was hanging out of herWhen she finished the camara moved outWhat are you the voice saidI am a worthless pathetic slut , I should be a prostitute as its the only way anyone would want meShe reached out a straw was passed to her she lent down with the straw and began sucking the contents of the bowl Kate appeared in the pictureNaked she pulled Sally’s head back and made sally lick her clit The film endedSo who’s pathetic you slutYou or Christineme sally repliedSay your sorryI’m sorry Christine I just said OKI looked at theclock it was 12 .25Tbc

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