30 Haziran 2020

Lads Holiday Chapter 4


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Lads Holiday Chapter 4″The other guys are gonna head to the sex museum then get some food, sothey’ve said they’re not going to head over this way. I’ve told them we’vedone that shit, so we’ll just catch up with them in the morning. Whichmeans…” he paused and looked up at me, smiling, “…you’re all ours fortonight now fag”.We had already found out that Pete spoke good German and when Charliewhispered something to him, he disappeared across to the bar.I glanced across and saw him speaking to the barman. At one stage I sawthe barman look up and across to our table, a sly smile on his face, thenturn back to Pete and gesture directions. When he returned, Pete whisperedsomething again to Charlie.”Alright, let’s go” Charlie instructed. “Pete’s found us somewhere cool tohead to.”We started to head along some less well lit streets, Pete leading the way.We reached the outside of a badly lit bar. The windows were blacked out,and as I looked up to the name of the bar, I couldn’t translate it, but Iunderstood the handcuff image on the sign.Charlie told me to head in first. I understood enough from the guy at theentrance to get that it would cost us ten euros each to get in. Charliejust looked at me. “Credit card out fag”He looked up to the man, and gesturing to the four of us, explained “allfour paying together mate”.I hesitated for a second. This was starting to get expensive. Then I felthis hand grab my hair and pull my head back. “Stop thinking fag, startobeying. We’re only here cos of you anyway”. I couldn’t believe he wasdoing this to me in public. I felt embarassed and quickly paid up on mycard. The man just looked down at me and laughed. I guessed, at least itwas the kind of bar where they’re used to this kind of thing.We got inside and I saw there were men and women in there, which made mefeel kind of relieved. I would probably feel weirder if it was a gay club.Then when my eyes adjusted to the dark I saw this was actually a prettyheavy kink club. There were loads of men and women in collars and kneelingor on all fours at their master or mistresses feet.”Go fetch us drinks fag” Charlie ordered. “Just three though. Only for themen”.I have to admit, I was really turned on. And this felt like an environmentI could roleplay with them. So I went along with it, and returned to thetable with three beers. I was already looking forward to sucking Charlie’shot dick again.I put the beers down and asked Charlie if I could get past to get to theempty seat next to him.He didn’t move at all, and just looked at me standing there, then took abig gulp of his pint. He looked to the others. “Guys, what do you reckon?Think we should let our fag sit with us at the table?”Fowls laughed and Pete just shook his head.Charlie looked at me still standing there. “What do you reckon fag? Youthink you’re worthy of sitting here with three superior straight guys as wedrink our beer?”I didn’t know what I was supposed to say. But he was looking at meexpectantly, and smirking now. I looked bahis şirketleri down and shook my head.”Say it out loud” he said. I was still looking down, so I didn’t see, butI could hear the wicked smile in his voice.”No Sir”He laughed. “Tell us out loud that you’re not worthy boy”.I knew there was no way out of this. I looked up to catch his eye.”Sir, as your fag i’m not worthy of sitting with men” I looked at what theother submissives around the room were doing. “I should be on the floorSir, so people can see that you’re my superiors”.Charlie was beaming like i’d never seen before. “I am fucking loving howquickly you learn bitch. Now get down on your knees at the end of thetable and don’t speak unless we tell you to”. I dropped down to my knees,leaving my head at a height where I could see their three crotches, whichjust made me even more horny. My stiff cock was rubbing against the hardmaterial of my jeans.I hoped I was going to get to suck their dicks or something, but they justignored me for the next 15 minutes and left me kneeling, my knees startingto hurt from the position as they drank and joked and laughed,occassionally flicking some of their beer at me just for amusement.I was ordered to go and fetch more drinks, then returned with the men’sdrinks and went back to my position. Only Charlie had other plans now.”Ok fag, take your top off and lie down face-up under the table”I just looked at him. Nobody else in the bar was doing this, and I wasn’tsure I liked it. It crossed my mind that I could just walk away from thisnow. But it was like he read my mind. He pulled his phone out and startedplaying the video of me blowing Fowls. He skipped to the point where Iheard my own voice begging to suck his dick.”It’s gonna take me two minutes to send this little clip to your familyfag. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t even know you and i’m half pissedalready, so it’s very simple. You obey, or you get ready for some prettyawkward conversations”.This really wasn’t roleplay to him. This was genuine control. I reallydidn’t want anyone to see that shit though, so there was really no optionfor me, like it or not. I pulled off my top and slid under the table.I could hear the laughing above me. “Nice one man” Fowls was saying.”Well, got to show him who’s boss” Charlie was saying, laughing.From down here all I could smell was their sweaty feet. They were allwearing sandals or flip flops of some sort with no socks on, so I wasgetting the full odour. I turned my head towards Charlie’s and saw hislong flat feet. I’d never realised before, but his feet were hot. Big,manly and just the right amount of hair. He lifted his right foot andplaced it flat on my cheek, pinning me to the stone floor. He rested theother one on my body. I felt the others do the same, resting their feet onmy body. Again they ignored me as they drank and laughed, and every sooften one of them spilt a bit, and it dripped through the holes in thetable onto my face and chest. As they chatted, their mobilbahis feet moved on me.Charlie rubbed his feet across my face, and the others over my chest. Mywhole body was starting to smell of their feet.After ten minutes or so, Charlier moved one of his feet onto the front ofmy face and started to push the toes into my mouth. I took the signal, andstarted to lick and suck each of his toes in turn, then lick across thesoles and all over. I completely forgot that I was being forced to dothis. It felt so good pleasuring his feet, and I could hear occasionalnoises he was making above the table, and heard him telling the others whathe was doing. When I was finished on his, he offered his foot fag to theother two, and one by one I worshipped each of the feet under the table inthe same way, tasting the individual scent of each man.As I was working on Charlie’s feet for a second time, I heard a man comeacross to the table and address the guys above me. He spoke in German, andso I could only understand Pete’s latter translation of what he was saying.At first Pete laughed and said something back to the German, then heexplained to the others.”The guy is just asking which one of us owns the dog under the table”. Theguys all laughed. I just carried on licking Charlie’s toes.”He wants to know how much it has been trained to do” Pete said.”Tell him, we’re still training it” Charlie said laughing. “But he canhave a free blowjob if he wants”.Pete translated for the man, and Charlie grabbed my hair and pulled me outfrom under the table and back to my kneeling position.”Get on all fours bitch, now” he ordered, and I obeyed quickly, not wantingto let him down in front of a stranger.”Yeah, he’s up for a blowjob” Pete said, “but he says you’ve got to do itunder the table, subtle like, or else go though to the back”.Charlie moved across and invited the guy to take the seat.”Ok fag, back under the table and suck this guy’s dick”. I just looked upat Charlie from my kneeling position, hoping he’d change his mind. Thiswas getting too much. I hoped he might have a bit of pity. But instead Icould see he needed me to do this, to not let him down, and to show he wasin control of his fag. So I knew I had to do it. The guy was maybe 50,and i’d never normally choose to do this with him, but I wasn’t doing itfor him.As it turned out, the guy was hot. He controlled the blowjob,intermittently letting me suck a while, then forcing his dick deep andfucking my face. His hands were all on my face and neck throughout, and Iknew I was being used by a master.Seeing this show obviously did for the others. After the German guy heldmy face down and spurted his jizz deep in my throat, I came up for air tosee the other three all rubbing their dicks throught their jeans. Fowlergrabbed me first and quickly whipped out his dick and pushed me down on it,then Charlie was next, and even Pete took his turn, fucking my face for thefirst time. When I was done, about half an hour later, mobilbahis giriş I was in a totaldaze, my throat was really hurting, and I had four loads of man cum slidingtheir way down my throat. For the first time in my life, I felt like Iproperly understood the term cumslut.One by one the guys went and cleaned up and the German guy disappeared. Ireturned to kneeling at the edge of the table. My head was gone now. Iwas their bitch, whatever they commanded.When they were all back, Charlie told me to put my top back on, and theyall grabbed their coats.”Alright fag, crawl behind us on all fours, across to the door, then youmay stand again as we leave.”I happily obeyed. My mind was alive with the feeling of being used likethis. I suddenly wasn’t even thinking about being embarassed by it orbeing trapped. When they told me to crawl, I was happy to. My knees hurt,but otherwise I had no problem crawling in the presence of these guys.Especially Charlie. I thought of his ripped chest and his muscled thighsand of kneeling in front of him, with his amazing dick pounding my mouth. Ithought of his hands on my neck, and his wicked grin when he looked down atme under the table and rubbed his foot right across my face. This guy wasincredible, he was my superior, and I wanted his control so badly.When we got outside, Charlie told me we were heading to a more normal club,so no more acting like a bitch. I just walked with them and didn’t speak.When we got to the club, everyone just paid their own entry. They stillsent me to fetch drinks, but then gave me money to cover the round. Formost of the night I just drank on the side and watched them chatting uprandom women. I hated straight clubs, and without their attention, I feltstrange and lonely. It made me wish we were back in the last bar again.At the end of the night Charlie brought a girl back with him anddisappeared up to the room. Me and the other guys stayed down at a barnear the hotel and had a last couple of drinks. I drunkenly chatted to theguys and it felt kind of normal again. My head was so screwed by the wholeevening though.When we got back to the room, Fowls and Pete went in first, and jumpedstraight up on their bunks. I followed them in but found Charlie’s womanfast asleep in my bed, and Charlie asleep in his. I shook him awake.He opened his eyes slowly to see me.”What the fuck fag?” he whispered.”Your woman’s on my bed” I whispered backCharlie shook his head disbelievingly and sat up. “Come here fag” he said,whispering still. I knelt down and moved in closer to hear him.His arm came out and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me closer, then I sawhim move his head back, his mouth pucker and he released a gob of spitstraight in my face.”You’re my fag. If I let someone else use your bed, then you accept that.In fact, you can sleep on the floor, next to my bed, then if I need to pukein the night, I won’t make a mess on the floor. Don’t EVER wake me up frommy beauty sleep again fag, understood?”I nodded, and he pushed me away, sending me falling backwards. My dick wasrock solid again. Looking up I saw Pete and Fowls both just grinning andshaking their heads. Fowls threw down one of his two pillows, in sympathy,and I curled up on the floor and tried to sleep.

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