17 Eylül 2021

Late night craigslist BBC


Late night craigslist BBCI had been looking for a low key way to feed my lust for some hot action and found myself on M4M on Craigslist. I was 21 at the time and an athletic build so I posted an add looking for someone similar to my age and down to have a good time with NSA. I got plenty of emails from willing suitors but none caught my eye. Finally I got an email from a guy who said he wasn’t too far from me and could pick me up and take me back to his place, he wanted to exchange pics but was skeptical because he wasn’t out yet either. It was perfect, someone just as paranoid as me about people finding out my little secret!I gave him my number and we started texting, he had only been with 2 guys before and I told him I had been with one but it was a long time ago on spring break in Panama City (see other story). We finally got comfortable enough to swaps pics so I sent him one of me bent over, showing off my ass and letting him know what I was looking for! He liked what he saw and to my surprise sent back a pic of him with a toned muscular body and a huge black cock! I was worried because I hadn’t been fucked in a long time and his dick was huge but it only turned me on more!I told him loved what I saw and he could come pick me up that night around 10:30. The time came around and I had already showered and shaved, I was nervous. He picked me up at the front of my neighborhood and we had an awkward 10 minute journey to his place. His parents were out of town and we had the place to ourselves which was nice, I like talking dirty and it meant I didn’t have to be quiet when the time came.We went to his room and he had a bottle of vodka and a couple of shot glasses sitting out, we took a couple to ease the tension. We put on a movie and got under the covers, he asked me a few questions but I was so horny I was shaking. I couldn’t think about anything else other than that kaynarca escort huge cock that was hiding under his basketball shorts. Without asking I slid my hand over and started rubbing his semi hard cock, “you wanna get right to it huh!” He said. All I could do is smile back and nod my head.We took our shirts off and he started sucking my nipples and running my already throbbing cock, hiis dick was growing fast and it wasn’t long before I had my hand gripped around what was a lot more than I had bargained for! He worked his way down my stomach licking and kissing his way to my cock and started giving me the best blowjob I had ever felt, with my cock still in his mouth I slid around in his bed to face his massive dick. It was about 8 inches long and almost as thick as a Coke can! I could barely wrap my lips around the huge head! I licked up and down the length of the shaft playing with his balls before I began to try and deep throat it. I gagged at the start but worked at it until I could get about half way down and keep a rhythm. I felt like I was about to bust but I didn’t want to yet, that is when he stopped and told me”Ok baby, you’re doing good but I want what I saw in those pictures you sent me” “Fuck yeah, I can’t wait” I repliedHe opened the drawer beside the bed and pulled out some lube and told me to lube up his cock. I squirted some into my hand and on his cock and made sure to leave it extra sloppy, I knew it would have to be if there was any way it was going to fit in my tight ass. I then lubed up my ass and inserted a finger or two as a warm up! He told me I better get on top at the start that way I could control of fast it went in, I was glad he didn’t want me to bend over and force it but slightly disappointed he didn’t want to dominate completely. I straddled over his hips and lowered myself onto the head of his penis, it was huge! It felt orhanlı escort like I was sitting on a watermelon! I relaxed and wiggled my way until I started to ease myself down, I could feel my ass stretching more than I thought was possible but finally the head was in, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain, my dick was rock hard at the taboo thought of my parents and friends seeing me, the straight guy they all know, naked working his way down a BBC! I lowered myself down further, until it felt like I was all the way and paused, taking in the whole experience, my stomach was stuffed full of cock and my ass was quivering but I knew I could handle it!I started to rock myself back and forth slowly, allowing the lube to do its work and for my tight hole to get accustomed to this huge cock inside it, the pain was subsiding and I could really start to enjoy it, I lifted myself up more until just the head was in me as he started thrusting from the bottom. He started pumping fasted and faster until his hips were clapping against my ass, the vibrations of it and feeling of looking down at this black guy turning me into his little slut had me more turned on than ever before! I was pretty sure I was ready to be treated like the BBC slut I wanted to be and my moaning and lip biting was enough for him to realize it. He told me to get off and get on my hands and knees, this is what I was waiting for, he was taking some authority! I did as I was told and asked him “yeah you wanna fuck me doggy style baby?” “Yeah you wanted this black dick you’re about to get it now” He grabbed onto my hips and pulled me closer until I felt the head of his dick against my hole, I thought he would ease his way in but I was wrong, with one more strong pull he threw me to the base of his hips, burying all 8+ inches of his BBC inside me and started pumping. The clapping noise we made earlier was tepeören escort like thunder now and he fucked me like a pornstar, it hurt but it was amazing. My cock was oozing precum and I told him I was about to cum, “not yet, not until I get mine” he told me. I reached behind to feel his balls begin to tighten up, I wanted his cum on my face “cum on my face please! I wanna taste your cum!” I moaned.With that he pulled his dick out, I could feel the cold air in my now vacant hole and spun around, he stuffed his dick in my mouth which I wasn’t very happy about, but I was so turned on I didn’t care, he grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face like he did my ass and tears were streaming down my cheeks as I gagged! He pulled out as I choked and started jerking off while I had a few seconds to compose myself and open my mouth before he shot out first one massive string of hot sticky cum, bullseye. Right on my tongue and half way down my throat, he yelled as the second, third and fourth covered my face! With my tongue held out he wiped my eyes and cheeks and told me “yeah that’s right eat that shit” I again did as I was told and swallowed all I could. My cock was still rock hard, twitching at what had just happened and he told me to jerk off, he wanted to see me cum on myself. It was pretty degrading but I didn’t care and figured it wouldn’t take long. I laid down and with my eyes closed started stroking, after about 10 strokes I told him I was about to cum, to my surprise I felt his warm mouth wrap around my dick and his lips touch my pelvis as I blew my load, more than I have ever came before right down his throat. We laid there for a couple of minutes, both exhausted, and thought about what had just happened. I thought about what people who thought they knew me would think if they had just seen me begging to be fucked like a slut, begging for black cock and a mouth full of cum, and it only made the whole thing better. I was a little nasty BBC slut and it was my dirty little secret! He took me home and at the end of the similarly awkward car ride told me to hit him up again if I wanted to chill, yes please!

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