14 Şubat 2021

Laughlin Ch. 01


Hi, my name is Karen. I grew up in and live near Seattle and went to college in Portland, Oregon. I am now 26, married and expecting my first child. My husband, Steve does not know what I am going to tell you.

I am not tall, 5’4″, nor well endowed, A cup and I never felt like I was a fraction as pretty as the hot girls. Still I had a two boyfriends in high school and it isn’t like I went to college having never been kissed. I had discovered dry humping with my second high school boyfriend and enjoyed that a lot. However, even though he had his hands under my skirt and more, when I wouldn’t let him take my panties off on a date the summer after graduation, he broke up with me. So, I went to college with mixed feelings of doing the right thing and wishing we had gone farther.

I dated a few guys before I met Steve early in the second semester of my freshman year of college. He is a year older than me and was studying to be an electrical engineer. I was working on my degree in marketing. Steve is not real tall, 5’8″ or anything like one of the hot guys, but he is very smart and we hit it off so well. We could talk about anything and everything. Steve lived in Medford, Oregon and the summers apart were hard between the times he got up to Seattle to see me or I got down to see him.

We got a lot closer over time, but we both thought we should wait until we got married before we had sex and although we had gotten as far a naked dry humping, that was the limit. Even that would get me worried that I would get pregnant.

My roommate, Sarah, on the other hand, had lost her virginity at 16 and regularly had sex with her dates and told me about it. Still, she did not push me to go farther and we got along very well.

At the end of our junior year in college, and after Steve’s graduation, Steve was going home to Medford before starting his new job in Denver. Sarah proposed we take a week off and spend it down at Laughlin, Nevada right after Steve’s graduation. The idea of the warm weather down there after the cold Portland winter and spring was appealing and I had the money for my share.

Sarah found a deal where we could rent a cabin at a county park called Camp Davis on the Colorado River across from Laughlin and just below Lake Mohave. We flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and checked into our two bedroom cabin on a Wednesday afternoon in early May. We unpacked in our separate bedrooms, hanging up the dresses, tops, etc. that needed hanging and putting lingerie, etc. in dresser drawers. To us the weather was very warm, even hot, so after unpacking, we put on bikinis and went to the river to swim.

The water was shockingly cold and we didn’t go much farther in that up to our knees. Still, the sun felt good and we enjoyed getting a little farther on our tans than before. After a couple of hours, we decided we wanted to find out what the casinos were like across the river so we went back to our cabins and changed into dresses to head over and get dinner and see what else would happen.

The first place you come to in Laughlin is the Riverside Casino, so we went in there. At first we just wandered around checking the place out and getting our ID checked twice. Both Sarah and I still look much younger than we are. We decided to have dinner at the buffet.

While in the line at the buffet, we met Greg and Charlie. Naturally, we flirted with them and they ended up sitting at our table, Greg with Sarah and Charlie with me. Charlie and Greg are taller than Steve and nicely put together. Both Charlie and Greg had so much to tell us about the area and living in the desert.

We had fun visiting with Greg and Charlie and stayed with them after eating. They were both in the mid 20s and live in Bullhead City where they work at a motorcycle shop. They bought us beers and we walked around, held hands and talked. We separated for a while and Charlie and I went outside along the river. While we were sitting and talking, Charley sometimes touched my arms or gently put his hand on my bare leg as we talked. We got up and walked some more, this time Charlie had his arm around my waist. After a while, he kissed me. He smelled good and his kisses were sweet. I was flattered that I was turning him on when I felt his hard dick against my belly. He made me feel pretty, and I liked that. As we kissed, I felt myself getting wet between my legs and I wanted to feel him against me down there, I got a little scared and told him we needed to find Sarah and Greg.

We went back inside and played for a while at the roulette table. Charlie liked to play a number for the big win and I liked playing the safer bets. The result was after an hour I was ahead by a few dollars and Charlie was down about $ 50.

The four of us went back outside. Even though it was almost 11:00 it was still warm and the slight breeze blowing felt good as it blew my dress up slightly. Charlie’s arm around my waist felt so good. I could see Sarah and Greg kissing a little ways away and Charlie began to kiss me again. I was into his kisses, canlı bahis but when he raised the skirt of my dress and pulled me against him with his hands on my panties, even though it felt very good, I got scared again and told him I thought we needed to get back to our cabin.

As we were walking back in, the guys asked us what our plans were. We told them we wanted to go swimming, but the water was so cold. They told us Lake Mohave is much warmer and suggested we go out on Greg’s father’s boat the next day. That sounded fun to us and we agreed to meet them at the marina at Katherine’s Landing at 10:30 the next morning, although they warned us they had to make sure they could get the day off. They walked us to our car where they kissed us goodnight. At that point I wanted to feel Charlie laying between my legs. I did not object when he pulled me against him with his hands on the back of my panties. When I raised up on the balls of my feet I could feel his dick against my clit and it felt good.

When we left them, they promised to call in the morning. They said they would bring the beer and we promised to pack a lunch and bring snacks. On the way back to the cabin Sarah told me she was going to sleep with Greg. She asked me how I liked Charlie. I told her I enjoyed being with him, but I was not going to let things go too far.

The next day we had breakfast, went into Bullhead for food and snacks, then put on bikinis and coverups and waited for the guys to call. Greg called at close to 11:00. They had the rest of the day off and suggested meeting us at Davis Camp so we didn’t have to pay to get into Katherine’s Landing. Katherine’s Landing is some kind of national park, so our Davis Camp passes would not work. We asked about them paying to get into our park to get us, but they had some kind of annual pass.

We rode to the lake in Greg’s pickup towing the boat. I have been around boats all my life so I was glad I could help with setting things up and launching the boat. After the boat was launched and Greg had parked the truck and trailer, we headed out into the lake.

The warm sun felt wonderful and we took off our coverups and enjoyed ourselves as we headed up the lake. Greg took the boat into a narrow canyon and tied it off so we could swim in there. There was a cliff that people dive off, but I was worried about a shallow bottom. The guys assured us the water is over 30′ deep at the cliff so we climbed up a short ways and jumped in. The guys were daring us to jump from the top, but they didn’t do it either. We saw other people jump from there. The water was chilly, but not cold and felt good. I was a little embarrassed that my nipples were pushing against my top and showing, but decided it was not a big deal. After playing in the water there for a while the guys suggested going farther up the lake to find a quiet beach for swimming, sunning and lunch.

We went quite a ways up the lake and Greg beached the boat on a nice beach that was quiet and alone. We got out and played there. Before long, Sarah took her top off. Not real long after that, we heard another boat and she had to put it back on. Not wanting to get burned our first day out, we put our coverups back on and had lunch and drank a beer. Soon we were back in the water again and when Sarah took her top off, with Sarah’s encouragement, I finally took mine off too.

Later, Sarah said she and Greg were going for a little hike to look around. She put on her coverup, but not her bikini top, grabbed her beach towel and the two of them went walking away on a trail up the hill. I knew she intended to follow through on her intention to sleep with Greg. I was worried about rattlesnakes, but Charlie assured me they aren’t that common and Greg would watch out for Sarah.

After Sarah and Greg were out of sight, Charlie and I were swimming and enjoying the water. Charlie kissed me once in while and while his chest against my bare breasts felt good, I felt a little guilty about it. Still, I didn’t stop him when he put his hands on my bikini bottoms and pulled me into him so I could feel his hard dick against my clit again. He started to undo the ties at the side of my bikini bottoms, but I stopped him.

It was a full hour before Sarah and Greg returned and Sarah had a big smile on her face. Greg whispered something to Charlie and Sarah gave me a thumbs up and asked how Charlie and I were getting along. I didn’t ask her the obvious question. By then I was concerned about the sun and had put my coverup back on, although not my bikini top. We started heading back down the lake and got back to the marina at about 6:30. We trailered the boat and then Greg left it at the parking lot.

We went back to the our cabin and Sarah immediately went into her bedroom with Greg. Charlie and I sat on the couch and kissed. He ran his hand under my coverup and worked on my breasts. I didn’t want Sarah and Greg to walk in on us, so I took Charlie to my room. Shortly after, I heard Sarah’s door open and then the bathroom door close.

We sat on my bahis siteleri bed and Charlie began to kiss me again. I let him take my coverup off and then I was on my back with him half on top of me kissing me and his hands roaming over my body. I was intensely turned on and failed to pay attention as he undid the ties at the sides of my bikini bottoms and took his swimsuit off. I did notice that my bikini bottoms were no longer covering me at all, but I felt to turned on that I did not stop Charlie as he got between my legs. His bare and hard dick felt very good on my clit with the shaft between my labia and I thought since Steve and I did this, I could control it with Charlie.

The result was that as Charlie moved lower on me, I did not stop him and soon I felt the head of his dick at the opening of my vagina. I was thinking I have to stop this now. The first time he began to push into me it felt good, but I told him not to put it in. He moved back up, the head was not at the opening. Still, I was pretty powerless when he moved down again and he finally slid his dick all the way into me. I felt a little stretched at first, but it also felt very good. Charlie kissed me as I started rock against his pelvis and then he began to move in and out. Charlie knew what he was doing. He would push deep into me and hold against me as I rocked against him and suddenly I had the most incredible climax, I grabbed his butt and pulled him tight against me. I never knew a climax would feel that much better with a guy’s dick in me than it did just dry humping.

Charlie just held still inside me for at least a full minute. When I moved my hands up to his back he began to move in and out of me again. I can’t even describe how that felt, except it felt very good. Then he pushed deep into me and I felt his dick pulse in me. I had two thoughts; wow that feels almost as good as a climax, and I hope I don’t get pregnant. I thought about this later and decided since my last period started almost three weeks before, I was pretty safe. We lay together and I just enjoyed the feelings as I had what felt like mini climaxes as my vagina contracted around him.

After a while, Charlie pulled out of me. I was very surprised at how much of his semen came running out of me. I grabbed a kleenex, handed it to Charlie and wiped myself with another one. Charlie was still hard, and I noticed he as the same size as Steve in that department. That was the first time I actually saw his dick.

I had heard the bathroom door open a couple of minutes before, so I looked out of the bedroom door and saw Sarah’s door was closed, so we both went naked into the bathroom to shower. I had showered with Steve before, but this was different. After showering, I wrapped a towel around me and Charlie wrapped one around his waist and I came out of the bathroom face to face with Sarah and Greg coming out of her room. I was embarrassed and went right into my room with Charlie.

I brushed my hair and Charlie put his swimsuit back on and headed out to the pickup to get some regular clothes. When he came back in he knocked at my door and I let him in. When I had put on some makeup, I dropped my towel on the bed and went to the dresser to get panties and a bra. After I put my panties on, Charlie suggested I leave my bra off, but I decided I would feel more comfortable with one on. I let him pick out a dress and he chose a short, sleeveless dress with an a-line skirt.

When we came out of my room, Sarah pointed out she was starving and suggested we go over to Laughlin for dinner. Charlie suggested he take me to Bubba Gumps. Sarah did not care for that idea so she and Greg went in his truck while Charlie and I went over in the rental car.

We had a wonderful dinner, with wine. During dinner, I told Charlie that today had been my first time. He told me I am really good and he was glad he got to be my first. It was clear he was experienced, but I decided against asking how many other girls he had slept with.

After dinner we went walking along the river. We stopped in private places to kiss and I did not object when Charlie ran his hands under my dress and sometimes into my panties. He objected to my bra being in the way so I took it off and put it in my purse. Other girls will know how that is done. He also wanted me to take my panties off, but I refused.

Then we went back to the cabin and got undressed in front of each other and had sex again. It wasn’t quite as exciting as the first time, but felt very good. I fell asleep with him still in me and woke up when I heard Sarah and Greg come in. I heard them go into Sarah’s room. Charlie was no longer on top of me, so I snuggled against him. After a while, he moved on top of me and we had sex again.

I think it was after midnight when I heard Sarah’s bedroom door open and then the sound of the toilet flushing. Greg knocked at my door and told Charlie they needed to get going. Charlie got dressed and I put on a sleep shirt and panties and we went out. Greg told us they had to work all day but asked bahis şirketleri if they could meet us after work. We of course said yes. They promised to pick us up just after 5:00.

The next day, Friday, we were on our own. Charlie had told me about Oatman, a ghost town not far away, so we decided to go there. We dressed in jeans and tee shirts with walking shoes and headed out. On the way, Sarah interrogated me about sex with Charlie. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I admitted it was good and maybe I had been missing out on something. I also told her I felt bad about cheating on Steve. She pointed out we were not engaged yet, so it wasn’t really cheating. I didn’t really agree, but I knew I was not done having sex with Charlie.

Oatman was very interesting. It is an authentic mining town that closed down in the early 1940s. There were donkeys in the streets, except they called them burros. People fed them and they were very friendly as they came up to us to see if we had food for them. Oatman was named after a girl named Olive Oatman who had been kidnapped by Indians in the 1800s and later freed. At Oatman we saw the room where Clark Cable and Carol Lombard spent the first night of their honeymoon, although others said that wasn’t true. I thought about having sex with Charlie in there.

We had lunch and a beer in Oatman and then headed back down by the river. We stopped at Kohls and Target to shop and I bought a dress that I thought Charlie would like, it was a sleeveless sundress with a full skirt. Sarah told me he would like new lingerie better, but I did not see anything I like enough to buy. Sarah bought a matching black panty and bra set. I could not get her to buy the dress I thought looked really good on her.

We went back to the cabin around 4:30 and showered before dressing for the guys. They came over right after work and Charlie wanted to take a shower. Sarah and Greg had disappeared into her room so Charlie undressed in my room and walked naked to the bathroom. I was in the kitchen straightening things out when I heard the bathroom door open. He came out with a towel around his waist and we went into my bedroom. He dropped the towel and began to kiss me. Soon, I was on my back on the bed and he had his hands under my dress pulling my panties down. When my panties were off he put his face between my legs and began to kiss and lick me. He was very talented with his tongue, but I wanted to feel his dick in me, especially when I was getting close to a climax. I finally got him to move up and he entered me. I climaxed pretty quickly and then shortly after that I felt him pulsing inside me again.

We got up and he got dressed while I put my panties back on and went into the bathroom to put a panty liner in them. Right after Charlie got his shoes on, I heard Sarah’s door open and Greg and she came out.

Friday’s in Laughlin are more lively than week nights. We enjoyed dinner, walking, kissing, music, more kissing and beers. I got rid of the panty liner when I peed so Charlie didn’t find it when he fingered me. It was not all that late that I told Charlie I wanted to go back to the cabin. Sarah was in agreement so we got in the car and headed back.

Charlie and Greg spent the night with us. We had sex when we got in bed and again in the morning when I woke up. Then we showered together. As we came out of the bathroom wrapped in towels, Greg and Sarah came out of her room completely naked and went into the bathroom for their shower. I was embarrassed about seeing Greg naked, but a little annoyed at the way Charlie eyed Sarah.

I got dressed in blue polo shirt and tan shorts with sneakers. Charlie complained about my not wearing a skirt, so I told him maybe tomorrow. When we were dressed we went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. When Greg and Sarah were dressed and joined us, I noticed those guys ate a lot. We went through a full dozen eggs and I only had one.

Charlie suggested that instead of Lake Mohave taking the boat down to Lake Havasu. I liked this idea since I wanted to see London Bridge and every college girl is supposed to go to Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu is pretty interesting. This rich guy built a city around London Bridge, which he had shipped from England and rebuilt over some bare land. Then he dug a canal under the bridge and created a really nice channel. It was clearly party time all along that canal.

After going through the canal we went farther down the lake. The guys found a quiet cove where Sarah and I could change into our bikinis. It meant being naked in front of Greg, but I found it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. The water in Lake Havasu is warmer than Lake Mohave, but the boaters on the lake are wilder. Still, we had a good day on the lake.

It was after dark when we trailered the boat and headed back to Davis Camp. We had a simple dinner at Lake Havasu City since the drive back was fairly long.

When we got back to our cabin, we didn’t feel like going over to the casinos. We took showers and we just sat in the living room and had some beers while watching a movie. I was wearing just a sleep shirt and panties while Sarah had on similar top and tap pants. We didn’t even finish the movie before Charlie suggested we go to my room.

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