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Lezzy Sleepover!

Desperate Housewives

Lezzy Sleepover!The girls:Tina, 23 years old (34B-24-35), 5’4″ tall. A very pretty brunette with a slim, tight body from years of doing yoga. She has firm and perky tits and a completely shaved pussy with a piercing in her clit. She enjoys being in charge and takes great pleasure in fucking her girlfriend Lisa in both her holes with one of her big strap-ons.Lisa, 21 years old (35B-25-35), 5’3″ tall. This hot blonde is the typical sex kitten type. Her body toned from the gym and her skin tanned with no tan lines to be found anywhere. She also keeps her pussy completely shaved, since Tina introduced her to that a few years ago.Mia, 24 years old (34C-23-34), 5’1″ tall. Tina and Lisa’s neighbor and a cute Asian girl. She’s petite, but has large, fake tits. They’ve been done rather tastefully, so they don’t seem too outlandish on her small frame. Her pussy is shaved like the other two girls, but she keeps a small heart-shaped patch above her mound.—–Tina and Lisa’s apartment, Friday night – 8pm.So there she was. On her hands and knees on their bed once again.She was blindfolded and her wrists were tied to the headboard of the bed with a piece of soft rope. She could have torn herself free if she wanted to, but she had no intentions of doing that.There was no sound to be heard, except for the low buzz of the vibrator stuck in her pussy. She could feel her juices running down her legs and she was just wishing Tina would come back and finish the job, she’d been on the brink of an orgasm for what seemed like ages now.She had no idea how long she had been there, but it probably hadn’t been more than 10 minutes ago that Tina had whispered in her ear that she was going to get ‘something’ to help her out with satisfying her slutty girlfriend. She was wondering what that something would be, just as she heard the door to the apartment open and close and then voices. Female voices. One of them was Tina, but she couldn’t make out who the other voice belonged to.A few minutes passed, while she listened to the two girls talk in the living room. The door was closed, so she could only make out a few words here and there. She was pretty sure the words fuck and slut were mentioned several times.She bit her lip in anticipation. What did Tina have planned for her? To let another girl fuck her? She could hardly wait to find out, the tingling sensation in her pussy increased in intensity just thinking about it.Finally, the voices grew louder as Tina and the mystery girl approached the bedroom and opened the door. Luckily, Lisa had no inhibitions showing off her tanned and toned body or she might have been slightly embarassed by being there on the bed, completely naked and exposed in front of a total stranger. Instead, it only excited her more. She was a bit of an exhibitionist.There was a slight pause, then mystery girl spoke. “Wow, you weren’t lying Tina, she really is a total knockout. I can’t wait to fuck her!””Yeah, she’s so hot, I have to pinch myself every time I look at her tasty body. She works out five times a week and keeps a healthy diet. And she loves to fuck, that’s her favorite way of burning calories,” Tina laughed. “And she’s such a naughty little slut, you’d never guess it by looking at her.”It was true, Lisa felt her excitement take control, listening to them talk about her, as if she wasn’t right there in front of them. She felt her orgasm crash down on her and she moaned and writhed there on the bed, unable to hold back any longer.She heard mystery girl laugh, “Oh I believe it, now I’m just wondering where to start. Should I start with her juicy tits, her firm ass or that very sexy shaved pussy of hers? Hmm.. I think I’ll start with her tits, do you have some nipple clamps?””We sure do, you’ll find all you need in the top drawer over there,” Tina replied, pointing to the chest of drawers next to the bed. “There should be enough toys there to keep us busy all night!”Mystery girl nodded with a mischievous smile on her face, then she walked over to the drawer and pulled it open. “Oh, that’s quite a nice assortment you have here, you two are really kinky sluts, huh?” She winked at Tina, while rummaging around among the many toys, looking for a pair of nipple clamps.”You bet we are! We just love playing with our toys.” Tina was getting quite aroused herself, having her incredibly hot girlfriend tied to the bed with her ass up in the air and a buzzing vibrator working its magic in her pussy, all the while talking to their new neighbor Mia about how they should fuck her. She could feel her own pussy getting wet and couldn’t wait to get down and dirty with these two hot girls.Mia found what she was looking for and held up a pair of nipple clamps with small weights attached. “These will do nicely I think.” She walked over to the bed and smacked Lisa on her ass with the back of her right hand. “So, Tina says you’re a little sex slut that wants to get fucked really hard and rough, is that true? Oh and I’m Mia, your new neighbor.”Lisa was just recovering from her previous orgasm and was squirming with pleasure. “Mmmm so nice to meet you Mia and yes, it IS true! What do you want to do to me?” She purred and tilted her head back while wiggling her ass with the buzzing vibrator still in her pussy.”Well, first I’ll put these nipple clamps on those nice tits of yours and then I’ll spank your ass a bit before I fuck your sexy, shaved pussy. How does that sound, slut?” She grabbed Lisa’s tits and squeezed them hard, then she started pinching the nipples and attached the clamps tightly, letting the weights fall down, pulling at the firm globes. “You have beautiful tits slut, they will be fun to abuse later.”The weights pulling at her nipples made Lisa moan in delight, she had a feeling she would be well and truly fucked all night and she felt another orgasm building slowly just by thinking of it.The blindfold was suddenly removed and feeling slightly disoriented, she looked around, trying to see who had pulled it off her. It was Tina, she was on her left side on the bed and she leaned down to kiss Lisa on her neck, before sliding her tongue downwards, to her clamped nipples. She flicked the weights with her tongue, making them swing back and forth, pulling at Lisa’s nipples even more, causing her to moan louder.Lisa turned her head and could now for the first time see what Mia looked like. She was very hot! She was an Asian girl, not very tall, but with a deep tan on her incredible body. She had big tits that were obviously fake, but well proportioned to her small frame.She was going through the selection of toys again and almost triumphantly, she pulled out a huge, pink strap-on, holding it up in the air. She smiled down at Lisa, “So, slut.. is this what you want in that tight, smooth pussy of yours?” She was strapping it on in the mean time, obviously not going to take no for an answer.Lisa nodded vigorously, “Yes please Mia! Please stuff it in there! I’ll be a good little slut and take it all!”Mia would have fucked her anyway, but having a compliant slut just made it more fun. She poured a bit of lube on the huge cock strapped between her legs, with 9 inches in length and 2½ inches wide, she didn’t want to hurt Lisa’s tight pussy. She crawled onto the bed behind Lisa’s wiggling ass and in one swift move, pulled the buzzing vibrator from the hot blondes dripping pussy.Lisa gasped when the vibrator was extracted from her wet hole and she could feel the cool air rushing in, as her pussy was still a little distended from having the vibrator stretching it out for over half an hour. She couldn’t enjoy cooling it off for long though, as Mia was already working on stuffing her huge strap-on deep inside Lisa’s shaved cunt.”Mmmmmmm! That feels so good Mia, fuck me hard with your big cock!” The blonde was pleading.Tina had crawled up at the head of the bed and had grabbed Lisa’s hair and forced her head in between her legs, making her eat her dripping pussy and muffling her girlfriends pleas for Mia to fuck her harder.”Oh don’t you worry, you little slut, I’ll fuck you really hard!” Mia replied, as she grabbed Lisa’s hips and drove all 9 inches into her pussy, while she spanked her firm ass at the same time. “Such a great ass you have, maybe I’ll fuck that later if I think you deserve it.”She grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed out a little on one of her fingers, then she ran it around the edge of Lisa’s tight little asshole. “I’ll put this huge strap-on right in there,” she said, as she penetrated the blondes tight ass with the tip of her finger.The thought of having this hot girl fuck her in the ass with a huge strap-on, made Lisa moan and wriggle even more, as she was eating out Tina’s delicious, juicy pussy. Tina had a good hold on her hair now, not letting her up except to catch her breath every now and then. Both of them were nearing an orgasm, the first one for Tina, but Lisa had lost count of hers a while ago. Mia was pounding her pussy with that strap-on, while fingering her ass too and it was all too much for her as the orgasm took over.Tina came not long after. Her horny girlfriend was a real master at eating her pussy and she did all she could to keep Lisa’s tongue on her clit as she was thrashing around with orgasmic spasms. When her body had calmed down, she got up off the bed and walked over to the toy drawer. She knew exactly what she was looking for, she wanted to fuck Mia while she was fucking her girlfriend.With a wicked grin on her face, she pulled out an 11 inch strap-on. It was truly massive, around 3 inches wide. She didn’t fuck Lisa with it that often, since it took a lot of preparation for her little blonde slut to take it all, but when she did, they both came like crazy.Mia was far too busy fucking Lisa’s tight pussy and fingering her ass to notice what Tina was up to, so it came as a bit of a shock when she felt what seemed like a baseball bat poking at the entrance to her cunt. She looked back and her eyes widened when she saw Tinas slim figure with that obscene cock strapped between her legs. “Oh, you two are such horny sluts! You want to fuck my pussy while I fuck your girlfriend, huh?” Mia smiled back at Tina.”You bet I do Mia!” Tina replied with an evil grin. “If I can make it fit in there, your pussy is so tight.” She poured more lube all over the strap-on and struggled a bit more, trying to squeeze it in the tight opening. Finally, the head popped in and Mia started moaning loudly.Tina grabbed the hot Asians hips and slowly started pushing the monster strap-on deeper inside her tight cunt. It was hard work and she had to pull out and lube it up several times to make it go deeper. She was quite sure that Mia had never had anything this big in her pussy before.Mia had slowed down fucking Lisa, it was all she could do just to keep her own strap-on in the blondes pussy while she felt her own pussy being stretched by Tina’s ridiculously huge fake cock. She had pushed deep inside Lisa and was lying on top of her, with her tits squeezed against her back, trying to get used to the monster making its way inside her.Once she felt reasonably comfortable, she started fucking Lisa again, trying to move back as Tina was moving forward, she really wanted to feel that monster all the way in her. She let go of Lisa’s hips, Tina was setting the pace now anyway, so she reached down and started playing with the blondes tits instead, flicking her nipples, causing the weights to swing even more than they were already.They fucked like that for around 20 minutes before collapsing in a pile on the bed, Lisa and Mia slumped on their sides, with the Asians big strap-on still embedded deep in the blondes pussy. Tina rolled onto her back and just stayed there panting after her furious pounding of Mia’s tight little cunt. All 11 inches of her strap-on stood up in the air, glistening with Mia’s juices, like some trophy for her efforts.Lisa was the first one to recover and still moaning with the sensation of her pussy being stuffed, she looked over at Tina and got a wicked smile on her face looking at her girlfriends monster strap-on. “I’ve got to get me some of that,” she thought, and reluctantly pulled herself forward, making Mia’s strap-on slip out of her pussy. She undid the rope around her wrists and climbed on top of Tina and carefully lowered herself onto the shiny pole, letting out a long moan as inch after inch made its way deep inside her tight cunt.Tina felt the energy return, watching her slutty girlfriend mount her huge cock. She grabbed the hot blondes waist and pulled her down, while thrusting her own hips up, making all 11 inches disappear into the little sluts pussy.Lisa was screaming, “Oh fuck! Ram that cock in my pussy, it’s so BIG!” Then she started bouncing up and down on the massive pole, grabbing on to Tina’s tits for balance.Mia got up on her knees and started stroking her fake cock, just like it was a real one. It was still wet with Lisa’s juices. “You two girls are so hot! I feel like playing some more with this cock, but where to put it?” She giggled.Tina smiled at her with a mischievous look on her face, “I bet Lisa would love to take it up the ass, isn’t that right my little slut?”Lisa almost came from the thought alone, “Oh God, yes! Stick it up my tight little ass and pound it really hard!”That was all Mia needed to hear, so she got up behind Lisa and grabbed the bottle of lube, squeezing out a generous amount all over the hot blondes ass and up and down all 9 inches of her strap-on. Then she gently pushed Lisa forwards, while Tina grabbed her girlfriends asscheeks and held them apart, making it easier for Mia to stuff her big strap-on up Lisa’s tight little butt.Lisa tried to relax, she’d been fucked in the ass before many times by Tina, but never with such a huge cock stuffed in her pussy at the same time. She desperately wanted Mia to just ram it in there and fuck her brains out.Mia aimed her cock at Lisa’s tight opening and gently began pushing and prodding, trying to squeeze it in. “Here it comes little slut!” With those words, she pushed hard and watched with admiration as the hot blondes asshole accepted inch after inch of her cock until she’d gotten it all the way in.”Oh yes! Fuck me Mia! Pound my little ass!” Lisa screamed, overcome by yet another orgasm.Mia laughed. “What the slut wants, the slut gets!” She began moving her strap-on slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace.Tina was doing the same and bursa escort before long, they’d gotten into a good rhythm alternating their thrusts. Occasionally, Tina would ram her cock all the way in Lisa’s pussy and Mia would go into frenzy mode and just pound the blondes ass with reckless abandon.Lisa was screaming and moaning and calling out for them to fuck her harder all at the same time. She felt like one constant orgasm and after about half an hour of having her holes roughly pounded like that, she passed out and slumped on top of Tina.Mia grinned wickedly, “I think she liked it.”Tina laughed, “She definitely liked it. I’m gonna keep fucking her till I get my orgasm though, you should do the same.”Mia grabbed the blondes waist and resumed pounding her ass, “Oh that’s just naughty, fucking a passed out slut, but I was so close to cumming!” The two girls kept fucking her until they came and totally exhausted fell on the bed next to her passed out body. “That was so much fun Tina, thanks for inviting me over!””Oh you’re welcome Mia, but we’re not done yet though, we have the rest of the night to play with our little slave here. After we get a little breather and she wakes up again that is,” Tina giggled.”Haha, ok I’d love to stay for more! But what are we going to do to her next though?” Mia looked down at the blonde, then over at Tina questioningly.”I’m sure we can think of something,” Tina replied, lazily stroking her 11 inch strap-on while she smiled at Mia.”I have an idea for later.” Tina winked at Mia. “But first I want to eat that sexy pussy of yours, so take off your strap-on. Keep it close, we’ll need it later though.” Tina removed her own strap-on as well and put it on the nightstand, then she climbed on top of Mia in a 69 position and started licking the hot Asians shaved cunt.Mia was squirming with pleasure, she’d been with several girls before, but never one this skilled at eating pussy. She reached up and grabbed Tina’s firm ass, while sticking her tongue out and teasing the pierced clit of this horny lesbian. Both Tina and Lisa had shaved their pussies completely bare, it was obvious they enjoyed the smooth feel and she certainly couldn’t blame them. “So what’s this idea for later?” She inquired.”You’ll have to wait and see, it’s pretty naughty though. I hope you’ll like it.” Tina giggled.Mia laughed, “I’m sure I will, I like it naughty!” She licked up and down Tina’s wet slit and stuck her tongue deep inside the warm hole. “You have such a nice pussy, it’s just as nice as your little sluts cunt.””Well yours certainly isn’t bad either,” Tina mumbled, licking at Mia’s clit while she had two fingers buried in the sticky opening.Lisa began moaning and she slowly opened her eyes, looking around groggily. It took her a few seconds to remember where she was and what was going on, the last thing she recalled was passing out from Tina and Mia’s relentless fucking of her with those huge strap-ons. She reached down between her legs and gently ran a finger across her sore and distended holes, eliciting another delightful moan. Then she noticed her girlfriend and the sexy neighbor locked in a 69, furiously beating away at each others pussies with their fingers, totally oblivious to her waking up. She rolled onto her side and enjoyed the show with a lustful expression, letting a finger slide into her stretched pussy while she played with the weights hanging from her nipple clamps.Both girls exploded in an orgasm at the same time and when their bodies calmed down, Tina noticed Lisa watching them and fingering herself at the same time. “Oh look who’s awake! Hey gorgeous! Ready for some more kinky fun?”Lisa smiled wickedly. “When am I not? As long as you promise to fuck me till I pass out again.” She giggled.”Oh you can be sure we’ll try,” Mia laughed.Tina got up off the bed and went over to the toy drawer. Then she pulled out three double-ended dildos, all the same size around 24 inches long and 2 inches wide. “Time to play with these! Six ends for six holes!” Mia and Lisa gasped, but both were totally horny and wanted to play. “Lisa get on your hands and knees, Mia get on top of her with your pussy above hers.” Both girls did as they were told and Tina started lubing all three dildos up, then she took a moment to enjoy the view, with her hot blonde girlfriend on her hands and knees with her legs spread out almost so she was lying prone and their sexy Asian neighbor on top of her, her delicious tits squished against Lisa’s back and her legs wrapped around her waist. They were both breathing heavily and were obviously extremely turned on.”Hmm lets see, where should I start? From Lisa’s ass to Mia’s pussy, then from Mia’s ass to my pussy and one from my ass to Lisa’s pussy. I think I’ll start with that one.” Tina stacked a few of their big pillows on the bed, then got on her back and scooted close to the two girls on their hands and knees, so both her holes would be close to theirs. Then she slowly inserted one end of one of the dildos in her ass, sliding it a third of the way in, the other end she stuck in Lisa’s pussy that was still gaping a little from her rough fucking earlier. “So far, so good.” She took another dildo and put it against Lisa’s ass, but then she felt her girlfriends hand on her wrist, guiding it down to her already full pussy.”Stick it in there with the other one and really stuff my pussy!” Lisa begged.”You nasty slut! You want two big cocks in your pussy, huh?” Tina asked, already aware of what the answer would be.”Oh yes! Really stretch it out good please! And then you can do my ass later.” Lisa replied, wiggling around as much as she could with Mia lying on top of her.Tina was always pleasantly surprised, just how much of a nasty little whore her girlfriend could be. She squeezed two fingers in next to the dildo already in her sluts wet pussy and stretched it out a little more, before gently pushing the tip forward, inching the second cock inside that dripping tight hole. Lisa was moaning and whimpering, wanting nothing more than for Tina to ram those cocks in her pussy. She got her wish. When Tina had gotten the second cock inside a few inches, she roughly shoved it in further, until it was as deep as the other one.”Ok, one little slut stretched, now to the second one!” Tina giggled, smacking Mia’s firm ass a few times. Then she took the free end of the second cock in Lisa’s pussy and bent it upwards, rubbing it along Mia’s slit, lubricating it a bit more before plunging it inside the hot Asians cunt. Mia had been waiting patiently for her turn, playing with the nipple clamps still attached to Lisa’s delicious tits, wondering why the blonde hadn’t pulled them off when she had the chance. Now she could just moan as her pussy was getting stuffed with fake cock.Tina pushed the cock deep inside Mia’s wet hole, making sure it didn’t slide back out, before she grabbed the third and last toy. This one, she pushed inside her own pussy first, having a bit of a hard time making it fit, since she already had one in her ass, tightening her up a bit. Slowly, she got it in and when it was buried 10 inches inside of her, she grabbed the other end and began poking around Mia’s tight butt.Mia had never been DP’ed before and here she was lying on top of a hot blonde lesbian slut with a big cock stuffed in her pussy, waiting for another hot lesbian to shove a cock up her ass. She was no stranger to anal sex though, her ex-girlfriend had enjoyed fucking her in the ass with their strap-ons more often than not and Mia definitely didn’t mind repaying the favor either. And she was so horny, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this excited, she’d had more orgasms with these two girls during the evening than the last few months combined.With a firm grip on the fake cock, Tina shoved it hard up Mia’s tight butt, not stopping until it was at least 10 inches inside. With all of the girls now having their pussy and ass filled (except for Lisa that had both in her pussy), she started rocking back and forth, causing all their dildos to push in and out of their stretched holes. It was quite a strange feeling, fucking both these girls at the same time as she was fucking herself, but it felt great and they were all moaning and writhing before long.They fucked like this for a good while until their knees and leg muscles hurt from the exhaustion. Tina finally let herself slide backwards, making the cocks slip out of her pussy and ass. She helped Mia up, but told Lisa to stay on her hands and knees and keep those two cocks in her pussy. Tina went for her 11 inch strap-on and quickly put it on. “She did say I could do her ass later, what do you think Mia? Will this fit in there with those two cocks stretching her pussy out already?”Mia’s eyes widened. “Hmm. I don’t know, it’s awfully big.”Lisa was getting close to yet another orgasm and was in no mood to be left hanging like this. She looked back over her shoulder and put on her sluttiest smile. “Just put it in already! Ram that monster up my tight ass and fuck me really hard, you can make it fit I’m sure!” She reached back and pulled her asscheeks apart.Tina laughed. “Well, I guess that settles it then.” She smacked the firm ass in front of her, then grabbed the lube and made sure her obscene cock was as slick as it could possibly get. She inserted a finger inside Lisa’s tight hole and twisted it around, teasing her hot girlfriend. Another finger went in and she could barely slide them in and out, it was so tight, it made her wonder how she would make the huge strap-on fit. There was only one way to find out though and with a firm push, the tip of her cock slipped inside, causing a near-instant orgasm for Lisa.Slowly, the huge cock inched it’s way deeper inside Lisa’s tight ass. Mia had climbed below both the other girls and was busy licking the blondes clit, while stimulating it with her fingers. Occasionally, she would reach up and flick the weights that were somehow still attached to the nipple clamps on Lisa’s tits.After a while, and with numerous pitstops to apply more lube to her oversized fake cock, Tina finally managed to get it all the way inside her girlfriends back door. Grabbing her waist, she now began fucking it with a relentless rhythm, making Lisa scream in pleasure each time that huge cock drove into her.”I better do something about that screaming,” Mia giggled. “Can’t have her wake up the neighbors, right?” She winked at Tina.”Yeah, good idea. If all our neighbors were as hot as you, I wouldn’t mind waking them up though,” Tina laughed.Mia got up and put her strap-on back on, then she climbed back on the bed in front of Lisa, who had her eyes closed, completely lost in the experience of Tina’s huge cock ramming her tight ass. She felt something poke at her lips and when she opened her eyes, she was quite surprised to see Mia kneeling there with that big dick strapped between her legs.”Suck it, slut!” Mia grinned wickedly, as she grabbed the blondes hair and forced the strap-on past her lips.Lisa gasped for air, but was still so incredibly horny, that she hungrily started sucking the big cock forcing it’s way down her throat, giving it one of the best, but completely unnecessary, blowjobs ever.Tina had gotten a good grip on her waist now and was pounding into her with no mercy. She would sometimes slow down a bit to smack her firm ass before resuming the relentless fucking. The little bumps on the back of the harness was rubbing against her clit as she rammed the strap-on deep inside her girlfriends ass and was getting her close to an overwhelming orgasm.Lisa was seeing stars, literally, and was doing all she could to keep the focus on the strap-on thrusting down her throat. She could see Mia was getting close to cumming, sweat covering her entire body, making her glisten like someone had rubbed oil all over her body. She suspected that Tina and herself looked much the same, they had been fucking non-stop for what felt like hours now.With one final deep thrust, burying all 11 inches of her fake cock inside Lisa’s tight ass, Tina let out a long moan and was overcome by the biggest orgasm of the entire night. She shuddered and fell on the bed next to Lisa, making the strap-on pop out of the blondes ass. She felt like all energy had been drained from her and she could barely muster enough strength to remove the harness, but she needed desperately to finger her pussy a little. The orgasm was still sending shivers down her spine and her fingers were shaking.Lisa came not long after, furiously rubbing her clit, while Mia was still humping her throat. She almost collapsed, but Mia held her up and quickly pulled her purple strap-on out of the blondes mouth and hurried behind her.”I’m not done with you yet, slut! Not until I cum too.” Mia said mischievously. She removed the two dildos from the stretched pussy in front of her and replaced them with her big phallus. Then she grabbed Lisa’s hair and pulled it back roughly, while driving her strap-on rapidly in and out of the soaking entrance. It didn’t take long for her to get a mind shattering orgasm and still moaning, she staggered on her knees and collapsed on the other side of Lisa.All three girls lay panting and heaving for air, until they all drifted off to sleep.When Tina woke up, the sun was shining through the door to the living room and she could hear the birds outside. She sat up and felt the sheets cling to her skin. Her muscles were aching and she felt like she had run a marathon the night before. She stifled a yawn and went to the bathroom, where she could hear someone was in the shower.It was Lisa. She stepped out of the shower as Tina entered the room. “Oh, hi sweetie! Mia had to go to work. She said she would come over tomorrow night though, if we were in. And she would bring a friend.”Tina laughed. “Really? We better get a good nights sleep tonight then,” she said, winking at Lisa.Lisa looked in the mirror one more time. She wore a black mini-skirt with a slit up the side and a matching black top. It showed a lot of her tight stomach and she had unbuttoned all except the two lowest buttons, displaying her perky B-cup tits as they were squished together by a black push-up bra underneath the top. She had picked out black 5-inch stilettos, which were some of her favorite shoes. They really showed off her toned calf muscles perfectly.Tina came in from the living room and stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted bursa escort bayan Lisa. “Wow! You look absolutely stunning baby! Good enough to eat even.” She giggled and lifted up Lisa’s skirt. “And just as I thought, no panties. You are such a slut.” She teasingly smacked Lisa’s ass.Lisa smiled back at her, “I know, just the way you like it. You are looking so hot too!”Tina wore very tight, white pants that were a little transparent, clearly showing her pink thong bikini bottoms underneath. The pants were so low-cut, that the top of her thong was peeking out. All she wore on her upper body was the matching pink bikini top, the tiny triangles barely able to contain her firm tits. She had on pink 6-inch stilettos to complete the look.”Thanks, baby.” She kissed Lisa passionately, while she slid her hands up underneath her girlfriends black skirt and gently fondled her firm ass. “Mmmm I do hope they’re here soon, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you much longer,” she giggled.”They should be here any time now, let me just go and check on the food,” Lisa said, reluctantly wiggling out of Tina’s grasp.Tina went back to the living room and lighted the two candles on the dinner table. She put on some quiet soul music and while she was adjusting her bikini top, the doorbell rang.”I got it baby,” she called out and went to the door and opened it. Outside were two of the sexiest girls she’d ever seen.Mia was dressed in a very short, very sexy burgundy silk dress with an Oriental cut and a flower pattern running diagonally across it. Her dark tan complementing the shiny silk fabric perfectly.The girl next to her was equally sexy, albeit in a more direct kind of way. She had long blonde hair cascading down past her shoulders, a delightful tan and a very pretty face. That wasn’t what got Tina’s attention though. She wore a white, sheer blouse, clinging to her body like a second skin and it did absolutely nothing to hide her huge DD-cups, which were framed in a black half-cup bra, putting her perky nipples clearly on display. A pair of tight, black pants completed the image and making it obvious to anyone that she possessed a firm ass and shapely, long legs.Tina caught herself staring and smiled hurriedly at Mia and the stranger. “Welcome guys, come on in. Lisa is just checking the food, she’ll be right with us. I’m Tina by the way,” she said and reached out her hand to the sexy blonde.”Hi Tina, nice to meet you, I’m Nikki,” she replied and smiled at Tina, clearly appreciating the effect her attire was having on this pretty brunette.”Nikki is my ex, but we still hang out from time to time, when we get the urge,” Mia grinned and winked at Nikki, who laughed and nodded back.They said hello to Lisa and all sat around and had a few drinks before getting seated at the dinner table. Mia and Nikki sat next to each other and Lisa and Tina on the opposite side of the table. They had to remind themselves constantly that it was impolite to stare, but they were finding it very difficult to keep their eyes off Nikki’s luscious breasts.It didn’t take long for them to get past the usual dinner small talk. They found each other to be great company and they soon started talking about sex, which after all, was why they were all there.After dinner, they cleared the table and moved to the more comfortable sofas, where they had a few more drinks. “Oh, we almost forgot dessert,” Tina exclaimed. “And we put away the plates, I guess we’ll have to think of another way to serve it. I think we should draw cards, whoever loses, will be the serving tray for our dessert. Let me just go and get it,” she smiled mischievously.The other girls all laughed and quickly agreed to Tina’s idea and when she came back with a bowl full of strawberries and a jug of cream, Lisa had already gotten the cards ready.”Ok, so the lowest card loses, right?” Lisa said. “And we draw one each from anywhere in the pile.” She shuffled the cards and held out them out in a fan, so Mia, Tina and Nikki could draw one. Then she drew one herself and put the cards away.Mia turned her card over, it was the eight of spades. Tina had the queen of hearts and she let out a breath of relief, but she was actually slightly disappointed. Lisa and Nikki turned theirs over at the same time, Lisa had the four of hearts, but Nikki only had the three of clubs.”Argh, that’s a bad card!” She laughed. “So, what do I have to do?”Tina smiled at her and put a thick blanket on top of the coffee table. “Just strip out of your clothes and lie on your back here, then we’ll do the rest.”All the girls were getting pretty horny and couldn’t wait to see Nikki free those delicious globes from their prison.Nikki unbottuned her tight black pants first, then turned her back to the other three and slowly pulled them down over her firm ass, giving them an excellent view of her tiny black thong underneath. She shimmied out of the pants and turned back around to face them, then she pulled the white blouse over her head, leaving her with just the black half-cup bra and the matching mini thong panties.Mia whistled and cheered. “Keep going, sexy!”Nikki pouted jokingly and then reached behind her and unfastened her bra. It fell to the floor, leaving her huge tits bouncing freely. Much to Tina’s and Lisa’s surprise, it didn’t seem like the bra was needed to hold them up high at all, she had worn it more for show than support. She squeezed them together, carressing them with her hands. “These were a present from my ex-boyfriend,” she said, sensing the impending questions. “I like them a whole lot more than I ever liked him,” she giggled.”No stalling, panties too!” Mia teased.Nikki smiled back at her and slowly let her hands run from her luscious breasts, down across her tight stomach and finally pulling the thong down just a bit, exposing a trimmed landing strip leading to an otherwise bald pussy. She stepped out of the panties and stood there completely naked, letting the girls enjoy the view before lying down on her back on the coffee table. She spread her legs a bit, putting a foot down on each side of the table, exposing her now moist pussy to the rest.The girls all cheered and clapped. Tina stepped up with the bowl of strawberries and carefully started placing them all over Nikki’s naked body. She had sliced them in half, so they wouldn’t tumble down. She placed one on each nipple and five more surrounding the nipples, then one on her belly button and several in a line from her tits to her belly button and finally down to her pussy. A well placed strawberry balanced precariously on Nikki’s clit.”There! And now the cream.” Tina said, as she grabbed the jug of cream and poured the gooey liquid all over the busty blondes tits. It slowly trickled down the sides of those firm globes, making Nikki gasp as the cream came straight from the fridge and was quite cold. The stream of cold cream continued down across her stomach, covering all the strawberries leading to her pussy and finally, Tina made sure to empty the jug between Nikki’s legs.”Ok, dig in girls!” Tina said, as she smiled at Lisa and Mia. “But no touching this tit, it’s all mine.” She got down on her knees and started licking the side of Nikki’s right breast, slurping up the cream before moving on to the strawberries around the nipple. She flicked her tongue teasingly at the perky nipple after eating the strawberry that covered it.Meanwhile, Lisa had licked Nikki’s left boob completely clean and had gobbled up the strawberries in a few greedy mouthfuls, now she was just sucking on the nipple.Mia was busy working her way down Nikki’s stomach, leaving a few of the strawberry slices for the others. She wanted a piece of that creamed up pussy so bad and she quickly licked a trail clean all the way to the strawberry slice resting on Nikki’s clit. The thick cream completely covered the bald pussy in front of her, so she hungrily dug in, licking up and down the slit.Nikki was beginning to enjoy these three tongues roaming all over her body and she knew that her approaching orgasm would just be one of many this evening.After a few minutes, Nikki was almost licked clean and Tina fed her a couple slices of strawberry before helping her up.”That was the best dessert I’ve had in a while,” Tina said. “Lisa be a sweetie and get a towel, would you? I’ll get a few other things in the mean time.” She went into the bedroom, while Lisa went to the kitchen to get a towel.Lisa came back and wiped the remaining cream off of Nikki, making especially sure that her huge tits were impeccably clean.”I enjoyed that a lot,” Nikki said, smiling.”I hope you’ll enjoy these too,” Tina said, as she came back from the bedroom. She was carrying two 10 inch strap-on dildos and between her legs was strapped a familiar (to Lisa and Mia) 11 inch cock. She had also stripped out of her tight pants and the pink bikini, so she was now completely naked except for her stilettos and the ridiculously huge strap-on.She gestured at Mia and Lisa. “You two get naked as well and then put these on,” she said, handing each of the girls a strap-on. “We’re going to give Nikki a really good fucking!”While the girls undressed, Tina grabbed Nikki’s shoulders and pushed her down on her knees. “Suck this and get it nice and slick for your pussy, slut. Mia told me how much you enjoy being dominated, so that’s what we’re going to do.” She paused briefly, to give Nikki a chance to back out if she wasn’t up for it, but the big-titted blonde just smiled sexily up at her and started sucking the massive fake cock.Mia’s dress had a row of buttons going down one side and she carefully unbuttoned them one by one and when the last button was undone, the little silk dress fell to the floor, exposing her slim frame. Her C-cup tits stood proud, high on her chest (which wasn’t so strange, as they were fake). She attached the harness with the 10 inch dildo securely, making sure all the little nubs on the back of it were in the right place, so she would get as much enjoyment out of her fucking as the one being fucked by her.Lisa pulled her top over her head and opened the single clasp holding her skirt in place. She unfastened her bra and tossed all three items of clothing onto a nearby chair. Her body gym-toned to perfection and with her all over tan, she looked incredibly sexy pulling on the other 10 inch strap-on.Meanwhile, Nikki (who had a vast amount of experience sucking cocks, real as well as fake), had almost managed to get all of Tina’s 11 inches down her throat. Tina had a firm grip on Nikki’s hair and was pulling her head towards her as she thrusted her hips forward, driving her strap-on deeper and deeper.”You are a nasty little slut, aren’t you?” Tina said, as she released the grip on Nikki’s hair. “I think it’s slick enough now, I want you to put it in that tight little pussy of yours and ride it hard,” she said, as she got on her back on the coffee table, her strap-on sticking straight up in the air.”Yes, Mistress Tina,” Nikki said with a sexy voice and climbed on top of the hot brunette, sliding the obscene strap-on almost all the way in her pussy. She was so turned on and soaking wet that no lube was needed even for a cock this size. She had her feet on the floor on each side of the coffee table and began a slow and steady rhythm, sliding her wet hole up and down the huge pole.Tina reached up and started pulling and twisting the nipples on those big, soft tits bouncing above her. “These tits are so nice, I just can’t stop playing with them. I wonder if our little slut here likes getting them spanked too,” she said, slapping them lightly from side to side with her right hand, watching for Nikki’s reaction.”Oh yes I do, I LOVE that, as long as you smack them hard enough,” Nikki said, with a mischievous smile.”I thought so.” Tina smiled back at her and started slapping them quite hard, leaving faint red marks on the side of those delicious globes. “I think it’s time for Nikki to get a cock up her ass too, who wants that job?” She looked up at Mia and Lisa.”You go ahead Lisa, I want to fuck your ass while you fuck Nikki’s,” Mia said, as she gave Lisa a hard smack on her butt.”Mmmm that sounds good, I hope you won’t be gentle,” Lisa teased, as she stepped up behind Nikki. She grabbed the lube bottle and made sure to cover all 10 inches of her strap-on, making it glisten in the light. She put a hand on Nikki’s back and made her lean forward, aiming the big fake cock at the tight entrance in front of her. She pushed the tip inside, holding it there for a few seconds before sliding it deeper.”Oh God yes! Fuck my ass Lisa!” Nikki was shouting, she was on the edge of an orgasm and knew that once she felt the huge cock behind her make it’s way up her ass, then it would crash down on her.Tina was still slapping Nikki’s tits this way and that, occasionally leaning up to suck on the nipples.Lisa had gotten a good grip around Nikki’s waist and was pounding the tight little ass into submission. She wasn’t used to wearing and using strap-ons, she much preferred being on the receiving end, but from time to time, she would wear one and had to admit it was quite good fun too.It didn’t take long for Tina and Lisa to find a rhythm in their thrusts, alternating between filling up Nikki’s pussy and ass.Mia had lubed up her own 10 inch fake cock and was slapping Lisa’s butt with it. She had two fingers in the blondes tight ass, trying to stretch her out before putting her monster phallus in there. “So how do you want it slut? Slow and gentle or hard and rough?” She was pretty sure she knew the answer already, but it was fun to hear it from Lisa’s own mouth.”You silly girl, ram that big cock up my ass and fuck me hard!” Lisa panted.Mia laughed and withdrew her fingers, only to replace them with the tip of her strap-on. She grabbed Lisa around the waist and pushed forward, sliding her cock about halfway inside the tight hole, before pulling it back out and lubing it up again. The second time around, she pushed it even deeper, causing Lisa to whimper and moan, before she again pulled it out and added more lube. Finally, she pushed it all the way in until her thighs slapped against Lisa’s and she started just plowing the toned blondes ass.Lisa was entering her semi-delirious, constant-orgasm state and had a hard time concentrating on the rhythm she and Tina were fucking Nikki with. It was all she could do just to keep her balance. She felt Mia grab her hair and pull escort bursa it back roughly to be able to fuck her tight little ass even harder than before, ramming those 10 inches in her like an angry piston spun out of control.They fucked like this for a while, until Mia couldn’t go on any longer and she fell backwards and slumped into a nearby chair, making her strap-on slip out of Lisa’s ass with a pop.Having nothing to hold her up from behind, Lisa’s knees buckled and she collapsed on the carpet, sweating and panting.Freed from her sandwich, Nikki could now concentrate on the huge cock in her pussy and she kept riding Tina until they both exploded in a powerful orgasm. She stood up on wobbly legs and staggered over to the couch and fell on her side. Her big tits were bright red from Tina’s slapping, but she had enjoyed it so much.Tina rolled off the coffee table and lay next to Lisa on the carpet, completely exhausted. Both girls strap-ons sticking obscenely straight up in the air, slick with pussy juice and lube.”So, what are we doing for round two?” Nikki asked with a grin.Tina laughed. “You were just fucked in your pussy and ass and then you want a round two? I like that attitude! I guess we’ll have to be rough with you then.””Mmmm please, Mistress Tina! I’m your little sex toy tonight, you can do anything you want with me,” Nikki said, almost in a pleading tone of voice.”Lets tie her up, she loves that,” Mia said with a mischievous look.Tina only smiled and nodded. She got up from the floor, feeling invigorated by all these ideas of what they could do to Nikki. She went into the bedroom to retrieve a box and came back and put it on the table, her monster strap-on swinging lewdly between her legs.”Ok, lets see.” She took out a few pieces of soft rope, some leather cuffs and what looked like a studded dog collar. A chain ran from the collar to the cuffs.”Come over here, slut.” Tina said and motioned to Nikki to come to the table. “But crawl, on your hands and knees.”Nikki smiled naughtily and slowly got on her hands and knees, then she crawled towards Tina in an exaggerated writhing motion, her back arched and her big tits bouncing beneath her.On the couch, Mia was resting, lazily stroking her 10 inch strap-on. She enjoyed how it made the little bumps on the back of the harness rub against her clit. Lisa was sucking on her tits, rubbing them gently in slow circles.Nikki stopped at the table and looked up at Tina with her big beautiful eyes. “I’ll be a good pet, I promise Mistress.”Tina smiled down at her and took the cuffs and the collar and went behind the kneeling busty blonde. She pulled Nikki’s hands behind her back and put the cuffs around her wrists. There was only an inch of chain between the two cuffs, so her hands were held together tightly behind her back. The collar was carefully attached around her neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight, but still fitting snugly. She felt Tina pull at the chain running from the collar to the cuffs, tightening it, forcing her head back a little and causing her to arch her back, making her huge tits stick out even more.”There we go,” Tina said and slowly walked around her new pet, nodding in appreciation. She stopped in front of Nikki, her 11 inch fake cock pointing straight at the luscious lips of the kneeling woman.”Suck it, pet!” She hissed and grabbed Nikki’s hair, ready to ram her huge phallus down her throat if she didn’t comply.She had no reason to worry though, Nikki started sucking right away, eager to please her mistress.Tina started thrusting her strap-on down her throat anyway, impressed by Nikki’s ability to take almost all 11 inches without gagging.”That’s a good pet, take all of my cock like that,” she said, moaning from the sensation of the harness rubbing her clit and pussy lips like a lot of little fingers.On the couch, Lisa had removed her strap-on and was busy riding Mia’s instead, still sucking on the sexy Asian’s tits. Mia had her hands on Lisa’s ass and was trying to push her up and down on her cock faster. Both girls were getting close to an orgasm.Tina got a leash from the box and attached it to Nikki’s collar, with the blonde’s mouth still wrapped around her monster cock.”Come pet, we’re joining the others,” Tina said, yanking on the leash she had attached to the collar, forcing Nikki on her feet. Tina slowly walked to the couch and sat down next to Mia.”Ride me pet and face me, so I can spank your tits some more.” Tina was so turned on, she couldn’t believe that this hot blonde was as big a slut as Lisa. She leant back on the couch and helped Nikki mount her enormous cock.Lisa and Mia were just coming down from their orgasm, as Tina and Nikki settled in next to them on the couch. Seeing Nikki with her hands tied behind her back and wearing the slutty collar gave them both a big smile on their faces.As Nikki started bouncing up and down on Tina’s huge strap-on, Lisa dismounted Mia and got on her hands and knees on the couch, facing the two girls fucking next to her. Then she looked back over her shoulder at Mia and teasingly stuck two fingers in her ass.”Fuck me in the ass baby!” Lisa pleaded, holding her ass cheeks apart, giving Mia an excellent view of her tight hole that she had already fucked once tonight.”Well, if you insist.” Mia laughed and got up behind the horny blonde. She didn’t bother with lube this time, her fake cock was already slick with Lisa’s own juices and she grabbed the toned body in front of her and roughly shoved her strap-on all the way inside the tight ass.Tina started slapping Nikki’s tits back and forth again, causing the busty slut to increase the pace at which she was riding the big pole, it was obviously something she got off on.”What is it with these two girls?” Mia jokingly asked Tina as she pounded the entire length of her 10 inch strap-on in and out of Lisa’s willing ass.”I don’t know, it must be a blonde thing.” Tina replied with a smile. “I’m going to need some help with Nikki too, I don’t think one cock is enough for her.” She stopped slapping the bouncing tits in front of her. “Turn around pet and ride my cock with your back to me.””Yes Mistress.” Nikki replied obediently and rotated on Tina, the massive cock still embedded deep in her pussy. Not an easy feat with your hands tied behind your back, but her agile legs made it possible.Tina released Nikki’s hands, so they wouldn’t dig into her stomach as she grabbed the blondes shoulders and pulled her back against her.”Now Mia, if you can leave Lisa’s ass alone for just a few minutes, I need your help stretching Nikki’s pussy.” Tina said.A quick look of horror passed over the big-titted blondes face as she realized they were going to double fuck her pussy with those massive strap-ons, but it quickly gave way to a horny smile. She wanted them to do it so bad.”Of course. I have a feeling this ass is always available to me, isn’t that right Lisa, my little slut?” Mia said, pulling her strap-on out of Lisa’s tight hole.”Mmmm you bet it is, you can come by and give me a hard ass fucking anytime you want.” Lisa replied, smiling at Mia.”I’ll take you up on that offer many times,” Mia laughed. “Now suck my cock, so it’ll be nice and slick for Nikki’s pussy.”Lisa climbed off the couch and eagerly started sucking Mia’s strap-on, making it glisten along the entire length, then she began sucking on Nikki’s tits instead.”Ok, lets see if she can take this in her pussy along with Tina’s,” Mia said and started poking and prodding at Nikki’s wet hole, trying to make her strap-on slide inside next to the huge one already stretching it out.”Damn, I can’t get it in there. Lisa hold her open for me, would you?””Sure!” Lisa grinned and pushed two fingers inside Nikki’s pussy, pressing them up against the monster cock already happily nestled in there, trying to stretch the opening a little bit more. She pushed Tina’s strap-on down and held a small gap open for Mia’s cock. “Quick, push it in there!”Mia quickly seized the opportunity and with a persistent thrust, she managed to slide a few inches inside.”I’m in!” She exclaimed and started pushing deeper.Nikki was whimpering and moaning, stretched beyond anything she had ever experienced. After a while, she felt more and more comfortable and intense pleasure shot through her entire body. She started rocking her hips forward as both girls were fucking her pussy.This in turn spurred them on and they started thrusting hard and deep inside her, sometimes both at once and sometimes one would pull out as the other plunged inside.Lisa was slapping her tits, but Nikki hardly noticed. She was completely focused on the two monster cocks relentlessly pounding her pussy.She was pretty sure she blacked out a few times, but the cocks kept ramming into her, until finally, they pulled out and she felt her body being caressed by several hands and tongues, which seemed to last for ages. She had an overwhelming orgasm and passed out on the couch.”One slut down, one to go,” Tina said with a mischievous smile and her eyes directed at Lisa. “Now it’s your turn baby! We’ll have a little competition and see who of you two blonde sluts can take the most cock. What do you think about that?””Oh I love it! I’m SO going to win,” Lisa laughed. “Where do you want to start?””Well, Mia was busy giving your ass a workout before I interrupted her, so I think she should continue with that and this time I won’t butt in,” Tina grinned.Lisa smiled at Mia and again got on her hands and knees on the couch. She reached back and spread her firm ass cheeks, exposing her well fucked asshole. It was still gaping a little from Mia’s previous visits.”How can you resist that?” Mia grinned and got on the couch behind the toned blonde. She added lots of lube to her strap-on and Lisa’s ass. She thought she was going to need it as she wasn’t going to be gentle.Tina started sucking on Lisa’s nipples, running her hands slowly around those perky, round B-cup tits, even adding some lube to give them a good massage while Mia was busy at the other end.Mia started pushing her fake cock inside Lisa’s ass. It went in quite easily and soon she had all 10 inches deeply buried. “Your little slut amazes me every time, she’s so tight back here, but still takes a 10 inch cock just like that.” Mia said, smiling at Tina.Tina laughed. “Yeah, she’s pretty amazing. I wonder sometimes if there’s anything she can’t stuff in that tight little ass of hers. We should try double fucking her ass, if she can take that, she would beat Nikki in our little competition.”Lisa gasped, she loved being fucked in the ass, but the thought of those two enormous strap-ons going in there was pretty intimidating. It also turned her on like crazy though and she pictured it clearly in her mind as Mia was fucking her from behind.”Oh that could be fun to try!” Mia grinned as she got a firm grip around Lisa’s slender waist and really started pounding into the blondes ass, her hips a blur as they rammed back and forth. “I’ll do my best to stretch her out before we try fitting yours in here as well.”Lisa came twice before Mia was finally done with her ass and she felt the huge strap-on pull out. Her ass was throbbing, but she felt incredibly horny. Tina had been massaging her tits and sucked on her nipples the whole time and she felt like she was bursting with sexual energy.Tina sat down on the couch, stroking her massive strap-on. “Come sit on this, baby!” She said, smiling at Lisa. “We’ll do you the same way we did Nikki, except in the ass instead of the pussy.”Lisa swallowed hard. She was nervous she couldn’t handle what they were about to do, but she desperately wanted to try. She climbed up on the couch and with her back to Tina, carefully lowered her stretched ass down onto the huge cock. Tina had already lubed it up, so it slid fairly easy all the way inside her. She leaned back and spread her legs wide, while rubbing her clit.”This is going to be fun,” Mia said, as she got in between the two girls legs. She poured more lube on her strap-on and let it slide inside Lisa’s pussy first for a few strokes. “So, are you ready for two in your ass, Lisa?””Oh yes! Fuck my ass with your big cocks, please!” Lisa cried out, her insatiable sex drive had taken control and she had that glazed, horny look in her eyes.Mia pulled out of Lisa’s pussy and aimed her fake cock at the toned blondes already stuffed ass. “Lets see if that slutty little hole can take two.” She pushed forward hard. Much to her surprise, the tip of her huge cock slipped inside right away. Slowly, inch after inch made it’s way up Lisa’s very tight ass, rubbing against Tina’s enormous strap-on.Lisa’s arms were waving wildly and she was part moaning, part screaming as she squimed on the two massive dildos making their way up her ass. Tina had a firm grip on her tits though, so she couldn’t move anywhere. Finally, when she was sure she couldn’t be stretched anymore, the movement stopped and she realized that the two cocks were buried to the hilt. She was panting and moaning as the two girls let her adjust to having those huge cocks up her ass.Mia started rubbing Lisa’s clit, while slowly moving her strap-on back and forth. She could feel Tina had started moving hers as well and it didn’t take long for them to find a steady rhythm. Lisa seemed to have adjusted as much as she could and they decided to pick up the pace.Tina was thrusting her strap-on roughly up and down now and Mia had started pounding Lisa’s poor little ass too. When they both did an in-stroke at the same time, Lisa would scream as she came over and over, one orgasm after the other almost continuously.None of them had any idea how long they fucked like this, but it was Mia that gave up first with a cramp in her right leg. She quickly pulled out of Lisa’s ass and started rubbing her cramping leg. “Oww!”Tina laughed and rolled Lisa over on her hands and knees, with her strap-on still buried deep in her girlfriends ass. They loved fucking doggy style and she got a firm grip around Lisa’s waist and started just plowing all 11 inches in and out.It didn’t take long for a particularly intense orgasm to overpower Lisa and she passed out and fell forward on the couch, her gaping asshole clearly showing that she had won the competition and beat Nikki to be the biggest slut in the room.Tina got up and stretched her legs, then went over to Mia and kissed the hot Asians tits. “Looks like we broke the blondes,” she grinned.Mia laughed. “Yeah. I guess we should give Nikki the opportunity for a rematch too. But not tonight, I couldn’t fuck another hole if my life depended on it.”Both girls laughed and kissed before they fell asleep on the plush carpet.

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