29 Haziran 2020

Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt2


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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt2Lucy enters the picture… literally.I could hardly wait for Friday. My folks were away on a second honeymoon so me and Lucy were on our own for the next two weeks. She was off somewhere so I had the house to myself when I logged on and made the connection. And then I found myself looking at the crotch of someone sitting in front of the camera. The camera on me showed me just from the waist up. I’d been thinking a lot about the purpose of this call but, like an idiot, hadn’t thought about how I should position my own camera.It was obviously Bruce, but then I heard his voice telling me to change my camera angle. I rearranged my set up so he could see the same view of me that I had of him. Better, he told me. And then started rubbing the bulge in the front his jeans.”So you want to see it again?” Bruce’s voice coming from my speakers… teasing me…I knew my answer was yes, but what did that make me? I still liked girls. But here we were.”Yes.””Yes, what?””Yes, I want to see it.””See what?””I want to see your cock.””You have to show me yours too.”I stood and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. My briefs came with them. I pushed them down to my ankles. My penis was stiffening and I put my hand over it.”Don’t cover up” Bruce’s told me.I moved my hand away from my cock and stood in front of the camera. It’s not a bad size, grows a lot when I get hard, but nothing compared to what I’d seen Bruce packing in the showers and in the photographs. I guess I was ashamed my cock was smaller, but he said it was nice. Which made me get a little harder, to be honest. Being complimented on my cock by another guy. I pulled off my t-shirt and stepped out of my jeans so that I was completely bare. I stepped back from the cam so that he could see all of me. Naked for his entertainment.”Turn around” he told me.I complied and, without being instructed, I bent over a little. Showing him my ass. I don’t know why. My small physique and tight buns must have pleased him, excited him, something…He stood and undid his zipper and took off his jeans and boxers. Now he was in front of his cam and I stared at his huge cock.”You like my cock?”My throat was constricted.”Yes” “Want to stroke it?””Yes.””Maybe sometime….”Really? That güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was an erotic thought….His hand came into view and he started stroking his massive penis.I was so turned on, my own cock twitched and I felt a little jet of liquid squirting out. I wasn’t even touching myself. He saw the glistening droplet on the end of my cock.”Lots of precum there, Abie. Taste it for me” he said.I’d never done that before. Hesitated. Bruce ran his finger over the glistening head of his own cock, then bent down so I could see him sucking it into his mouth.How could I hesitate now? I followed suit. And discovered immediately that precum tastes good and that it is very arousing to suck your own.Then we began stroking ourselves. I felt very hard in my fist. Turned on by seeing Bruce masturbate for me. It was less than two minutes before I knew I wasn’t going to last any longer.”I’m going to cum, Bruce.””Yeah, Abie. Shoot it for me.”It was all I needed. I stood there side-on to the camera and stroked myself to an intense orgasm. My cum shot what seemed like yards out of the end of my cock. I never bothered to try and contain it. Somewhere I knew I’d have some cleaning up to do before anyone saw the mess, but it didn’t bother me at that moment. I just came. Stroking and spurting and looking at Bruce wanking his fantastic meat. My legs went to jelly and I sat down in my chair. Now Bruce had a close-up of my cum-covered cock. I sat with my legs apart.”Keep stroking it” Bruce told me. He took his hand off his cock and stood there close to the camera. Erect. Massive. I gently rubbed my own cock, slippery with my cum. It was still hard, pointing up from my lap, from between my spread thighs.Another hand came into view and gripped Bruce’s cock. A girl’s hand. Fuck! He’d had a girl in there watching me jerk off. Watching me jerk off to a guy!I started to move out of camera range, but heard a girl’s voice shout for me to stay there. I froze. It was a commanding voice. It was familiar. One that was used to having her own way.And then I recognized the bracelet round the girl’s wrist. The bracelet she’d got last year for her si>güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my sister had been watching. And now she knew I was turned on by cock. Bruce’s cock, anyhow. Not necessarily every cock.But I did as I was told. Sat back down.”That’s better, little b*o. Don’t you want to see Bruce cum?”I did. I had wanted to see it a few seconds ago. Now I was so embarrassed… but I was still hard. And I wanted to see Lucy make him cum.”Of course you do. Look how hard you are even after cumming so nicely!”She was stroking Bruce’s cock while she talked to me. “Do you want to masturbate again? While you watch me get Bruce off?”I couldn’t help myself. My hand dropped down to my lap and I took my hard dick into my hand.Luck bent down and her face appeared on my monitor. She looked me in the eye. “So who, exactly are you jerking off for? Bruce? Me?””I don’t know. Maybe me.” I told her. Masturbation is for personal gratification, after all.”Well, you came for Bruce the first time. Now I want you to jerk off for your big sister.””It’s weird…” “I’ll give you an incentive…” Her face disappeared and then there was some whispering.Bruce sat down in front of the cam again. His legs together, his big erection sticking up. I could see his whole naked body. The buff footballer body. Big pecs. Powerful thighs…Then a slim smooth leg swung up and over his thighs. I watched as my sister Lucy straddled Burce. She was facing the camera. Facing me. I stared at her shaven pussy. I watched as she fingered herself briefly She looked at me as she reached between her legs and grasped Bruce’s cock… Looked at me and winked as she lowered herself downwards and I watched and stroked myself as I saw Bruce’s huge member slipping up inside her. Her smooth, hairless cunt stretched tight around the girth of Bruce’s fat long cock.”Mmmmm. I love this. I love your cock, Bruce. I love getting fucked by you.”All the time she was talking to Bruce, she was looking directly at the camera. She was talking to me. Telling me how much she likes to get fucked. Describing how a penis feels when it goes inside her. Telling me how it feels to be stretched out by Bruce’s big cock.She looked into the camera. Looked into my eyes. Bit her lip. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Winked. And she rode a huge cock while I watched in awe.She was on tip-toes and using the arms of the chair for leverage. Lifting herself up and down on the big cock inside her. Using Bruce rather than being fucked by him. Using his big cock to get her satisfaction. And, to put on a show for me, her little brother. I’d never imagined she was such a deviant, but it excited me more than I could say. I was stroking myself furiously as I watched Bruce’s cock slipping in and out, stretching her vagina. Her juices were glistening all up and down the length of the massive cock she was impaled upon. I was breathing hard and furiously stroking my meat. She watched me. My sister watched me jerking off while I watched her riding a monster cock. I’d never thought or her sexually, not ever before. Now I was turned on like never before. She knew it, too.”Will you cum again Abie?”I grunted that I would.”Who will you cum for? You or Bruce…. or me?””You Lucy. I’ll cum for you….!”And that’s what happened. I came. Sitting there as a fountain of cum shot out of my cock and up my chest. Cumming while I stared at my sister’s cunt. Full of cock. Riding a fat cock. As I came, Lucy reached down and rubbed herself. “Oh yeah. Cumming!” she let herself right down onto Bruce’s cock, stretching her pussy lips around it. Fatter still, at the base.And she rubbed her clit fast and hard for only a few seconds until she cried out and I knew she was cumming too and finally Bruce, who was just a tool to my sister… he came. His hands were round Lucy’s waist and her held her tightly down on his cock as he shot his sperm deep inside her. I collapsed back and sat, splay legged, my slippery cock finally softening and dripping. Lucy climbed off Bruce and they both leaned into the camera, looking at me. “Did you like that?” asked Bruce.”Yeah, oh man, fuck!””Your sister has a fucking lovely cunt, Abie. I love fucking her. One day she’ll let me fuck her sweet ass too.” “No fucking way!” Lucy laughed and pushed him out of the picture. Then she stood and brought her cum-filled cunny close to the cam. Her finger went up inside and came out covered in her own juices and Bruce’s cum. She held the fingers out to me. “Want to help me clean up?”I wanted to suck her fingers right through the screen. I was so turned on by what I’d been watching. “Yes…. yes, Lucy.””Well, I’ll be home in a few minutes….” The connection was terminated at their end. I just sat there. Wondering what might happen when Lucy got home.

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