12 Ekim 2021

Lunch time delights outside!


Lunch time delights outside!We agree to meet for lunch in a bar in town.The day is fresh, but bright and the sun feels good after a period of gloomy weather.I arrive first and find a bench style table in one of the bay windows of the bar.You arrive slowly after looking fantastic in your office outfit of black above the knee dress, jacket, tan hosiery and black calve length boots. Very nice indeed!!I get up to great you and we smile as our eyes meet. I buy you a drink and we return to our table making small talk.I cannot take my eyes of yours they are full of life and sparkle. I only avert my gaze to your legs.You are sat crossed legged and your dress has ridden up to reveal alot of your thigh. It makes my pulse quicken and my cock stir. You have gorgeous legs and as you know I have a weakness for stockings or tights.As we chat and laugh I place my hand on your thigh just above the knee and savour the feeling of your leg in hosiery.I stroke your leg and circle it higher and higher until I am at the hem of your dress. My finger sneeks under and I do not feel a band and therefore assume due to the fresh day you are wearing tights.I see your eyes full and as you have not objected you are enjoying my hand on your leg stroking you. Boldly I move my hand under the hem and up towards the top of your thigh.My hand probing between your crossed legs. Pushing down between them. Nearly at your crotch…………………”Are these empty?” a young barmaid snaps us from our world. I look up and see her eyes look towards where my hand is, up your dress and hand between your legs.I smile and she blushes.You smile at her as well.My hand strokes you a little harder as she watches………….she gathers the glasses and walks off…..I suggest as the weather is sunny we go for a quick walk on the downs. You smile and agree it is a good idea.We need a short bus ride to go from where we are to the open fields of the downs.As we are queuing I am massaging the small of your back and your bum.Your hands are stroking my arms. I feel excitement and my blood coursing through my body.We go to the back of the one deck bus.It is relatively empty canlı bahis with only six other passengers. Five in front of us and one sat right at the back to the rear left of us.As the bus pulls away my hand moves back down to your thigh and runs up the inner side of it. Forcing your legs open, my hand quickly rising higher and higher pushing up your dress. You part your legs and allow me access.My hand circles higher rubbing your thigh and up to your crotch…..your hand has moved to my lap and is rubbing my hard cock in my trousers.You unzip my flies and slide your hand into my trousers……firmly grabbing me and rubbing.My hand on your crotch rubbing your pussy through your tights and tracing the line of your pussy through them. I push them into you. Making them wet. Your dress up around your waist as I finger them into you and you pull on my hard cock……….god it feels so good.I look over my shoulder to see the guy behind us watching intently as we play with each other. God I am so hard for you and your tights are becoming increasingly wet.We pull up to some traffic lights and a Range Rover pulls along side the bus. I see a woman in her early forties look out the window. Looking down on what we are doing to each other and I push your tights deep in you….they are very wet now and my finger is glistening. I whisper to tell you to look at her………..I withdraw my finger form your pussy and make you lick it so you can taste yourself.All in full view of her.She looks a little shocked and surprised as her car drives off ahead of us.It is our stop. We hurriedly re-arrange our clothes and get up.I look at the guy who was sat behind us and wink, you flash him a smile.We move down the bus and back in to the sunshine.My heart is racing and I am buzzing at what is happening. I take you buy the hand and lead you into the trees and bushes only a few metres away from the footpath.I push you up against a tree and my hand are all over your body.I kiss you hard on the lips, which you reciprocate…….our bodies tight to each other. My hand stroking your neck, down your back, up your side and onto your boobs where bahis siteleri I feel your very erect nipples through your dress.You feel my bulge pressing against your tummy and you reach down to undo my belt, button and flies.You turn us around whilst you are still kissing me and you squat in front of me.You take my hard and proud cock and balls in hand and lick the shaft………god it feels so good……………licking the shaft and taking the tip slowly in your mouth…..I see numerous people passing barely 5 metres away on the footpath.Your hot mouth feels so good on my cock, you are taking the full length in your mouth now sucking and nibbling the shaft.Your tongue is working wonders on me……..I am so hard and a little drunk on the sensation.My hand on the back of your head, my hips rocking backwards and forwards with the rhythmic movement of your head sucking my cock……..mmmmmmmmmmmmm……….It is at this point I notice a couple of individual shadows in the trees further in the darkness. I squint to adjust my eyes and see two figures.They seem to be jerking something between there legs. There are two dirty bastards wanking over us playing………………fuking brilliant!I pull you to your feet and kiss you so I can taste my pre-cum in your mouth.I turn you around and you hold the trunk of the tree.I lift up your dress and admire your gorgeous arse covered in tights. I rub the tip of my hard cock up and down the line of your pussy, probing you with it.I am so hard and as I push my cock into you through your tights I see I leave a trail of pre-cum on your tights…..mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I lean forward to lick it off you………..I pull down your tights and g-string to your knees, just above the tops of your boots.I pull open your arse cheeks to look at your wet pussy. It shimmers in the hallf light………….I finger you with my middle finger. You are very very wet…….I spit down your spread cheeks and see it run down over your bumhole and into your spread pussy.I stand behind you and rub the spit into your pussy with the tip of my cock.Fuck me you say…………And a gent like me is not going to güvenilir bahis let the lady down.I slowly inch my cock into you.You feel me filling you.You gasp as I go deeper until I am all the way in you.I hold your hips as I begin to fuk you and you push back onto me.I begin a harder faster rythmn. Fuking you hard now.Hearing you get louder as I fuk you harder, deeper and faster.Your pussy is so tight.I feel you squueze my hard cock with your pussy.Your moans getting louder.You fuking me harder………..I grab your hair and pull your head up and back………….it is now you see the four guys only 3 or 4 metres away all wanking off over us.You eyes widen at the sight…………I feel you say yes……..yes…………yes…………As a couple of the guys shoot their spunk in arcs whilst they watch us……….You say yes, fuk,yes. Do me harder.I pull your hair harder, spank your arse and pound your pussy with my hard shaft…….I feel your pussy tighten, choking my cock as you feel the heat rise in your tummy and the itch become to much as you cum hard…………..gasping………..fuk yes………….you are so tight now………..you see another of the guys cumming…………god yes………..do it……..fuking cum………..you are gasping out loud………..the look of pleasure on your face make the final guy shoot his load which is a big one……….thick sticky stranger cum all for you……………Your body is quivering with your orgasm.You feel me cock get bigger in you………..growing in you and you feel my thrusts more urgnet and my breathing quicken as I cum in you………….You feel me pumping my hot white cum deep in your pussy, which makes you have another mini orgasm.My hand clenching your hip tightly as I pump you full………..god soooooooooooo good.I am still cumming, my cock pulsing all my dirty seed in you.You feel my cock twitches subside and you feel me withdraw……..I pull open you arse cheeks and see my sticky white cum drip from your open wide pussy into your tights and over your g-string.I help you pull up your tights with creamy cum in them and pull down your dress.I love the idea of you with our cum in your tights for the rest of the day…………..I kiss you long and hard………..then we make our way out of the foliage and back to the bus stop.I think we might be late back from lunch.

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