30 Haziran 2020

made to be his gurl


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made to be his gurlAfter waiting tables for a good 6 months, I had finally got myself clear and could maybe get myself back to California. But I wanted to get there with some money in hand, so to save the air fair I thought it would be fun to share an the ride with someone or ones. I put an ad on Craig’s list for a ride share.I got about 4 responses and thought I had better meet with um to see if I could deal with a 4 day trip. The second guy that rumbled up was a long haul trucker, with a sleeper cab. He told me that he’s just got back from a slow go thru Texas and was about to go back same way and could really use the company. It was good enough for me, and looks like all I had to do was keep him awake. But something in his eyes made me excited to be in the cab next to him. We agreed to move out in about 12 hours after he showered up and got a new trailer of stuff to haul. So that night, as I was telling my roomates goodbye over a couple beers, I got a text from him. He said “make sure you smell good” I asked my roomy Jenn for some stuff that would hold out for the 4 day trip. Texted him back that she was going to set me up, then the retext was even more fun. “& shave all that too” Wow, so I had Jenn show me how to wax, ouch! Once done I told him via digital comunication that his gurl was getting prettier. “get your mani & pedi good” so I pix’d him a picture of my toes. I had Jenn do um up in burgundy, she thought this was too much fun. Just before he texted me good night, I was also instructed to have my ass flushed out and clean. I did it with hot water and Jenn’s douche bottle, it took a good 30 mins before I was totally clear. I left him a message that I was all good and would be waiting for him to roll up tomorrow morning.With my 4 boxes and carry on size suit case sitting by the sidewalk, his air brakes told me I was his, and as he loaded every thing up in the trailer for me, I just watched as I knew that I was locking a good piece of my manhood back there. He got the drivers side door for me and told me to get in first. I did as told, once on the highway he told me to put on his girlfriends panties and camisole. He thought I was cute and laughed as I adjusted the wig he’s tossed over. A couple of bumps had my lip stick a little off target, but once done, ısparta escort I was just about as easy on the eyes as my roommate Jenn, just a little thinner. The afternoon was spend at a truck stop, gas’n up and having me follow him into the store so his friends could check me out. I got some looks from the older woman behind the cash registar, but anyone that knew him just knodded and either slapped my now hot shorts covered ass or padded him on the back. I never said a word. I sat next to him in the booth, he ordered for both of us. I just had soup. Before getting back in the cab he took me to the bathroom and had me open my ass for his finger to inspect if I was still fresh and clean. I insisted that I was, but his man hands got all up in there. He then made me smell um as I was still holding my ass open. Good. Then he put um back in and told me I was a good gurl, and had done a nice job shaving my ass to be like a girls. Climbing in the cab ahead of him prompted deep honk from a buddies air horn. But I new I was his only. I just stay’d quite and cute, I knew I would soon be more than just the eye candy. After a solid 600 miles he pulled off for the night. It was a quite rest stop with other trucks night lights on, engines running. He locked his doors and told me to get in bed behind him, I got semi naked and waited under the covers. He took his time getting back from the bathroom, I was pretty excited about the idea of sleeping with a big strong man that had just made me his gurl. I was completely hard when he climb back into the sleeper with me. He stroked my legs, and massaged my curvy butt as I wiggled into his touch. I reached out for his dick and got my hands all up in his boxers before airing it out. It was a good 8 inches. That made me feel like even more of a girl as mine was only 6.5. He continued to feel my hairless chest and squeeze my lips with just his fingers. I was owned, and desired. Finally layed down next to me, rough, smelled like a man, I got the sheets over us both before he just held me tight from behind. I felt his hard on nicely fit itself up between my cheeks. I wiggled back into him, but he just washed off to sleep. I layed in this arms for a good 20 mins before accepting that he was in charge and I could only temp him so much. escort ısparta I sleep too, like a baby. The next morning he had me blow his wood. I knew that’s what I would want, so I just let him keep his eyes closed and I got near the end of the bed. I used both hands to get his balls all massaged and firm before lowering my head over this dick that is driving me to Californina. I went slow, I listened to him mown and writhe with my sucking. Licking his ball really made me understand what it felt like to be a girl, his girl. But he told me he was going to cum, I never backed out. I had him explode in my mouth, I tickled his balls softly as he went soft, I only used my tounge a little cause I could see he was extra senitive. But he told me how good it was and handed me a damp clean wash cloth, and I made my man comfortable.The next couple states were special, I watched out and put my feets on this dash, sometimes on his legs. He massaged them, had be get on the trucks floor sometimes to just have my head next to his lap. He shifted around me, but I felt safe. He would get the door for me whenever we stopped, going into the ladies room by myself was fun. I would always check my stuff to make sure I was daisy fresh back there. I told him once, that I would need another douche bottle, and he had the cashier ring it up along with whatever else I wanted. I got myself about 7 bucks in candy. He dropped down a medium size butt plug that he had found, me standing there in tennis shoes and stockings really made me feel like his slut.That night at the rest stop, I let him know how good of a man he’d been to me by lubing myself up even more after he took out that butt plug I been sitting on for a bumpy 600 miles. I was in his arm again, and before I got my hands around that 8 inch dick, I made sure I was all clean, I even let him smell my fingers this time. He didn’t need a condom as I had never done this before, and I didn’t think he would get me pregnant. He whispered in my ear that this was only his 3rd gurl. I closed my eyes and backed my ass into that dick. I felt it slide past my anus, he stopped me. He reached around to make sure I was hard. Then he got his teeth on my ear, and a finger in my mouth. He moved in more, very slow. He waited for me to push ısparta escort bayan back, and I did at my own pace. Before I knew it he was balls deep in me and I reached back to feel his sack just about next to mine. I looked over my back and shook my head for him to fuck me. He got his hand on both my hips now, and plowed me like I was the only thing in the world. I gave him all I had, I moaned and thrusted my ass into his pelvis. I needed to know he was happy with his girl and I had him get up behind me on the bed. I told him to really pound me good. That slamming and the sound of his dick coming in and out of my ass was too much for me, and I came all over the sheets. He stopped when then happened, then gave me two good thrusts and dropped his whole weight on top of me and cream-pied my ass. I felt his dick pulse and throb for a good 30 seconds before going soft and asleep inside of me.I like him on top of me missionary style, the next morning he had be race out to the bathroom and empty his piss bottles. But when I got back he’d made the bed and asked me if I could take another quick buttfucking before we got going. This time with him looking down on me and my hard-on I was just so turned on with my little painted toe nails all on his hairy chest, that I came with out having to even touch myself. He shot his load all over my asshole, then worked it in with his fingers. At the last stop before L.A. We took a shower together. There was a rule about only one person in the rented showwer at a time, but he didn’t care. I told him that I needed to clean up back there, and he took his shower as I poked around and flush myself out. As he shaved in the mirror he watched me soap up and down. With the door locked and towels all over the floor, he opened up my ass and rimmed me for about 10 mins before lay’n down and having me ride him. He only tugged my balls a little, and I bounced on him like pogo stick, but I shot my load so far that some go on his face and he told me to lick it off, as I did, he gave me a quick kiss, then a slap on the ass. He got me face down on the floor, with my ass arched up, then he just had about 10 more pumps and I was seeded again. He massaged my clean back with his dick still in me. As he got soft, I reached back and pulled him to my lips. He put his finger in my mouth, I looked up and then he got off. I wheel around and took his soft cum covered dick all down my throat. He pinched my nose holes and I had to gag it up, but it was fun. He tasted like a guy that liked me, it was fucking hot!

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