30 Haziran 2020

Many moons ago


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Many moons agoNature’s Delightful twins (and body)Twin BreastsThis story goes back many sunrises and moon sets.(60 years ago things were different then> but good!)I was a young ‘strapper’ back then playing football, horse riding and playing cricket and loved to swim.At the age of 15 mum took sick so dad arranged for me to go and stay with some good friends of his at a favourite beach side town.The people weren’t rich and lived in an old railway cottage ( right beside the tracks) yet still close for a quick walk down to a lovely white sandy beach.Here the waves were high but gentle but closer to the beach they would turn over and break.The family consisted of mum, dad, eldest daughter (15+) and a boy about (9).Nice friendly family and as it was holidays we young ones spent a lot of time playing games, walking, and swimming.Mum had gone up to the capital city to see her sister and would be away overnight. (she had her son with her)Dad was sleeping most of the day as he was on night shift and so the daughter and I were on our own.It was a great day, so by her suggestion we decided to go to the beach and at least stand in the water which was a little rough( well this would pass the time)We entered the warm water and it was lovely, sun shining slight breeze real nice.M who was a well built perhaps on the chubby side, long stood around 5’6″, breast size already around bahis firmaları “c” cup, her hair long and black down to her waist, her complextion dark European.She only had a very old pair of one piece bathers tied with one strap around her neck. (in hind sight perhaps if she has shortened the strap around her neck – tightening the area around her boobs > maybe she wanted them to be exposed eh!)Most of the elastic around her boob area had seen better days, so as we were standing there with the water up to our waist we were prepared to jump a little if a big swell came in.All was well until one big one came and as the water rose, it rose under M’s boobs pushing them out and over the top of her bathers. A site I have never seen before or since.It was lovely just like a large waterfall, it sighed lifted up before cascading up and over the top.Some months earlier a man had sexually taken my boyhood away , introduced me to my now awakened penis, and to sex with a young women.Therefore on seeing the boob theatre come to life in real time with several performances indeed, I cracked a real hard one, I suggested to her not to worry just leave them out as I liked them.She blushed and said is that so!At this point I moved a lot closer to watch them pop up and now they were just left out for me.Lovely full breasts large puffy nipples for her age.After a while with this tipobet güvenilir mi still rock hard cock hidden under the water I asked could I touch them?She hesitated, smiled looked down at her enlarged nipples, and said ok if you want too!I kissed her, I kissed each nipple, sucked each nipple in turn and fondled them dearly.M got a little excited at this so, with out hesitation I undid the strap around her shoulders quickly dragged the bathers down to just above her knees.She said ‘hey what are you doing? My answer was to shove a finger up her internally and finding her extremely wet cunt.She shivered and shook as my kissing, sucking and in and out movements of my finger was making her feel strange and weak.I said, ‘ come on lets go up into the sand dunes I want to go further with this ! What are you going to do?I, dear girl am going to fuck that young body of yours today and every chance we get whilst I am here!Turn a lovely young girl into a cock seeking ‘slut’ of a woman!We left the water, grabbed our towels and ran for cover. I lay one towel down on the sand and I lay her down on top of it nude.With one towel which I wrapped around her wrists and to a small tree, each of the others to each ankle so as her legs were spread wide.I bent down sucked her nipples, kissed her, finger fucked her, then I gently lay me down on top and placed bets10 my rock hard cock gently into her receptive young cunt.Something wasn’t right as I entered with out resistance right up to the entrance of her womb.As I entered this place she shuddered and said “please! fuck me and don’t withdraw, as it is my birthday ( today I am 16) not jailbait anymore.”She went on to say that Uncle and Aunty had taken her virginity by the time she was 12 and they had sex every time she went to visit. They had never been able to go all the way because of her age.Armed with this information I continued to suck, kiss probe in and out for a long time, feeling her gradually relaxing and gripping my cock gripping it like a vice not wanting me to leave.Finally as she relaxed fully I increased my output so as I could soon ‘input’ my load deep inside. Then she climaxed blew her love juices all over my cock just as the same time I came deep deep near the entrance of her womb.We could have stayed like that all night but decided to go home shower together have some tea and then sleep the night together. (no one home so why not?)This we did and by morning my juices and hers were running out of her.She came back kissed and sucked my cock clean and thanked me for such a wonderful birthday.We often met secretly for many years when time and opportunity was available.Yes, we had a lot in common, a daughter, “Y” which we made together for her birthday > her new boy friend was listed as the father.”Y” is now very beautiful and it would be my fantasy to fill her up just as I did her mum.Would opportunity present itself as she is now old enough.

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