11 Kasım 2021



ME AND BRADIt began between me and Brady in school. We were both in the high level math class, so there were only ten k**s in it. We sat in the back corner, and no one really paid attention on what anyone else was doing. I was always the smartest one in there, so he always tried to get answers from me. He started out by just asking for the answers, but then he got a new idea. He decided to make me feel uncomfortable and then, hopefully, I’d give him the answers. He would gently rub his hand against my lower thigh and whisper “Hey Jake, wanna give me the answers?” I told him to stop and gave him the answers, but, secretly, he really turned me on and I always had to conceal my hard-on for the rest of class. I thought he was just trying to joke around and get answers at first, but I began to think that it wasn’t entirely a joke. His cousin had always been teased about being gay, so thought it might have ran in their family. When the year finally passed, I was relieved that I would no longer have to conceal a hard-on during class and that he would stop trying to turn me gay. Well, summer came, and summer passed and soon it the first day of high school. On the first day, I got my schedule and went to my classes. It turned out that Brady and I only had on class together: fourth period geography. “Well, at least its only one” I thought to myself. The first quarter went by well, along with the second, but things didn’t go so well during the third. When came back from Christmas break, the teacher told us we would be doing a group project. He put us into groups of two, and, of course, he paired me with Brady. And, of course, Brady insisted that we sit in the back of the room. “Hey Jake!” he said. “I was beginning to miss sitting next to you. There was no one to give me the answers.” We both laughed. “Here we go again…” I thought. Every day I dreaded going to that day. I wondered when it would all start again. Well, about a week later I got my answer. We came to class and went straight to work. We were working on drawing some maps when he leaned over me to get a pencil. He rested his hand on my leg, but when he leaned back into his seat, his hand didn’t move. He slowly began moving his hand up and down. Without looking at him, I grabbed his hand and moved it to his lap. He left me alone the rest of the period. He did the same thing the next day, so I did the same thing. On the third time, I decided to let him continue, ignore him, and, maybe he would get bored. It didn’t work. He kept running his hand up and down my thigh. He got higher and higher until I finally gave in and grabbed his hand and put it on his own lap. By the end of the period, he had a grin on his face like he had won. The next day, I tried a new plan that really didn’t work out like I wanted it to. I guess I was desperate, so I decided that I would run my hand up his thigh and “see how he liked it.” We got to class and sat down. I went to work and, during the middle of class, without taking my concentration off my work a placed my hand on his thigh. I guess that, when he walked in, I had failed to realize that, even though it was January, he was wearing shorts. “Dang it,” I thought as I felt his flesh. “Might as well keep going.” I gently rubbed his smooth, hairless legs. I kept up, and, near the end of the period, I looked down and saw that he was hard. “CCCRRRAAAPPP!” I thought. bakırköy escort At the end of the period I removed my hand and left the room without looking at him. When I got home, all I could think about was what happened in geography. I kept thinking about my hand feeling his smooth legs. “Why do I keep thinking about this, I’m not gay!” I thought. But the more I thought about him, the harder I got and soon I was jacking off. After I came, I thought to myself, “Maybe I am gay.” I decide that, tomorrow, if he did rub my legs, I’d let him without resistance. The next morning, I got dressed and “accidentally” put on shorts. I got to school and fourth period came like a flash. I sat down next to him and we immediately started working. And, right off the bat, just as I had expected, his hand shot down to my leg. His hand went over my lower thigh and soon it actually went up my shorts a little ways. I was getting hard really quick and I realized that I really was enjoying it. At the middle of the period, he stopped. I thought for a few minutes and then it came to me. “My turn!” I thought. So I slid my hand down to his leg and gently caressed it until I stuck my hand a little way down his shorts. His legs were warm and silky smooth. They felt wonderful! At the end of the period, I actually had to force my hand off of him. We both smiled at each other and silently left the room. The next day, I couldn’t wait for fourth period to arrive. The same thing happened between us for a few days until I couldn’t wait any longer. “It’s time to kick it up a notch,” I thought. We got to fourth period and it started out the same. We went to work and he slipped his hand under the table and gently massaged my thigh, then he stuck his hand a little ways up my shorts. He stopped after awhile and I thought to myself “Hehehe, my turn!” I slid my hand down until I felt his sexy legs. I gently rubbed them and soon I stuck my hand down his shorts. However, this time it kept going. I slowly reached farther and farther up his thigh until I felt his underwear. “Briefs” I thought to myself. I gently rubbed the outside of his briefs. I could feel his hard cock. I could tell he was shocked and excited, and I could tell by the look in his eye that he wanted me to keep going. So I slowly sipped my hand into his underwear and felt his throbbing hard-on. I gently stroked it and I could feel his pubic hair against my hand. I could tell that his cock wasn’t as long as mine, but it did feel thicker. Then I moved my hand down to his balls. I gently squeezed and massaged them for a few minutes. Then I looked at the clock. We still had twenty minutes left. “Twenty minutes…” I thought. “That’s plenty of time!” Suddenly I stopped and removed my hand. He looked at me and I could tell he was thinking, “That’s it?!” I grinned at him and whispered “follow me.” Then I raised my hand. I could tell that he understood. It took a while but finally Mr. Wright said “Yes, Jake?” ” Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked. He nods and I I leave the room. I quickly walk down the hall and into the bathroom. To my relief, the bathroom was empty. I entered a stall and waited for Brady. Finally, I heard the door open as he entered. I opened the stall and pulled Brady in. We stood and stared at each other for a little while and then he grabbed me and we started making out. beşiktaş escort As we kissed, I reached my hands down his shorts and underwear and gently squeezed his butt. Then he pulled out and took off his shirt, so I did the same. He pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles and started to suck my rock-hard cock. His mouth was warm and it felt great around my cock. He sucked for awhile until I told him to stop. I told him to lean against the door of the stall and stick out his perfect ass. He did, and I started to lick his crack. Then I circled his hole with my tongue, and, finally, I stuck my tongue in. I could tell he was greatly enjoying it. He breathed louder and louder. Then, I suddenly took my tongue out of his ass. He again gave me that look that said “that’s it?!” I grinned and said “are you ready?” Again he understood perfectly and said “Do it. I’ve wanted you to for a long time.” So slowly pushed my cock into his hole. He cried out in pain as i went in deeper. Slowly, I got my entire cock in. Then I started thrusting back and fourth. His cries had turned into moans and I could tell he loved it. I picked up the pace and the moans got louder. finally, i came in his ass. I pulled out and he licked my dick clean. When he was done, I knelt down and sucked his cock. I sucked until he pulled out and told me to turn around. I turned and stuck my ass out. Then he shoved his finger in. It hurt at first but the pain soon subsided. He then stuck a second finger into me and pushed as far as he could. After a while, he pulled them out and slowly inserted his dick. It was thick and my hole was stretched to the limit. When he got it in all the way, he thrusted in and out harder and harder until I could hear his balls slapping on my ass cheeks. He came and then he licked my ass clean. We kissed and then got dressed. As we walked back to the class, the bell rang. We entered the room, grabbed our stuff, and left. As we walked to lunch, we planned for when we could do it again, and we decided that, next time, we would include his cousin… Continuing from Me and Brady: After what happened in the bathroom, Brady and I had talked about it and decided to do it again. However, this time, we decided that we would include his cousin, William, who was in eighth grade. William acted a little gay and every spread rumors about him being gay, so we decided he’d probably love to join in. We spent a lot of time talking about it and planning it in geography, but we had no idea where we should do it or when we should do it. One day, however, we got a great opportunity. Our geography teacher had gotten surgery and would be out for a few weeks. We got a substitute, and she said that we were way behind and we needed to cover alot. She told us that we would no longer have time to work on our project in class, so we would have to take it home with us and invite our partner over to help finish it by the end of the week. We both grinned. William and Brady lived right next to each other, so we decided that Brady would take the project home, and I would come over so we could “work on it.” So, during lunch, Brady called his mom and told her that I was gonna come over to help with a project. She said ok. Both of us were excited and couldn’t wait for school to end. When the final bell rang, I walked down the hall to my locker, where Brady beylikdüzü escort was waiting for me. We walked to his house. When we got there, he unlocked the door and let us in, since his parents were still at work. We put our stuff down and he said that Will’s parents were at work too, so, as soon as he got home, he would come over. His school ended a little later than ours did, so we still had ten minutes. While in geography, we had decided that, if he walked in on us, he would be turned on and he’d want to join in. So we went upstairs to Brady’s room and began to undress. I pulled down my boxers and revealed my already hard cock.He pulled down his pants and underwear and revealed the he was hard, too. We started kissing and he started to stroke my cock. We kissed for five minutes and then we got in the 69 position. He started to suck my cock and I started to lick his butt hole. I started out circling his hole, and then I stuck my tongue in. He moaned in delight and continued sucking. We didn’t want to cum before Will got there, so when I was about to cum, we switched positions and I started sucking him while he started to lick my hole. I started out slow but I pick up the pace and started sucking him faster and faster. At the same time, he stuck his tongue into my hole and I moaned with pleasure. It felt amazing! A few minutes later, I look up for a second and stopped sucking. Will was standing in the doorway with his mouth wide open, staring at us. Brady took his tongue out of me and stared at him back. “What the heck are you to doing?” he said. “Please don’t tell anyone!” Brady pretended to beg. Will just kept staring until he started to grin. I pretended to look confused but I could tell that it was going just as planned. “I won’t tell anyone…” he said. “…if you let me join in.” “What?!?!” Brady said, trying to hide his delight. “You heard me. If you let me join in, I won’t tell anyone.” “O.k.” Brady said. I got off of him and he stood up, walked over to Will, pulled him in the room, and started kissing him. They kissed for a few minutes and then stopped. Will pulled off his shirt and Brady pulled down his pants and underwear to reveal his hard cock and silky-smooth, tanned body. I looked him over and realized that his entire body was tanned; he had no tan lines. “Sweet,” I thought to myself. Brady pulled Will’s pants down to his ankles and then took his cook in his mouth. I knelt down and started licking Will’s ass. It was smooth and even more perfect then Brady’s. I stuck my tongue in his hole and he moaned loudly. I little while later, he said he was about to cum, but Brady wanted to swallow it, so he kept his cock in his mouth. Will came, and Brady swallowed it all. Brady and I both stood up and led him to the bed. Brady sat on the bed and Will bent down to suck him. Before he started sucking, I asked him if he was ready for it in the ass and he nodded. He began sucking on Brady’s dick and I slowly put mine in his hole. He moaned loudly and I knew that he loved it. I picked up the pace and he moaned louder and louder. brady was moaning too, but I could barely hear him over Will’s moaning and my balls slapping against his smooth ass. I kept going as long as I could but, after a while, I came in him. Brady came a few seconds after I did and all the cum entering Will overwhelmed him. He swallowed most of Brady’s cum. I took my cock out of his butt and Brady took his out of his mouth. He got of the bed and started to lick the cum out of Will’s ass, and Will licked my cock clean. When they were done, we all laid down on the bed, and Brady turned on the T.V. We kissed and sucked each other until Brady’s parents got home.

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