17 Kasım 2021

Me , My Buddy


Thought I would write and tell you about my adventure since my courage hasn’t come to forefront as yet. I cannot believe I did that. And then to tell you was even worse. It is different for you. When you do this it is kinda right out there in front of you to see. It is much harder for me to see what is going on. I went in my bedroom after hubby left, had my camera all primed and ready. I locked the door, turned on the light and dropped my towel to the floor. This is a really old heavy mirror. don’t even know where I got it. My bed was made so I crawled up on it and picked the mirror up and laid it side ways over the pillows and propped against the headboard.

That didn’t work too well. I am just too damn short. So I stood it up. It was kinda long and skinny that way, didn’t think it would help. I grabbed my little buddy and laid him beside me on the bed. I laid down on my back and spread my legs wide, pointed towards the mirror. The breeze from the air conditioner blowing across my nipples made them hard and I had chill bumps all over me. They disappeared when I started running my hands over my breasts and down my sides. I ran my fingers thru the hair surrounding me and down into bursa escort the opening and rubbed the lips. I was kinda dry so I brought my hand to my mouth a stuck it in and got it good and wet and went down again. It slides a lot smoother over my clit when I wet it, so I wet several more and pushed 2, then 3 up inside of me. I had my head on a pillow watching me finger myself with one hand and tug and twist the nipple with the other.

Then I’d pull them out, put them in my mouth to taste my juice on them and get them wet again and then go run it around my clit. Not touching it, just teasing it, And then back as deep as I could reach inside myself. I kept doing this over and over, watching myself getting juicier and wetter. It was oozing out of me . I could see it in the mirror. Blew me away right then, didn’t even need my friend. When I could breathe again, I got to thinking about other ways to do this. I tried standing up and looking down . I could see a different angle, but the bed is hard to stand on and try to get a rhythm going. I sank to my knees, spread wide right in front of that mirror. Pulled the lips apart and just looked. There was dew from the last time I cum. bursa escort bayan I run my fingers thru it and tasted it and rubbed it over my nipples.

My little toy kinda gets in the way of the view this way, so I just ran him over my clit and got it humming real good. and the barely put him inside to moisten him and went back to my clit till I exploded. I was trembling so hard I couldn’t get up. I rolled over on my stomach and rested for a few minutes. Then I looked at the mirror and saw my ass. I thought about the things you said to me the other night, about being behind me. And I thought, why not? So I backed my ass up close on my hands and knees and spread my legs wide and looked.

My God, I opened up. You could see all of it. I wet my little toy in my mouth, and put him at the lips and slowly eased him up inside me. It was great. I had to twist around to see and keep my ass at an angle where I could still see it sliding in and out. Slowly, listening to the sucking sounds my pussy made. Feeling him buzzing deep inside me. I could feel the moisture gathering around it as he was filling me deep as he would go. From the back, you can see every inch of dick sliding escort bursa in to the hilt and then sliding back out till you see the head. I watched till I had to close my eyes. I couldn’t focus any longer. I thought I was dying. I flopped down after it as over , trying to build up some strength. I raised my head and looked back. There I was, laying face down before a mirror with a dildo inside me still buzzing with my legs spread eagle. You could see the cum drippin out of me around it.

When I could move, I got up and picked up the mirror and accidentally dropped it on the floor. I stepped across it to bend over and pick it up and made the mistake of looking down. And I thought, hmmmmmmm, what about this? So I stood astraddle of this mirror while I touched myself. Running my fingers over my clit, swollen from all the abuse it had been through and so damn tender to the touch.It was so hot it would almost burn you. It felt wonderful to see myself rubbing my clit and fingering myself, I took my other hand and ran it over my asshole a few times. That made it better. I stuck the tip of my finger in and cum and cum and cum. I was weak all over, damn you. I washed my toy, hid the camera, killed the light and crawled in bed, naked. Trembling from head to foot. I got the mirror up when I woke up today. And yes, to answer your question. I do get sore from sex. At least this once I can say I had all I could handle. Enough?

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