10 Nisan 2021



Ben, had found it hard coming to terms with the fact that his marriage was over and that he was once again single and alone.

Julie had been his first real girlfriend. She was a slim pretty redhead with a bubbly personality and a great sense of fun. Their years together had been fun. When they had sex for the first time it was the first time for them both and in all their years together Ben had never wanted anybody else.

They had been married for 15 years, when it happened. Ben had been feeling a bit rough in work in the morning and decided to take the afternoon off to recover. When he pulled up outside his house he was surprised to see Julie’s car in the driveway.

He opened the front door and immediately heard a laugh from upstairs. Assuming she was on the phone he started climbing the stairs hearing as he did, more laughter, then to his horror a male voice coming from their bedroom.

Ben froze, listened to the sounds, giggles and gentle moaning. He was tempted to turn and leave but knew he couldn’t. He pushed open the door and froze.

A younger man, lay on his back on their bed, naked. Julie sat straddling him, his thick cock embedded in her pussy – her light red hairs contrasting with the thick black hairs of her lover. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed as the mans hands squeezed and pinched her small pink breasts.

That was nearly eighteen months ago. A long eighteen months of loneliness and heartache for Ben as he rebuilt his life and put Julie in the past. The pain had begun to lessen in recent months and he had started to look after himself again. He had joined a gym and had got back in shape and at 38 years of age he felt he was now quite fit.

For the first time recently he had taken an interest in women again. He had even found the courage to ask a friend out. Helen was divorced and reasonably attractive. They had dated four times now but sexual activity had been restricted to a goodnight kiss in his car when he dropped her home.

Work kept him busy and this morning he was travelling the long distance to a hotel in the south of the country to attend a detailed training course with some of his staff. The training would go on all day and his company had agreed that they could stay overnight. It was a Friday and he made a mental note to phone Helen later to arrange to see her the following evening.

Ben was in charge of a team of 30 staff and he had asked his three team leaders, all female, to attend the course with him.

It was a long day and it was nice when the work was over to have a drink before dinner. Ben sat with his three colleagues chatting and relaxing. They seemed different away from the work environment and it struck Ben that he hadn’t really socialised with them before. He sat back, ataşehir escort as they chatted, observing them.

At 32, Gail was the eldest of the three. She was married with two children and had never recovered her figure after the last birth. She wore loose clothes to hide her rather full figure and her long red hair framed a round, but pretty face.

Belinda could not be described as pretty. She was 29, single and decidely plain, with mousy brown short hair. She was neither slim, nor plump but with a large pair of breasts straining against her sweater.

Susan was the best looking of the three. Her jet black hair was tied up this evening. She was 28 and while by no means stunning she had a figure which Ben had noticed on many occasions, even in the depth of his depression. Her best feature was her very obvious large breasts. However she always struck Ben as being very shy and never seemed to have a boyfriend.

The drinks relaxed them all and they chatted through dinner. After dinner they joined some of the others from the course in the function room of the hotel where a band was playing and people were drinking and dancing.

The girls mingled and Ben was happy to have one last drink before heading off to bed. He was chatting with Susan when she invited him to dance. They danced to the music and after a couple of songs Belinda joined them and pulled him away to dance with her as another guy asked Susan to dance.

The music changed to a slow number and Ben awkwardly held Belinda as they moved and danced closer together.

He was very aware of her heavy breasts moving against him as she moved closer and to his surprise felt his cock stirring against her. She was surprised too at first but then moved even closer, her lower body pushing against him. He was embarrassed at his reaction but strangely surprised at hers.

The song stopped, and she leant over, whispered to him to follow her out in 5 minutes. He returned to his drink, watched as she got her jacket and bag and said goodnight to the other girls. She winked at him as she left.

Something inside him made him follow, shortly afterwards, and he walked through to the hotel lobby. She was waiting in a lift the door open and he walked to join her, looking around to see if he had been seen. The doors closed and they travelled the three floors in silence.

At her room he noticed her hand trembling as she turned the key and he followed her inside. The door closed and she threw her bag and jacket on a chair.

He walked into the room and she immediately came to him, sliding her arms around his neck and pressing her lips to his. Her kiss was immediately deep, urgent, her body pushing against him, her hands roaming over his back.

She pulled him over kadıköy escort to sit on the bed, her hands opening his shirt, running over his chest and down over the swelling erection in his pants.

Ben reached up, let his hands feel her breasts through her blouse. She reacted straight away, pulling open the buttons and throwing it aside. She wore a large white bra which quickly followed and her plump breasts spilled forward, heavy and sagging.

This was new territory for Ben, these large swaying breasts in contrast to the small firm mounds of his ex-wife. He let his hands explore them, as Belinda pulled open his belt and trousers and dived into his shorts to discover his hard cock.

She stood up and started to open her own trousers. Ben kicked off his shorts and shoes and socks and sat, naked.

Her trousers were kicked away revealing tights over a pair of large white panties. Both were off in a second and Ben gazed at her thick bush of brown curly hair.

Belinda was in a hurry however. She lay beside him on the bed and as they kissed again she pulled him over on to her. In his mind Ben compared beautiful slim Julie, with this plain heavy woman beneath him, momentarily. But then his desire took over and he pushed deep into her sodden pussy.

Belinda spread her legs wide and moved with him, her hands on his bum, pushing her into him. They moved quickly, urgently, their bodies pounding together. She came first, her thighs squeezing him tight as she writhed and moaned. He kept pumping until he threw back his head and spurted his seed inside her.

They lay in silence, surprised at the intensity at what occurred. To his relief she indicated that it might be better if they keep it to themselves. He dressed hurriedly and kissed her before slipping out of the room. Back in his own room, he showered and sat on the bed. It was only eleven o’clock and he felt very awake and energised.

He got up and dressed before going back down to the music. He sipped on a cold beer trying to take in what had happened. As he sat, Gail joined him, obviously a bit drunk but looking like she was enjoying herself. They chatted and he bought her a drink. The room was very hot and she was perspiring. She suggested some fresh air, to cool down.

It was a warm evening and they walked along the path through the extensive gardens. Away from the building they sat on a bench and relaxed, admiring the stars in the clear sky.

Her kiss took him by surprise. One moment they were talking, the next this plump married woman was kissing him, her tongue pushing into her mouth. When he didn’t resist, her kiss got more passionate and she took his hand, put it on her full breast, through her top.

Before he knew it, they were kissing deeply, his bostancı escort bayan hands squeezing her breasts as his cock sprang to life again. She was whispering to him, telling him to touch her, to feel her, then to his surprise, to fuck her.

He suggested going to her room, wanting to see the plump flesh he was feeling through her clothing. She muttered no, that she wanted him now.

He glanced around, that stood, led her out of sight of the hotel to a grassy area beyond some trees.

His hands moved under her skirt and tugged down her panties before he opened his own pants, letting his erection spring out.

He lay back, his cock pointing skyward and watched as she lowered herself until her heavy thighs were on him and his cock slid upwards into her wet vagina.

He grabbed her breasts again, then pulled up her top and fumbled to open her bra. He leant forward to meet her tumbling breasts with his mouth, taking one large swollen nipple between his lips.

She was moving up and down, her body trembling as his hands squuezed her perspiring breasts. After the exertions with Belinda he was confident he could last so he was able top match her movements with deep thrusts of his own.

When she came, she cried out in ecstacy, her pussy contracting around his cock. He kept moving slowly, enjoying watching her pleasure.

When she relaxed she moved down until her mouth encircled his stiff cock. He just lay back, staring at the stars as her mouth sucked and licked until he erupted inside it.

They dressed, returned upstairs and said goodnight.

Ben showered again and lay on his bed, preparing to sleep.

He was just about to turn off the light when there was a knock on the door. He opened it, and Susan darted in and into his room. She was carrying a bottle of wine and smiled at him as he stood there wearing only a towel around his waist.

Ben couldn’t believe his luck and watched as she poured the wine, noticing the outline of her thong through her white trousers and the swell of her fabulous breasts under her blouse.

She crossed the room with the wine and kissed him softly on the lips. To his amazement his cock stirred instantly. She noticed it and as she kissed him she tugged the towel away, leaving him exposed.

She told him to sit back on the bed. He sipped his wine, watched as she slid off her trousers and then her blouse.

When she opened her bra his cock hardened further. Her breasts were magnificent. Not sagging and heavy like his previous lovers but standing out, proud and firm, capped by small erect nipples.

Her thong slid off revealing a neatly trimmed triangle of black hair.

She slid on to the bed into his arms. They kissed before he bent to let his mouth explore her firm white breasts. As he did, her hand gently stroked his throbbing cock. “Slowly” she whispered, “we have all night”. He sighed in agreement, all thoughts of the skinny body of his ex-wife buried between the heavenly full breasts of his lover…………..

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