26 Kasım 2021

Metro Girl Dominated


Metro Girl DominateddeleteddeleteddeletedIt was late night, I had just finished partying with my friends and was contemplating on booking an Uber to go back home. Obviously, I could use the Metro, but an Uber is just so much more comfortable. Thankfully, I decided to save some money and use the Metro. It was almost midnight, and it seemed like the last train for the day. I got in a cabin, which was completely empty apart from me. The next station was when I first saw her. And my God what a fucking beauty. She was wearing a tight bode hugging sundress with black stilettos. Her make up was on point, with mascara done perfectly and blood red lipstick covering her full lips. And her eyes. She seemed she was wearing lenses but I didn’t mind. Blue eyes that you could stare into for days. She was absolutely gorgeous. I was so stunned by her looks, it was only when she sat down opposite to me that I noticed her perfect hourglass figure. 36CC cup breasts with a cleavage that was just begging to be stared at. A perfect round ass that you can bounce a ball off. And long shapely legs that seemed to never end. In other words, a 12/10.She was typing furiously on her phone, probably at some poor bloke who did her wrong. As stunning as she was, I could figure out what she was like, rude, bitchy and thinks the world should fall at her feet. I hated women like these and always thought a good hard fuck would set them straight. Suddenly she received a call and started screaming into the phone like there was no tomorrow. What irked me more than her screaming was that she rarely noticed me. Don’t get me wrong, she was way out of my league, but I’m no slouch either. When she was done, she finally looked at me and caught me staring at her. “What the fuck are you looking at?”. I don’t know if it was the drinks from before, but I replied, “Looking at you, who the fuck else is here?”That caught her off guard, I’m sure she’s used to men licking her ass all the time. I would love licking her ass, of course, the real one. “Mind your own fucking business”. “I was until you came here with your beautiful ass and started screaming at the top of your lungs”. Damn, I was on a roll that night. “Don’t think you can get away with taking your frustrations out at someone else, keep screaming at your cheating boyfriend, not me or you will regret it”. I loved her cute uncertain look. Like she’s never heard anyone speak like this way to her. She didn’t give up though. “Who the fuck do you think you are a man?” “I’m the man who should teach you a lesson for being a cunt. I’m not a cuck like your pussy boyfriends who will listen to this shit.” I couldn’t believe I was saying all this. I’m usually pretty nice to people, even assholes, but just seeing her made my dick stir and want to teach this bitch a lesson, even a verbal one.“You don’t know anything about me, so take your judgment and shove it up your ass”. ” I know you are a slut who thinks she owns the world because you are fucking hot. I also know all you cunts need is one real man who fucks you hard enough that you learn a lesson for a lifetime.” She was absolutely stunned by my choice of words. I continued ” Of course you sluts all act tough, but when you face a real man, you back the fuck off.” She continued staring at me wide-eyed. “Haven’t been fucked in a long time have you?” I thought I went too far and was expecting a slap on the face. Instead, I saw her shaking her head, not meeting my eyes. A perfect sign of a submissive. I tried my luck, “Don’t worry, we can remedy that. I get off at the next station, if you want a good hard fuck, that you will remember forever, come with me. Otherwise, continue living your bitchy miserable life.”I couldn’t believe this was going to be an actual possibility. I got up, staring down at her confidently until, she picked up her purse and said, “Fuck it, my asshole boyfriend won’t be giving it to me as it is. Let’s see what your words are worth”. I wasn’t lying of course. I may be nice on the outside to people, but in the bed, I’m an absolute monster. I have 7-inch thick black cock that women just love and I know how to use it. My ex-girlfriend was a BDSM enthusiast and she left some equipment at my apartment after we broke up. I was already thinking of all the horrible things I was going to do to this young slut. She didn’t know about that of course. “You are my slut tonight, understood? You do what I say. And if you don’t, I will punish you. Someone should already have.” She was breathless by the time I finished speaking and her yes was barely audible.She was walking in front of me, her perfect hips swaying with every step. I couldn’t wait to spank her ass till they were red. I knew I had her under my control. No woman would have listened to all the obscenities I said earlier, well apart from sluts of course. We finally reached my home, the watchmen eying my slut top to bottom. Poor guy I thought, he will never get someone like her. Dirtier things came into my mind. I would be helping the poor man and many like him of course. That was for later of course. I was opening my door, her expensive perfume at my nose, her breasts heaving heavily, anticipating what might come next.As soon as we were in, I pounced on her. She was in my den now. My lips touched he pouty lips. I pinned her to the door and made out with her aggressively, my tongue exploring her mouth. My hand went for her perky C cup breasts and began mauling at them like a lion. She was taken back by my aggressiveness. I pulled back and gave a heartless laugh, “What? Surprised by my aggressiveness? This is just the start slut, you won’t be able to walk properly for days..”.As I was mauling her breasts, she was moaning into my mouth like the bitch she was. I bet she’s never had anyone pull and pinch her perfect boobs like that. I pulled her hair away from me and gave her boobs a tight slap and said,”You love this, don’t you? You love being treated like a slut”?She didn’t reply but her moaning was all I needed. I gave another tight slap and she let out a shriek filled with pain and pleasure. “I bet you are used to guys touching your boobs as if they are made of gold aren’t you”? “Ohh god yes, they don’t treat me roughly. Hmmmmm”. What a catch! I turn her around and pushed her to the wall.“Push your ass out slut”. What a fucking view that was. My god. My dick was screaming through my pants to just fuck her right there and there but I controlled myself. It’s not always you find such an obedient cunt. I gave her a tight slap on her ass. “Fuckkkk” was all she could say.I pinned her against the wall and breathed into her ears, “The things I’m going to do to you. You will remember it for the rest of your life. You will remember me the next time you act like a bitch. When you will think that men should fall at your feet just because you are fucking hot.” I spanked her ass again kadıköy escort harder this time. “Oh god yes. Don’t hold back. I’m your slut tonight”. In normal circumstances, any guy would be happy with that.But these were not normal circumstances. I puller hair towards me and started spanking her for one whole minute. She was shrieking all the while wondering what wrong she did. “I’m your slut tonight, MASTER!! Have you forgotten who I am a slut”? “I’m so sorry master, I will not make the same mistake again”, she hurriedly said to avoid another smack on her ass.I pushed her face against the wall and started sucking and biting her neck making her moan like a dog. I started caressing her inner thighs and started moving towards her cunt. I pushed aside her flimsy thong and felt her cunt. She was fucking wet. My God, she was super horny.She started moving her hips to get herself off with my fingers. She was desperate for cum. Let’s have some fun I thought. I had forgotten that I was still sucking her neck. Oh well, I guess she will have a few hickeys the next day. “Strip,” I said as I walked away from her.She started taking out her dress. The slut wasn’t even wearing any bra. A flimsy black thong was all that was underneath. I eyed my prize for the night and couldn’t believe my luck. She started touching herself. Her second mistake for the night.I took her hands and kept them above her head and slapped her boobs. “Who told you that you can touch yourself? You need permission for that slut. Do you understand”? I slapped her boobs again harder. I then gave a few slaps on her cheeks. “Sorry master…..” was all she could come up with. I went for her boobs and started biting and twisting her nipples pretty hard.She started screaming and moaning “Oh my fucking god. Master that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Aaaahhhhhh”. I stopped. And she was left writhing herself senseless to get herself off. I gave her boobs a few more slaps and started walking away from her. She was clearly pissed off that she wasn’t allowed to cum. But she knew better than to speak. I said, “Crawl towards me slut. And look at me while doing it”.She turned red with embarrassment and started crawling. Ohh what humiliation she must be feeling. This rich slut being bossed around by an average guy. I couldn’t help but grin at her while she was crawling. Her eyes were filled with embarrassment and humiliation. “Stop”. She stopped like a good girl. I patted her head and said “Good slut. You wanted to cum right”? She nodded. “Go ahead. Put on a show for your master. Masturbate.” Her eyes filled with lust and happiness.I didn’t expect her to, but she said, “Thank you so much, master”. I went and sat down on a chair nearby and started touching my dick through my jeans. “Aaaahhhhhh. Ohh god. Ohhh yeah. Fuckkkk”. All I heard was this and wetness from her cunt that she was fingering furiously. She looked at me and could see and hear that she was close. I gave her an evil smile. She didn’t do anything yet to get awarded an orgasm. This night was not going to be so easy.I walked towards her and took her hands and tied it behind her in the back with handcuffs of my ex girlfriend. She started screaming and writhing on the ground. Trying to hump herself to get off. “Do you think you have done enough that I will allow you to cum? You are just a fucking slut. I own you tonight. You will not cum until I let you. I thought you understood that bitch”. Her hair was a mess and she was on the ground with her hands tied behind her back. Still moving her cunt to masturbate.She looked at me and said, “Please master I beg you. Please. Please let me cum. Please, I will do anything. Anything at all”. She got herself up and tried to touch my boner from her lips and said “Fuck my face master. I will please you. But please let me cum. Pleeaaase.” She was almost on the verge of tears. This was one time during the night I felt bad for my slut. I didn’t show it.I grinned down at her thinking I haven’t even taken out my dick yet. I sat down. Took her hairs in my hand and said: “Look at me”. I proceeded to finger herself furiously. She started screaming at the top of her lungs all sorts of obscenities. I removed my hand from her hair and started twisting her nipples hard and slapping them. “I said look at me slut”.She had thrown her head backward in pleasure. She maintained eye contact throughout and finally yelled “I’m GOING TO CUM!!!!!” She cummed on the spot and fell down on her back. Wow, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve seen from a girl.I went over her body and put my wet hands in her mouth. “How do you taste slut”? “Hmmmmmmm,” she said weakly. She started sucking my fingers. It really felt amazing. “I hope you can suck like this when there is a huge cock instead of fingers.” She moaned and responded by increasing her tongue movements.I took my fingers out and said “Get up. This is the first of many orgasms you will have tonight whore. Well, only if you earn it”. She tried getting up but with her hands tied at the back, she was struggling. I got impatient and pulled her hairs harshly to get her up. I unbuckled my belt and threw it away. I took my dick out and her eyes went wide. Now I know it’s not as big as pornstars and some other people. It was 6-7 inches long.But it was extremely thick. I knew she will struggle with it because her face showed that she’d never seen such a huge dick. I said, “This is your god tonight. You will not like religion much after this slut. Kiss it.”She didn’t need to be asked twice. She went and kissed the head of dick and started licking it like an ice cream cone. I let her think she’d be in control of it. She was a good cocksucker. She used her tongue well and took as much as she could inside of her slutty mouth without her hands. I took her head and took my dick out of her mouth. I started slapping her pretty face with my cock.Her expensive makeup started coming off and it reminded me how high class this slut was. This turned me on. “Time to see if you can take it all in Whore.” Her reply drove me nuts. “But you are not paying me, master”.She looked at me and smiled seductively. “Fine Slut then, you fucking tease.” She won’t be smiling for some time now. I took her hair in my hands and made her crawl awkwardly to the wall and pinned her there.Now with the wall behind her and her hands tied behind she can virtually do nothing to stop the assault I’ll be doing to her face. I didn’t see her mouth as a mouth. “I’m going to pound that slutty mouth of yours like it’s your pussy. You will not be smiling by the end of it slut.” “Try me,” she said. I didn’t let her complete.I plunged my dick into her mouth and took it out again. “Open slut. You can’t even take half of it in. You talk more than you can do”. She took it as a challenge and took my dick in and tried to deepthroat it.That’s üsküdar escort exactly where I wanted her. As soon as she was taking it out, I grabbed her head and pushed my dick all the way. She started gagging and tears started coming out of her eyes. Her pretty mascara ruined. I kept her there and started slapping her face lightly. “Gagg on it slut. How do you like it now? Not laughing now? Use your tongue bitch. Stop being lazy.”I took my dick out and she coughed out saliva and my precum onto her titties. If she thought it’s over she was mistaken. I grabbed the head and continued doing the same thing. I went full in so that my her nose was in my pubes and kept it there while slapping her face and her titties.Her tears weren’t stopping. I continued this for 5 minutes or so and then took her hair and told her to look at me. Her face was a mess. “Open your mouth,” I said. She did as she was told. I spat in her mouth and said “This is what happens to rich sluts like you. Lick my fucking balls you useless bitch”.She started licking my balls like a tame cat. I’ve gotta say. She used her tongue pretty good. I got bored and started face fucking her messed up face. This time I didn’t stop for a good 2 minutes. Drool and spit was coming down her face and onto her pretty body and she had no response to any of this. I got bored of this as well. I thought let’s test this slut’s limits.I went full in and kept it there. This time I pinched her nose shut. She couldn’t breathe now. I was careful to not overdo it. I didn’t want her to faint after all. She was screaming at my dick and tried to move. I kept her there. “Stop moving slut and look at me”.She stopped and looked at me with her tear filled eyes. I released her and she fell down coughing and choking. I grabbed her hair and did this a few more times. I was close to cumming but I didn’t want to cum yet. I finally released her and she collapsed onto the floor breathing heavily. “Stay” I said angrily because I had seen it.I walked off to find my belt. This bitch had cummed without asking me. She cummed while I was face fucking her. What a slut. And it deserved a punishment. She looked up and saw the belt in my hand. She became fearful and started to move. I grabbed her hair and said “You cummed didn’t you, you nasty slut? I was treating you like an object, like a hole and you loved it didn’t you? In fact you loved it so much that you cummed without any help. You are a nasty slut. You know that right”?All this while I kept slapping and twisting her nipples hard. Her tits were turning red slowly. “I loved it master. Please. I didn’t have any control. It just happened. I’m sorry master. Please..”. “Remember I told you I’d punish you if you didn’t listen to me? You said yes. Are you a liar slut? Did you lie to your master”? “No I didn’t. I didn’t have any control over it. Please…” “Then you deserve this punishment. Apologize and beg me to punish you for not obeying me slut. Be an obedient slut”.She stared into my eyes and gave in eventually. I started fingering her. For fun I started ticking her foot too. She was having so many emotions right now.She was moaning and giggling at the same time. She was loving it. I slapped her face. She immediately stopped giggling and said “I’m sorry for not obeying you master. I deserve whatever punishment you give me. Please punish me master. Please punish me. Aaaaaahhhhh. I’m close to cumming master. Again. Please please can I cum? Don’t stop. Pleeeeeaaassseee…”I kept staring into her eyes and grinned widely looking at her lusty eyes and her destroyed make up. She really looked like a Grade A whore now. I stopped and said “No you are not allowed to cum. You aren’t supposed to enjoy your punishments.” She was again left writhing on the floor and wanting to get off. “Get on the bed slut. Get on all fours and stick your ass out.”She had a bit of difficulty with her hands cuffed so I picked her up and threw her on the bed. She managed to assume that position. I took her panties out and stuffed it into her mouth. “So that you don’t wake up the neighbors. It’s quite wet. No cumming remember slut. No cumming”. I struck with the belt slowly at first and she whimpered into her panty.I grew the intensity and she started screaming her lungs out. I grabbed her hair and said “Remember this slut. I’m being lenient for now. Not one more mistake or I’ll be ruthless”. She nodded her head. There were slight belt marks on her round ass. She collapsed onto the bed relieved slightly. I spanked her ass with my hands this time and said “Who told you that you could lie down slut? I haven’t even fucked you yet.”There it was. Her ass was stuck out, her hands handcuffed and her panties in her mouth. Small belt marks on her perfect ass. She looked to be enjoying this as she started shaking her ass, as in to tease me. I met this girl an hour ago. Damn.“Stay in this position”. I then went ahead to see what my ex had left behind apart from the handcuffs. There were a few interesting stuff. But one of them stood out – nipple clamps with a chain. These things are perfect for sluts like these. I wanted to thank my ex.I went back and found her exactly as I left her. Good girl, I thought. That’s where my dick did the thinking. It wanted to fuck her wet cunt. The clamps could wait.“Ready to be fucked, you filthy slut”?She turned around and nodded, her head on the bed. I spanked her ass and her pussy as well. She welped like a dog. So she didn’t need any lubrication. She was leaking, loving every moment of it.The view was too fucking good. I shoved my dick in, she screamed into her panties. I started fucking her roughly not caring about anything else other than destroying her pussy. “Hmmmmm hmmm hmmmm” was all I could hear.Her cunt was so wet that it was easily accepted my thick dick. Her ass was turning red and she started to squirm. I knew she was close. Being the good girl that she was, she started squirming more and turned towards me and started moaning with a pleading look in her eyes. Like I said, the slut was close to cumming.I took out her underwear and said, “What”? “Please let me cum master. Please.” I stopped fucking her. I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me, “Is that so? Are you loving this? Being treated like this? How filthy can you be, bitch. We only met over an hour ago”.She was turning red. I started fucking her slowly slowly again. All in, all out. All in, all out. “Tell me slut, how can you love being treated like this? Fucking hell, you are insatiable. I am not enough to quench your thirst. Am I? Want to cum? Huh?” I spanked her ass, grabbed her hair, slapped her face.“Tell me how much you want it, you filthy cumslut”.“Please please uh uh uhhh. Please sir. Fuck I want to cum. I can’t hold please. I’ll do anything uhhhhh”.“Never seen anything like you, fine bitch cum. Cum with tuzla escort me. Your cunt is fine as fuck”.I started fucking her roughly again, so rough that she couldn’t control herself and fell completely on the bed because of her handcuffed hands. But I didn’t stop. I stayed on top of her ass and continued fucking and spanking her red ass.“Aaaaahhhhhh fuck I am cumming!!” Her pussy contracted and made me feel amazing. I came into her cunt as well. The bitch was on birth control pills. At least that’s what she said.I fell on top of her. Both of us were exhausted to the core. She was barely moving. I collapsed next to her and untied her hands.“You still alive bitch?”“Barely”, she murmured.I laughed out loud. “Hahahahaha, wait till I destroy your asshole”.“Please don’t. I don’t like it. Whenever I’ve done it, I hated it”.“I am not asking you. I am telling you. You are mine tonight, remember”? She said yes or something. I went to have some Red Bull, couldn’t care less what she thought.I picked up my phone, and called a number.“Hello, Haan bhaiya mai 206 apartment se bol raha hoon. 2-3 bande leke aa jao ek baar. Ek problem solve karni hai”. I disconnected the phone, laughing and imagining my slut’s face when those fat, ugly people will come to have their way with her. I got hard just thinking about it. Let me fuck her ass before they destroy her with their filth.They had said it would take them sometime to reach, most probably drinking their asses off. I remembered the nipple clamps I had thought of using. Let me torture her with pain and pleasure first.She had gotten up from the bed. She was a mess. But to me, she was never more beautiful, red at all the right places. Her hair was a complete mess and her makeup and mascara was destroyed. A perfect slut.“Can I wash myself please”.“Awwww darling, you haven’t even gotten dirty. This has just started”.She saw the clamps in my hands and her eyes widened.“Please no” as if she knew what it was.“I don’t give a fuck about you and your needs. You are my toy tonight”.I pushed her to the ground and brought forward the nipple clamps. I slapped her boobs around before putting them on, she responded by moaning loudly. Then I held the chain and she was literally at my mercy. If the chain gets pulled too much, god knows how much it will pain.So I started walking backwards, holding the chain. She had to follow me like a dog in fear of the pain. She was in a zone of pain and pleasure. I put the chain around my dick and told her suck it properly.“You don’t want it to hurt in your ass, do you? Suck it properly”.She lubricated my dick with her spit and started deep throating me. Such a good girl, no need to tell her. In between I suddenly move backwards, immediately giving her a mini heart attack, since the chain was still around my dick.“Hahahahaha, what happened rich slut? Too much to handle”? I did it quite often and without warning. She was breathing heavily, scared shitless. I took her hair and face fucked her for sometime. We both were used to it by now.“Get on all fours, like a bitch. It’s time to fuck you like one”. She was beyond protesting anything by now. I slapped her ass. “Arch your ass properly slut. I want to see that perfect white butt. Stay like this”.I spat on her asshole and started opening it with one finger. I applied a bit of lube to her asshole as well so that she wouldn’t be pained too much. It was her first time in ass after all. I am not a monster lol.I then inserted two fingers to stretch her up properly. She was moaning and moving a lot. I spanked her ass hard. “Aaaahhh”.“Stop moving so much”.Her asshole looked perfect – small, shiny because of the lube, perfectly shaved and last but not the least, her bubble butt red with all the spanking around it.“Get read slut, don’t shout too much or I will shove something in your mouth”.“Please be gentle, Sir”.Obviously I will be. It’s her first time. I took my dick and slowly and steadily started inserting it in her ass.“Aaaahhh, ouch. Fuck sir, please”. I took it out and went in deeper this time. I repeated this until I could fuck her properly. Her ass was stretched now.“Ready”? I shoved my dick and started fucking her with a spank. “Giddy up bitch”.“Aahh ahaha ahhhhhh AHHHHHH”. She was too loud for my liking, so I shoved my briefs into her mouth.I pulled her hair towards me and whispered into her ears, “You know, I worked out in that briefs in your mouth. They were very sweaty this morning. How does it taste? I am guessing for a cum bucket like you it’s nothing”.She stated gagging and shouting. But she didn’t dare throw it out. “This is the perfect slut”, I thought as I fucked her senseless. I stopped and changed positions. I had a fun idea. “Get on top of me and work yourself”.She straddled me and slowly inserted my dick into her ass. I stopped her and made her body come close to mine. I put the chain of the nipple clamp in my mouth and said, “Fuck me now”. She had to be very careful not to move it too much. Every movement made her nipples hurt and I had just told her to fuck me like this. I was loving it.I enjoyed her struggling for a few minutes before her pace was too slow for me. So I started fucking her hard and spanked her ass whenever I could. Her asshole had accomodated to my dick by now and was sucking me in each time it went inside. It was a lovely feeling. I let go of the chain and turned her around for a reverse cowgirl position and started fucking her like that.While fucking her, I pulled the chain often and bit her neck everywhere. She was in pain, and pleasureful heaven. She started moaning as if she wanted to talk. I removed my briefs from her mouth.“I am close, Sir. Ahhhhhh please sir aaahhhh let me cum”.I was close to cumming again as well. Her virgin asshole was squeezing my dick properly.I started playing with her pussy while fucking her and said, “Nasty slut, you are about to cum with an ass fucking. Go ahead”.We both shouted and climaxed together.“Clean my dick you nasty bitch, your ass is on it”. I made her clean my dick with her mouth. Surprisingly, she didn’t have any problem with that. I got up, and handcuffed her hands again, much to her surprise.“What happened now”? She obviously thought it was over. But my security guards were about to reach anytime soon. Poor girl. She had no idea about it.“You think it’s over? Hahahaha. I own you for the night. Full night. You said you would do anything and everything I said, didn’t you”?There was a knock on the door. Her eyes widened. “You did not just call your friends”.I went to open the door, “Oh wait, my friends would never fuck you after I told them what I did to you. These people aren’t even my friends”.I had an even smile on my face as I saw her shocked eyes. I opened the door, in came 3 fat, ugly, hairy and drunk security guards of my colony.“Kya hua sir, itni raat ko”.Arre ek problem thi. Zara dekhna iss room mai hai”.They entered to see a stunning, hot and beautiful girl sitting on the floor with her hands handcuffed and nipple clamps on her boobs. Red at all the right places and looking like she had just been fucked hard. They looked at each other and then towards me, “Behenchod sahi mai sir”?

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