11 Ekim 2021



micahIt was my first trip to the Philippines and after enjoying myself at a local brothel, I went back to my hotel to rest. I stopped in the combination bar and restaurant on the ground floor and had a few drinks.A young couple came in a little later, dressed for date night. The girl was wearing a black dress that ended just below the knee and high heels. Her date wearing a black silk shirt and black pants. They sat at a small table across from each other, the girl kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, showing off her sexy legs. I’d catch her glancing over at me and smiling, after about the fourth time she looked my way I winked at her. She blushed a little and went back to talking with her date.I finished off one last beer and decided to walk up to them. I apologized for interrupting their date and told them I was a tourist and asked for recommendations for sites to see. They were very polite and asked me to sit down, I pulled up a chair and sat between them, a little bit closer to the girl. Her long dark hair was held to one side in a loose kind of ponytail, falling well below her shoulders.Her name was Micah and if the boy told me his name, I forgot it almost immediately. After listening to them a little, and ordering another beer, I slipped my hand under the table and rested it on Michah’s knee. She looked over and smiled at me. The boy kept talking, but I was barely listening, instead starting to caress Micah’s thigh. Her skin so soft and smooth as I moved my hand higher, pushing her dress up. She shifted in her seat, scooting closer to the edge of the seat and leaning forward a bit, as if she was paying attention to the boy. My hand now high up on Micah’s thigh, I turned my chair a little toward the boy. I leaned back, blocking the view of my hand under her dress from anyone who might be watching. She gasped, covering it with a fake cough, as the side of my hand brushed against her panties. When the boy stopped talking, Micah asked what I did for a living and scooted a little closer and closed her legs a little, with my hand still between them. I lied, telling her I was a photographer and she ‘oohed’ appreciatively as I started rubbing her pussy mound through her panties. She was a little out of breath as she asked if I could take a photo of the two of them. “Oh, sir, we would really appreciate that,” said the boy.“Sure, but my camera is up in my room,” I said. “It looks like this place is closing for the night, why don’t we all go up there so I can take the photos.” The boy stood up almost immediately, Micah didn’t move right away, waiting until I brought my hand back out from under the table. As she adjusted her dress and stood up, I brought my hand to my face, sniffed then licked my fingers and gave her another wink. She took the boy’s hand as we got in the elevator with her between me and the boy. As the car went up, she reached out with her other hand and squeezed my ass.In the room, I made a show of adjusting the lighting as I handed them each a beer. Micah drank hers down almost immediately, the boy not wanting to look like a wimp did the same. They’d told me earlier they hadn’t had much to eat, because they were nervous about the dance. As I was helping them pose, my hand would often slide from the small of Micah’s back to her tight ass. After taking several photos, I suggested we take a little breakThe boy excused himself to use the bathroom and when the door closed I pulled Micah into my arms and kissed her. Her mouth opening as I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she kissed back. I reached back under her dress and started rubbing her pussy mound again as she moaned. “You like the way that feels, don’t you, babygirl.” bahis siteleri She nodded her head while biting her lower lip. “I’m going to need to take a taste of your sweet pussy, babygirl. What do you think your boyfriend will think of that.” She was grinding against my hand now, “he’s not my boyfriend – he’s just a friend,” she said. I turned her around and unzipped her dress and she let it fall to the floor before turning around for another deep kiss. The boy stepped out of the bathroom just then and stopped in his tracks. “Hey, what’s going on,” he asked. I reached down and squeezed Micah’s ass, “Well, son, I am about to lick Micah’s pussy and then fill her up with my cum. You can watch and take photos if you want.” He looked on the verge of tears, but picked up the camera. I gave scooped Micah into my arms and laid her on the bed and started to lick and kiss my way down her body. I pulled off my shirt and helped her unfasten her bra and sucked on her sweet little tits when she pulled it off. “Daddy,” she said as was kissing and licking back down her body. When I looked up, she blushed brightly, “I’m a virgin.” I paused and looked back over at the boy, who nodded his head. “Not after tonight, babygirl,” I said.I told the boy to move closer and I told Micah to lift her hips and I pulled her panties down and off. I held her hips up so he could get a good closeup of her pussy. Then spread her pussy lips and held them open to get a look at her pink perfect hymen was glistening with moistness. I held her pussy lips open so the boy could get a shot of her pink cherry. I took a few quick licks, before lowering her hips back to the bed. “God, princess, you taste so good, I need more.” I unfastened my belt and let my pants fall, stepping out of them, standing in just my boxer briefs. I saw the boy look down at my growing erection and then look away. “Keep taking photos, boy,” I said.Micah held my gaze as I moved back between her legs, I licked and nibbled her pussy, working my tongue all around her hymen. She was arching her back, thighs tightening around me as I explored her pussy with my tongue. Her whimpers and moans getting louder as she began to grind her pussy against my face. It was like an electric shock going through her body when I ran my tongue over her hymen and she was getting wetter and wetter. My hands were moving over her belly and tits, caressing and fondling, her pussy so wet her juice was dripping down my chin.I lifted her hips again, “come here, boy, get a shot of this.” I spread her legs wider and put my face next to it, her juice still dripping from my chin as he took some photos. “You ever see her look so pretty before, boy?” He was just staring with his mouth open, so I reached out and squeezed his balls hard. “Boy!” He winced, “yes … I mean, no sir. I’ve never seen her look so pretty.” I lowered her to the bed again, and got off the bed admiring the view of her body and wet pussy. I knelt down and gave her a long lingering kiss as I rubbed her pussy a little more.Standing up again, I stripped out of my briefs, my cock now rock hard. Micah gasped and sat up a little, “daddy,” she said, reaching out for my cock. I moved closer and she cupped my balls and kissed the tip of my cock, then began licking my shaft. The boy had stopped taking photos, so I grabbed the camera and took several photos, the last one of her taking my cock into her warm mouth. When I pulled my cock from her mouth, she smiled, “you taste good too, daddy.” I started to hand the camera back to the boy, “wait a minute – strip, boy.” He looked shocked, but quickly stripped down. Micah laughed and pointed when she saw how small his cock canlı bahis was. He blushed and started to turn away, but I grabbed him by the cock and pulled him toward me. I held his tiny cock alongside mine as Micah grabbed the camera and took photos, laughing the whole time. I pushed the boy down onto the other bed and gave the camera back to him. “Hold on, babygirl,” I said. I went to the closet and brought out a video camera and tripod, placing it near the head of the bed and panned it over her body as she stretched out and smiled. Aiming the video at Micah’s face I told her to say her name and tell us what was going to happen tonight. “My name is Micah and my sexy older lover man is going to pop my cherry,” she said with a smile. “You don’t want that boy over there to fuck you instead,” I asked. “Eww, gross. Not with his tiny dick,” she said. “I need a hard throbbing white man cock.” I kissed her hard on the mouth again, tongues teasing and then moved between her legs again. “Boy, get down here.” He moved to my side as I spread her legs wide and started rubbing my cock over her pussy. Micah was biting her lower lip again as I rubbed my cock on her pussy lips, but I could see the lust and desire in her eyes as well. “You ready for daddy’s hard cock, babygirl?” She nodded her head, but looked a little scared, “will it hurt, daddy?” I leaned down to kiss her again, “it’s going to hurt very much at first … but the more we do it, the better it will feel.” She closed her eyes and grabbed handfuls of the sheets, holding on tight. “Baby,” I said. “Open those eyes, daddy needs to see how sexy you are.” I pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy as she sucked in some breath, eyes wide. “Boy, get that camera close on my cock and her pussy.” I eased my cock in further, cockhead pressing against her cherry. She had her eyes closed tight again. “Baby, let me see those pretty eyes.” She opened them slowly and I leaned forward to give her a deep kiss again. As her tongue started teasing with mine, I shoved my cock all the way in, feeling her pussy stretch and cherry rip open. She screamed into my mouth as the full weight of my body drove my cock deep into her. She was crying, tears streaming down her cheeks. “You OK, babygirl,” I asked as I leaned down to lick the tears from her cheeks. She took my face in her hands and looked me in the eyes, “I love you, daddy.” I started stroking into her faster, I could feel her pussy juice and cherry blood dripping off my balls. She’d grunt and groan, whimper and moan, her eyes filled with lust. “Wrap your legs around daddy, babygirl.” She did as I told, wincing and crying out again as my cock stretched her pussy. She was reaching out, pulling me down for long deep kisses as I started fucking her harder. Her hips now matching my thrusts, grinding a little,“tell daddy what you need, babygirl.” She yelped, whimpered and moaned, “I need your cum, daddy.” Placing my hands on her hips as I got up on my knees, pulling her up with me. She cried out again as I used the weight of her own body settling her down on my shaft. Her breathing hard as she shoved her tongue into my mouth and wrapped her legs around me tight, her pussy juice and cherry blood still leaking out of her pussy and down my balls. I bounced her up and down, once, twice, three times and I shot my cum inside her. Her legs and pussy twitching as she orgasmed with me and she bit down on my shoulder and clawed at my back. Holding her tightly as lowered her back down to the bed and kissed her deeply again. “Come get a closeup of this, boy,” I said as slowly pulled my cock from her pussy. I grabbed the boy by the hair, “now clean daddy’s cock, boy,” güvenilir bahis I said, taking the camera from him. “No, sir,” he said, but didn’t resist as I pulled him to my cock. He only licked a little at first but was soon slurping and slobbering all over my cock, taking it deep in his mouth. I loosened my grip on his hair, taking photos of him worshipping my cock like a good little slut. Micah laying with her legs spread, my cum and her cherry blood still oozing from her pussy, her makeup smeared, mascara running. She smiled up at me as I caressed her thigh. “I always knew he wanted to do that,” she said. He was now licking and sucking my balls before moving back to my cock and sucking harder. “Damn, boy,” I said looking down, my cock already getting hard again. “What about me, daddy,” said Micah, spreading her legs wider. I pulled my cock from the boy’s mouth, grabbing a handful of his hair again and shoved his face into her pussy. She gasped a little as he started licking up every drop of cum from inside her while I took photos. “Daddy,” she called out, reaching toward me. I moved up and she took hold of my balls, took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. Her legs were wrapped around the boy’s neck, holding him tight against her pussy. I untied her ponytail and let her hair fall around her shoulders. “Daddy’s sexy little goddess,” I said. When my cock was rock hard, she pulled her mouth away and looked up at me. “Daddy,” she said pointing down at the boy. “Doesn’t he have a nice ass?” I leaned down for another deep kiss, “yes he does,” I said handing her the camera as I moved back to the foot of the bed. She wrapped her legs even tighter around his neck and crossed her ankles. I reached under the boy and grabbed his cock and balls, squeezing hard. He yelped and stopped licking, craning his neck to look back at me. I started rubbing my cock against his ass cheeks, feeling his cock twitch in my hand. “He’s a virgin too, daddy,” said Micah. I spread his ass cheeks and shoved my cock in hard, his scream muffled by her pussy. “Unwrap your legs, babygirl,” I said as I grabbed another handful of his hair and yanked his head back. He was crying even harder than Micah as I started fucking his ass. Reaching back under to grab his cock and balls again, his cock throbbing harder as I fucked him. Micah taking photos and laughing as my cock ripped his ass open, “he’s crying like a baby, daddy.” She got up on her knees, her pussy licked clean, and moved down beside him as I shoved his face down into the bed. I let go of his hair to pull her close for another kiss as I fucked the boy. She was kissing me even more passionately as I twisted his cock and balls, making him scream. I started to twist again and felt him spurt in my hand. “Dammit, boy,” I said bringing my hand up and showing it to Micah. “He came before you, daddy? Don’t let him get away with that, fuck him harder,” she said and slapped his face. I pushed him down again, they grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wider as I fucked him harder and harder. Micah rubbing her body against me, kissing and licking my neck and face. The boy screaming and crying, the tears just making my cock throb harder. Soon he was just grunting and groaning and then I felt his body relax and go limp under me and shot my load up his ass. He was just laying there as Micah kissed me passionately again. “The little wimp passed out, daddy,” she said, slapping his ass. “He isn’t worthy of your cum.” I rolled him over, rubbing my cock over his face and lips until he woke up and the little boy slut started cleaning my cock right away. Tasting his own ass off my cock only making him hornier as he slurped and slobbered. Micah moving into my arms, “don’t let him have anymore cum unless he eats it from my pussy, daddy.” I held her tight and kissed her again, “I promise, babygirl.”http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4086459-68931274.html

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