30 Haziran 2020

Mikey’s Mom


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Mikey’s MomMikey thinks we have been friends for a very long time. I’m not sure why he thinks we’re friends really. I’m always making fun of him, telling him what to do, and talking about how much of a MILF his big tit mom is. Yet he puts up with all of it and doesn’t even fight back at all.I always loved to check out Mikey’s mom’s huge rack, so when he invited me over during the Summer, I of course agreed. When I arrived I made sure to take a good look at that sexy MILF laying out back in her tiny bikini. I don’t know if that’s even the correct word for it really, it was more like a tiny string that barely covered her nipples. Every time she would move, her massive boobs would sway back and forth and I was already getting hard a few minutes after I walked in Mikey’s front door.Mikey’s dad was just like Mikey, a small, mousy kind of guy. They both stuttered a little when they were embarrassed or intimidated. His dad greeted me, saying something about being tired and needing a nap and then disappeared into his room. A few minutes later Mikey’s mom came inside, her tits bouncing with each step she took. “Honey? Mikey, where is your father? it’s getting so hot out there, I need him to rub this sunscreen on me.””I think he went to take a nap mom.” Mikey’s mom looked sad for a second, but then turned back to Mikey. “Well then can you do it for me baby? I just can’t reach these spots on my back.” She tried to demonstrate by reaching towards her back, but the way she reached over her heaving breasts, showed that they were clearly in the way. “Ugh, mom I don’t want to. Besides my friend is here, you’re embarrassing me.” Mikey’s mom looked taken aback by his comment.”I’ll do it,” I said. “I’ll help you put on your sunscreen.” Mikey’s mom looked over at me and started smiling widely. “Oh sweetie, that’s so nice, thank you. See Mikey, your friend here is a nice boy, he’s going to help your mother out.” Mikey’s face started turning red, so I took the opportunity to lean in towards him, “Oh yes, I’m going to be a big help to your mom. I won’t miss a spot.” Mikey looked confused for a second, then almost angry, but didn’t have a chance to say anything in return as I was already half way towards their backyard. I made sure to get a good look at her big bubble butt that was bouncing around in front of me on the way out. Her ass was also barely covered by that tiny string bikini she was wearing.Mikey’s mom stretched out onto her stomach, but her breasts were so large that she was not able to lay completely flat on the ground. I began to rub the sunscreen onto her back. “Mmm, that feels good. It’s so nice of you to do this for me, you’re such a good boy. Make sure you get everywhere, I don’t want to get burned, especially this early in the summer.” I made sure to completely cover Mikey’s mom in the white cream, rubbing it deep into her skin.I attempted to get it under her bikini string that was taught against her back, but her tits were so big they held it tight in place. Mikey’s mom obviously felt me pull at it, but paused before saying anything. “Well, maybe you can just untie that for a second, I really want it all over me.” So I untied the only thing holding back her huge melons. I could hear Mikey’s mom moan as I massaged the sunscreen into her and couldn’t help but be aroused.I switched to her legs, making sure to brush against that glorious big ass of hers. When Mikey’s big ass mom didn’t react to it at all I decided to push my luck. Soon I was taking handfuls of that jiggling booty while I sprayed the white lotion all over her.She turned back when I was done with her lower half and asked güvenilir bahis siteleri me to get her neck and shoulders. I thought about getting up and walking around to get in a better position, but then had a better idea. I decided to straddle Mikey’s mom while I put my hands onto her neck and shoulders. I could feel her big ass right against my crotch and lost the little bit of restraint I still had left. My cock could take no more, and grew harder than I had ever felt it before. Mikey’s mom let out a gasp as I could feel my hardness press against her, but she didn’t move.My cock continued to throb as I finished applying the last of the sunscreen. Then I felt her hips wiggle. It was slight at first, but when it continued I could even feel them press back against me. I was still unsure if this was really happening as I tested my luck once again. I put a little more sunscreen on my hands and reached around to begin rubbing the exposed sides of her big tits.”Oh…that feels so…hold on…let me just…” I could tell Mikey’s mom was enjoying this almost as much as I was when she began to turn over onto her back. I straddled her once again as I watched the tiny string she had on previously fall to the side. Now I was looking down at Mikey’s mom, her huge boobs handing out right in front of me while she smiled with her eyes locked onto my crotch. “Umm…sweetie, it looks like you’re…well that doesn’t look very comfortable.” It really wasn’t, as my cock was doing it’s very best to burst right out of my pants. Since she was the one who brought it up I figured Mikey’s mom wouldn’t mind if I slid them off.As I dropped my pants I could see her eyes go wide, she was unable to look away from the bulge now only hidden by my underwear. They formed a tight grip around my cock, which had grown almost down to my knee at this point. I squeezed her breasts, rubbing the sunscreen on them very slowly, making sure to brush over her nipples again and again. I couldn’t take it anymore after a few minutes and had to take off the only thing separating me from Mikey’s big tit mom and my rock hard cock.As I pulled my underwear off my cock sprang to full attention and slapped back down right against Mikey’s mom’s massive tits. “OH MY GOD!” She gasped as her eyes finally set sight on my enormous erection. “Is that real? Oh my…it’s SO BIG!” She took up one of her arms and reached her hand towards my rock hard cock. As her fingers failed to wrap around my thick cock I could hear her disbelief, “This can’t be real. Wow, it’s so thick. You’re so long, I’ve never seen anything even close to this big. I thought boys your age were supposed to be…well like Mikey. But this…you’re neither small nor thin. You’re even bigger than my husband, it’s not even close, you might be twice a long as him, maybe even more.”While Mikey’s mom praised my cock I continued to squeeze her heaving tits. I took her hand off my cock after getting her to stop stroking it and laid it between her beautiful boobs. She smiled brighter than I had ever seen her smile and pushed her tits tightly together, holding my cock in place. I began to rock my hips back and forth, the sunscreen making it easy to slide between them. As I got more and more ******d I began to take longer strokes and began to bump the tip of my cock against her full red lips. I saw her face break out into a look of concern then, “Wait, wait, maybe…maybe we shouldn’t, I’m married and you’re Mikey’s best friend.” Best Friend? I thought. It was too late anyway, I knew I couldn’t stop here.As I continued without saying anything, Mikey’s mom struggled youwin giriş with remaining a faithful wife toward her husband and an innocent mother for her son as I fucked her tits. “I’m just saying…god you’re so BIG. I’m just saying, maybe this is wrong. What if someone saw us? What if my neighbor looked out their window? What if…mmmm.” Before Mikey’s mom could finish her next question, I took the opportunity to give her a taste of me. She was so busy talking with her mouth hanging wide open that I couldn’t resist. I just shoved my cock into her mouth while still fucking her massive jugs that she held together for my cock.Watching her eyes shoot wide open while she mumbled her words on my dick made me even harder. I began to push my throbbing cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Each time I started to pull out I could see that she was covering me in more saliva and after a minute or so it was dripping out of her mouth and down her chin. I could feel and hear her gagging on my cock as I started to push even farther down her throat. Her throat was gripping my cock nice and tight. She almost looked like she couldn’t breathe, but then put both of her hands on my ass and pulled me as deep into her mouth as I could go.Once I pulled my dick out of Mikey’s mother’s mouth, I made sure to slap it against her face a few times. Even laying it all the way across her face, just to show her that it was longer than her head. “Holy…this is nothing like my husband’s, I’ve never even gagged on his penis before. But…you’re SO BIG, I could barely take that monster cock in my mouth.”I could tell that Mikey’s slutty mom was hornier than she had ever been. I stood up and then pulled her up with me, leading her back into the house where Mikey and his father were oblivious to what was going on in their backyard. Mikey was too busy watching TV to even notice us walk right behind the couch he was sitting on. Neither did we notice that Mikey wasn’t alone. Mikey’s dad was still passed out when we peeked into the master bedroom, so I decided to take the big tit slut into Mikey’s room.Neither of us could wait another second after shutting and locking the door, so I pushed Mikey’s mom onto his bed and she spread her legs for me. In seconds I had both of her legs on my shoulders and was trying to squeeze my cock into her apparently still tight pussy. “I though a married woman like you would be a lot looser than this.” I said as she tried her best to open up for me. I stepped away for a second to look for something that could help us when Mikey’s mom grabbed my arm. “Wait! Where are you going? Don’t stop, please, we can make it fit, please don’t leave!” I laughed, “Don’t worry I’m not leaving. I just need to find…AH!” After I moved a few things out of the way in one of Mikey’s drawers I saw it. Next to the box of unopened condoms was a small bottle of lube, unsurprisingly, also unopened.Mikey’s mom used almost the whole bottle at once, making sure to use both hands to apply the lube to every inch of my cock. This time when I pushed into her it went a lot easier. I still struggled somewhat, but managed to ignore her pleas to slow down and was greeted with her moans of approval. Then the fun really began. I held her hips and pulled them towards me with each thrust into Mikey’s mom’s pussy. Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight I though about letting loose right then, but I knew that I didn’t want this to end just yet.The faster I trusted, the more noise Mikey’s whore mothers made, until I was going so fast, and she was moaning so loud, I thought the neighbors might call youwin güvenilir mi the police. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and a faint voice. “Uhh…mom? Is that you mom? Are you okay?” It was Mikey, but there was no way his mom heard him. She was in another world at the time, sweat dripping down her perfect curves, eyes rolling back into her head, tits bouncing back and forth while we rocked the bed together.The knocks got louder as the squeaking bed got louder. It was around the same time that Mikey began to yell to his mother, asking if she was okay, that I bent her over the bed and pointed her face right at the doorway. Thank god I remembered to lock the door or poor little Mikey might have interrupted us. Things got really exciting when a second voice called out, “Honey? Honey are you in Mikey’s room? Are you okay? What’s going on? What’s all that noise in there?” I couldn’t help but smile as I heard Mikey’s father calling out to his wife. He was wondering if she was okay. From my point of view it looked like she was doing just fine. Her big fat ass was bouncing back into me as I trusted my hips forward, pushing my entire cock into her dripping wet pussy.Mikey’s mom seemed to break from the daze she was in when she heard her husband’s voice, but I made sure to take two handfuls of that big jiggling ass and go even harder on her. Before she could think about stopping or saying anything she lost control again. “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, OH MY GOD, YES, YES, YES!” This wasn’t the first time I heard her utter those words since entering Mikey’s bedroom, but with Mikey and his father on the other side of the door, it was the most exciting.I couldn’t take it anymore and was getting ready to explode. I made sure to warn Mikey’s mom and she replied with only one request. “Okay, please, OH GOD YES, please not on my face. I’ve never let anyone…FUCK IT’S SO BIG..I never let anyone do it on my face.” What could I do. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and spun her around so that her back was lying on the bed with her head pointed towards the door. I straddled her once again, my cock slapping against her big bouncing tits. “Stroke it and suck it until I cum. Do it until I explode all over that pretty face of yours.”She was helpless to do anything but obey. Mikey’s mom began to stroke my cock with both hands. She moved her lips up and down my shaft while still using both hands and I could feel I was almost ready. “Please, please don’t cum on my face, it’s so degrading.” I smiled, “Well maybe I should just leave then. You know your husband and your son are waiting for you out there? Maybe your husband can take over and give you what you need?” Her face quickly turned to one of worry and panic. “No, please, please don’t leave. Do it, shoot your cum on my face. Please just don’t leave. I’ll do anything you want. Cum on me, do it! Use that huge cock to cum all over my slutty face. CUM ON MY FACE!”As she stroked faster and faster and began to scream and beg for my cum the doorknob moved. We were both so caught up with the grande finale that we didn’t hear Mikey go and get the spare key for his bedroom in case he ever got locked out. He managed to get it unlocked just in time. As the door opened my cock erupted. Mikey’s mom was still stroking it while she pointed it directly at her face. I had never cum so much before in my life. I shot it all over her. It completely covered her face, I came over her eyes, in her hair, on her lips and chin. I even made sure to shoot a few spurts onto her enormous tits. By the time I was done, Mikey’s mom was unrecognizable.Everyone was in awe, simply frozen in place and watching the scene occur. The silence was finally broke by a female voice, but it didn’t belong to Mikey’s mom. “Oh…my…god…that was so…HOT!” Pushing past Mikey and his father, who both had dismayed looks on their faces, was Mikey’s girlfriend.

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