30 Haziran 2020

Miko and me


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Miko and meI always look forward to Mike and Miko’s visits they are a fun couple but for an ulterior motive as well. Miko is my Asian whore that who loves me taking advantage of her. She has everything I want in a woman, voluminous tits, a tight ass and pussy, and legs to die for. She is also Asian which is easily my biggest fetish and has been since as long as I can remember. She reminds me a lot of the American-Asian porn star Miko Lee who I believed starred in some of the aka Filthy Whore series. I will certainly never forget their first visit to our home. My wife was always a good girl, a very healthy sexual appetite but a good girl nonetheless. Mike had always told me Miko was an absolute slut she could be and how she wanted me to force her into some kinky sex. We met them at the airport and took them to our favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks. I can tell you this for sure, everyone’s eyes were on Miko as she walked in. In the middle of a New England winter, she walks in the door in a slinky, 1 piece black dress, the front can barely contain her enormous tits and certainly almost anyone could get a bit of a free show. When she sat down that skirt rose right up and you could almost see up to her waist. Her long legs were accentuated by her blue nylon stockings and a pair of extraordinary high heels. She was statuesque with those heels even compared to my 6ft 5 frame. With the cold weather her nipples were clearly visible, truth be told she looked like one of the hookers you might pick up in Chinatown. My wife seemed very puzzled by her appearance asking me in private what was she thinking? I tried to think of a good lie as I knew her slutty nature had driven her to dress this way. I told her I don’t think she knew it was that cold here.All throughout our meal the other patrons both men and women were overtly trying to get a gander at her. My wife and I hurriedly ate as we do not like to be the center of attention. Mike was whispering in her ear all during our time there. I know he gets off on watching people see his wife’s wanton appearance. He would smile here and there but he genuinely seemed happy with the reaction he was getting. We did not even stay to have drinks as my wife wanted to leave as quickly as possible for obvious reasons. My wife was so concerned about Miko’s wardrobe she was contemplating lending her some clothes but I told her it would be of no use as she was far more curvy than my wife.We got home and led them to their sleeping arrangements. We have an in law in the basement which would suit them just fine. Mike told me with a grin that she had been snoring too loud and he actually preferred to sleep upstairs. He whispered the words “Go for it!” and with that we all retired to our respective rooms. My wife and I enjoyed their company but she was very concerned that Miko needs an attitude adjustment and she is giving people the wrong idea. I just nodded and agreed wanting to just get the day over with. We called it a night after some TV and that’s when my problems began.All night I tossed and turned, all I could think of was Miko flaunting her body and Mike’s last words before sleeping. My wife was having her ‘ladies casino siteleri time of the month’ and was unavailable. Usually when I get this horny I go down to the computer and have myself a nice jerk or two to calm myself down. Problem was that was where Miko was sleeeping. Then I thought could I really get her that easily? My cock was by no means asleep as it was literally rock hard knowing that the Asian fuck doll that I had dinner with was sleeping alone in my basement. What is she wearing I pondered? Knowing Mike and what he likes problem a silky teddy or a sheer nightgown. Maybe she is stark naked! She could even be masturbating by herself down there. The possibilities were endless and I just had to find out.I crept downstairs so as not to make a sound. I noticed all the lights were out so maybe she was sleeping. I began to have second thoughts as I realized what I was thinking of doing. I was wrong she was not masturbating at all I could actually hear her snoring in the bedroom off the main room. Perhaps I just have a filthy mind as I chuckled to myself. I figured I would not even touch her, I would just go to my computer and cum as quickly as possible. Although the bedroom was in the same general area I figured that I could stroke myself without anyone being the wiser. I cruised a few porn sites and found exactly what I was looking for sultry Asian whores that had the fortune (or misfortune depending on your viewpoint) of being filmed while having sex with their customers. There is just something so hot about girls fucking for money. A lot of them where not very experienced , so watching them get impaled by foreigners cocks was more than enough to get me going. I had actually been to Thailand years ago for a nice little trip. I never had so much fun in my life for a small fee I was able to have two and three women at a time. I loved their naturally slim bodies, cute titties, and usually half trimmed but barely able to squeeze in pussies. I watched as a eighteen year old was riding the 10 inch cock of some European guy almost three times her age. I loved the contrast of his pale white cock against her tanned skin. He was nailing her something fierce and was screaming like a banshee. I knew that I had to turn it down so as to avoid being detected. I found that I was too late for that!I felt a pair of small hands begin to massage my shoulders and I knew right away it was Miko. “Your shoulders are not all I want to massage, I hope you realize that by now. That girl in the movie seems to be enjoying herself…oh look…see she came…you can see her juices dribbling down his shaft.” I truly had no idea what to say, caught red handed by the very temptress that caused my problem in the first place. She stood there dressed in a sheer blue teddy judging by the wet spot in front of her panties she had been anticipating this. “If you were not dressed like a 5 dollar hooker tonight, I would be upstairs sleeping in my bed.” I told her this in a defiant tone almost justifying what I knew was to pass. “Why do you think I dressed that way? Mike told me how much you like blue. He also says that he can’t believe he married such a cum slut that canlı casino only thinks of draining men’s cocks. Do you think I am greedy for thinking that way?””I don’t know but I am way too horny to be thinking about anything but using you for my pleasure. Firstly, I want one of those famous suck offs that Mike has told me so much about. Then I am going to fuck you after I cum. You better not have a problem with that!””Mike did not tell you but I will now. The real reason we have come is because we have decided to move here and I want to become your Asian mistress, I promise to be a good girl. Right now though I am just a slut that craves cock and I need you to discipline me!””Get on your knees and do exactly what you know you want to do!” I commanded her with great authority and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction to be in charge of such a sweet piece of Asian ass. She knelt in front of me and with her dainty hands began stroking me. She examined every inch of my shaft, seeming to admire both its smoothness and thickness and rocked it in her hand testing my sensitivity. The next thing I saw was her puffy,red lips wrap around my head as she washed my head with her saliva. I sucked in my breath as she treated my cock like a pro. Her head bobbed up and down like a rubber duck on a windy pond. My hands began to stroke through her hair as her mouth began to move all the way down the end of my shaft. Spatterings of pre-cum sprang forth like rain drops on her teddy. She gagged trying to get all of me in her mouth and I noticed some of my pre-cum escape her mouth. “That’s all mine.” she said that as she saw that it had dropped on my balls and she retrieved it in a greedy fashion.I had never been sucked like this and probably would not be again until she returned.”Don’t you just love my tits? They are so big and firm. Look how rock hard my nubs are. I know you would LOOVVVEEE to titty fuck me!” I certainly could not lie and say no. She dropped what little clothing she had left on the floor. She had some of the biggest tits I had ever seen and definitely biggest for an Asian gal. “Pump me like the cum slut you are!” With that she squeezed her tits over my towering shaft and made it look like an oversized hotdog. She smiled as she continually made my cock appear and disappear between her very ample cleavage. I knew I would not last long given how her mouth had basically made love to my cock.With each rotation I could see streaks of pre-cum flowing from her neck and off the sides of her fat tits. “Mmmmmm…whores like me know exactly what the guys want and let me tell you I have wanted to play with you for a LONGGG time!” She squeezed even harder putting pressure in all the right places. I roared “I AM GOING TO CUM ON THOSE TITS!” Upon hearing those words she took my head in her mouth and sucked me for all she was worth. The proverbial expression ‘to suck a golf ball through a garden hose’ came to mind. She took me from her mouth and that small little hand jerked me almost to the point of me passing out. Jet after jet of thick,hot, semen rose from my head. In anticipation of my eruption she had aimed me right at her glorious globes. My cum dripped kaçak casino from her tits like stalactites from a cave. She wore my hot seed with pride on her chest as she smiled admiring her work.My cock still somewhat erect and covered in jizz is still very much aroused at the site of my man juice dripping of Miko’s mammoth tits. Instinctively, she dives right in for a cleaning. Her tongue darts and licks every inch of my shaft making sure she doesn’t miss an inch. In no time my cock is clean from Miko’s saliva shower. “Now is the time to fill that pussy my little fuck bunny. But first you need to service me again.” I sternly commanded her. “It is a pleasure to fulfill your sexual needs.” she replies. Almost immediately her soft tongue is lapping at my balls like a trained puppy. While her mouth is working on the underside of my organ her hands is stroking my length returning my leaning tower back to its original condition.”Please take me from behind.” She climbed up on a nearby couch and stuck her ass out. “I promise I will be a good girl.” She whispered as she turned to peer back at me to make sure I was sizing up her kitty. She said those words with such eroticism I am almost came on the spot. I did not say a word nor did I hesitate. I took my pole and buried myself to the hilt in her sweet, Asian honeypot. “Mmmppphhhh…Oh Yes…I like feeling full. You can use me however you wish. I am your Asian mistress, give it to me hard and fast. Whores like me love it that way.” Not needing any advice I grabbed her tight ass and bucked my hips in and out of her ever dampening twat. I loved hearing the sound of my balls as they continually paddled her ass like a game of ping pong. She reached for her nipples and began kneading them in her fingers. Her eyes closed and she laid her head on top of the couch as I assaulted her accommodating pussy. “Fuck me baby…I want your thick white cock to fuck me whenever you want!”I angled myself so I could really get to a nice ramming speed. Her pussy was almost uncontrollable. “OHHHH FUCKINGGG GODDD….I’M CUMMMMINNG…CUM INSIDE ME PLEASSSSEEE!!!” I was thinking no shit you are cumming. I can see your girl cream running down your thighs. I can feel your pussy walls contracting on my rod. Wave after wave of girl cum is splashing around and I am amazed no one heard the sounds of a very gushy pussy taking such a brutal assault. I was fairly close to cumming myself. I had to admit this was unbelievably arrousing. I could even begin to see my cum starting to mix with hers. I reached for her long hair and began to tug a bit. “I love FUCKING my new little ASIAN whore. I will expect pleasure on demand!” We tilted on our sides and I was now spooning her with on top. From a distant mirror I watched my cum streaked cock impale her over and over. Watching myself was all I could take and at the least second I could see her looking at herself with a smile. I clutched an enormous tit and bite lightly into her neck.”UUUUHHHHHHHHH” is all I could discharge as I flooded her insides. With almost gun like force my jisum shoot up into her Asian cooch. My cock continually sent shock waves like a bee’s stinger to every inch of her pussy. We sat like that for a few moments totally spent, she spent her time looking at herself, once again admiring the pure flow of man cream coming from between her legs. I knew this would not be the last time we got together.

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