9 Temmuz 2021

Misti’s Adventures Part 15


Misti’s Adventures Part 15Everyone had come back into the living room. Misti, Mary, and Sharon had gone in to clean up the dishes and the kitchen. The three of them finished in a matter of minutes, and joined Carol and the men in the living room. They discussed their upcoming trip home, assuring Hank that he was not only welcome, but that he was just as much a part of their group as anyone there. Sharon told him that if anyone asked, he was her boyfriend. They would all want to meet, and probably try him out.They didn’t talk for long. They wanted Carol to rest so she could get well, and be her old self, as soon as possible. Bidding each other a “Good Night,” they went home. Sharon and Dave stripped off their clothes, determined to find out just how much room was really in the shower. They all stepped inside, and with Sharon helping support Carol, Dave scrubbed Carol completely, dried her and put her to bed. She was instantly asleep.Sharon and Dave had gone back to finish their shower, together, scrubbing each other, each glorying in the feel of yjr other’s body. When they had finished drying each other, they went in to check on Carol one more time. She was sleeping like a baby, holding her pillow, looking like an angel in repose. They each kissed her, again, and went to Sharon’s room. They had decided to wait until morning to call their parents. They all gathered at the home of Dave’s parents every morning to discuss their plans for the day, and to determine if anything needed their special attention.They would also let them know that they would, as soon as Carol was able, be coming home for the weekend.Sharon and Dave laid in the bed, talking about what they might need to do before the baby came. They had decided to name her Sarah, after Carol’s Great Grandmother. She had passed away just 2 years ago at the age of 94. She had, even at that age, been as sharp of mind, and as quick of wit, as a teenager. She had seen, and been cherished by, her Great Grandc***dren right up to the very end. She had been laid to rest next to her husband, who had proceeded her 4 years earlier. They had been married for 69 years. Her final words had puzzled everyone there. She had smiled and held her hand out in front of her, and said, “Okay, Mortimer. I’m ready to go. Show me the way, My Love,” and was gone. Mortimer had been her husband’s name.They had cuddled up in each others arms and gone to sleep.The next morning, Sharon woke up just an instant before the others, and went into Carol’s room. She stirred and opened her eyes, telling Sharon, “Good Morning.” and asking if she had slept well. Sharon replied that she had, and was just going for a shower. “Would you like to go with me?” she asked. Carol told her, “VERY MUCH.” Sharon helped her up and put her arm around her waist, just in case. They showered, touching each other almost as lovers, and went downstairs after making sure Dave was awake. He went into the bathroom to start getting ready.They went into the kitchen and Sharon started cooking canlı bahis so Dave could eat before going to work. Dave had a contracting business, and had to go and give an estimate for some work. It would be a big contract if he landed it. The coffee was started, and Sharon made biscuits, gravy, and sausage for Dave. Carol and her would have toast, butter, and homemade jelly. Sharon laughingly reminded Carol that they would need to get some more from their Moms. Especially the strawberry and the plum. They would also need to get some more butter. Their Mothers and sisters all canned and made jams, jellies, and preserves in the summer by the gallon. More than they could possibly eat by themselves. They were constantly giving them to friends and neighbors. They would, most likely, come home with enough for a whole year. As would the other families. The batch they were using was made two years ago, and tasted like it was just made. Sharon’s Mom had, recently, planted g****s, so she could make jelly from them. Between them they made strawberry, blackberry, plum, apricot, peach, and blueberry. They also canned vegetables from the garden, and made and smoked their own meat. They bought very little from a market. Flour, sugar salt, and a steady supply of jars and lids. They were very near self-sustaining. They had livestock for all their meats, except venison, which was abundant in their area. This last fall, they had harvested 8 large deer, processed them, and put them in a walk-in freezer.Dave came down, and dived in to the food waiting for him. He was the man to do it justice. He had a wonderful appetite, and loved Sharon and Carol’s cooking. They told him what THEY had planned, and he reminded them to see about getting some canned apricots, and some pecans, too. He was just getting up from the table, and heard a knock at the back door. It was Miisti. She was, as usual, naked. The only thing different was that this morning, she had shaved her pussy. She told them that Mike had asked her to. He liked it that way on occasion, and it would grow back before long. Carol had burst out laughing, and scooted her chair out, revealing her own smooth-shaven twat. “I asked Sharon to shave me this morning, too. I seem to get laid easier with a bald-headed cunt, and I want to get as much as I can before my tummy starts to swell. I don’t want my daughter to be born with a mouthful of cum.”This made them all laugh, and Dave decided that it was time he left. He kissed all 3 of the ladies, and went out the door. The women finally regained their composure, and Misti looked over at Carol. “How are YOU feeling this morning, Love. You look wonderful.” Carol answered that she felt much, MUCH better. Almost good enough to join the Human Race, Thank You. She was a tiny bit weak, but not seriously so. With a sly smile, she asked Misti what SHE was up to. Misti replied that she was going, after while, to talk to her boss. She needed to talk with him. She would tell them more when she got back home.Carol looked bahis siteleri at Misti and asked, “Did you know that Sharon was a Cheerleader in High School, AND IN COLLEGE, and she can dance like a dream. She took lessons in Ballroom Dancing, and a few Ballet classes. She is also great at Horizontal Hula, and the Mattress Mambo. Part of their training as cheerleaders was tumbling, too. Do you think she would enjoy some of your special training?” Misti smiled at the thought. “I would love to see what she can do. In fact, it would be a great pleasure, I’m sure. If she is willing, that is.”It hadn’t dawned on Sharon what they were talking about, YET. They were all still quite naked. Misti leaned over and kissed Sharon on her lips, working her tongue into Sharon’s mouth, and sucking HER TONGUE. Sharon responded to the kiss, and MIsti placed one hand on her breast, and the other between her legs, lightly touching her clit. She began to rub it gently. Sharon was thinking about how soft Misti’s hands were, but NOT where she had placed them. The one finger was as gentle as she had ever felt, while the hand on her breast was kneading like she was making bread. A nipple was between two fingers, and being rubbed at intervals with the palm of her hand. Her finger was making a light flicking motion. The combination had Sharon breathing fast and slightly, so far, ragged. She was getting a bead of perspiration on her forehead, and her upper lip. She never realized, either, that she was laying on the floor. It had been that smoothly done. The slight tickle made her also aware that her legs were open, and she was being licked. It absolutely felt wonderful. Sharon looked up and saw Carol, on the SOFA! How did she get HERE? She had been sitting in the kitchen. And WHY was she SMILING like that? She turned her eyes ahead, and saw two brownish tan thighs, and a pink… PUSSY? What had she missed? She felt a pressure between her legs, and realized that she was being LICKED. SOMEONE WAS EATING HER PUSSY!!! As if through a fog, she heard someone who sounded much like Carol saying, “I think she likes it.” Sharon felt herself having a soul-wrenching orgasm. Her whole body was jerking, and shaking. She was having trouble catching her breath, and when she did, it came out in an ear-splitting scream.It was as if she had never had these kind of feelings, before. She heard her own voice. Was that REALLY HER? She was pleading pitifully for it to continue. She felt as if she was being wrung out inside. She was babbling. She NEVER babbled, before. Another scream tore out of her. There was Carol’s face, again. This time it was kissing her. Carol NEVER kissed her on the lips, and she NEVER gave her tongue, either. She MUST be imagining all this. She heard the voice saying something else that she couldn’t understand. Her body was, all by itself, actually jumping off the floor.She finally caught her breathe, and exhaled without screaming. She was unbelievably dizzy. She put out her hand. There must have been bahis şirketleri an earthquake. The floor was moving. She laid there, wondering if it was safe to get up. Her hand dropped and she felt something wet. IT WAS HER!!! Did she pee on herself? WHY was she so WET? There were THREE faces above her, now. She slowly got her eyes focused. One face was Carol, another face was Mary, and the other face was…Dave? He was at work. She held up her hand, again. “Someone help me up, please. My legs won’t work right.”She felt hands on both her arms, and another set around her torso, with hands on her boobs. They placed her on the …Sofa? HOW IN HELL DID SHE GET FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE LIVING ROOM? Someone put a glass of cold water in her hand, and helped her take a few swallows. It was good, but, right now she needed something much stronger. She remembered the bottle of whisky in the cabinet, and asked for some of it. a glass was pressed into her hand. She took a sip. It was the whisky. She threw it down, like a lumberjack. Things began to clear up a tiny bit. Someone asked if she wanted some more. She nodded, and felt the amber liquid peing poured into the glass. She downed it too.She looked around her. Carol, Misti, and Mary were with her. She looked over her shoulder. Dave was grinning at her. “WELL! How was it?” Still in a fog, it took her a second to piece together what had happened. She remembered Misti kissing her, then she was in here. Everything else was a blur. She felt between her legs one more time. “Did I pee on myself?” Everyone was laughing. “NO, Sweetheart.” Mary answered. “You have just had your pussy eaten by a Master. Or should I say a Mistress? Either way, it was someone who knew what they were doing.” Carol chimed in, “I felt the same way. We’re gonna have to have her teach the guys her technique.”Sharon looked around at Dave. “What I need, now, is an old-fashioned fuzz-splitting. A pole in the hole type, blowin’ a load inside me, FUCKIN’. Grab me a couple of pillows, drop your laundry, and get it hard, boy! Sister needs cum inside her pussy.” Two pillows appeared, one for her head, and one for her ass. Dave was hard as a rock after seeing her serviced. He didn’t waste any time with foreplay, her legs were wide open, the soles of her feet were straight up, and her pussy was as wer as he could remember EVER seeing. He pushed balls deep on the first push. The first time he could EVER remember doing that. She locked her heels behind his butt, and was grinding and thrusting as he hit bottom. She milked the first load out in a very few seconds, and kept going. The second load followed shortly after, but SHE wasn’t finished, yet.She had him in a death-grip, and wasn’t about to let him get away. She kept thrusting until he was not only hard, again, but was giving as good as he was getting. He lasted much longer this time. His third load came grudgingly, but was enough to send her into orbit. She screamed one more time, and her arms and legs fell away. Mary had already gone after a warm, wet towel from the kitchen. She rubbed Sharon’s pussy, making her groan. Dave had a vision of “deja vu.” Sharon had told him the other night that she wished he would make her pregnant. He wondered.

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