30 Haziran 2020

Molly,Tom &Carmel


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Molly,Tom &CarmelMolly held Tom’s cock and started to rub it up and down, it was the first time she had wanked Tom’s cock his shaft was real thick and a huge cock head, she was scared to have it in her, Tom and Molly had been together for 2 years and wanted to take their relationship to the next stage they had done the preliminary fondling and had made Molly have a small orgasm, she so wanted to have Tom inside her but still being a virgin she was scared it would hurt, Tom groaned as she rubbed it a bit faster, she wet the head to make it easier to rub she looked in amazement as Tom’s cock got bigger every time she rubbed it, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her nipples as hard as bullets, never before had she been so aroused from just foreplay, she could see beads of pre cum seeping from Tom’s cock as he said he felt close to Cumming , rubbing faster Tom moaned as huge streams of thick cum pumped from his cock, flowing down the shaft and over Molly’s hand she carried on rubbing until she had drained him completely.Smiling Molly let go of his cock as it went limp “wow Molly never cum so much” “well I’ve never seen a cock cum I think it fantastic, what it taste like Tom”? A bit salty but sweet why do you want to lick it”? “I suppose so yes but scared” as Tom held her hand he guided it onto his cock Molly wrapped her fingers around the sticky shaft and lifted it, lowering her head she opened her mouth slowly sucking his cock Tom groaned with pleasure a soft satisfying moan from Molly as she bobbed her head up and down, letting his cock go Molly said “oh wow that tastes fantastic as she lowered her head again and carried on sucking it, Molly massaged Toms soft balls making him moan finally Molly stopped saying her jaws ached.They kissed as Molly run her hands over Tom’s muscular chest, he started to fondle her tits and undoing her top to reveal a real sexy lace bra, undoing the clip it fell off her shoulders, to show her milky skin boob’s, with real hard pink nipples Tom lowered his head and gently sucked on her nipples, Molly gasped at the warm sensation Tom’s mouth was giving, he slipped his hand up her skirt and onto her bum, they laid back on the bed as Tom lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and clean off, he could see her pubic hair was wet as he gently rubbed it, making her groan. Molly stood up and got naked she was trebling with pleasure, as she lay back down so Tom could carry on feeling her body, her silky soft skin felt so good under Tom’s hands, slightly opening her legs Molly took Tom’s hand and placed it on the lips, letting his fingers slip in to her soaking wet pussy “make me cum baby”.Tom slowly slipped his fingers in and out of her pussy as Molly moaned trying to be quiet which was near impossible, arching her back she cum groaning softly. Tom pulled his fingers out of her pussy, he could feel how sticky they were, he sucked his fingers giving a satisfying moan “mmmmm yum so sweet as he lowered his head and licked her pussy Molly gasped as Tom slipped his tongue deep in her pussy, teasing her clit, her juices flowed Molly pushed Toms head hard onto her pussy, Tom slowly rubbed his cock making it go hard, Molly groaned playing with her nipples, pulling them to make them harder. “Fuck me Tom I need your cock” Tom sat up “are you sure” Molly nodded her head as Tom knelt in between her legs and gently fed his cock into her tight pussy. Molly groaned as his cock pushed her lips open slipping in slowly he pulled out and then slipped in again, kissing her passionately he could feel Molly’s pussy muscles gripping his cock tight, groaning softly Molly said she was Cumming as a warm feeling flowed through her body.Tom pulled his cock out and rubbed it hard shooting his load over her naked body it splashed everywhere as Molly rubbed it into her body and sucked her fingers dry, Tom’s cock went limp and hung down as he got off the bed and got dressed Molly cleaned herself and kissed Tom goodnight . the following day Molly phoned Tom and asked if he wanted to go to her house and wait for her to get home as work was busy and would be late saying her mum would be there to let him in, Tom jumped at the chance he fancied Molly’s mum like mad she had Molly when she was 18 and was only 41 and a very fuckable 41 at that, she had all the right curves in all the right places and didn’t look her age, very modern in her ways and clothing. Arriving at Molly’s her mum let him in and sat chatting for a while before she said she had to go for a shower but to make himself as home. “ok thanks” defne escort Tom sat watching tele as he heard Carmel “Molly’s mum” go into the bathroom he started to imagine Carmel naked soaping her body and slipping her hand onto her pussy rubbing it slowly, Tom’s cock went rock hard, unzipping his trousers and getting his dick out he rubbed it slowly, imagining it sliding in and out of Carmel’s pussy, he wanted to spy on her but would be horrified if she caught him, the temptation was getting to much as he put his cock away and crept upstairs, he could hear the shower still running, he saw the door slightly open, his heart beat fast as he tried looking through the door opening, but couldn’t pushing the door slightly open he saw her in the shower, her body was amazing, he got his cock out and rubbed it, the vision of a mature women naked was fantastic.Carmel caught him looking “Tom what are you doing” she shouted trying to cover her tits and pussy letting his cock go he pushed the door open, Carmel gasped at the sight of his huge cock letting her hands drop Tom walked in and shut the door, getting undressed he got in the shower and kissed her softly, holding her tits Carmel grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it slowly, pushing her against the shower wall Tom sucked Carmel’s hard nipples making her groan, opening her legs she fed his cock into her pussy, “oh god so big, so good wrapping her leg around Tom’s back he started to fuck her softly Tom’s cock started to spread her mature pussy Carmel groaned loudly as it slipped in the full length, her pussy was tight “holly fuck Tom not had a cock this big” Tom grabbed her arse and fucked her harder and harder making her moan loudly, Tom groaned and pumped his load into her pussy making her cum as well Carmel buried her head into Tom’s shoulder slightly nibbling it. Tom’s cock slipped out and Carmel took her leg from around his back, breathing heavily Carmel said “oh god so good”, Tom looked and smiled; kissing Carmel again he felt her tits and played with her nipples.Carmel moaned and cum again as they finished of showering they dried each other Carmel, gently took hold of Tom’s cock and gently rubbed it and kissed him softly, leading him by the hand she took him into her bedroom, and made him sit on the bed. Standing in front of him she told him to feel her body, Tom softly massaged her boobs and then he slipped his hand in between her legs, and started to rub her pussy, her soft pussy hair felt warm but damp Carmel groaned whispering to slip a finger in, Tom did as he was asked, the feeling of the warm pot of Carmel’s pussy felt good his fingers coated in her sweet juices, Carmel had been single for about 4 years according to Molly, having a few dates Carmel wasn’t really into one night stands and the, guys she had dates with wanted a shag and go. Tom’s cock was getting hard again and wasn’t long before it was sticking up and inviting Carmel to sit on it.Carmel bent over and grabbed the base of his dick and straddled him, lowering her pussy slowly onto it, Tom laid back letting Carmel take control, letting go she started to move up and down slowly Tom held her boobs playing with her nipples Carmel groaned and smiled as the pleasure flowed through her body, Carmel got off and knelt down Tom looked at his cock all shiny from her juices her mouth opened and slowly she sucked Tom’s cock a satisfying moan from Carmel as she licked the head of his cock running her tongue over the slit, Tom groaned as Carmel rubbed his cock hard letting go Carmel slid up Tom’s chest and kissed him all over biting his hard nipples before going back to sucking his cock, Carmel was out to make him cum and in her mouth as well, she was one horny women sucking his balls she wanked him hard and fast, Tom breathed heavily and arched his back groaning Tom shot his load Carmel opened her mouth as it splashed over her face, Carmel sucked hard making sure she got every drop, letting go of Tom’s limp dick Carmel licked her lips “mmmmmm so sweet and nice and thick” as Carmel got up and got dressed.“Tom how long have you wanted me” Tom blushed “a while you are well fit” Carmel laughed “been called many things but never fit, have you and Molly you know done it”? Tom could feel the heat of his embarrassment being quizzed by his girlfriends mum about their sex life. “well yes we have but it was the first time” “and did she enjoy” “I think so but it was great with you as well” “well Tom I have a confession I was hoping you would try it on as you are a real good nazilli escort looking guy and make me feel horny, the way you look at my body, and not had a cock that size in me ever” walking over Carmel sat on the bed and hugged him. They fell on the bed and kissed Tom run his hands over her arse grabbing it then spanking it softly “mmmmmm” Tom did it again and again Carmel groaned begging for more, she stood up and pulled her panties down bending over the bed she told Tom to spank her as she had been a naughty girl, lifting her dress Tom spanked her bum again and again, making Carmel moan louder, it was turning Tom on as well and could feel his cock grow, Carmel’s bum cheeks started to glow a reddish pink as Carmel parted her legs slightly, inviting him to fuck her again.Tom stood up and pulled his cock out of his trousers and spanked her arse with his semi hard dick “fuck me again tom, fuck me light the dirty slut you make me” spanking her again Tom demanded she begged him and keep demanding until he fucked her, Carmel begged and kept begging but Tom refused, Carmel dropped to her knee’s and promised to do anything he demanded. Tom told her to suck his cock and his balls, Carmel did what he demanded, as she rubbed her wet and horny pussy, slipping her fingers into her wet pussy her muffled moan sounded loud as her head moved back and forth, Carmel begged again as Tom demanded Carmel get on her feet, as he wanted to fuck her hard, bending over and spreading her legs, Tom slipped his cock deep and grabbed her hips, Carmel trembled with anticipation at what was going to happen, Tom’s thick cock had spread Carmel’s pussy wide her juices seeped out of her pussy, Carmel groaned loudly as Tom slowly pulled his cock out then slammed it back in, Carmel wanted it hard and dirty, she had never had sex so good, it had been sometime since she had her pussy fucked so good, Carmel often played with herself according to Molly hearing her cum a few times, Tom’s cock was fully in as he felt Carmel played with his balls.Tom started to fuck her hard as Carmel gripped the bed ready for what was going to be real disgusting, spanking her arse Carmel yelped Tom gripped her hips and started to pound his rod in and out like a piston, Carmel’s tits swayed with every thrust of Tom’s cock his cock soaked with her pussy juices, Tom wet his finger and pushed it into her puckered arse hole making Carmel cum and shake like mad, “oh god fuck me you bastered fuck my slutty cunt” Carmel shouted out for more and more saying she was such a whore and wanted more cock, moaning out loud she screamed a huge orgasm, Tom was sweating as his muscular body drove his cock in and out spanking her arse repeatedly, he felt his cock throb, Carmel wanted her arse fucked.Tom pulled his cock out and pushed it into her arse, gently sliding in Carmel moaned, as she rubbed her throbbing open pussy slipping her fingers in and out as Tom rammed his cock in her arse, Tom moaned as his body tensed he shot his load into Carmel, Carmel shouted shook and squirted like a fountain, as pleasure ripped through her body continuously until she collapsed on the bed, pulling Tom down as his cock was still in her arse, Tom rolled off breathing heavily his cock covered in spent cum. Carmel turned over and looked at Tom “oh my god what the hell did you just do to me, I have never been satisfied by a man like you before, thank you” Tom smiled saying “you have no need to thank me it was amazing”. As Tom got up his cock hung down Carmel looked at him “you have been gifted Molly is lucky” she smiled and lay on the bed for a while, Tom got dressed and decided to suck on Carmel’s nipples, Carmel cradled his head as though she was breast feeding him, his tongue wrapped around her hard points making her sigh, Tom stopped after a while and left Carmel to get dressed and went downstairs.Carmel joined Tom in the living room and sat opposite Tom, opening her legs Tom saw she had no knickers on, Carmel looked and smiled “I can’t put any on it to sensitive and makes me cum as soon as I move” Tom laughed like mad only being broken by Molly coming home. “Why you laughing” Molly said, Carmel said “well hunny Tom as been satisfying me all afternoon and now my pussy is swollen “ewwwwwww mum I’m surprised it still open” laughing like mad, she sat next to Tom as Carmel went upstairs. Molly kissed Tom as she run her hand over his trouser front, Tom gently played with her tits as their tongues wrapped around each others, Molly groaned as Tom slipped beşiktaş escort his hand inside her blouse and gently rubbed her nipples, making them tingle slowly Molly pulled the zip of Tom’s trousers down and pulled his cock out, leaning over she opened her mouth and gently sucked it, Tom groaned, Molly carried on sucking the lifeless rod.Tom closed his eyes and laid back as Molly gently pleased Tom, the silence was broken by a gasp opening his eyes he saw Carmel standing looking at what Molly was doing, DO YOU WANT TO EXPLAIN YOUNG LADY” “oh mum ermmmmm oh” “is that all you can say as Molly nodded her head, “you’re not going to please a man like that let me show you if Tom don’t mind that is? Tom shook his head as Carmel joined Molly and took hold of Tom’s cock “oh my god Tom that is huge” smiling she slowly rubbed it “now Molly you gently rub and suck the head, as she lowered her head and sucked the head , Tom groaned as Carmel let go telling Molly to do the same. Molly done as she was shown making Tom moan again, “see hunny look at the pleasure he is getting, now carry on rubbing it”.Carmel watched as Molly rubbed Tom’s thick hard cock smiling at Tom, he closed his eyes “now Molly suck it again but this time see how much you can get in your mouth” Molly shook her head saying it was to big Carmel smiled and held Tom’s cock and gently rubbed it and opened her mouth lowering it onto Toms cock Carmel slowly sucked it down her throat, making Ton arch his back, Carmel took the full length down her throat and then lifted her head “oh my god mum you can do deep throat” “it looks like it baby, now you try but be careful as it can make a man cum, are you enjoying it Tom” Tom smiled and nodded his head rapidly. Molly opened her mouth and held Tom’s cock lowering her head his cock disappeared down her throat; Tom again arched his back and gripped the edge of his seat trying not to blow his load. “Now cup his balls gently Molly” as Carmel watched her daughter suck this huge cock, Molly cupped his huge balls and gently rolled them in her hand, Carmel was really horny and had a soaking wet pussy. Molly took Toms cock out of her mouth and Carmel took hold Tom’s cock and started to rub it, Tom groaned softly, Molly got up and took all her clothes off and got back on her knee’s Carmel looked at her daughter saying her body was sexy and Tom needed to fuck her. Molly lay on the sofa and opened her legs, her pussy was dripping wet with excitement Carmel carried on rubbing Tom’s cock as Molly slowly rubbed her pussy, “come on Tom fuck my daughter make her scream” as she let go and Tom stood up and then knelt in between Molly’s legs, and started to push his cock into Molly’s pussy, Carmel watched as her daughters lips spread and his cock slowly slipped in, Carmel was so horny at the sight she wanted it as well, standing up and getting naked she lay next to her daughter and started to finger her pussy, Tom replaced her fingers with his own, making her grown, Molly leant over and played with her mums nipples, Carmel groaned loudly asking Molly if Tom could fuck her as well, Molly said if Tom wanted to he could, Tom pulled out and moved over to Carmel and pushed in deep, Carmel cum straight away.Molly watched as her boyfriend fucked her mum, amazed how horny her mum was she watched her tits bounce about and Tom sucking her nipples, Carmel groaned and shook, as a huge orgasm ripped through her body, Molly climbed up the sofa and onto Carmel’s face forcing her mum to eat her pussy, Tom buried his head in Molly’s pussy and arse, he carried on driving his cock deep into Carmel, Tom could feel his load building pulling out and standing up he rubbed his cock slowly, Molly and Carmel lay on the sofa legs open, and fingered their pussy’s , Tom groaned and shot his huge load over their naked bodies, as the streams of cum splashed on their naked bodies, Tom drained his log of its final drops, letting it go it hung down Tom looked at his load all over Carmel and Molly, Carmel sat up and got hold of Tom’s cock and sucked it clean, “see Molly that is how you fuck a man with a big cock” as she leant over and started to lick the cum off Molly’s body, bending over Tom looked at Carmel’s arse and the open pussy lips, her tits hung down with thick hard nipples, Tom slipped 2 fingers deep into Carmel’s pussy and rubbed her G spot hard and fast, making Carmel scream and squirt. Carmel stood up breathing heavily Tom bent over Molly and slipped 2 fingers in and furiously rubbed her G spot, Molly shook and screamed a huge orgasm squirting all over the place, Tom smiled at both ladies at the state of both of them. Tom suggested that they all went up to bed for the night Molly took hold of Tom’s hand and followed Carmel upstairs, laying on the bed they kissed and felt each other before Tom recovered and fucked both women until they was unable to walk ………………

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