5 Temmuz 2021

Mom Needs Loving Too


Mom Needs Loving TooI don’t really know what’s going on with my mom. Ever since I turned 18, she’s been acting kind of weird. Case in point. It always seemed that after I took a shower, and I was in my room drying myself off and getting dressed, that she would knock on my door then walk in. She never waited for me to say something before entering. There’s even been a few times she caught me off guard catching me in only my briefs. It took me a while to see what she had on her mind.My mom hasn’t been with anyone for 3 years now ever since this low life crack head she was seeing broke my jaw. My mom had a hard life. She had me at 14, and I have 2 other siblings who live with their grandparents. I moved back in with her when I was 15. I didn’t like to see her beat herself up, or get beaten up for that matter. And that’s what her last asshole boyfriend did. My mom was lonely. She didn’t have a man around except me. But I was her son. I mean, yeah, I wouldn’t mind sleeping with her. She’s only 32, I don’t consider that old or over the hill. Even some of my friends said I got a hot mom. Her only problem is her self esteem. But I would do anything for her. Even going where I shouldn’t …SEX!! One day I had a talk with her. I asked her why she opens my door before I say come in or hold on, I’m not dressed. She tried to act offended, Telling me it’s her house and she can do what she damn well pleases. I asked her to be honest with me, and she said she was. I asked her if it was because she hadn’t had sex bursa escort in a while and trying to catch me with my dork hanging out. She got angry telling me her sex life has nothing to do with me. So to get back on her good side I told her I’m here for her,and if there’s anything she needed, to act on it. I knew my mother was horny. But she wanted a man to make love to her, not just get his dick wet. I think she still has a lot of feelings for my dad.Even though what he did was fucked up, (Denying I was his son.) He was her first. She gave up her virginity to him. That has to be something special. As time went on, her (sexual) frustration mounted. One time, she was just having one of those bad days. She was getting angry with herself to the point of crying. “Mom. Mom. It’s okay.” i said trying to console her, and rubbing her back. She flung her arms around my neck. I heard her whisper, “If you only not my son.” She said it so low that I don’t think she wanted me to hear it. I told her if there was anything she needed, not to hesitate, and act on it. I wiped away her tears and kissed her on the forehead. It was a couple of nights later that I was in my room fast asleep. I was sleeping on my back wearing only my briefs. I guess my mom took my advice, because I woke up feeling a tickling sensation on my stomach. Opening my eyes, and getting them focused, I could see a head of dark hair slowly bobbing up and down. My cock got hard feeling cool then warm moisture. My mom had pulled my briefs bursa escort bayan completely off. She was curled up naked sucking my now hard boner. “I see you’re up.” She said laughing and wagging my cock in her hand. “In more than one way.” I responded. “Good. I want you to make love to me.” She climbed on top of me meeting me face to face. She d****d her leg over me, grinding her hairy covered pussy on my thigh. We kissed passionately as I reached down squeezing her ass. My other hand was cupped under her boob, rubbing and squeezing that as well. I rolled her over, sucking on her perky tits. Her big round nipples grew and got hard as I suckled on them What was once done for nourishment, was now done to make her cum. I went down licking and kissing her belly. Shifting my body so that now I was hovered over her. I bent my head down licking her twat, as she took my cock in her mouth. It was awesome doing a 69 with my mom, and she was quite impressed with my pussy eating. I even tried something I never did before, but always wanted too. I reached underneath my mom’s leg putting my fingers on her twat. Getting them wet with cunt juice, I stuck one finger in her pussy, and the other in her ass. Mom really seemed to like getting both holes filled with my fingers.”Oh yes baby. That’s it baby. You’re making mommy cum.”I fingered her harder.”Mmmm. You’re doing it baby. Oh you’re so good finger my holes.Make mommy cum.” She could no longer blow me. She was about ready to cum all over my fingers. escort bursa She gave out a loud scream as she twisted and gyrated her hips. Left, then right. Up, then down. Finally she plopped her ass back on the bed. Her belly jerked as cum oozed out her pussy. “Ahhh! Thank you sweetheart. Now it’s time for mommy to make you cum.Getting on top, I shoved my cock into her hot wet cunt. It’s funny how it took me 9 months to get out of her pussy, and 18 years to get back in. I was balls deep inside my mom. Our midsections moved in unison as we thrust and pound our pelvisestogether. Strange as it was, I was really getting turned on fucking my own mother. Having sex with her seemed real natural, Like she bore me just for this occasion. I always heard people say that God works in mysterious ways, and hey! He got a 13 year old knocked up. I kept pushing my cock into my mother. I kept a steady pace that I found best for me I pushed my upper body up, yelling out a loud painful cry as i inside her. I laid down on top of her. Cum was still oozing out my cock. “You came in my didn’t you.””Yeah mom.” I said still panting. I’m sorry. I forgot to take it out.””It’s okay son. It’s okay. Patting me on the head. Your moth.. I’m very pleased for what you did for me.”” Like i said, I’m here for you.” My mom slept with me in my bed. A few hours later we woke up and fucked until the sun came up. From that day on. Mom and I slept in the same bed. always naked (Except when she was on the rag. Her life even changed for the better.She got a job where they trained her for the work she was to do there. Got her license, and we even moved out of the dump we were living in and got a real nice apartment. She’s even got a new boyfriend. And I’m glad to be hers.

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