24 Haziran 2021

Mom Plays With Three Guys


Mom Plays With Three GuysMy mom is hot bombshell with 34DD boobs and sexy round ass. She is 39 years old. Ramlal, watchman of our society, black hunk of age 47 years. He lives with his wife in small room Which is located behind the society. Plumber Raju, is of age 32 years and smaller in height than my mom. Electrician Ramesh is young boy of age 22 years. Raju and Ramesh are both cousins and distance relative of Ramlal.That day, When Aunty and milkmen ended the fucking, They leaved our place. That night, I and my mom were at home. I was watching T.V. My mom was cutting vegetable in kitchen. My mom kept front door open as my father could come home at any time. Ramlal who had seen playing my mom with milkman’s cocks, entered into the house. I saw him entering in house. He signaled me to stay calm by pressing his finger on his lips.He then headed towards kitchen where my mom was working and he quietly entered in kitchen. He positioned himself exactly behind my mom and grab her by wrapping his both hand around her waist. AS my mom was in saree, her belly directly came into contact of his hand. My mom thought that he was my father. So, She let him continue. Ramlal was kissing her on neck, back and still was caressing her belly. This continued for 10 minutes.My father entered into house and shouted “Sudha(my mom’s name), where are you?” Due to this Shout, my mom shocked and turned back to see who was behind her. She surprised by seeing watchman of society and she slapped him. She asked him to leave place. But he didn’t leave. My father sat on sofa by my side and continue shouting for mom. My mom got nervous and started finding place to hide him as she knew that my father would come into kitchen for drinking water.Finally, My mom lifted her saree along with petticoat and asked him to hide inside. Ramlal came under her cunt as she didn’t wear any underwear. She positioned herself by taking support of platform of kitchen and ramlal was in her petticoat. He brushed her beard against her soft thigh skin. She adjusted herself with ramlal’s beard. My father entered into kitchen and saw my mom’s erotic smile and some movement under her petticoat. He first headed to drink water and then asked my mom that why was she smiling.Ramlal had already started to lick her cunt. My mom replied that she was happy to see him. Then. my father moved to bedroom for relaxing himself. Ramlal came out from petticoat and made my mom bend on platform and started fingering her and licking her asshole. My mom didn’t resist him as she was enjoying it. She reached at climax and got good orgasm. Then, watchman leave the place quietly while my father was in the bedroom. Then, we took dinner. That day was over.Next day was Saturday, Milkman came in early morning, My mom opened the door. My mom was only in her petticoat. Upper body was exposed to get access for milkman. He started playing with her boobs and got hard on. Seeing tent in his trouser, She kneel down and made his cock free. My mom was doing this intentionally as Ramlal was watching from main gate. She started sucking his cock.After sometime, he ejaculated cum in vessel of milk. He poured milk into that vessel. My mom said that he gives healthy milk everyday, which she loves so much. Milkmen answered that he also want my mother’s milk. So, my mom replied with smile that you have to make me pregnant for that. Milkman replied that he will make it happened in future. Then milkmen peed on my mom and became ready to go. Then my mom keep the main door open as she knew about Ramlal.My mom went straight to canlı bahis kitchen still smelling urine of milkman on her upper exposed body. Ramlal entered the house and went to kitchen, and make my mom wash her body. then He grabbed her boobs in his both hand. My mom became excited because of his touching.Mom: Ramlal, Do not say about this to anyone.Ramlal: madam, I love your boobs. you are so sexy hot chick.Mom: You have to promise me not to say anything in society.Ramlal: I promise you.Mom: Do you be masseur for me.Ramlal: I do anything to fuck you, madam.Mom: So you have to massage my whole body.Ramlal: I massage your every part very well By my hands as well as by my dicks.Mom: You have to prove the loyalty first. Then, you can fuck me.Ramlal: I can do whatever you want.Mom: you have to lick my entire body by your tongue and then massage my body.Ramlal: I do, madam.Mom: Then start whatever i said.My father still was sleeping in bedroom. My mom had already made me understood to record the entire session for security. Watchman started licking my mom’s boobs. He made my mom completely nude, and started licking from feet to upper part.My mom ordered him to lay flat on floor. She sat on his mouth and made him lick her pussy and asshole. Then, my mom asked him to take oil bottle from her room, where my father was sleeping. My mom went to the garden still fully naked by holding ramlal’s hand. She ordered him to arrange garden bench in way that she can see the window of bedroom. She take position on bench and watchmen started massaging her from her feet. While massaging, watchman smacked mom’s ass, which was covered by oil.My mom was laughing on his action. After some time, mom turned around so that her boobs can be seen. watchman also smacked her boobs while massaging. Then, my mom order him to massage her asshole and pussy. Watchman became excited. After some time, My father wake up, which can be seen through window. So, My mom went towards common bathroom of house along with watchman.In Bathroom, My mom order him to get nude. He started striping his cloth one by one. My mom stunned by his 8¨ fully erected cock, Which was like black cobra. My mom started shower and ordered him to help her in bath.So, Ramlal started rubbing his hand all over her body and he also was finger fucking mom. Mom became so excited and she was moaning. Then, Mom kneel down and took his monster in his hand and started rubbing it. My father was shouting “Susha, where are you?” So, My mom became quick and licking and sucking watchman’s cock vigorously to make him cum quickly.At the end, watchman ejaculated his load on mom’s face. She drank each drop of cum from her own face and gave winked smile to watchman. She ordered him to stay in bathroom and mom got out from there. Meanwhile , some conversation was going on between mom and dad.Dad: You are looking more beautiful today.Mom: I use special liquid(cum) to make glowing skin.Dad: Can i use your special liquid in shower?Mom: You can’t.Dad: Why?Mom: Because bottle(Ball) of liquid(cum) gets empty. It require some time to get new one (to Restore from cum)Dad: ok. I am going to take bath.Mom: I give this liquid(cum) some other day.Then, Mom gave signal to watchman to come out. watchman came out fully nude in drawing room with holding his clothes. My Dad is in bathroom. Watchman unfold towel from mom’s body. Mom went to bedroom following watchman. watchman was sucking her boobs.Then, She wear nighty without any undergarments. Watchman still was playing with boobs and mom was stoking his dick. Then, they bahis siteleri went to kitchen for making breakfast for Dad.Watchman is still playing with boobs and mom was busy making breakfast. In between, she had touched his cock many times. She rubbed his cock between two bread piece. Then, He cummed once again. This time mom use his cum with butter on bread. This breakfast was given to Dad and she also eat this breakfast. then, watchman dressed himself.That day was holiday for my Dad. So, he started his research work on computer in drawing room. My mom knew that Once he started his work, then he coudn’t give attention on around situation. She was working in kitchen with her nighty upto her waist. Watchman was sucking her asshole from behind. After sometime, His cell phone rang loudly, So my Dad asked about the ring of Phone. My mom replied from kitchen that it was watchman who came to check pipe leakage.Then, my mom became fully covered and watchman was talking on phone pretending of checking pipe. MY DAd went towards kitchen and do some conversation with watchman. Watchman replied that he called both serviceman at home. They were on way to your house. Dad ordered mom to observe their works. Then, He started his own work in drawing room.Two guys entered the house asking about watchman to my dad. So, My Dad started conversation with them and make them to understand the problem.He continued his work. These two guys, named Raju and Ramesh, entered in kitchen. Watchman indicated all the problem and They started their respective works. Plumber asked watchman to close main valve of tank. so, he could be able to check problem. This time ,watchman went on terrace. After sometimes, My mom went to same. As soon as my mom entered in terrace, he held my mom from waist and started squeezing his breast and ass. He took her behind the tank on opposite side of terrace door.Permission for fucking her pussy had been given to watchman.After some foreplay, watchman made mom bend down towards tank and He started rubbing his cock on pussy area. then, He inserted into mom with his black monster. Mom was shivering due his big tool. He started fucking mom slowly. Mom was moaning in excitement.Meanwhile, Raju came on terrace to check tank pressure. Due to some problem, he asked my dad to see the problem. They were discussing the problem on one side, watchman was fucking mom on other side of tank. After discussion, Raju started his work on terrace. Dada came down and started finding mom.After sometimes, Watchman completed the fucking session and he cummed into mom. Then, Mom and Ramlal became fully covered with their clothes. When my mom had been going towards terrace door, Raju watched her. After sometime, Ramlal came out from that place. So, Raju understood the situation.When my mom came down, my father asked her that where was she. Mom replied that she was enjoying chit-chat with her neighborhood friend. Meanwhile, Ramesh was in the bedroom bathroom checking connection of electricity. My mom didn’t know that.She entered into bedroom and locked the door from inside. She started changing his clothes. Ramesh was enjoying the show. He noticed her cum filled pussy and he was thinking that if owner was in drawing room than from where did this stuff came?When my mom had changed her clothes, Ramesh came out from bathroom and went towards locked door. My mom got shock. He unlocked the room and came out from room. That time watchman and Raju had seen him coming out of bedroom from staircase. Sometime after, mom came out form that room. So, They bahis şirketleri both thought that mom and ramesh had already done something.At afternoon, They all were still at our home working slowly. After taking lunch, My Dad went to relax in bedroom. They all were finding the chance to gang bang Mom. They though that was best time for them. Mom was doing her daily work in garden. They all went out in garden to execute their plan. They all unzipped their pant and started rubbing their own dick in front of my mom.Mom was pretending in way that she got frightened by this scene and asked them to stay in limit. Due to that words, watchman went near her and held her hair and made her kneel down to fuck her mouth. In no time, Other two guys was standing nearby her.She became excited by three cocks at same time. She didn’t get enough fucking from milkmen in last three days. So, she stopped opposing and started enjoying three cock by holding another two cock in her hands. She was surrounded by three cocks. She Was in heaven. I was there playing in garden.Mom: Son, go inside.Son: What are they doing with you?Mom: Nothing, they are here for refreshment. They have tired from whole day working.Son: Have you tired, guys?ALL: Yes, boy.Mom: I am making them feel good with extra care.Son: You never take care of any guest like this.Mom: This is special care for tired person. You should go inside.All: Your mom is good care(cock) taker woman(bitch).Mom gave me order to go inside. I went inside the house. I was still watching all scene through open window. They made mom fully nude. Her fair Body was lighten up by sun rays. Raju was sucking her boobs. Ramesh was licking her pussy. Ramlal was kissing on her lips. After sometime, Ramesh entered into mom’s pussy.Then, Raju lay on grass of garden and mom was riding him. Ramlal entered his cock in her asshole and said that this was only hole remain for massaging. Ramesh entered his dick in mom’s mouth.After sometime, they switched their position and each man used mom’s each hole one bye one. Ramlal ejaculated his ball on mom’s face. Ramesh cummed on her boobs. Raju emptied his balls on her navels. Then, they relaxed for while. All cum dried on her body. They made mom wear clothes over their dried love-juice. Mom felt difficulty in walking.After sometime, Dad got up from bed. They all took a cup of tea, which was prepared by mom, along with Dad. They all asked for permission to go. My Dad asked for payment. They all replied that It had alredy been paid by madam. Next time, we will get payment from you directly. They all left the house with wink smile on their face.Watchman also some times joined with milkmen to fuck mom. Whenever, My father came late at home, mom passed her time with watchman. Watchman had fucked mom in every corner of house. One Day, at 2 o’clock in night, He was fucking my mom on society street way as they both like sex with risk. All the neighbor had asleep at that time.Suddenly, One car entered in street way. So, they made themselves dressed. They got enough time as our house is located at end of street. Driver of car got the the idea that what was going on as he had already seen the scene at first moment of focusing of light on them. That car stopped at our house gate. It was my father’s company’s car. Hussain was on driving seat.He had been working as rent driver for company in which my Dad was working. My father has very bad habit of drinking to relieve his stress of work. He was not conscious about around situation because he highly drank. Watchman and Hussain helped Dad to go into the house. After that, Mom gave water glass to Hussain. When, they were leaving the place, watchman smacked on mom’s Butt. This was seen by Hussain.Next episode, you will know more about Mom’s slutty side

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