31 Mayıs 2021

Mom’s Skater Boy


All the characters in the story are over 18 years of age.

Getting Through School

Michael is a beautiful boy, kind, good-looking, in a cute sort of way, but he also has a gift. I know all mothers say that, but it was true, Michael could sing. Country music was his gift, and I had seen grown men cry while listening to him. I always cried, but half the men and all the women are quickly in tears whenever he sings a sad, good old country song.

That had a lot to do with his treatment at school, and although they hadn’t heard him sing, they teased him mercilessly about it. It didn’t help that he wasn’t big or sporty, and rode a skateboard everywhere. I just needed him to get through the last year of high school. A scholarship to the school of performing arts was waiting if he could keep a B+ average. All the managers and top producers, and other artists he has supported told me that he needed to get through the first year or two of college, to learn the rules before being able to break them later.

I knew that being with other singers and performers would help him, and I would do everything I can to make that happen. But when he came in the door and dropped his bag next to the kitchen counter with blood all over his face, I just couldn’t let it go.

“Michael, what happened to your face?” I asked, I could see the marks and rushed to him.

“Nothing, Mom, don’t worry about it.” Michael answered, but his lip was swollen.

“I am going to ring the principal and find out for myself.” I said, searching for my phone.

“God, no, Mom, you will make it a hundred times worse. It is already hell there!” Michael yelled, then clung to me, sobbing.

“We just need to get through the rest of the year. Then you will be in a school full of people just like you.” I said, as he settled down but still snuggled into my chest.

“I can go on the road now. I could pick up enough gigs to feed myself.” he said, but I pushed him back and held his shoulders.

“You will finish with B’s and go off to College as we planned. I will not have you end up like your father.” I said, shaking him as I spoke.

“He was good, Mom, real good.” He answered back, but he was not able to hold my gaze.

“He died broke and high, in the back of his car, baby, that’s no way to live.” I said, but left the bit about the naked hooker beside him as I was trying to discourage him.

I sent Michael to bed that night, and I went to check on him after he had finished his shower. He was much calmer by then, and I kissed him goodnight and left him to sleep. When I got to my room, I opened my laptop and searched for a good erotic story to read while playing with myself.

I am not some MILF, or anything. I have B-cup breasts that are not even the same size as each other when they are out of my bra, and they didn’t look that good. My areolas are long, and the nipples are too big. And to top that off, my pussy lips are long and protrude past my outer part of my pussy and show off my huge clit.

The one upside to my body is that they are all sensitive. I can have an orgasm just pulling on my nipples and then can have another within a few minutes of playing with my clit. It is a bit embarrassing when I wear swimmers because I always get horny in the water, and my clit sticks out and shows in the crotch of my swimmers.

I lay there naked on top of my covers, playing with my nipples and clit as I read, being careful to keep myself on edge by stopping whenever I get close to an orgasm. This story had a bit of everything, Voyeurism, anal, and spanking, the lot. I skimmed through the spanking, but the rest turned me on. When I got to the part where the husband was showing his wife off to the men on the beach, I orgasmed from twisting my nipple between my finger and thumb.

Both my nipples were still hard when I ran my hand down to my clit as I kept reading the story. I played with my clit, and fingering my pussy, giving me another two orgasms. I was shocked when my clock showed 1:30 am. I had to go to sleep. I closed my legs and laptop and then my eyes. My fingers still smelled like pussy, but I didn’t mind my smell, or taste for that matter.

The following week or so seemed to go better, but when Michael came home with a C+ on a test, I knew he wasn’t telling me what was going on. I waited for the weekend. On Saturday morning, I approached him at the breakfast bar.

“So, what has happened?” I said, as I served his eggs.

“It’s OK, Mom. I can make it up later.” Michael said, trying to put me off.

“That isn’t going to cut it for me, young man. What do we need to do to get back to a B+?” I asked, looking at him squirm.

“I could use your laptop in the evening.” He suggested, trying to get one past me.

“You have a computer in the dining room. I know that you would be studying porn if you had my laptop in your room.” I answered, but it gave me an idea.

“I tell you what, if you can bring me a B, then the following Friday night, you get my laptop for two hours.” I said, and watched Mike’s eyes canlı bahis şirketaleri light up.

“Now you are going to tell me you have some kiddy-safe software on it.” Mike said, as the wind went out of his sails.

“No, you can look up anything legal in this state. I don’t want the cops here putting you in handcuffs. But I do have one condition: we discuss everything you see, because I don’t want you getting the wrong idea of what sex is all about.” I said, and he was sort of OK with that.

When I went to bed that night, I cleaned up all my history so Mike wouldn’t find it if his next mark was a B, and I also found a logger to track the websites he visited. I didn’t want him deleting his history and then hitting a few softcore ones to trick me. I then looked up another story and played with my pussy until I climaxed on my fingers, then cleared my history again.

Mike seemed happier for the next week. He went to school and then came straight home to study. He had his music lessons in between. He had a voice coach for two hours a week and guitar for an hour on the other night. It cost me a bomb but I was determined to give him the best chance I could. We talked every night, and we were closer than we have ever been. Then it happened, he rushed in on Thursday afternoon with his first B+. He was beaming with pride and blushing red when I gave him the laptop the following evening.

“I will pop in around eleven to pick this up, OK. I will knock first.” I said, with a giggle.

“Oh, Mom.” He said, and blushed even deeper red.

I did stay in the lounge room and turned up the TV real loud, but I couldn’t help but think about my boy playing with himself in the other room. I waited until well after eleven to knock on Mike’s door and he said, “Come in.”

“Do you have anything to discuss with me?” I asked, pulling up the history.

“Mom, do you have to look at that stuff in front of me.” He replied, but I only had a quick look and didn’t play the videos.

“OK, you know that these guys are in the top 5% of penis size, so don’t go comparing yourself to them. A girl would never come across one of them in their lifetime, let alone the two at one time in this video.” I said, but he was only embarrassed.

“Mom, I know that.” He said, trying not to look me in the eye.

I let him off easy and lent over to kiss him, but he was looking down my top when I raised back up. It was my turn to be embarrassed, so I quickly left the room. When I got back to my room, I closed my door, stripped off my oversize tee-shirt, and hopped into bed. I set up the laptop and opened the videos in the history.

The first video was the one with two men fucking a petite blond, and it was a hot video. Then the other three in the history were similar industry porn. I then opened the logger and copied and pasted the addresses to the browser. They were much better amateur porn with wives taking their husbands in public. They were hot but nothing too nasty. I opened a story I liked and played with myself before going to sleep.

This repeated for the following two results, and he was as happy as a clam. I only noticed his taste in porn was getting a bit more diverse. Both in the ones he left for me to find and the ones he deleted. Then he brought back another C, and I was disappointed in him. I had to find something else to keep up his motivation. Then I thought back to the first laptop night, and I had my inspiration.

“Honey, what happened with the test yesterday?” I asked, on Saturday morning, as I served him breakfast.

“I don’t know. I tried my best.” He answered, hanging his head.

“Well, I am certain you can do better, and if you can bring me two B+’s or better in a row, I will do something special for you.” I said, serving another egg to replace the one he had just eaten.

“Mom, taking me out for ice cream only worked in the third grade.” Mike said, laughing at his own joke.

“I will make your breakfast without wearing my top.” I said, but almost couldn’t get the words out.

“Mom…. are you sure?” Mike said, his eyes darting from my face to my breasts and back.

“Well, I don’t have to, especially if a C is you trying your best.” I said, trying not to blush.

“No, No, I promise I can do better.” Mike said, and went straight back to his room.

I wasn’t too worried until after the first B+, and then I waited for the ax to fall. The following week he came running up the footpath beaming. His second B+ in a row, he kissed me on the cheek and tried his best not to stare at my breasts all that night. We sat on the couch and watched TV until late, and then he went to bed. I played with myself for a long time, as I didn’t want to be horny the next morning when my boobs would be on display.

I woke up early and showered, and when I got to the kitchen, Mike was sitting at the breakfast bar as usual. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head as casually as I could, and my breasts bounced free. I was a little sad that they didn’t hold themselves up the way they used to. But at least canlı kaçak iddaa they didn’t point to the ground yet.

“I thought you were going to have a bikini or bra on under the shirt.” Mike said, but looked on intently anyway.

“I told you I would do it topless, and I will. You did a great job, and you deserve your reward. I just don’t want to hear about this from any of your classmates. Are we clear?” I said, as my breasts wobbled as I pointed my spatula at him.

“Yes, Mom.” Mike said, and started eating, then asked for seconds to keep me topless longer.

He came up beside me and helped clean up. Clever boy, helping me to keep my shirt off while he was there. I gave him a bare boob hug and pulled on my top. The show was over, and we went back to normal for another few weeks. He got another B+ the next week, and he got the laptop for a few hours that Friday night. And then the next week, another B+.

“Another topless breakfast.” Mike announced, as he sat at the breakfast bar the following day.

“I didn’t say we would do that each time you got two B+’s.” I said, but he just slumped in his chair.

I couldn’t see him not being rewarded for his excellent work, so I pulled off my Tee-shirt and threw it at him to pull him out of his funk. He looked up with a big smile and openly looked at my boobs. Then I saw his eyes dart down to my pussy, and I had forgotten that I only had on panties. They were nice ones, but you could see a little of my pubic hair through the see-through paneling on the front.

“Sorry, Baby, I will be back in a sec.” I said, and went to leave the room.

“No! It’s… fine, they are fine.” Mike said, looking at my breasts.

“If you’re sure.” I said, my confidence boosted by Mike shifting in his seat, trying to hide a boner, I guessed.

I went about cooking and serving the usual Saturday morning breakfast. Mike got a good look at my ass and boobs as they swayed and wobbled with my movements around the kitchen. He helped me clean up again, and I gave him a bare boob hug as a thank you for helping. I did walk around topless a little longer after that, leaning over Mike’s shoulder, helping him with some homework. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as my nipple was only an inch from his face.

I had enjoyed myself too much that morning, and that night I lay in bed and pushed a dildo into my pussy as I strummed my clit. I had three orgasms, one after the other, the last with my finger in my ass as I thrust the dildo into my pussy.

After his Saturday music lesson, Mike studied most of Sunday and we sat on the outdoor chairs enjoying the afternoon sun. I could tell he wanted to talk about something but was nervous to start.

“Mom, what happens if I get an A?” Mike asked, after he worked up the courage.

“Mmm let me think.” I said, trying to think of the best way to motivate him.

“I could be topless all day Saturday, if we don’t go out.” I said, hoping that would be enough to keep him interested.

“What about two A’s?” He replied, fishing for more, I guessed.

“You want me nude all day, Saturday?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Sorry.” He said, and slumped down in his seat.

“OK, Two A’s in a row, and I go nude all day, but you have to be nude too.” I said, not thinking I would ever have to pay up, but you never know, and it would be worth it if I did.

He got to use the laptop the following weekend after getting B+ on an assignment. Then the next week, he cracked an A- on a test, and I was going to pay up. On Friday night, he got my laptop for a few hours, and when I picked it up, I gave him a goodnight kiss, and he hugged me tightly. It was so lovely to have him show me some affection.

When I got to my room, I checked his history, and there was just some regular porn, but the logger showed me some more exciting porn videos he had watched. I copied the first link to the browser, and it opened a video with an older lady sitting on a young man’s big cock. She looked like she was enjoying herself. I played with my nipples and made them stand up and tingle at my touch.

I was on the crest of an orgasm when I opened the next video, and as I watched, the young man cried out “Mommy!” as he came. My pussy contracted as my fingers pulled out on my nipple, and I climaxed without even touching my pussy. I blushed and put my laptop away as I was already conflicted about going topless all day tomorrow.

I woke up early on Saturday morning. I put on a long Tee-shirt and went out to start breakfast. As expected, I found Mike sitting at the breakfast bar, anticipating me coming down from upstairs. I pulled my top off over my head and started cooking, with Mike staring at my bottom in the high-cut panties I had chosen for the day. They were very narrow up over my ass cheeks and even more skimpy in the front, they also showed a lot of my camel toe, but I could do little about that. It was just how my pussy was made.

“Close your mouth, Mike. You will catch a fly.” I said, getting a smirk from him.

“Sorry, Mom, I was just canlı kaçak bahis admiring your panties.” Mike said, he was getting bold.

By lunchtime, I had stopped trying to be modest. There was just no way to put clothes in the front load washer without your tits hanging down like cow’s udders and not showing all your ass. I thought Mike had lost interest in looking until I went to hug him, and I found an erection pressing into me.

My only problem came when we settled down to watch TV and Mike lay on the rug in front of me. I had to try to keep my legs crossed because his bulge in his pants was affecting me so much. If I opened my legs, he would see the dark patch of wetness on my panty crotch. My nipples were getting hard all the time, and I was dying to go to my room and play with myself.

“OK, my boy, I’m going to bed. Good night.” I said, and gave him a quick hug.

“Nite, Mom. Love you.” Mike said, and turned off the TV and headed to his room.

I went to my room, took off my panties, and propped myself up at the end of my bed. I sat the laptop between my legs and started to read a sexy story about a Mother and her Son. I tried to keep myself on the edge of my orgasm, my clit was sticking out from my pussy lips, and my juices were trickling down from my opening. But as soon as the Son in the story spurted on his mother’s belly, I started to spasm through my own climax. I had to bite the back of my hand to stop from screaming out.

I was waiting to see what he got for the next test, and I don’t know whether I was pleased or disappointed about the B+ he got for Math. He still got a few hours of laptop time and a topless breakfast. It was enough to fuel my orgasm that night and make me feel guilty for the next few days. I just had to remember this was for his grades and his future. But Mike was down in the dumps for the rest of the week.

Mike had a gig at a local dance spot the following weekend, and that took his mind off school work for a while. I acted as his roadie as usual and set up his amps, and ran the backing tracks for him. Mike had the place stomping to all the old dance tracks, and he was already a whizz on the guitar, thumping on the body and strumming on the strings. He did play some of his slower stuff a few times, but the audience was here to line dance, so that’s what he gave them.

It was 2:30 am when we finished packing up, slept in until late on Sunday, and when I got up Mike was already studying. He was after that A now, and nothing would stop him. The rest of the week went pretty much as expected until Thursday.

“I got another A- Mom.” Mike said, as he came into the kitchen after school and was beaming with pride.

“I am so proud of you.” I said, as I pulled him to me, kissing him on the cheek.

He got his few hours with the laptop and me topless all day on Saturday except when we went to the store for an hour. When we came home and started to unpack the food, he looked at me a little glum until I realized I hadn’t taken my shirt back off. I went into the pantry with some cans of food and stripped my shorts and blouse off, and returned to the kitchen in just my panties.

“Is this better, my little boy?” I asked, as I went back to unpacking the food, my tiny lace panties revealing more of my body than ever before.

“Mmm… you’re beautiful, Mom.” He replied and sat at the breakfast bar, watched, and poured some of the pasta into the containers.

“Well, thank you, kind sir. But you don’t have to lie to me, baby. My old body is not exactly the thing of pinups.” I said, but my chest did blush a little when I saw his erection swell in his pants before he sat down.

By the time we settled down to watch a movie, my pantie crotch was dripping. I had to keep going to the bathroom to pull my panties down and wipe the liquid mess between my folds. I had never had to use lube during sex as my pussy always produced enough moisture for even the most frantic fucking. But in this situation, it was getting hard to hide my excitement, and I think Mike could see and smell it.

When we went to bed, Mike hugged me for a little longer than would generally be appropriate, my breasts and hard nipples crushed into his chest, and his hard cock pushed into my pantie-covered mound.

“Nite, baby, I love you.” I said, as I released him and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you too, Mom.” Mike answered, and headed for his room.

I pulled off my wet panties in my room, threw them in the hamper, and propped myself against the bedhead with some pillows. I spread my legs and stroked on my clit, catching it between my finger and my thumb. I only lasted a few minutes before I started to spasm in orgasm, thrusting my hips forward in a jerking motion with some of my juices spurting onto my sheets. I used a hand towel from the bathroom to clean up the best I could. I would have to change the sheets in the morning, but in the meantime, I didn’t mind the smell of my sex.

All the next week, Mike studied like a madman, he was either at school or up in his room with his head inside a book. On Thursday, he came dragging himself up the path with a hangdog look on his face. “You gave it, you’re all baby. Did you at least get a B?” I asked, as I hugged him to me, feeling disappointed for him more than anything.

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