8 Temmuz 2021

More Than a Meet Ch. 03


More Than a Meet Ch. 03After having Dave’s cum fill me for the second time that night, I cant remember but must have fallen asleep as I suddenly woke with a warm wet feeling on my cock. I looked down to see Dave sucking me, waking to this was amazing! I let out a little moan making Dave looked up to me as I told him not to stop, it feels so good.Dave continued to suck my hardening member, quickly growing inside his mouth until it was as hard as ever, Dave working it in his mouth to the base. once he had me rock hard, he began deep throating me like a pro, sucking hard on my shaft all the way to the top before swiftly engorging his mouth completely on me. Quickly he bought me to the point of orgasm but slowed down, not letting me cum. Dave held me at the point of ecstasy for so long, my cock throbbing with desire to cum.Dave kept this up for some time before sliding his mouth from me as he slid up on top of me, guiding his arse onto my wet cock, his arse still wet from earlier. As he positioned his hole on my knob, he slowly lowered himself down onto me until I was fully inside him. Dave steadied himself with his hands on my chest as he began sliding up and down me, grinding his arse into my lap, making sure he had my full length bursa escort inside him.Dave continued riding me slowly for only a short time before he quickly picked up the pace, lifting himself up and slamming down hard on my shaft. I began moaning and groaning in pure delight until I could feel my balls were ready to unload, Begging to Dave “fuck me hard, I’m going to cum inside you!” He somehow found more speed, riding me wildly until I unloaded harder than earlier deep inside him while he continued to ride me until I had emptied fully inside him.Before we had time to recover, I pushed Dave from me, making him stand up beside the bed as I moved to the edge with my head hanging off, opening my mouth as I pulled him to me, guiding his shaft between my lips. I slowly pulled him inside me, taking his entire cock with surprising ease. Dave began slowly fucking my throat as I pulled him deep into me with every thrust. I pushed him from me for a moment as I told him “fuck my throat faster and harder until I stop you.” With that he slid deep back inside me, slowly picking up pace until I could feel his cock slamming down my throat and his sack slapping my nose, loving it all without any desire to stop him or slow him down!As much bursa escort bayan as I was enjoying having my throat fucked, I began to crave Dave’s cock in my arse! I pushed him from me, rolling onto my knees and spreading my arse cheeks. Dave needed no prompting as he knelt behind me, still standing and guided his throbbing knob against my aching hole. I looked back at him and demanded “fuck my arse like you were fucking my throat!” with that he slammed completely inside me with one fast hard thrust, continuing with the same wild pounding he gave my throat now in my eager arse!My legs turned to jelly and began to slump down but Dave held my hips, pulling them to him as he pounded into me. He fucked me for what seemed like half an hour before I suddenly felt him slide from me as he fell beside me on the bed. I Thought he had cum inside me without me knowing, feeling a little unfulfilled when he pulled me onto him, telling me “ride me! I want you to fuck my cock with you man cunt until I cum!” No more needed saying as I lifted my arse above his glistening cock, wrapping my hand around his base as I sat my hole on his knob. Once I had him ready to enter me I slowly slid down him, Dave also pushing up into me. When I had his escort bursa full meat inside me, I began to ride him up and down wildly, slamming my arse down onto him, grinding him deep inside me. I fucked his cock for what seemed like another half an hour, now also stroking my own hard cock before I felt him once again tense up and pull me hard onto his cock.Before he had time to cum inside me I moved in one fluid motion as I lifted from him before slamming my mouth back down on him. Dave held my head tightly as he fucked my mouth for a few hard fast thrusts before unloading on my tongue.I was still stroking my own cock hard and fast when Dave lifted my head from his cock, telling me to play with his load in my mouth for a moment as he sat up, Pulling me to his mouth, taking my almost exploding cock down his throat. I fucked him with a little pace when suddenly I felt his fingers slide up my arse crack, swiftly sliding two fingers inside me. Dave fingered me hard making me fuck his mouth even harder until I grunted hard, tasting his load still on my tongue, shooting my hot seed on his tongue.Once Dave had sucked the last drop from me he lay back on the bed, pulling me onto him, bringing our cum filled mouths together. Without loosing a drop I pressed my lips to Dave’s, Kissing deeply as our mouths opened, our tongues pushing cum into the others mouth. We Kissed long and deeply like this for a long time until I broke the kiss and we swallowed our mix of hot cum.

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