10 Nisan 2021

Morning Love


I awoke to feel his hot, hard cock throbbing inside my equally hot, wet pussy. My husband often takes me in my sleep, it’s our favorite way to wake up.

Daylight was just poking its way through a crack in the blind covering the bedroom window as I let out a low guttural moan while he slowly began to thrust inside me. He filled my entire being as I wrapped my long legs around his waist, and encouraged him to continue. My body met and absorbed his every move. He groaned above me as my hot pussy enveloped his throbbing member. I came, and came again as he continued to move inside me. I whimpered as he suddenly pulled out of me.

“On your hands and knees, Baby!” he growled.

I turned over and positioned myself waiting. He teased me with his tongue and fingers mercilessly until I came again. I was beside myself with ecstasy, when kartal escort once more his beautiful hard cock was thrusting inside me.

“Ohhh!” I moaned as his balls slapped against my clit. I bucked and trembled as I came once more, my pussy juices soaked his balls. He reached around with his strong, masculine hands and squeezed my aching nipples.

I could feel him swell inside me then he uttered a loud grunt, and shot his hot cum deep inside my wanting pussy.

We collapsed together still entwined, and fell into a contented sleep as the birds began to chirp outside.

Later I awoke to soft kisses upon my neck. Strong hands once again caressed my nipples. My wet pussy was again awakening.

“Suck me, Baby” he whispered in my ear.

He laid on his back, and I turned myself around. I gently teased maltepe escort bayan his hard member with my finger tips, and kissed his mouth deeply. I then worked my way down his body, kissing and tormenting. I kissed the head of his cock, and ran my tongue slowly along his entire length.

“MMMM Baby, you know what I like” he moaned softly.

“Yes I do, Sweetheart” I crooned back

I continued by kissing and teasing his hard cock until he was beside himself, then I took his entire cock into my mouth. I sucked hard and long, I could taste his precum and it made me so hot I began to finger my clit. Watching me finger myself and feeling me suck his hard cock drove him wild.

“Come here, Baby” he whispered, “I want my cock inside that hot pussy again”

“OK” I said as my smoldering eyes looked into his.

I escort pendik sat up and grasp his beautiful cock, aiming it for the perfect place. I slowly lowered myself onto it, savoring every wonderful inch. I sat still for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of him filling me. Finally, I began to move slowly milking him. He squeezed my nipples as I rocked above him.

“Ohhh!” I moaned enjoying his hot, hard cock.

Our bodies trembled, and our sweat mingled.

I came, and came again, as I rode and rode his throbbing cock.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered, as I came again.

He then gently put his arms around me, and turned us over. Now he was on top and thrusting into me. Oh, how he made me feel so good. I don’t know how many times I came. My entire body was lost to his sweet touch. Sunlight was now peeking it’s way into the bedroom.

He continued to thrust inside me, always urging one more orgasm from my wanting body. Finally, he could stand no more, with one last thrust he again shot his hot cum deep inside my pussy. Once again we fell into a contented sleep.

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