10 Nisan 2021

Mr. Clean: Lady and the Chav

Big Dick

Everyone could hear my high-heels clip clop on the wooden floor of the interview room in the Solicitors Office where I work, as I approached the heavily tattooed, bleach-blonde recalcitrant, youth sitting in front of the desk.

Wayne Webster was 21 and had been in and out of trouble most of his life. I had been in charge of his case workers for the last five years; but an intervention from one of my more liberal colleagues and the Probation Service meant he had been working in a garage for 7 months and hadn’t been in any trouble since being set up in a small flat away from his family home and the gang he’d been an active member of a year ago.

Sadly he had recently been in a fight with a car thief, who had ended up in hospital.

“I’ve had another long conversation with Sergeant Webster and he has agreed on a caution this time.” I said as sternly as possible, while sitting on the edge of my desk facing him.

It wasn’t easy, but I was trying to intimidate the charismatic young hoodlum who was now rubbing his hands together nervously, as I peered at him from over the top of my rimless glasses in my best School Ma’am manner.

Wayne let out a sigh; “That will be amazing Miss. I’m really turning my life around and…well, I just can’t do time again…phew…Thanks, thanks…thanks.”

Wayne now visibly relaxed and began chatting away at 20 to the dozen as I flicked through his file. The notes confirming he was a typical ‘Chav’ – a lower working class kid with no aspirations; and had fallen into a life of petty crime; but some people in my team that I respected had deemed him ‘savable.’

I looked up again and saw him leaning back in his chair with a trademark cheeky smile on his face and back to his far more cocksure attitude. As he twittered on about his ‘second chance’ and how he loved being in the garage doing ‘Man work’ and earning good money, alongside his…’other thing’ that paid ‘cash in hand.’

“I am sorry, can you repeat that last bit?” I asked; suddenly nervous that he’d fallen back into his old ways.

“Oh shit!” He gasped and grinned as he rolled his baby blue eyes to the Heavens. “Nothing Miss, nothing…I shouldn’t have said anything…it’s really nothing.”

“Look a lot of people have put their reputations on the line for you…so tell me what this ‘other activity’ is.” I nagged him, “Or else!”

“Well,” he thought for a moment as he leaned forward conspiratorially, “It is meant to be a secret, but…I can trust you, can’t I Miss?” He winked and gave me a smile that must have broken a hundred teenage hearts.

“You haven’t got a choice.” I reminded him, “Spill the beans.”

Still smiling, Wayne leant back and rubbed his chin as he searched for the right words.

“It might shock you; what I’m doing, but it really is legal; honest Miss.”

“I will be the judge of what is and isn’t legal. Talk.”

Ten minutes ago the tall skinny chav was terrified he was going to prison; but suddenly his whole being was now engulfed with growing self-confidence.

“Well,” he paused before cheekily winking at me again, as I sat with my arms crossed over my chest. “I have been making some films a couple of times a week for a guy across the other side of town and he pays me £50, £70 a time.” satisfied he had intrigued me, it was his turn to fold his arms and visibly dare me to ask more questions.

I smiled benignly and said, “I didn’t realise I was talking to a film star.”

Wayne curled his lip then grinned, “More a Porn Star, if you get my meaning.” while waving his hands across his groin as if he was a magicians assistant.

Slightly bemused I curled my lip and squinted my eyes.

Wayne’s cheeky smile lit up the room as he straightened his left leg and tightened the material of his tracksuit bottoms, revealing a mysterious long sausage shaped lump.

“Do you want to see it Miss?” He chuckled and before I could respond, the heavily tattooed Lothario had his thumbs in the elastic of the waistband and was pulling them down his thighs.

When I realised what he was about to do I squealed, “No! Wayne…NO!” But it was too late because the biggest cock I’d ever laid eyes on sprang to life like a flower in the daylight.

“Wayne!” I gasped, but my eyes were transfixed on his ‘thing.’ “Please…put it away!”

He was now cackling and grinning at my embarrassment, and began shaking it by the root.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My young client had just been told I’d pulled some strings that would stop him going to prison and now he thought it appropriate to reward me by waggling his cock at me.

“I bet you’ve never seen one this big have you?” His laughter continued, “Watch!” With a couple of vigorous rubs and shakes I swear it grew another two inches when it stiffened. “That’s why they call me Lightening Rod in the films Miss.”

“For Christ Sake put it away.” I demanded; and finally he pulled his nylon pants up but they still left a very visible lump on show.

I was shaking with nerves as I ataşehir escort dropped his file on the floor and had to drop to my haunches to pick the papers up; only to be joined by Wayne.

“I bet you’d like some of that wouldn’t you Miss?” The young thug teased me as he handed me the papers.

“You should go now.” I stammered “You are very lucky I won’t tell anyone about this. Now leave.”

As he opened the door he turned and winked; “you know where to find me.”

At noon on Saturday I rang the garage where I’d left my 7 year old Audi TT to be serviced that morning. The manager answered and I explained that I couldn’t get back to collect it at 1pm as agreed and ‘could someone could bring it to my house’? After taking my payment he asked around and told me that ‘young Wayne had volunteered’ to deliver my car at about 2pm.

Adrenaline was rushing through my body and my pulse racing like a space rocket as I muttered something about ‘rewarding him accordingly.’

My ‘plan’ had worked; but could I go through with Part 2? Surely not? But I desperately wanted to see Wayne’s monster cock again…and had dressed accordingly.

I’m 43 with a 15 year old son at boarding school, and I’ve been divorced for three years after my husband left me for the cliché of a young hottie secretary. I have a 34-28-34 hour glass figure and I keep myself fit by going to yoga, spinning classes and the gym but I’ve been celibate since Robert left me.

I masturbate frequently; usually with a sex toy but I do like the touch of my fingers on my pussy and clit too. When I play with myself I’m not averse to using porn to get me off; the literate type is my favourite but occasionally I will feast on hardcore videos, like the ones Wayne aka Lightening Rod starred in and I’d found on Wednesday night and watched repeatedly each night afterwards, almost wearing my index finger out.

As I gulped my second large glass of wine I heard the unmistakeable sound of car wheels on my gravel path. I looked out of the window and saw Wayne climbing out of the drivers seat and neatly pull off the plastic sheet that protected the upholstery from his dirty overalls. I took a deep breath and waited for him to knock on the door; not wanting to look too desperate.

Although I could see his outline through the frosted glass I forced myself to walk slowly to the door; and feigned surprise when I recognised Wayne with my car keys.

“Come in, come in.” I spoke a little bit to loud as I ushered him towards the kitchen.

“I am ever so grateful…how much do I owe you?” I stammered as I struggled to open my handbag to get my purse out.

“Whatever you think I’m worth.” The well-endowed mechanic winked as his eyes flicked all around the kitchen.

“Here.” I proffered him a £10 note, then a second. Wayne smiled and pocketed the cash without a thank you.

“Would you like a beer?” I nervously asked the charismatic charmer.

“Are you having one?” he smiled.

“It would be rude not to.” I giggled as I waved my empty glass in his direction. I poured myself another large measure then went to the fridge and deliberately kept my legs close together as I bent forward at the waist to get a bottle of beer for him. I’d practised several times the previous evening and again this morning, with different skirts so knew this shortish over the knee brown and green pleated one, would rise up and show the tops of my natural Gio Havana seamed stockings to anyone standing behind me; and possibly my knickers if they tried hard enough.

My hand was shaking as I took the cap off the bottle and handed it to him.

Wayne on the other hand was calmness personified and probably revelling in my discomfort.

We then made small talk about the car which didn’t have anything wrong with it; but I needed an excuse to see him away from my office.

As we chatted the atmosphere was electric as his eyes roamed all over me; making me blush and my nipples stick out through the thin transparent material and my white silk blouse like chapel hat pegs.

When he finished his beer I quickly asked if he wanted another. Teasing me, he winked and said ‘he should really be going, as he was supposed to be taking one of his kids to MacDonalds.’

I must have looked crestfallen as he cackled and said he would ‘have a quickie;’ then he would have to go.

I repeated my display at the fridge; desperately hoping he would grab me and ravish me; but he didn’t. After filling my glass again I said I needed a cigarette. I’d already smoked three from the pack I’d bought earlier in the day and these were the first I’d smoked in twenty plus years. So we stepped to the back door which led to my large garden. I opened the pack and offered him one, which he took before picking up my lighter and lit my cigarette for me. It was hardly a Bogart and Bacall moment but started the next set of events.

“Did you find my films on the internet?” He challenged me with his disarming smile; “I bet you did, didn’t you Miss.”

I looked away kadıköy escort bayan and inhaled a lungful of smoke then wistfully blew it back out. “I may have.” I whispered, before taking another long drag.

“Look Miss.” Wayne carefully chose his words; “I am pretty sure I know why you wanted me here; but with my reputation I…can’t make the first move, you might be a prick-teaser or something. I don’t know and can’t chance it. I’ve not got a problem shagging married birds but, you…well…if you… want anything, you will have to make that first move. Just in case I’m wrong and you really are just a prick-teaser. You know what I mean?”

He took a last drag of his cigarette and flicked the stub onto my manicured lawn, before walking back into the kitchen and resting against the long pine table.

Deep in thought I finished my cigarette and also flicked it onto the grass, before walking back to the kitchen sink, where I washed my hands and drained my wine glass.

It was now or never, I told myself.

With my back to the tall, skinny stud I nervously ran my fingers behind me and fumbled with the button on the waistband of my skirt and then slowly pulled the zip down. With a wiggle of my hips my skirt was soon around my ankles. After taking a deep breath I kicked the skirt to one side.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked through a dry mouth; still not daring to look at him.

Seconds later I sensed him behind me; then he slowly placed his grubby hands on my hips as I clung onto the sink. When I did nothing to stop him he ran his fingers up my expensive silk blouse until he was cupping my 34D boobs and nuzzling my neck, which made me go weak in the knees as he leaft dirty greasy marks on the fabric. Wayne was soon crushing my boobs in his massive hands and jiggling them as he nibbled my right earlobe, making me spontaneously press my bum back into his groin.

His rough handling made my nipples and pussy tingle for the first time in years.

Still nuzzling my neck and alternating between ears with his tongue the young stud slid a hand back down my belly until he could stroke my mons through my lacy French knickers, making me squirm. I’d never even been close to being in a situation like this so just let him do whatever he wanted; which was my fantasy anyway.

As his hand snaked inside my pants his other began unbuttoning my blouse; but he got stuck on the third one so just ripped it open which made me gasp as the buttons flew in all directions, pinging like buttons as they hit the tiles.

Wayne was now rubbing the ever growing lump in his overalls against my bum and I was reciprocating the best I could, while he scratched and tugged my pubes while pulling my boobs out of their thin nylon holders.

Neither of us said a single word as he rolled and teased my nipples between his finger and thumb while running another along my puffy lips and throbbing pussy through my knickers.

All I could hear was my heavy breathing and the rustle of nylon as he stroked my six-strap suspenders and stocking tops while a finger tenderly parted my pussy lips.

“Take your shirt and bra off.” He whispered in a firm manner as he hooked a finger inside my hot pussy. I gasped and fumbled with the buttons on the cuffs as he slid a second finger into my gash. His rough fingering was soon lifting me onto my tip-toes making my mouth flop open. I eventually managed to throw my blouse and bra on the kitchen floor leaving my boobs to wobble out of control as he ferociously finger fucked me, rubbing his palm along my engorged clitty.

Still clinging to the basin to steady myself I was aware that I was making gurgling and gasping noises as I neared an orgasm; but seconds before the point of no return he roughly pulled his fingers out and pushed them into my mouth as he cupped my left tit and began weighing it like a pound of potatoes.

“Do you like that?” He rasped as he ran his fingers across my tongue and under my nose. “Does your cunt smell nice and sexy?”

I couldn’t speak so nodded as I voluntarily began sucking his juice coated fingers.

“Take your knickers off and show me that sexy arse of yours.” Wayne cackled as he stepped away from me.

As I slid my knickers down my legs I could hear the sound of the press-studs on his overalls popping open and his trainers being kicked across the room.

“Spread your legs and stick your arse in the air for me.” The young porn star commanded. I obeyed, realising he would be able to see my most private parts in that position. “Pull your arse cheeks apart so I can get a better look.” Again I obediently complied, resting my chest against the sink I put my hands on my cheeks and separated them; just like I’d seen in some dirty videos.

“Fucking Hell Miss.” I heard him laugh, “your piss flaps are like elephants ears!”

I had always been self-conscious about my protruding labia; meaning I’d never been keen on oral sex; but hearing his horrible description actually turned me on even more.

“Stick your escort maltepe fingers up your cunt, Miss.” Still with my left hand clutching my arse cheek I slid my right between my legs and felt my pussy; which was actually dripping my juice onto the kitchen tiles. As I tentatively slit two fingers into my gash I could hear his clothes landing on the floor.

“Deeper.” He chuckled, “all the fucking way in.” I complied and had to close my eyes as I sighed with delight.

“Frig yourself, Miss.” He laughed again, “proper fast.” I wanted to please him and couldn’t stop myself anyway as I probed my hot pussy as fast as the angle would allow, making me pant like a bitch on heat.

“Show me how wet your twat is Miss.”

“What?” I panted, “What do you mean?”

“Scoop some cunt juice out so I can see how wet you are.” His voice was somewhere between friendly and commanding; and at this stage I was on the verge of losing control; if I hadn’t already.

I twisted my fingers around my pussy then slowly pulled them out and left them on show between my stretched legs. They were so sticky, the juices still clung to them like a spiders web when I parted my digits.

“Okey dokey.” Wayne laughed, “now turn around, so I can get a proper look at you.”

As I did so, I automatically placed an arm across my boobs and a hand in front of my pubes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the greasy mechanic through something down onto his overalls.

“Have you?” I stammered as I saw his mobile phone lying on top, “been taking photos?”

“Photos? Me?” He laughed as he clasped his hands next to the dragon spitting fire on his heavily tattooed chest, “it was a fucking video!” then he laughed out loud, as my jaw dropped. “Don’t worry Miss; no fucker will recognise you, I didn’t get your face on it; just you doing a strip then fingering yourself.”

I couldn’t respond as I was speechless because my eyes were fixed like radars on his ‘thing’ which looked grotesque jutting out from his skinny hips. Even though he had ‘flashed it at me’ only a couple of days previously, here he was standing naked in my kitchen and it was huge; way beyond what I’d remembered.

“Let the dog see the fucking rabbit.” He laughed again as he waggled his monster cock from side to side, “come on Miss; I’ve shown you mine; now show me yours.”

“But…but…what will…you do with it?” I stammered before I moved my hands.

“Probably have a couple of wanks,” he pursed his lips before saying, “then sell it to Davie for the website.”

“But…but…” I stammered again.

“Come on Miss,” Wayne rudely stretched his long cock, making the foreskin peel back a little to expose a bright purple knob, “no fucker will recognise you from that angle will they? Anyway if I get £50 it’s going on the fucking site anyway. Now show me them fucking tits.”

Defeated I slowly let my arms drop to my side; allowing him to see my saggy boobs and hairy pubes.

“Fucking Hell!” He whistled as he continued stroking his cock, making it grow even thicker. “You are a fucking hot MILF right enough.”

I certainly wasn’t happy that he’d videoed me doing the most private thing a woman can; the idea of him putting it online for anyone to see secretly turned me on; especially if no-one would see my face.

“Now get on your knees and wrap your mouth around this.” Wayne rasped in a very commanding way.

“Can we go in there?” I meekly whimpered after looking at my ceramic floor tiles.

“What the fuck?” He looked puzzled; not realising how hard the floor would be on my knees. “Come on then.” With that he strode manfully into my living-room and sat on the arm of my leather Chesterfield sofa and held his massive cock in readiness for me following his command to suck it.

I hadn’t been averse to sucking my husbands in the early years of our marriage; but that faded away over the years. Today was different; I couldn’t wait to please the hot young stud in any way he wanted.

As I slowly made my way towards him; my heels clip-clopping on the tiles before feeling the soft pile of the carpet underfoot; I knew my boobs were swinging from side to side as Wayne feasted his eyes on my mature body.

“Fucking lush,” he smiled and winked. “I’ve fucked a few married birds but not one as old as you Miss.”

I’ve sacked people for speaking nowhere near as rudely as this boy; but today I was under his spell and getting really, really turned on by the filthy and domineering way he spoke to me.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth.” He forcefully told me and I complied; kneeling between his legs, brushing my boobs against his tattooed and virtually hairless legs.

The young porn star began slapping me across the cheeks and nose with his big dick, before rubbing it along my lips.

“I bet no fucker in that office knows what a dirty cunt you are, do they?” He teased. “Or are you shagging them all?”

“No,” I panted as I inhaled his noxious sweaty and greasy body odour, “They don’t and I’m not.”

“Ssssshhh Miss,” Wayne chuckled as he ran his fingers along the side of my neatly cropped short brown hair, “shut the fuck up and suck my dick like a dirty old slut.” He then tapped it against my nose again before pushing a finger into my mouth like a fish hook and pulling my jaw down.

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