29 Haziran 2020

Mrs Henderson’s problem 4. Enough? Never.


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Mrs Henderson’s problem 4.Enough? Never.This is the fourth part of the story of Harriet Henderson. I recommend you read all three preceding parts before this one.Mrs Henderson’s problem 4.Enough? Never.Before she got to her home Andrea phoned Jim and whispered she needed more cock. She told him a very short version of her day with Harriet and how she was on an orgasm binge………. He met her just inside the entrance gates to their ranch. The horse was walking slowly and she was almost cross eyed with pleasure. He saw she was naked and his cock leaped to attention. He ripped all his clothes off and was going to help her down from the horse but she stopped him saying “Get up here with me I need more fucking.”Like an Olympic athlete he leaped up beside her and she told him what she wanted. He sat still while she swivelled round in the saddle to face him. She stood up in the stirrups and removed the dildo from her pussy. It was so slick and wet. As she lowered herself onto Jim’s hard pulsing cock she slid the dildo right into her butt. She kissed him fiercely and put her arms round his neck.“I’ve had sex with Harriet almost all day and I need more. So darling, fuck my brains out……”Hearing this turned Jim into a sex crazed mad man. He spurred the horse onto a canter and using the natural rhythm of the horses movements proceeded to fuck Andrea as hard and for as long as he could. She was loving this. She clung to Jim like her life depended on it, and the wonderful feeling of Jim’s cock filling her pussy, at the same time the dildo was filling her ass was just perfect. For an hour they cantered round on that horse and he fucked her as hard as he was able. He shot his hot spunk into her four times before he couldn’t cum any more. Andrea was just in heaven. She was having orgasm after orgasm. She was almost delirious. The saddle was soaking wet and her juices and his spunk were running down both sides of the horse. Her last orgasm almost made her faint but she just managed to keep awake. As Jim brought the horse to a stand still she whispered……. “Jim that woman makes me a sex freak. I can’t get enough sex when I’ve spoken to her. I want to be fucked until I can’t take any more or until I collapse.”As he dismounted and then lifted her down he told her “I’ll do my best but I’ll probably need some help.”She smiled and kissed him “You get all the help you think you need darling.” as she fell asleep in his arms.He carried her to the car and removed her dildo before wrapping her in a blanket and putting on his own clothes then driving her back to the house and carrying her to bed.He had to get another horse and go out to bring the tired horse back so he could put it in the stables.As he was doing this he was thinking about what Andrea had told him and about Harriet.The next day Jim drove over to Harriet’s place to discuss Andrea.Andrea was having a lazy day. Lounging in the hot tub and watching movies or reading.When Jim got to Harriet’s place he found Claire out in front of the main house tending to some flowers. After their “Good mornings,” he was disappointed to hear Harriet was not at home. She and Simon had gone to do some shopping.Of course, Claire being a well mannered lady asked him in and if there was anything she could help with. Jim was evasive and told her it was rather a delicate matter he thought it best to discuss with Harriet. She told him that she and Harriet had no secrets from each other and they always discussed matters. They were, for want of a better description married. She sat Jim on a couch and Claire sat next to him. She looked into his eyes and said “So tell me all about it.” This gorgeous woman knew the effect she could have on people when she sat close and opened those big green eyes and smiled her stunning smile. He was totally under her spell. He began.. “Well, it’s about Andrea…….”Claire stopped him short……. “Jim, I know all about yesterday and the fun she and Harriet had. We have no secrets from each other………”Jim told her it wasn’t about her and Harriet. It was a rather delicate matter.She leaned into him and put her hand on his thigh. ‘I’m sure I can handle delicate. Please tell me the problem.’Jim actually blushed, “Well? You see………”He told her all that had happened after Andrea had left Harriet. “But” he said, ‘the more she sees Harriet the more rampant she gets, and I’m afraid I can’t keep up with her, or fully satisfy her in the way she wants.’Claire asked what he meant by “The way she wants?”He told her she wants to be fucked until she can’t take any more or until she collapses, and he can’t go that long. After all he was getting on in years, 47.Claire laughed her musical laugh. “Darling I’m only three years younger than you, and you look as fit as a fiddle to me .”With that she leaned forward and kissed his lips and slid her hand up to press on his rapidly hardening cock.Jim’s mouth dropped open. “I thought you were in your early thirties.”Claire shrieked “Oh you darling man. What a lovely compliment.” tipobet She kissed him again. This time with more passion and blatant sexual aggression. “I think we should test your stamina, and I know just the thing for Andrea.”She quickly stood and slid out of her summer dress. Then naked, she took Jim’s hand and pulled him to a bedroom where she proceeded to give him a severe test of his stamina and fucked him long and hard.Quite a while later as Jim was lying on his back totally exhausted and satisfied. Claire slid her tongue in his ear then asked. “Darling. How would you feel to see Andrea being fucked until she was totally and utterly drained and spent?”“I think it would be one of the best sights I can imagine. I don’t think she’s been with anyone else other than me. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to see her being ravished by another man. But lately I think it would be her doing the ravishing.”“I think what I have in mind will satisfy her, but it may spoil her for you later.”“What do you mean?” He asked.“I know someone who can fuck for his country and has a huge cock which will stretch her to her limits. She may not be satisfied with you after she’s been with him.”“I think I’ll risk that chance as long as he can satisfy her and totally fill her needs.”Claire could feel him getting hard again. “So I can tell from your hardening that it turns you on. We mustn’t wast a good erection now must we?.”With that she slid over and straddled Jim’s growing cock and let him grow fully rampant inside her delicious smooth pussy.As she bent forward to kiss him and started to ride him like a thoroughbred, she didn’t notice Harriet and Simon quietly slip past the doorway to another bedroom.There they quickly got undressed and Simon lay his mother on the bed and slid his huge weapon to the hilt into her ever wet and eager pussy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs round his waist and kissed him long and hard. Then said “My darling boy. Give your mother the fucking she so badly needs and loves.’”Then she French kissed him again as he slammed his massive organ into her again and again like an industrial steam hammer.“Mother I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can for as long as I can. I want to see you cum as many times as I can possibly make you. When I’m finished and can’t go any more I’m going to press the red button and keep it pressed.”Her eyes glazed over as her first orgasm of many washed over her and her nipples leaked milk down her sides onto the bed. “Bite my nipples. I need them to hurt right now.” She panted.He bent his head and bit and chewed each nipple in turn as he fucked her as roughly as he possible could sending his wonderful mother into another immediate orgasm. True to his word he fucked her long and hard………………………………….. Hours later he was spent. Kissing and hugging his rampant mother he eventually got up and unsteadily went for a shower but not before he looked into his mother’s eyes and lovingly kissed her, and showing her the small control box he pressed the red button.Her eyes glazed over with orgasmic lust and indescribable pleasure as her clitoral and nipple inserts took her to heaven in a none stop orgasm. All she could manage to whisper was…….“Oh Yessssssssssssssssssssssss” Simon had a long lazy shower and after drying himself off he want back to his mother to release her from the bonds of her orgasm. He went over to the bed where she lay writhing in ecstasy. He bent to kiss her and switch off the control box.Her eyes slowly focused on him and she smiled. She weakly lifted her arms to embrace him and whispered.“My darling boy. I love you so very much. That was wonderful. I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you inside me.”She quickly drifted off into a deep sleep, She was drenched in her own milk, sweat and pussy juice mixed with huge amounts of his thick sperm. He left her in the soaking wet bed and went to find Claire and get something to eat as he was starving.He found Claire in the kitchen. She had prepared a lovely seafood salad with French bread and chilled Spanish wine.“Oh hello darling. I thought you were going to be in there all day and all night making love to your mother. I think you should eat this as soon as possible but have beer instead of the wine. You need to replace the liquids you used up.”She wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him long and tenderly. “You taste of your mother. Yummy.”As he was eating. Claire told him of Andrea and Jim’s dilemma and told him she thought he could be the very person to help them out.“Me? From what you say I don’t think I’ll be able to go long enough to satisfy her.”She raised an eyebrow and looked sideways at him “Darling you just spent all afternoon and part of the evening fucking your mother to heaven and back. I think you can satisfy Andrea Jackson.”“But I may not be as good as her husband and leave her disappointed.”She looked him in the eye and gave him a gleaming smile “Darling, I fucked Jim Jackson six times today. tipobet güvenilir mi He’s good but not in your league. So let’s have no more self doubt and fuck Andrea’s brains out. Now eat and drink up your going to need your strength.”Two days later Claire telephoned Jim Jackson to arrange a surprise for Andrea. She suggested that he and Andrea come over for drinks that evening and for Andrea to wear her sensational dress she wore when Harriet first went over to meet them at their ranch.At seven that evening the Jacksons were dropped off by their driver and went in to be greeted by Harriet, Claire and Simon.As asked for, Andrea wore her skin tight white gown that showed off her figure so well.Jim wore a Pierre Cardin suit that was tailored perfectly.Claire was a vision in a low cut lemon mini dress and white Kurt Geiger lace-up thigh boots.Harriet was in a floor length blood red evening gown. Low cut and slit at the side to the waist. She wore high heeled evening shoes in the same colour and open crotch tights, also in blood red. No underwear.Simon was showing off his body in a see-through cream linen shirt and a pair of chocolate grey brushed linen trousers. Completing the ensemble with a pair of cream John Lobb loafers called Norwegian Slippers. No underwear so his huge cock could be clearly seen for Andreas benefitThey had drinks and then went through to dine. With the meal they had some very good wine. Then some more wine.Andrea was seated between Simon and Harriet. Jim was between Harriet and Claire. All through the night Claire, Harriet and Simon flirted outrageously with Jim and Andrea. Harriet kept whispering in Andrea’s ear and softly feeling her thigh beneath the table telling her how big and hard Simon got and how good he was in bed. She kept telling Andrea to feel how big and fat his cock was. She didn’t even try, until later in the meal when the wine had a good hold on her, then Simon slid his fingers up inside her split dress and lightly touched her inner thigh just below her by now very hot and wet pussy. She opened her thighs to give him easier access to her love tunnel. Then slid her hand over his thigh and then over the biggest cock she had encountered that was not on a horse. Her eyes widened and she gasped. She almost had an instant orgasm. She reached for her wine glass and drained it in one go.Claire at this time was whispering into Jim’s ear how good Harriet looked and kept emphasising the size of her amazing tits. She was also telling him Harriet had on open crotch tights and no underwear. How smooth her pussy was and how good she was in bed.Harriet poured Brandy for everyone and Andrea gulped hers down. By now the drinks were having a big effect on Andrea. Jim noticed too. He was so horny and eager to fuck Harriet. He said to Andrea “Darling you remember what we discussed the day you went riding with Harriet?”She looked at him with bleary eyes. “Yes and I look forward to it.”Jim stood and as he walked round the table to where she sat. Everyone could see his very obvious erection. Even Andrea noticed and placed her free hand over Jim’s cock trying to hide it. He took her hand and placed it beside her other on Simon’s cock. “Now your going to get all you asked for.”As he said that Simon stood up and everyone saw his enormous erection. He scooped a very wide eyed Andrea up into his arms, kissed her and pressed his huge cock against her red hot and steaming pussy. He carried her off to his bedroom with a beaming Claire at his side. Jim meanwhile took Harriet’s hand and said “Shall we dance?”She stood and looked him right in the eyes and said “No we shall not dance. We shall go to bed. Your wife is going to get the night of her life and I need a man inside me. You’re that man Jim Jackson.”Then she led him to her bedroom.Andrea was shaking with anticipation and excitement. She had felt Simon’s cock through his trousers and couldn’t wait to get at it. Claire slid the gown from Andrea’s trembling body and led her to the bed and told her to lie down. She then went right for Andrea’s soaking pussy with her her so kissable mouth just to make sure she was lubricated enough to accommodate Simon. She didn’t need to. Andrea was gushing all over her lovely thighs.Simon meanwhile had stripped off his clothes and walked to the bed as Andrea gazed at his obscene penis waving so far in front of him as he walked. She moaned as he stood beside the bed. “It’s like a horses, I don’t think I can take all that.”Claire stood up and planted her lips over Andrea’s as Simon got onto the bed and quickly and roughly mounted Andrea and sank his huge cock to the hilt in her in one swift movement. Her eyes shot wide and she tried to yell but Claire’s lips pressed to hers stopped most of the sound coming out. She felt like she was being split in two, but the feeling was of such overwhelming pleasure. She was stretched further than she ever had been before and it was wonderful.Simon withdrew slightly, and as Claire released her from the kiss tipobet giriş Andrea said in a tipsy voice “Put that cock back in me and fuck me to death. Claire suck my tits hard.”Ever the gentleman Simon proceeded to ram his huge bloated cock into her again and again. After only four thrusts Andrea lost control and screamed as her first orgasm of many overtook her. Her pussy opened up and went very slack, then contracted and squeezed Simon’s cock as she spazmed over and over again. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped like a woman just saved from drowning. Her nipples felt like they could explode and her pussy was on fire. Over and over the waves of pleasure took her to higher and higher planes of ecstasy. Claire sucked and chewed her nipples mercilessly as Andrea lay like a wet rag cumming and cumming and cumming again.When she at last, calmed down and lay in a post orgasmic haze she looked down at Claire and smiled. “Claire that was wonderful. Simon I…….” She didn’t finish what she was going to say. Clair stood up and made room for Simon to start sliding his monstrous organ in and out of her swollen pussy, slowly and gently then suddenly rammed it balls deep into her. She lifted her knees up level with her breasts and grabbed Simon’s buttocks. Gritting her teeth she pulled him into her each time he slammed into her sodden cunt. “FUCK YES” she screamed through her gritted teeth “Harder, fuck me harder I want cock. Cock. Cock. FUCK MEEEEEEEEE”Simon stepped up to the mark and slammed into her again and again fucking her roughly and violently. Claire ran to a cupboard and brought out some play things. She tied Andreas tits tightly so they stuck straight up as she lay on her back. Then she clamped some vicious looking crocodile clips to her nipples and another pair to the ties round the base of her tits . The clips were connected to a high voltage shocker. Each time Simon slammed into Andrea, Claire hit the on button which gave Andrea’s nipples the full blast shock in one huge jolt. The effect was instant. Andrea orgasmed again and again. The pleasure mixed with the pain was sending her out of her mind. She was in heaven.On and on Simon fucked her. His stamina was incredible. Hour after hour he went at her until Andrea was a babbling mess. “Enough. No more.” She managed to whisper.. Limp and exhausted and covered in sweat, spunk and cunt juice. Her lips were swollen and bleeding from being ground by Claire’s pussy. Her nipples were purple and so tender and sore they felt like they were burned. But her pussy……OH her pussy….It was stretched and swollen and sore and felt absolutely divine.She smiled at Simon and Claire and passed out cold………. Totally gone.As Harriet led Jim by the hand to her bedroom he was transfixed at the view he had of her swinging hips and beautiful 44” buttocks. At 5’8” Harriet was not short and her heels took her to 6′. Jim was mesmerized, what a figure. He could even see the sides of Harriet’s tits from the back. His cock was so hard it ached for this woman.As she walked Harriet said “Jim you know I have a condition.”“Yes Andrea told me about it, it must be a huge burden for you.”She stopped dead in her tracks, turned to him and with smouldering eyes said “No! I love it. I’m constantly horny and I orgasm almost all day with Simon and Claire’s help and of course my toys.”She let go of his hand and placed her hand on Jim’s very hard cock and squeezed him through his trousers. She leaned into him and kissed him warmly on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her back. Their tongues writhed and entwined like two dancing Cobras.When they broke apart slightly out of breath she said “Now I’m very horny and so are you, so take me to bed and fuck me like you’re life depends upon it.”He needed no more encouragement .When they got to the bedroom his clothes were cast aside like week old seafood. Harriet slid her dress off as easily as if it was being held up by will power alone. Jim almost lost his control when she turned to him. He had never seen a woman like this before. What a body and what a sexy smile she had. He gasped when he saw her nipples with the gold inserts and fine chains connecting them both and just the smallest hint of milk dripping from them.He lay her on the bed and as he sucked first one then the other of her tits he slid his cock into her ever hot and welcoming pussy. He fucked her for all his worth and then some more.Finally after some hours he collapsed beside her exhausted.Harriet smiled at Jim as he slept the sleep of a totally drained and spent man.She got up and went to listen at the door of Simon’s room. Hearing silence she pushed the door open to see what was going on. She could see Andrea was out cold and Claire was just getting up. Simon whispered he was going to get some sleep and closed his eyes.Claire went to Harriet and they kissed and went to Claire’s room. Harriet went back to her room for a moment and left a note for Jim. Then rejoined Claire.When they got into bed they kissed and as they entwined and professed their love for each other. Harriet asked Claire a very serious question. Two days later they announce they are getting married.Two weeks later Claire and Simon’s arranged surprise for Harriet is a 50 man Gangbang.

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