24 Haziran 2021

Mrs. Ruth Part 1


Mrs. Ruth Part 1This took place in the South around 1992 and I was 29 years old. I was in a brand new house that me and this fucking idiot I was with then had had custom built. This bitch decided at the last minute she didn’t want a big house note and bailed. Never spent one night there. So basically I had a house I couldn’t pay for on one income. I soon began selling my personal stuff to keep the note paid until I could unload the house. In the meantime, I soon found it to be a place where many mostly young women hung out a lot. I got laid an enormous number of times and was riding very high sometimes fucking three or four of these young hot whores in one week. They were all (well mostly anyway) very attractive and slim. I had never thought much at all about any woman that was overweight. It was a great time (just broke.) In the spring of that year, me and whoever was around that day would spend much time on my patio drinking and petting.Where we built happened to be by these people I had known all my life from going to church with them. The wife Mrs. Ruth, was your typical older rural lady that was in church every time the doors opened. She always wore the same style clothes, nylon type skirt that went down mid calf and a similar type blouse. How she didn’t faint from wearing that heavy shit in the summer down there was amazing. It was always 90-100+ June-Sept. We used to make fun of her as k**s and say that was her church uniform. She was nearing 60, very light skinned, and wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’4″ and weighed about 250 lbs. Not at all attractive. She had jet black hair that she must have kept dyed and always wore in this awful short perm. All the old chicks as I thought of her at the time, got their hair done every Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.Mostly Mrs. Ruth annoyed me because it always seemed she’d pick the exact time I was entertaining outside to work in her fucking garden, always in her “uniform” with a wide brimmed straw hat on. Thus limiting what was permissible to do out there because there was no fence separating us and her garden faced my patio. I used to curse her under my breath for fucking up my good time. Now don’t get me wrong she was a great person who would do anything to help anyone. It just annoyed me.One Friday night, it had stormed earlier and cooled things off a bit, I was drinking, listening to music, and wasn’t in the best of moods (was canceled on at the last minute).About dark there was a timid knock on my back (patio) door. As I saw it was Mrs. Ruth carrying a cardboard box, I thought this is the last woman in the fucking world I want to see right now. I reluctantly hid my beer and invited her in and tried to hide my foul mood and be of good cheer. Hopefully she’d get the fuck out quickly. She had actually brought me all this food that was left over from a fish fry at church that night. I felt a little ashamed but still wanted her to leave. Instead she sat down and started chit chatting, shit I thought. This went on for a while and finally I thought fuck it, this is my house and I’ll do what I want no matter who’s here. So I grabbed a beer and tried to wait her out. I had hoped the beer would offend her and she’d leave with her being so straight laced. No her fat ass decided she wanted to see the house never having been in it. I knew there were condoms s**ttered out all over my bedroom and I knew that would offend her knowing my sinful ways. (I was scared of catching something I couldn’t get rid of so I always wore one. I didn’t go down on any of these girls I was fucking either.) I told her to have a look around while I put the food away. I watched from down the hall as she went in there as I was just waiting to show her out the door.That didn’t work either. I was about at my wits end when I decided to offer her a drink. I knew this would offend canlı bahis her as her husband was a notorious alcoholic who was always passed out every night by 7:00. I said, “Mrs. Ruth do you ever drink?” She blushed a bit and said that she drinks one rum and 7 Up on Christmas Eve and that was about it. I said “Well have a small one with me.” When she said ok, it just aggravated me all the more. Fuck, fuck, fuck I said under my breath. I went in the kitchen and made her a huge drink. Somebody had left a bottle of Baccardi there and I had Sprite. I mixed it strong. When she saw the size of the glass she told me that was way too much. I told her just drink what she wanted. I watched intently as that strong drink entered her mouth. But she just took a big sip and said thank you. Not my night obviously. We, mostly her, talked as she worked on that drink. After finishing about half the glass, I notice a beads of sweat appear at her temples and forehead. The drink was strong and she had her hot uniform on. I had continued to drink too and she started becoming like a subject I was studying or observing and less of an annoyance. I had decided by now to see just how far from her comfort zone she would go. The music was still on but a lot lower now. She told me when she was young they’d go dancing sometimes. Funny to think of this big plain woman dancing. She said it had been many years ago since they had done that. Buzzing pretty good by this point I dimmed the lights and I said, “Let’s dance a slow one Mrs. Ruth” half ass expecting her to agree. And she did. So we started dancing, admittedly a bit awkward. But she soon just put her arms around me, head in my shoulder area, held me and swayed slowly. I kinda liked it in a weird way. The album finally ended and she said she should probably be getting home. She’d been there an hour and a half by then. I said ok and headed to open the door for her. Before going out she thanked for the most fun time she’d had in years, no shit. So I thanked her and hugged her gently with my hand on the door knob. She hugged back only with much more force squeezing my thin body. I held her and she seemed so small as I was several inches taller than her. As she finally released me, I bent down and kissed her cheek to see her off. When I did she stared me right in the eyes with a crazy look on her face. I stared back not knowing what it meant. She then closed her eyes and moved her lips toward mine. Unsure of everything at this point, I kissed her gently on the lips, then hard with my tongue exploring hers while holding her in my arms. She kissed with such passion or a need of some sort. I had on a t shirt and a pair of gym shorts, no underwear.She had kissed me with such desperation that when she let go and looked down, she could see my rock hard cock pushing against my loose shorts. It was so hard that I had to rearrange it where the head and top part of my cock was poking out of the top of my shorts instead. She watched and began to really blush and so did I. It was about now that I hoped she wouldn’t leave as I had decided to try to push further just to see what would happen. I kissed her again just like before and squeezed her big ass as a bit of precum appeared on the head of my cock. She didn’t say a word nor did I as I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom where we both sat on the edge of my bed. I pushed her back and began kissing her and trying to get her skirt pulled up. Once I did, my hands explored her big fat legs and began caressing her huge ass through her panties. I then pulled her pear shaped body back up to a standing position and began trying to get her panties off. Eventually they were on the floor and she stepped out of them. When she did, I noticed how big they were, especially compared to all the girls I’d been with. I could tell they bahis siteleri were quite damp as well. She was still standing there as I raised her skirt above her ass and pushed her back on the bed again. I joined her and we kissed more and I unbuttoned her shirt, pushed up her bra and kissed and nibbled on her small saggy tits. It surprised me that they were small as most fat women had big jugs. She still hadn’t said a word but I could hear the occasional “mmm mmm” very softly. I threw my shorts on the floor and stood up, pulled her nearer to the edge of the bed and tried to get her legs open. She didn’t put up any resistance as I now viewed what was before me. What I saw was a pair of huge, short legs wide open and a fat very hairy wet pussy that I could see glisten with moisture. I also got a big wiff of her strong smelling pussy. I pushed her legs back and worked my cock (no condom) to the entrance of that opening. I rubbed the head up and down her slit and could see she was absolutely drenched. It still took a bit of time to get it in this old but incredibly tight pussy. Finally I worked it in a bit at the time taking short strokes. When I made my first full penetration stroke she moaned mmm mmm again very softly. This felt sensational and along with the smell in the air, I was turned on like never before as an adult. It was so strangely erotic to be inside this big unattractive woman.I now started to fuck her with long strokes still very slowly. With her legs open, I could smell her potent musky scent. This along with looking at her fat legs and watching my cock disappear into her slick hairy opening was a huge turn on. She still hadn’t said anything this whole time with the mmm mmm’s being the only sounds she made. Back then with a new woman it sometimes took me a long time to cum so I fucked away. As i increased the speed, I watched her belly and tits jiggle with every stroke. After about 10 minutes, I motioned for her to turn over which she did somewhat hesitantly. I then pulled her to the edge of the bed and had her bent over on her knees. Before starting to fuck her again, I looked at her. Her belly dragged the bed and her huge ass was before me. It was actually very round and not misshapen like many plump women. I now pushed her legs apart with my knee. Now I saw a huge ass and a wet hairy pussy with her glistening hole exposed. This was enough for me to want to just get a quick taste and lick her slit before starting again. I got down on my knees and as I got nearer to her the smell became stronger and stronger. I was actually a bit taken aback and momentarily had second thoughts. I paused only a moment before putting my face and tongue in her area. This was absolutely the strongest muskiest pussy you could imagine. I knew she had been frying fish out in the heat all evening with her heavy clothes on and must have sweated profusely all over. She was sweating now with the air on in the house. I wasn’t put off by her tangy taste either as I sampled her hole. This was unbelievable. It was like a d**g almost. After getting past the initial shock I attacked that hole with my tongue. She became wetter and wetter and the mmm’s became more frequent. I flipped her back over and told her to spread her legs which she now did very willingly. The smell of sex must have been overwhelming in that room. I licked more deliberately now slowly making my way to her clit. As I began to lick and nibble her button I thought she was going to jump off the bed. I now held her in place and worked on getting her off. The mmm’s now became soft “yeah yeah”s. I licked that clit for about 10 minutes before inserting a finger and rubbing her magic places. After about three minutes she began to squirm and buck but I didn’t stop. I was so fucking turned on by that smell that I came without touching myself. bahis şirketleri I stayed hard and kept up my assault.Now she began moaning Oh oh oh oh and trembling. I could sense the powerful orgasm taking over her body as she began to cum. It got harder to hold her down but I did and sucked her as she came. As the convulsions died down somewhat she exploded in laughter which quickly turned to tears. I was shocked and immediately thought this religious woman had huge regrets. I felt momentarily deflated. I began rubbing her shoulders softly and asked what was wrong. I was already working on my apology in my mind. She began mumbling that hasn’t happened before. I knew she must have meant that she had never cheated before. But I asked what anyway. She kept saying “you know”. “No what do you mean” I said. The relief came over me in a giant wave as she said, “you know reach climax.” I hadn’t heard anyone ever actually call it that before, read it but never actually heard it and I found it quaint and charming. I asked if she didn’t reach climax when her husband licked her? She said he’d never done that, ever. I asked had no one else and she said her husband was the only man she’d ever been with and they married when she was 16. (He was 27 at the time.)I asked did she cum during sex and she said no never and they hadn’t been intimate in 17 years which accounted for her tightness. (I had always assumed older women especially big ones would have huge pussies) She said the bottle was his lover. She reached over and kissed me hard and thanked me. My face must have been covered in her smell and juices but she didn’t flinch as our tongues met. My cock was still hard and I said turn over. This time I buried my cock all the way with one stroke and began pounding her willing wet hole. I fucked her hard and deep with my hands on her wide hips pulling that pussy towards me. She now began to move with me meeting my cock with her excited pussy. It got better and better and I was turned on like never before. I started asking “does your pussy feel good Mrs. Ruth?” Yes. “Do you want me to fuck it?”Yes. “Well tell me” I said. When I finally got her to say “Fuck me fuck me hard” it was too much and I yelled “I’m Cumming Mrs. Ruth. I’m cumming in your pussy.” I then came so hard I actually became light headed as I pumped all my load into her. I pulled my cock out of her now freshly used hole and looked at the mess I’d made in there. There was cum dripping from her open hole. I found it beautiful and wouldn’t normally do this but I turned her back over and once again buried my face in her older amazingly musky twat and was again in some kind of wondrous place. It wasn’t long before she came again, this time no tears just a joyful laughter. I climbed on top of her and had her hold those big legs back, sniffed the air and entered her again. I pounded her balls deep for what must have been 30 minutes before erupting in that now very slick and much looser fuckhole. We ended up fucking until 3 AM when she finally decided she had to leave. As she began getting herself together and trying to dress, she began to put her panties back on but I told her to leave them with me. I took the crotch and cleaned her well fucked pussy up. I walked her to the door and put my tongue deep into her mouth and kissed her with everything I had. It was pure passion. After she left, I went back to my room sniffed her potent panties while stroking my cock and came again. Every time she came over I’d keep her fresh panties and give her back the other pair. I lived to smell that strong pussy and fuck her.That night was such a life altering thing for me and I knew her age and mostly her smell had played a big role in my pleasure. She was so grateful for the attention that she not only bombarded me with veggies and food but she’d fuck me any way I wanted. Anything I could imagine we did. There was never any pressure or hangups involved. It was a magical time and I loved going to sleep with my face and my bedroom smelling like her beautiful hairy, very musky cunt.

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