10 Nisan 2021

Muff Muncher


{There is no real category for this one, so I stuck it in “Erotic Couplings”. It’s probably not, really.

Oh well, I wrote it just for fun anyway.}


What?” Justin asked his coworker Jay.

“Muff Muncher, dude, you are dead in the water with that one!” He cackled like he had just cracked the world’s greatest joke, then headed out to the islands to sell some gas.

Justin almost couldn’t believe it. The lady UPS driver had walked in with some parcels for the shop. Justin signed for them, her blouse was open a bit and he could see one of the prettiest little titties he had ever seen in his life when she bent over the counter.

Her name was Karen, he knew that from the tag on her blouse, she was tall and lean and brown with perfect muscles.

It was easy to tell, she had on a short sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts, brown of course.

Justin loved muscular women, he learned that in his evening massage therapy classes he had been taking. He was going to those classes mostly because he could afford it with the government stipend for training, plus he had seen all the ads on TV about being “independent” and making big bucks.

Thinking that with just 6 clients a day at $60.00 a pop, that was $360.00 every day, hell, $1800.00 a week? 52 weeks in a year?

Man! He figured in just a few months he could buy the shiny red Corvette he had been drooling over, with that he could pick up women by the trainload!

The gas station paid him $8.00 an hour and he was dirty and smelled like gas all the damned time.

His fucking Toyota with the green right front fender just didn’t seem to impress the ladies much.

Doing massages he would smell like Lavender and Almond oil.

Justin planned on being stinking rich and doing something that was fun at the same time, what a deal.

Karen was muscular, no doubt about that. Pretty in a long and lanky way, she had high cheekbones and a slender nose, not even a hint of makeup. There was something about her that made his dick head up with a mind of it’s own. He even liked the way her hair was pulled back in a no nonsense pony tail, and her eyes that were startlingly green seemed to dig right into him like she knew exactly where his head was at.

As soon as she was gone he mentioned to Jay that he had just fallen in love.

Jay cackled like it was some kind of joke. That was when he made the crack about her being a “Muff Muncher.”

Justin was thinking no way, that was probably one of the most female of females he had ever seen. She had let him look down her blouse at her tit, too. He even saw her nipple, surrounded by a strip of barely lighter skin, it was soft and pinkish brown, shaped like a Walnut shell with a tiny little tip.

Hell, that had to be deliberate, no way could she not have known?

He decided Jay was just fucking nuts, or jealous, or something. The little prick had to put down everyone, it seemed like.

The next day she was back, two more parcels. Justin went over and signed for them, giving her his biggest and best smile. She once again leaned on the counter, and once again one perfect little tittie hung there in space in plain view.

Now Justin was sure, she liked him and was teasing him.

No doubt about that at all now.

“Say, Karen? I was thinking, would you like to join me after work for a drink down at Tony’s?” He asked.

Tony’s was THE place to head after work with a female, it was where all the action locally was going on. To even talk at all people had to lean in real close to hear over the racket, that probably was part of the plan.

It was where he nearly always took a date, if he was hunting for a warm body for the night he normally headed for the Dew Drop Inn. It was quieter there and he could work his best lines on any talent that was available.

“No thank you.” She said with a bright smile, and then she was gone.

Justin was crushed at that.

Jay overheard him ask, of course he had to make a deal out of it.

“Told ya, ya dumb fuck! That one eats pussy, no way in hell will you get within a mile of that stuff.”

“She was flashing her boob at me?” Justin protested.

“That’s because you are a guy, to her you are only part of the furniture!” He snorted, heading back out to wait on someone.

Justin grumbled but just went back to work.

He was thinking of Karen the next afternoon at his massage classes while he worked on Debbie, the overly soft mid 40’s housewife that was looking for a second profession. Justin didn’t think Debbie was ever going to make it though, her touch was so light when it was his turn on the table that it was almost like a tickle session. Just his luck to draw her for a practice partner more than half the time.

Either that or he drew the gay guy, Dirk. Just once he had gotten to work on Jean, she was blond and a fox and so nice and hard bodied. Working on her he had to really pay attention to keep his hands from drifting underneath the drape. He had even managed to get a peek at her pussy once, it ataşehir escort bayan was completely hairless. But when he had let the drape slip off of one of her boobs, saying “Oops!”, she had reached down and yanked it back into place and glared at him.

Jean turned out to be a fucking bitch.

After class that day Sylvia, the instructor, had called him into the office and given him a 30 minute lecture on “proper” draping techniques.

Jean, it seemed, was a fucking squealer. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have been sneaking a peek at her snatch, but it was kind of pretty.

Justin apologized, saying that was all just an accident, he still wasn’t very good at draping and he would try to do better. He even took the little booklet she gave him home with him.

Of course he never bothered to read it.

He just threw that in the pile of other massage books he had never bothered to read.


Debbie was on the big side, so much so that her boobs kept rolling out the side of the drape. Afraid of what Sylvia would say if she saw that, he kept yanking on the sheet and tucking it back in.

After he had tugged the damn sheet back into place for the umpteenth time, he was thinking maybe he should bring some rope to class and tie the fucking over sized things together.

“You need to relax, Justie. They are only breasts, we girls like them rubbed too.” Debbie grinned at him.

Justin hated being called “Justie.” Dirk, the skinny gay guy that was in his class always called him that, no amount of correcting had any effect at all. So of course that was starting to stick.

“You know we aren’t supposed to do that. The school frowns on it, Sylvia already read me the riot act.” He answered her.

“Yea, I know, but they hurt and it feels good. You can if you want to. Screw Sylvia and the massage board!” She grinned up at him.

Justin blinked at that, then thought what the fuck. They did say that if the client gave permission, some things were OK? Plus they had the little draw curtains between each table for a tiny bit of privacy anyway.

He had only barely begun to vigorously rub her titties when Sylvia, the class instructor came by.

“What are you doing?” She demanded.

“I am massaging Debbie’s boobs, she asked me to! She said they hurt, so its..therapeutic!” Justin answered her.

Sylvia looked at Debbie.

“Yes, I asked him to, it’s all right.” Debbie said, defending him. She lay there naked to the waist, Justin had one giant breast in both hands, mauling it thoroughly.

Sylvia blinked a couple of times, looked at Justin, then back at Debbie.

“Well. OK. As long as your client asks, but remember….” And she launched off into her usual spiel about all the laws on draping and the troubles with sexual harassment and possible fines from the massage board for “taking advantage.”

Justin had heard it all about 20 times. He also noticed Sylvia seemed to be very interested in what he was doing.

Either that or she was very interested in Debbie’s giant tits.

“What a pain in the ass!” He whispered to Debbie as soon as Sylvia was out of earshot. She just giggled.

“You can rub my boobies anytime you want to.” She whispered, with a tiny trace of a gasp in her voice.

Justin laughed at that, he was twisting both of her nipples at the time, having lost his train of thought he had changed from being a therapist to playing. He quickly composed himself and went back to practicing.

Hell, he even felt himself get a partial boner going, that was amazing. A boner at Debbie, for God’s sake? She was twice his age and twice his size.

It was bad enough that when he switched to her legs, he had a losing struggle with himself to keep from trying to sneak a peek at her pussy. He let his hands go pretty high, and getting no response from her at all he bumped the sheet higher than normal, then deliberately dropped his little bottle of oil and glanced up under the drape.

It sure was dark and hairy up there.

On the way home that night he was thinking that he needed to get himself laid, he was still half hard from having had one hell of a day. Debbie’s nipples were soft and the size of the end of a coke can. That had been a kick in the ass.

He remembered her fingertips barely tickling his hairy balls a couple of times when they had switched, that had felt damned good. When she had done some overlapping pulls on his sides, the tips of her fingers went way around like she was maybe trying to feel for his cock? She didn’t quite make it but she got damned close, way closer than any of the other classmates ever did.

Except for Dirk. He had to growl at Dirk a couple of times.

He was willing to bet that in a more private setting Debbie just might wrap her hand around his dick. He shook his head to clear that thought, it only made his overly tight balls snug up even more.

Damn, Justin felt horny! It had been a few weeks, he hadn’t been doing very well since he broke up with his last girlfriend Sara. escort kadıöy Sara had no sense of humor at all. When she caught him with his hand up that little oriental gal named Miko’s blouse in the hallway at a party, she had thrown a fit, stomped off and wouldn’t take his phone calls.

He had tried to explain that all he was doing was showing Miko some of the massage techniques he had learned but she didn’t buy that at all.

Then Miko’s boyfriend had gotten upset, yelling something about him being a pervert and going to get his ass kicked, so Justin felt it was prudent to get the hell out of there.

Especially since the guy was about 9 feet tall.

Yep. Things had been on the lean side lately.

The Dew Drop Inn was right on the way. That place usually had a half dozen reasonably good looking units in there, it was worth a shot so he pulled in.

Once his eyes adjusted to the damn near pitch black inside, he spotted two women sitting at the bar, right on the end. He headed that way, veering off as he got close when he saw that they both looked to be in their fifties.

Dressed to the nines, too. Obviously a couple of Cougars, he was in the mood for someone tall and muscular. The last time he had ended up with one of the older ones, she had damn near killed him. When he finally got the broad back into her clothes and out the door, his pecker was so sore he rubbed some of his massage oil on it.

There was a couple of girls and a guy playing pool in the back, they all looked to be underage to him so he stayed away from them, too. He found a table against the wall where he could sit and check out the talent.

Fran, the tired looking barmaid with a skirt way too short and way too much of her fake tits sticking out took his order. Justin liked Fran, she always acted like she was excited that he had dropped by. Then he noticed that she was that way with everyone, still, she managed to make him feel special.

“Be right back, Sugar.” She said, walking away. Justin watched her twitch her ass, she was sure working for the tips it looked like.

“Here ya go, Sugar, $2.50.” She was back in about 60 seconds with a tall brew. Justin handed her three ones and gave her a little wave, she dropped the change in her cup.

He was taking the second swig of his tall beer when he saw her.


Hot damn!

Sitting at a table by herself!

She had on jeans and a blouse, her hair down, that made her look a lot different but it was her for sure.

He started to get up, then an older dark haired woman walked in and looked around. She had very short cropped hair, and she was built like the proverbial brick shit house. Karen looked over at her with a smile and lifted her arm, so Justin paused halfway out of his seat.

When the dark haired woman walked over and hugged Karen, Justin sat back down.

The two women just sat there and talked. Justin sat there and watched them. By the third beer, he had to take a leak so he got up and went to the man’s room. He angled away from Karen and the other woman so they wouldn’t see them.

Coming back out, he almost ran full tilt into Karen heading down the hallway towards the woman’s room.

“Excuse me!” She said with that same smile, Justin looked at her and saw those startlingly green eyes flash with recognition.

“I know you, aren’t you the guy that works at the Gas station over on 2nd?”

“Yes, I’m Justin. Nice to see you tonight.” He started to slip by her in the narrow hallway.

“See you at the shop!” She smiled and went into the room.

Justin beat a hasty retreat, he went home and went to bed.

At class the next day he drew his name for a partner for the day, just his luck he drew the gay guy. He went through the motions, then they switched and he had to lay there while the guy practiced on him.

It made him cringe a little bit, he was thinking that if Dirk touched his balls he was going to smack the shit out of him, but he didn’t. He went through the motions like they had all been taught, Justin finally felt himself start to relax, the guy was pretty good.

He even gave him a compliment after, Dirk grinned and told Justin that he had great hands too.

They left it at that, Justin headed home, but stopped and hit the Dew Drop Inn again.

Fran looked even nastier than normal, at one point she leaned over a bit too far and one huge black nipple appeared for a moment. That didn’t help Justin’s state at all. Her shorts were so tiny half of her butt cheeks hung out the bottom, and he was pretty sure he could see where the top part of her pubic hair had been.

Justin was beginning to think it might be worth the effort to tap that.

With no sign of Karen after an hour or so, he finally went on home, where he had no choice at all but to yank one off. All he had to do was think of Karen leaning over the counter at work, her perfectly round little tittie just hanging there in space and he finished right up.

At work the next day he was on break when the maltepe escort big van rolled up. Justin was at the counter reading a catalog that had massage tables, bundles of drapes already cut to fit, other supplies and things like that. He was just two weeks from getting his certificate, then all he had to do was go down and take the board tests and he would be licensed.

Then he would be in the money and out of the damn gas station rat hole.

Karen had several parcels this time and the shop had a bunch of shipments going out. The fucking boss dabbled on the online auction sites, then he made Justin or Jay package up the crap. The boss was in his office on the computer 99% of the time it seemed.

“Hi, Justin!” Karen called out when she walked in.

“Hi, Karen. We have some ready to go, here is the pick slip.” He handed her the pickup tag, she came over and leaned down to sign it.

Once again, there it was. That absolutely perfect little tittie. Karen signed the form and looked up, catching him cold looking down the front of her blouse.

She didn’t say anything, just smiled sweetly. Justin flushed at having been caught.

“What’s this?” She asked, reaching out to pick up the catalog.

“Just some supplies I need. I am finishing up my massage classes at the college, I plan on being a therapist. A…body worker. I just can’t keep…working here.” He couldn’t stop himself from blushing at saying that.

“Oh, neat! I thought of that too but this job pays so well. Still, I bet that is a fun job, isn’t it?”

“Yea, I wasn’t sure at first but once I got into it, it is really rewarding, being able to help people and make them feel better.” Justin spouted the party line, everyone in his class said things like that all the time.

“I can imagine. I get massages all the time, I am forever hurting my back from dragging all these packages around.”

“Maybe someday..you know? When I get my license? I would be glad to work on you.” Justin managed.

For some reason he felt tongue tied, he was normally fairly smooth around women but something about her?

“Maybe. But I usually just go see women therapists.” She smiled sweetly, those green eyes looked at him, and then she was gone again.

Yep. Of course she goes to women therapists. No doubt about that.

Justin sighed and went back to work.

The next day the regular driver was back. It was a guy, Justin figured he would never see Karen again. He just did his job, counting the days.

A few days later in class he was lying face down as Debbie tickled his back, when she got to the back of his legs he felt her fingertips drift across his hairy nuts each time she ran them up and over his behind.

“You can work more deeply on my glutes, I don’t mind.” Justin told her. Normally he would have said nothing at all but she kept giving little signals and he was curious.

“You’re sure? I don’t want to offend.” There was a teasing tone in her voice.

“Naw. I’m not bashful.” He told her.

“Sometimes my upper legs and butt hurt from all the heavy lifting I do at work. Most therapists won’t touch me there but it helps. It’s really….therapeutic!” He added.

“Where does it bother you?” She asked.

“Up high…right alongside…my privates.” Justin told her.

“OK. But keep an eye out for Sylvia, I don’t want to listen to her.” Debbie giggled. Justin turned his head, he could see the office around the edge of the curtain, Sylvia sat there doing something on a computer screen, probably playing video games.

“She’s in her office, on the PC.”

“Oh. Good! Tell me if she gets up, and tell me if this gets to be too much.” Debbie oiled up her hands and slid them over his butt cheeks, then right up the inside of his left leg. All of the coyness was gone, even the tickling was gone. She slid her fingers and then her palms right up alongside his groin, paused and then repeated the motion. On the third stroke he felt the back of her hand slide right up the side of his rapidly hardening dick.

God that felt good! He let out a moan.

“Is this all right?” She whispered.

“Lord, yes!” He mumbled, getting a tiny giggle from her.

“OK.” With her palm against his thigh, stroked all the way from the tip of his cock back down over his balls, then right back up. She spent a good five minutes doing that, moved to the other side and did it again.

“What’s Sylvia doing?” She whispered.

“Still on the computer.”

“Good. OK, let’s try this technique.” She giggled again, then she slid her hand and arm way up underneath, her fingertips touched his belly button, then she slowly dragged her hand down across him. She did that a half dozen times, not closing her hand. Justin was as hard as a rock, her palm and her fingers were sliding right up and down his cock and balls.

Justin finally could not stand any more, if she had wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a couple of strokes he would have blasted off.

“You better stop, or I am going to….”

Debbie withdrew her hand, ran it up over his fanny with that tickling motion she did.

“How was that, did that ease the….pain?” She giggled again quietly.

“Yea, that was great. You will make a fortune as a therapist!” He grinned, sitting up with the drape over his lap.

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